Wednesday 21 May 2014

Ruby Slippers for May 23 7-8 pm With Guest Cohost Greg Clarke

Hey everybody,

This week, I am pleased to say that Greg Clarke, well respected musician, songwriter, artist and story teller, will be cohosting the show. Lucky for me, Greg did all the heavy lifting with the playlist and has come up with very interesting and in many cases personal selections.

If you want to know more about Greg, his current band is "Greg Clarke and the Madvarks" and for 20 years he was part of the well travelled and well storied band, the Corndogs

Hope you will join him as he guides us through the list and tells tales of the road along the way.

(Son of a) Playboy Man ... Greg Clarke *
Courage ... Todd Rungren
Come On Come On ... The Woodshed Orchestra (Dave Clarke of the Rheostatics) *
Breakdown Honey ... The Corndogs *
Looking For Likkie ... Greg Clarke *
Nothing But Love ... Brian Wilson  (reimagined Gershwin)
Crash Course ... Brodie Lodge and the Kilnhangers *
Personal Jesus ... Rae Billing *
I'm Uma. Pemmaruju.. Seb Agnello *
Montana Avenue....Cadillac Bill and the Creeping Bent *
Africa ... Thundermug *
Vulture of Love ... Sea Monsters *
In and Out Of The Shadows ... Greg Clarke *

Thanks for listening


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