Friday 25 March 2016

Ruby Slippers Good Friday Tribute to Hamilton Ontario 7-8 pm March 25

Hey everybody!

Sorry for posting so late ( for those who like to check out the list early and all) but it has been a busy week with the cohost. Lots of back and forth with music and anecdotes and stuff. I think it will be all worth the hours of effort, though.

Here goes.

Mrs. Evelyn Dick ... Forgotten Rebels * (look this notorious femme up on the web!)
How Could You Mrs. Dick? ... Greg Clarke * (new)
Too True Mama ... Crowbar * (live)
Rocky Mountain Tragedy ... Crowbar *
Susan's Song ... John Gibbard *
Achin' Head ... King Biscuit Boy *
Science Fiction Double Feature ... Forgotten Rebels* (cover from Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Get My Thrills ... Simply Saucer *
Kissin the Carpet ... Teenage Head *
Weight of The World ... Dave Rave *
Lost and Found ... Greg Clarke *
No Glamour In The Hammer ... Whitehorse *

This may change. really REALLY needed two hours this week.

Thanks for listening and wishing you a wonderful long weekend.


Thursday 17 March 2016

Ruby Slippers March 18 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Hope you had a safe and fabulous St. Pat's Day! The one day that everyone and I mean EVERYONE can be Irish.

So here's this week's playlist, loads of different stuff. Still full of Canuck goodness but with some rather innovative twists. A Daft Punk medley on PVC tubing? A tribute to Man Ray? and this first selection...well see for yourself.

Buddy Can You Spare Me A Dime ... Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance
Murder ... The House of Haunt *
Bad As We Can Be ... Joan Jet and the Blackhearts
Baby Don't ... The Howll * (new)
Shakin' All Over ... Wanda Jackson
Brother ... The Organ *
Letter From An Occupant ... The New Pornographers *
New York City ... Cub *
No Justice Anywhere OK ... Greg Clarke *
Man Ray ... David Contin * (new)
The Hypothesist ... Novillero *
Fresh horses ... The Buttless Chaps *
Midnight Directives ... Owen Pallett *
Spare Some Love ... Renaissance
The White Clouds ... The Ballroom Babies *

AND the weekly Easter Egg. This one is easy peasy.

If you get it, email me at and I will send you a sweet treat in the mail.

Next week, a special edition of Ruby Slippers, co-curated by yours truly and Greg Clarke, entitled "All Hail the Hammer: A Tribute to Hamilton Ontario"

Thanks for listening


Friday 11 March 2016

Ruby Slippers for March 11 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Here it is. A whole lot of fun for the start of the March break.

Loads of Canadian too (SOCAN week)


All Is Not Lost ... OK Go
Modern Man ... Arcade Fire *
Telegram Sam ... Bauhaus
Fried My Little Brains ... The Kills (fav Kills song)
Combat Baby ... Metric * (still their best album)
Anime Eyes ... The Awkward Stage *
How I Came (demo ) ... Watermelon *
Revolution Blues ... Neil Young *
Beautiful Slide ... Mark Kleiner Power Trio *
Pure Evil ... P:ano *
Gold Star Swimmer ... Hot Panda *
Buddy Holly Convention ... The Smugglers * (featuring Grant Lawrence from CBC)
Half Empty Halls ... The Evaporators *
Woodstock ... W.O.W. *
What Ever Happened To ... The Buzzcocks
Vomit Pig ... Ale Mania

PLUS an Easter Egg.

Let's go, Canada!

And, by the way, April 8 is the membership show.  Donate now, donate often.
Tell em Ruby Slippers sentcha

Thanks for listening.

Thursday 3 March 2016

Ruby Slippers March 4 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

REALLY mixed list this week! Hope it tickles your fancy and keeps you coming back for more...

Validation ... Apollo Ghosts *
Friend of Mine ... Doug Randle * (we all have or have had one of these guys/gals)
Bread and Circuses ... Stalins of Sound *
I Promise You, Thomas ... Volumizer *
Bread and Butter ... Waitresses
Those Lonely Lonely Nights ... Dr. John
Diana ... Fanshaw *
Hiding ... My Friend Wallis *
Distance ... Vancougar *
Age Of Consent ... Parallels *
The City You Live In Is Ugly ... Young and Sexy *
Pinprick Eyes ... Ask For Joy
Where Is The Light ... Spirit Photography 
A Token ... The Veldt
Supermoon ... Vulva Culture

AND... the Mystery cut! (First Easter Egg of the month)

Thanks for listening