Wednesday 28 January 2015

Ruby Slippers January 30 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

One month down and eleven to go. 2015 is just whizzing by. And yet there is enough music for years and years and years...

Better get cracking on playing as much as humanly possible then...

You Could Get Lost Out Here.... A. C. Newman * (of New Pornographers)
Jealous John ... Mr Goshness * (new)
Never Thought That This Would Happen ... Arkells *
Surfin' ... Silver Sails * (new, wishful thinking here in Ontario)
Can't Help Thinking ... Bacon Ray (of surfin', naturally)
Covered in Chrome ... Violent Soho (finally made the list. Yay!)
Pot Kettle Black ... Tilly & The Wall
Gonna Be Ready ... Tokyo Police Club * (finally got something newish from TPC)
Boys Wanna Be Her ... Peaches * (Canadian living in Berlin)
Luxury ... Foreign Tongues
Taking You Down ... Graydon James and the Young Novelists *
Watercolor Warpaint ... Service Unicorn
Season of The Witch ... Donovan (ah yes, love this man)
Motorcaid ... Bottom Of The Hudson 
Out For The West ... Castanets

Given how many listeners are currently at the mercy of the weather, please be careful and stay somewhere safe. Remember, there isn't a whole lot that just can't wait.

Thanks for listening.


Wednesday 21 January 2015

Ruby Slippers January 23 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Ola! Let's think spring, OK? Yes, I know that anyone reading this from the Wild West, East Coast and particularily North of here are rolling your eyes. Don't know why this is a tough year for yours truly. Just know that without a lot of music, the month would be unending.

So here goes another boost to the immune system.

Fiery Sweet Thing ... Wildheart *
I'm Not Talking ... The Yardbirds
M.M.M. ... Say Yes *
Yound ... Chevalier Avant Garde * (finally made the list for reals)
Half of Something Else ... The Airborne Toxic Event (same deal)
Go Away ... Strawberry Switchblade (this is a lovely song)
Smoke & Mirrors ... Agnes Obel
You Can't Go Back... Royal Wood *
Mad World ... Gary Jules (have played before but goes so well with Smoke & Mirrors)
Life on Earth ... Mary Caroline * (new...from NWT, recorded in Hamilton)
Oh Come On ... The Julie Ruin (can't mistake Kathleen Hanna's voice)
Lost ... Deadset * (new...Thanks for sharing this!)
Rather Be a Zombie ... The Dollyrots (I'm a sucker for this band and the Dollytot)
Think Again ... Minor Threat
Well They're Gone ... Dandy Warhols
Not If You're The Last Dandy on Earth ... Brian Jonestown Massacre (inspired by movie Dig!)
Shine Of Her Moon ... Basement Arms *

Won't make the whole list. But it's good to dream, right?

Stay warm, thanks for listening and see you soon.

*Cancon, of course

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Ruby Slippers January 16 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

It's STILL frigging cold as I post this. So much so that haven't even stuck my nose outside other than a lightening fast dog walk this morning. However, keep telling myself "Music will warm you, music will keep you going, music will..." Well, you get the drift.

So here it is. Maybe the higher heav-y content this week is a direct result of the deep freeze. 

Painted Maid ... Ballroom Babies *
A Photo Of My Ex ...Young Doctors In Love *
The Taking ... Within Rust * (new)
Atmosphere (Joy Division Cover) ... Flowers of Hell *
Seasons ... Sounds Around *
Suffragette City (Bowie cover) ... Scanner (heavy alert)
The Meter ... The Zilis *
Beautiful People ... Marilyn Manson (heavy alert)
Bobby White ... Generic (see above)
Beat Up Kids ... Beat Up Kids (not even sure if this is right, live dangerously I say)
Shine and Recover ... Mr Goshness *
Buried Alive ... Jay Holy (and his Moog) * 
T. Rexxx ... Richard Laviolette and the Glitter Bombs * (definitely not heavy)
Watch The Sunrise ... Big Star  ( missed out on these guys last week)
King ... Huetensil (heavy, new)
She is Dangerous ... Blessed By A Broken Heart * (builds to...HEAVY)
Tell Mama... Etta James 
A Hole For  A Home ... Zacht Automaat *

And I culled some of the heavier cuts in the process...the world has gone mad, I tell you.

Thanks for listening!

*Cancon, heavy and not so much

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Ruby Slippers January 9 /15 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Good Lord, it's cold. Frostbite nipping at your nose. Times like this I wish I had taught the dog how to use the bathroom for reals.
Well, if it can't be hot outside, it can indoors and that's what music is all about.
I may never leave this place again...until the spring thaw that is.

Surrender ... The Smith Street Band (bio sez "into mock meat and alcohol". Hmmm)
Outlaw ... War
Oh Yeah ... Foxygen
Tainted Love ... My Brightest Diamond (fun cover)
Mirror ... Strawman  * (from Toronto)
Queens Will Play ... Black Mountain *
Punk Mountain ... Prince Ness *
50/50 Chance ... Pink Noise *
Such A Fool ... 22-20s
Twin Mirror ... Zoo Owl *
Make Me A Mirror ... Ark Analog * (am I greedy wanting these guys to do more?)
Upgrade ... Swim Good * (but not in this weather, no polar bears here)
Hymns ... Planet Creature *
Bitch ... The Vaselines (think we had a bitch last week too)
I Don't Wanna Grow Up ... Tom Waits (all in favour)

Put another layer on, everybody!

And as always thanks for listening

*Cancon Strong and Free!

Thursday 1 January 2015

Ruby Slippers January 2 2015 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Happy New Year! Welcome to fresh beginnings and exciting music and love and peace and all that jazz. And if I have anything to do about it, it will all come to pass, promise! (The good music is the best place to start, right?)

So here we go. Much of this playlist came from best of 2014 compilations, so hang on to your hat.

Rock & Roll Queen...The Subways
Elmore's Surf ... Sun Stone Revolvers *
Schizoid ... Reverend Horton Heat (new...coming to a town near you)
Mirror in the Bathroom ... The Beat
Nothing For Money ...Action Makes *
I Killed My Baby In Mexico ... The BB Guns *
El Dorado ... Black Lady Soul *
Some is better Than None ... Return for Refund *
Possession ... Shmotel
Patient Love ... Your 33 Black Angels
Play With Fire... Cobre Verde
Klondicitis ... Zoo Lion *
Bitch ... Pantychrist *
How ... Mean Tikes *
Suncloud ... New Chance *
Let Go And Let God ... Violent Kin *
We Had Love ... The Scientists
Have Love, Will Travel... The Sonics

Not sure how much I'll do but there's a whole year to hear it all!!!

Looking forward to another awesome 12 months of music and mayhem.

Thanks for listening.