Monday 5 May 2014

CMW Ho! Day One (Tuesday May 6, people!!)

Hey everybody,

It's here! Canadian Music Week, with more venues and artists than you can shake a stick at.
And a schedule that would make your head spin.
Good news, though. Many of the performers will be at more than one venue throughout the week, so if you are torn (as many of us are) you can try to have your cake and eat it too by checking to see who is playing multiple times on the CMW website.
A lot of work to pick where to go.

So, if you trust me in any capacity (or simply read this and then do something else) here are my picks for the first day. (Mind you, any and all will be great.)

Charlie's Gallery ... Gray and Pete Van Dyke and the Second Hand * plus others

Cherry Cola ... Awake at Last, High Heels Lo Fi *  and Hormoans (this promises to be loud and fun)

Clinton's ... Indoor Voices and Almighty Rhombus *

Johnny Jackson ... Sky Terminal et al

Rancho Relaxo ... Wildheart and Navigator Black and the Indighost (check out their music files on
                                                     the website. I liked "Neon Highway")

Tattoo ... Dirty Nil! * The C'Mons and a host of others

Opera House ... The Sick Kids (Spesh K and Tiggs *) , Swollen Members and a solid lineup
                          (May be hard to get in)

The Piston ... Shaky Knees * and Maps plus much more

or if you are a fan of silliness... Kenny and Spenny at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Stay tuned, more to come in the days ahead.

And remember, my mantra is always "There are no wrong choices at CMW"


*have played on the show

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