Wednesday 24 June 2015

Ruby Slippers June 26 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!


It's been a run of warmer brighter and more inspiring weather of late and the playlist seems to embrace some of that summer feel. After all we are now past Solstice (did anyone do something interesting for that?) and officially into the season.

Kick back, relax and enjoy

Myth ... Beach House
Strings ... A.C. Newman *
Your Breath ... Analog Angel
Yes, I Call ... Mean Red Spiders *
What Love ... Jagwar Ma
Ariella ... League of Wolves *
Failure ... Pluto *
What Lies Ahead ... Young Novelists *
Dude You Feel Electric ... Shout Out Out Out Out *
Interstate ... Within Rust *
Shock Rock City ... Keychain * (finally got this one in)
Welcome To Japan ... The Strokes
PL ... Mean Red Spiders (double the pleasure!) *
Lampshades on Fire ... Modest Mouse
All For Love ... SheLoom *

There you have it! See you next Month! 
And thanks for listening.


Saturday 20 June 2015

NXNE 2015 Last Day Sunday

Hey everybody,

Sunday is finally here, time to wind down and bid this year's NXNE a fond farewell.

There are a few events still happening.
Check out the listing for the Garrison, Smiling Buddha, Handlebar 
and Celebrity Karaoke at Yonge Dundas Square.
Did I mention Shad? Shad, people.

Perfect way to relax before returning to the real world of TTC and office towers tomorrow.

Hope your NXNE experience was everything you hoped it would be

Take care and see you soon on CIUT 895FM


Friday 19 June 2015

NXNE 2015 Day Four Saturday

Hey everybody,

Saturday is always a struggle. Unless you can teleport, you will miss something great. But you will also see loads just as great, so get over it.

Drake Underground ... Naomi Punk, Surinam

Garrison *** wowwowwow Record Fair 12-7, King Creep Jennifer Castle, Casual Drones
                      collaborations with the likes of Born Ruffians, BSS, Holy Fuck and more

Horseshoe Tavern ... Fast Romantics, Slim Twig, Heartless Bastards, the Gories BamBoo

Mod Club ... Frog Eyes, Angel Olsen

Smiling Buddha *** a night of psych not to be forgotten, Auras, Saffron Sect, B-17 more

Yonge Dundas Square (FREE) Secret Sun, Little scream, New Pornographers etc.

Take a deep breath. Only one more day to go.

(Try to take a nap somewhere along the way)

Thursday 18 June 2015

NXNE 2015 Day Three

Hey everybody!

You can tell I have been spending a long time with this gig guide by the crumbs and coffee rings on the pages. Been pouring over the options, and let me tell you, it ain't easy.

Here goes. See what you think.

Adelaide Hall...Zoo Owl, DIANA and others

Cameron House ... Wild Romantics, Birds of Bellwoods, BEAM and friends

Horseshoe Tavern ... Chastity Belt, Devin Cuddy Band, Tijuana Panthers and more!

159 Manning ... massive Pop Montreal showcase

Mod Club ... Lia Ice, Aidan Knight

Painted Lady ... Go For The Eyes, Celebration Army, Featurette

Rivoli ... loads of great music and BRAVESTATION  You know how I feel about these guys

Smiling Buddha ... Plasmalab, Old and Weird and others

Yonge Dundas Square (FREE) Bootsy Collins

Decisions, decisions.

See you tomorrow

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Ruby Slippers June 19 7-8 pm NXNE Playlist

Hey everybody!

NXNE is another of Toronto's wonderful music festivals. Who says we aren't a music city?

This week's playlist features a random selection of artists from the gig guide. Hope you have a chance to see some of them live.

Parrot Talk ... Doldrums
The Birds and The birds ... Go For The Eyes *
Haven ... Bravestation * (indulge me, OK?)
Isabelle ... Fast Romantics *
Grown Unknown ... Lia Ices
Gone Too Long .. Milo McMahon *
You Can't Take Anyone ... Castlemusic (Jennifer Castle) *
I Like Dot Dot Dot ... Frog Eyes *
Can I Get A Piece Of You ... The Corsets *
Missing You ... A Place To Bury Strangers *
Blood In The Sun ... Fresh Snow *
Creature ... Tijuana Panthers
Feel No Threat ... Old and Weird *
Always on My Mind ... (cover) Jacco Gardner
Cheree (Suicide cover)... Prince Innocence *
The Peacock ... The Auras *

Thanks for listening. See you next week


NXNE Day Two Thursday

Hey everybody,
Just picked up my credentials for this year's bash and let me tell you it's way easier to see the schedule in hard copy.

Hope you enjoyed the first day, loads of choice, and now even more for day two.

Just suggesting a few things, all venues and artists are totally worth the time.

Berkeley Church- Church Stage ... Majical Clouds , Amen Dunes and others

Cameron House ... solid line up but to end your evening, drop in on Jessica Stuart Few

Danforth Music Hall... all ages including Willow Smith

Garrison ... Wow! Not only a great musical line up with Jacco Gardner, Naomi Punk, Moss Lime
                   and others but also a Print and Comics fair from noon to 7

Mod Club ... K. Flay, Betty Who   Big fan on both!

Lee's Palace ... Paper Bag Records 100 showcase and celebration

Opera House ... Heavy!!!  Odonis Odonis, A Place To Bury Strangers, Iceage (Denmark)

Sneaky Dee's ... Dead Projectionists, Zoo Legacy and others

Hang on, kids, it gets harder tomorrow!

Tuesday 16 June 2015

NXNE Day One June 17

Hey everybody!

Just when your head is about to explode over the PanAm games, NXNE gallops into town and saves the day.
Oodles of great music throughout the festival, and anywhere you land will be wonderful.

These are a few suggestions, though, based on personal bias and my trusty dart board.

Bovine Sex Club ... The Ballantynes,(favoured by Nikki Is) Mad Ones, Texas Kings

The Cameron ... Glad to see this band back again: LuxDeluxe, Giant Hand and friends

Coalition ... Chagall (mind melting music), Bike Thiefs

Drake Underground *** DIANA, Prince Innocence and others

The Horseshoe ... Girlfriends and Boyfriends, MoonKing

MOD Club *** Tasseomancy (formerly Ghost Bees) et al

Silver Dollar ... Milo McMahon, The Corsets, White Cowbell Oklahoma (!)

Check the complete listings on the schedule at the NXNE website.

See you with Thursday's picks tomorrow!

Playlist for Ruby Slippers with DJ Nico

Hey everybody!

Here's the playlist for DJ Nico's show last Friday.

Playlist for DJ Nico's fill in Spot on Ruby Slippers
Arthur Conley - Ob la di Ob la da
The Stitch in Tyme - Got to get you into my life
Andy Kim - Be my baby
Jenny Rock - Dansez
The Gentrys - Keep on dancing
Connie Francis - Don't ever leave me
Tracey Dey - I won't tell
Hollywood Jills - He makes me mad
Pow Wows - Rebel stomp
Twist - Slums and seaports
King Creep - Queen of the knights of darkness
The Tranzmitors - Teen man
The Muscadettes - Honey let go
catl - Shakin house blues
Melba Moore - Magic touch
Tina Britt - The real thing
Again, many thanks to Nico!

See you Friday for NXNE

Monday 8 June 2015

Ruby Slippers June 12 7-8 pm with DJ Nico

Hey everybody!

This is a very special week (wow, TWO IN A ROW)!!!  

DJ Nico from the With It! dance parties at the Piston Bar in Toronto (and host from Vinyl from the CIUT Crypt) will be wearing the Ruby Slippers on Friday. Get out your dancing shoes, kids, it's going to be wild! She will post her playlist and let you know where you can find it.

Never fear, though. Yours Truly will be back June 19 with a special NXNE show and will be doing the day by day picks thing from the 17th forward on this very blogsite. Loads of good stuff, I can promise you that.

So see you soon. Trip the light fantastic this week and remember, be safe out there.

Thursday 4 June 2015

Ruby Slippers June 5 7-8 pm Guest CoHost Nikki from Everything and the Kitchen Sick

Hey everybody,

How's your week been? Hope you have had more triumphs than tragedy and that there has always been a soundtrack to your life sustaining you.
As a start to the weekend, there is a special cohost on deck this week. Nikki Is from the podcast Everything And The Kitchen Sink is in studio with music, insights and loads of enthusiasm.
The following list of songs may or may not be in this order, there may be omissions, or additions for reals this time around. Guess it's a case of following the bouncing ball. Will try and bring things back in order after the show.
Oh, and BTW, DJ Nico from Vinyl from the CIUT Crypt heard here each Saturday from 3-5 will be in house for Ruby Slippers next week, June 12. Duty calls for yours truly but like a back cheque, I will be back the following week with NXNE picks and playlist.


Highway 408 ...Liver *
Alien Threat ... NLP *
Black Magic ... The Ballantynes *
Your Love fades away ... Simone Denny *
Kinda Sucks ... Trevor Battle *
Live Forever ... Danko Jones *
Hillbilly Heroin ... Christian D *
Wherever is your Heart ... Brandi Carlile (request)
A Lot Like You ... Dave Cromier * (new)


Songs we didn't get to...but will in two weeks' time
Johnny Appleseed...Joe Strummer
Letsagetagitarockin' ... the 101ers
I Fought The Law...The Clash
Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor ... The Yardbirds
Failure ... Pluto *
Shock Rock City ... Keychain *
Interstate ... Within Rust *
Soldier... Chloe Charles *

Nikki is everywhere! you can check out her website at which includes links to her podcast and blog,  follow her on Twitter at Nikki (@EatKS) hear the podcast on Soundcloud, Stitcher, iTunes or Reno and Demos, and follow her on Facebook under "Everything and the Kitchen Sink"

Thanks for listening