Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Ruby Slippers August 31 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everyone,

End of the summer, Labour Day weekend, let's get going with a stellar playlist!

Small World ... The Coyote Men
Death Wolf ... Death on Two Wheels
Bruised Broken Beaten ... Controller, Controller *
Summer Child ... 1990future *
Where Do You Go To Give up ... Cold Dead Hands*
I'd Do Anything for Love (but I won't do that) ... Dom Fricot * (new)
Fragmented ... Vault * (new)
Float the Flood ... Ace of Wands *
Cherry Pie ... Ponytails *
Seven Tools ... Kill No Albatross * (new)
A New Sunrise ... greg clarke * (new)
Thrones ... The Dears *
Jeepster ... T. Rex
Bollywood ... Dreamgirl
Ready To Go (Your Own Way) ... InFiction

(Sing along now) "See you, in September"!

Thanks for listening


Thursday, 23 August 2018

Ruby Slippers August 24 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Here we are, finally, a day or two of more comfortable weather signalling a change in season and the return to business as usual.

Never fear, music is here! let's see the summer out with a load of great tunes.

Gonna Move ... Dodge Fiasco * (new) Tickets for the show September 8 up for grabs, but you have to listen!
Stand up ... The Cola Heads *
Life Gary Numan (Graflex remix) ... Church of Trees * (new remix)
Cheetah on Drugs ... Brother Octopus *
Resistance ... The Franklin Electric *
Money Changes Everything (Cyndi Lauper cover) ... Ought * (new)
Resurrection Joe ... The Cult
Freaking Out ... Death
Empathy ... Crystal Castles *
Sisters of the Moon ... Craig Wedren & St. Vincent
Life is A Long Song ... Jethro Tull
Bog Oak ... Moonwood * (new)
Metanoia ft/ Clara Venice ... ill.Gates
Tubular Bells (Oldfield cover) ... InFiction (new)

Thanks for listening!


Thursday, 16 August 2018

Ruby Slippers on August 17 2018

Hey everybody,

How's it going? Who needs to go to a tropical climate with this summer in the GTA?

This week has some goth-y stuff as well as new tracks from Canadian artists, maybe a little more electronic than usual.

And.... (drum roll please) HASH PIPE by none other than TOTO!!!!!!!

You're welcome

Lost ... The Deadset *
Heart Attack (CSS Remix) ... The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Vegas Nightmare ... Atomik Circus *
Alone In This World ... Patrick Watson *
Alchemy .... James Kasper * (new and first spin anywhere!)
Someone Fixed the Game ... Wax Mannequin * (new)
Feed On Me ... Jon Cohen Ex(perimental) * (new)
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds ... The Beatles
Strangelove ... Dicepeople (new)
Born Under Gothic Arches ... Dead Red Velvet *
Goodbye Horses ... Synths Versus Me (new)
The Hound ... Palm Ghosts (new)
Leaf ... Audio Lava*
Hash Pipe (Weezer cover) ... TOTO


Thanks for dropping by.


Thursday, 9 August 2018

Ruby Slippers August 10 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

How's it going?

This playlist was hard, really hard. Can't put my finger on it, can't tell you why.
In the end, though, the music just came together and in many ways reflects the ebb and flow of the week.
Hope you enjoy.
Thanks for listening.

Loop di Loop ... Shonen Knife
I Don't Mind ... We Are Wolves *
Falling In Love Is For Young People ... The Hoa Hoa's *
Cheery Bomb ... The Runaways
Friends of Mine ... The Zombies
Revolution 1 ... The Beatles (like this more mellow version of the classic)
Maybe Tomorrow ... F&M *
My Great Grandpa ... Friendly Rich *
Lion's Share ... Sisyphus
Jericho River ... Christian and the Sinners * (new EP)
I Can't Sleep at Night (cover) ... The Deadly Snakes *
Elevator ... The Deadcats *
Degraded ... Preoccupations *
Trash ... Deer Tick
Two Steps Back ... Running Violet *
Pour Tous Jours ... The Dollyrots

See you next week


Thursday, 2 August 2018

Ruby Slippers August 3 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Crazy July, hoping for more uplifting times ahead.

New month, some new music. Here we go.

Some Girls ... Lisa Fischer
Voodoo ... Allen Stone
Environmental Blues ... Christian and the Sinners *
Body of Work ... david contin * (new, first of many tracks this month from this guy)
Got My Mojo Working ... Hank Davis *
Downtown Train ... Tom Waits
Killshot ... White Hot Jet *
Primitive Creatures ... Church of Trees *
Go With It ... Mike Edel* (new)
Just Take The Pill ... Feather Weight * (new)
Murderous ... Cam Bird (new)
Feeling Sorry ... Cyanide Kiss *
Comrades in Pop ... TC &I (new)
Heavy Metal ... White Rabbits
Africa !!!!!   (Toto cover) by none other than WEEZER
(Can hardly wait fir Toto's cover of Hash Pipe)

Maybe August will be crazy too, in a different way?

Thanks for listening