Thursday, 10 June 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio June 11 2021 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Here we are again, more heat, more humidity but MORE MUSIC, dammi

Tonight ... Carbon Memory *

Heartshaker ... Loyal Sun Dogs *

Too Loud ... Autogramm *

Solitary Confinement ... Rogue Proxy *

Shock ... Andrew Cassara *

You Ain't Gonna See Me ... Boomtang Boys ft. Katrina Anastasia *

Hot Mess ... Slave To The Square Wave *

Pay Your Way In Pain ...St Vincent

High ... Jordana of Earth *

Sunflower are you there? ... Dizzy *

Teenager (Deftones cover) ... No Joy *

Someone That Cares About Me ... The Smile Case *

In The Garden Defeated ... Roy *

Sunshine Superman ... Donovan

Fences (extro) ... Fly Pan Am *

Thanks for listening

Stay safe


Thursday, 3 June 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio June 4 2021 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

Here's the playlist for this week.

Actually includes some (gasp) hits! Well, you know this show, anything goes.

The Thing About You ... The Bamboos

Stoned Soul Picnic ... The 5th Dimension

Pump the Hype ... Rogue Proxy *

Planets Collide ... White Collar Grunge *

Fading ... The Slyde *

Down ... St. Vincent

Shock the Monkey ... Peter Gabriel

Voodoo ... Gelax *

Babes In The Woods ... Ghost Twin *

Run Run Away ... Curtis Labelle *

Do You Want To Dance ... Century Egg *

Fish ... No Joy *

Beatrice St. E ... Dizzy *

B Movie ... Vernons Future

Delayed ... Derev *

Thanks for listening

Stay safe


Friday, 28 May 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio May 28 2021 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody!

Here we are again with a lot of twists and turns. Never gets old, right? Of course not!

Louder than Hell .... MONO Inc (you can see how this is going)

Via Maris ... Ancient Relic *

Fire ... Ravenscode *

2020 (in German) ... Sebel (Melanie's pick)

Tanz (also in German) ... Sebel

Those Summer Days ... Howard Lee Naylor *

Willow ... Loyal Sun Dogs *

How Sweet ... Foreign Diplomats *

Serpent Nile ... (with intro by Anne) Dream Aria *

Gratification ... Paul Manchin 

Sometimes in September ... Cameron and Crawford *

Shake the Hand ... Lee Harvey Osmond (Tom Wilson) *

Obliterated ... Jane Inc *

Tubular Bells ... Book of Love

Yunalesca ... No Hope for the Lost (extro)*

Thanks for listening.

Stay safe 


Thursday, 20 May 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio May 21 2021 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Thanks so much for supporting the show during our official membership week. At the time of broadcast this week, I don't have all the names of those who so generously donated to this show. I will be thanking you in the weeks ahead, never fear! If you still wish to donate to CIUT you can at

This is the playlist for this week.

Tactical Empathy ... Slashdance *

Love Is Not Enough ... NIN

Six to Midnight ... Deadwolff *

Awakening (remix) ... The Slyde *

Peace by Piece ... Devilz By Definition *

Year of the Rat ... Sunlust *

Whistleblower ... Blood Lemon

Steel ... Jane Inc *

Theme from Lonely Cinema ... Hilotrons *

I Say A Little Prayer ... Bosshoss (Melanie's pic)

Don't Gimme That ... Bosshoss (Melanie's pic)

Marketing ... The Black Fever*

Little Chaos ... Chances *

Vampire Lovers ... Douglas Von Irvin's Carnival *

Exit Music (for A Film) (extro) ... As We Suffer *

Thanks for listening.

Stay safe.


Thursday, 13 May 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio May 14 2021 Membership time! 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody

Here is the playlist for the show.

If you can donate to the station at this time, thank you so much! But please remember that without you listening, we would not be here. We never take that for granted.

Think It Over ... MammothWVH

The Vanishing of Bees ... Kele Fleming *

Drive ... TC Folkpunk *

6 Feet ... Moore Avenue Underground *

Move It On Ouevre ... Bumblebats * (and Eric Alper!)

Listen to the Sound of the Sun ... Stephen Hamm *

Over The Moon (Flock of Seagulls remix) ... Robert Calvert

I Am The Dance Floor ... Art D'Ecco *

World's A Bitch ... Church of Trees ft. Carole Pope *

She Drives Me Crazy ... Fine Young Cannibals

Overdue ... Ethan Flynn *

Dynamo ... ALPHAS

We Appreciate Power (extro) ... Grimes *

Thanks to Alex, Melanie, Talia, Greg, Kele, Ethan, Josh, Carole, Eric, and all the lovely people whose sound bites will be heard in the upcoming weeks.

We are forever community!

Stay safe and thanks for listening.


Thursday, 6 May 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio May 7 2021 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody

It's the week before the membership drive and it's time to get into the swing of things.

We have all sorts of fun planned, including  grand prize draws for an E-bike and Segway  as well as CIUT masks for anyone donating at the membership level . See the website for full details at and while you are there, make a donation to keep this boat afloat! Tell em carolB sent ya!

Ruby Slippers will also have some cool stuff to give away. Some rock books (including Sir Keith's autobiography) and of course CDs from artists who have shared their music with us. (Cally offered a dog biscuit prize pack but unfortunately ate them before they could be packed up....sheesht, kids)

Anywho, how's about the playlist for this week?

On The Road Again ... Alternative Radio

Jumping Jack Flash (live)... Taming Sari *

Goodnight/Sleep Tight ... Rob Moir * (with intro by our German music correspondent Melanie)

Reassure ... Deanne Faye *

I Don't Wanna Dream Without You ... Joy Chapman *

Little Fires ... Rosemary Lawton *

Rome Leads to All Roads ... Rob Moir *

Restart ... Ty Richard *

Nevermind ... Babygirl *

I Don't Mind ... Let's be Giants *

Saucy Dish ... We Are Dark Angels

Acid Rain ... Robert Calvert

Got A Light ... Whispering Sons

Bloodthirsty ... Lowell *

Glad You Could Make It  (extro) ... Rat Scabies

Thanks for listening and supporting independent alternative radio

Stay safe 



Thursday, 29 April 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio April 30 2021 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody

Here is the show playlist from this week. Not gonna lie, had several runs at this one. Just too many choices.

New Day New World ... The Spoons *

Go Away ... Strawberry Switchblade

Tokyo Summer ... Mounties *

Catmandu ... Shriekback

Sing A Little Hymn ... Two Minutes Traffic *

Boneyard ... Dali Van Gogh *

Baby Take It All ... Special Ops *

Itching Brain ... Shaking Heads 

Sock It To Me ... Greg Clarke *

My Wrists Hurt ... Rat Scabies

Misunderstood ... Simon Irvine

Desideratum ... Starpilot *

Magic ... Walk Off The Earth *

Superpowerless ... The Kills

Drip ... Frankie and the Witch Fingers

My Girlfriend Is A Communist ... Alternative Radio (by request)

Little Bit ... Lykke Li

Thanks for listening

If you wish to donate to independent alternative radio in Toronto and beyond, please go to and click on "Donate" (Tell em Ruby Slippers sent ya to be entered into a draw for cool prizes)

Stay safe