Tuesday 31 December 2013

Ruby Slippers for Jan 3 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

It's a new year and with it a challenge to think about what the soundtrack to your life will be.  I put the question out there on the site "Radioflag" and an amazing DJ from WXUT in Toledo Ohio, Kayla CP, host and producer of the show "Radio Alchemy", came forward with Cat Power's "You Are Free" and Radiohead's "In Rainbows".  (Thanks so much Kayla!!!)

In the past I also would have chosen albums that were near and dear to my heart, but because of the diversity of the show, have elected to put forward a mixtape instead.* Of course, these things evolve from time to time (often week to week), but for now this is mine.

What would yours be?

Recover ... CHVRCHES (new)
New World Sympathy ... Slyde
Black Corvair (Color Me Psycho cover) ... Chris Page
Heaven Or Las Vegas (cover: Cocteau Twins) ...Suzy Blu
Rollover DJ ... Jet (their influences are blatant, but this album makes me smile)
Bearer of Bad Nudes .... Panic
Odessa ... Caribou  (Swim is one of my soundtrack albums, if I had to pick that way)
Forgive ... Tourist
All Of You ... Peter Thomas
Heart of Stone ... The Ravonettes (another album pick)(In and Out of Control)
Gagged and Bound ... Broken Halo
Killed By Love ...  The Pursuit of Happiness  ( Maybe I COULD just pick albums...)(Love Junk)
I Wasn't Made For Fighting ... Woodhands
Too Young To Love ... The Big Pink
Strange ... New Love Army
Love Song ... The Cure  (just wrap myself up in the Cure)

My, music does say a lot about you, doesn't it?

What would YOUR soundtrack be?

Hope 2014 is all you would want it to be.
And, as always, thanks for listening.

* included some new cuts, because they are made an impression right off the bat and will be played and played until they aren't anymore! :)

Monday 23 December 2013

Ruby Slippers for Dec. 27 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

This playlist is a little odd, as it's not quite end of year, and not quite Christmas.  It's kind of an "in between days" collection of tunes. There are a few brand spankin' new, and of course a few old favorites, but any way you slice it, a chance to put your troubles behind you and follow the bouncing ball.

Next week, the best of Ruby Slippers for 2013.

I'm Free...Elektronique Storm Front (hope I got that right, thanks, Ron)
Rent ... Matt Mancid and Colour Theory
Somebody Loves You (Joywave remix) ...Betty Who
Release... The Bloody Five (by request)
A Trick With No Sleeve ... Alain Johannes et al
Rift Valley Fever ... Will Black (also by request)
Billy Jean ...Corey Glover and Phil Campbell  "Thriller": A Metal Tribute to Michael Jackson
I Should Watch TV ...David Byrne and St. Vincent
Saskatoon ... PS I Love You
Love The House You're In ...Moonface
The Man With The Child In His Eyes ... Kate Bush (by request)
Lighthouse ... Patrick Watson
Holly Hughes Dance Academy ... The Retrievers
Entre Chien Et Loup ... Republic of Letters

Blessings of the holiday season to one and all.
And as always, thanks for listening.

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Ruby Slippers for Dec 20, 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Ho ho ho!!!

Here is the playlist for the holidays. It was really tough what with so much to choose from, but I have tried to include something for everyone. And if you felt something was left out that really needed to be played, well, there's always next week!

Present Face ... Garfunkel and Oates (my fav Christmas song)
First Snow of the Year ... Hawksley Workman
I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm ... Venus Hum
I Saw Mommy Biting Santa Claus ... The Dollyrots
No Assholes for Christmas ...Stephie Coplan and the Pedestrians
It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas ... The Jingles
Channeling ... The Luyas
Hurt Me Now ... Austra
New House ... DIANA
Friends Hurt ... We Are The City
Oblivion ... Grimes
Santa Baby ... Eartha Kitt
White Christmas ... Jingle Cats
What Christmas Means to Me ...Stevie Wonder
Wouldn't It Be Nice ... The Duke of Norfolk
Red ... The Birthday Massacre
50 Words for Snow ... Kate Bush

Happy holidays to one and all ! See you next week, and as always, thanks for listening!

This show is dedicated to Roger on this his birthday. Forever 51.

Sunday 15 December 2013

Whoa! What Happened?

Hey everybody,

For our listeners online, apparently there was a glitch on Friday at least for Catwoman and probably this show as well, where the Radio Punjab Feed was running throughout the course of the day.
If you want to catch this week's episodes of any show that was affected, the files will be uploaded to our archive on Monday, so I'm told.  Just go to www.ciut.fm, click on Schedule, then on the show you wish to hear, and on the latest show's mp3.

Didn't know that was happening...I do know the terrestrial feed was OK as there was a listener call in.

Many apologies for this. Won't happen again (I hope)

Don't forget to breathe this time of year!


Carol B

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Ruby Slippers for Dec. 13, 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Lucky 13 and a Friday at that! The first song is my protection against the evils that dwell on such a day.
Also, snuck in a couple of Christmas tunes. With a twist.

Ho ho, away we go.

Lucklucky...Veda Hille
Magazine ... Caroline Smith
Brother In The Night ...The Weeks
Sun In An Empty Room ... The Weakerthans
Wonderful Night .... Hallam Highwater
I'm Waiting for the Day ... The One and Nines (Mint Records Tribute to the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds)
Thru That Door ... The Rosebuds (from their Xmas album)
King David ...We Are The City
OPK ...White Coals
Little Drummer Boy ...Bad Religion (from their charity Xmas album)
I Heart Johnny ...Christer
High Road ...Cults
Avi ...Grimes
Loving You ... Ilias (new!)
Last Christmas ...Wham!

Read into it what you will ...
And Thanks for listening!

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Ruby Slippers for Dec. 6 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Wow!!!  Into December already! Despite that, though, it's still a little early for this girl to start playing the Jingle Cats and  Sing Along Messiah (only at home, have to admit to being more than a little tone deaf)
Anyway, I did include some dance worthy tunes to keep us all warm this week, and a few new offerings too. Afraid you'll just have to wait for the Christmas fare until later....;)

Here goes...

Telling Lies...David Bowie (that exhibit just keeps on inspiring me)
Heresy... NIN
Stupidly In Love (Acoustic)... The Dollyrots
Don't Lose Your Dinosaur ... Upset
X ... Xray Eyeballs
We Go Where We Know ... Vast Robot Armies
Wrapped Up In Books ... Belle & Sebastian
Bottom of the Lake ... We Are The City
Black Camera ... Wintersleep (winter on my mind)
True Blue ...Winter Gloves (warmth too)
Salt ... Windmills (thinking about ice)
Lux Lisbon ... Marriage
O Superheroin ... Flowers of Hell (Laurie Anderson/Lou Reed tribute)
Fast Fall... With Beating Hearts

Kind of like this one. Hope you do too.

And as always, thanks for listening.

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Ruby Slippers for Nov. 29 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

The goofiness that is Toronto council seems to have calmed down somewhat, so the rest of us can get on with the important things in life. Like shoveling a little snow.  Or listening to music.
Maybe both.

So here is this week's playlist (out of a possible 40 cuts)  May have to change things a bit, but you know that's always the way things go on this show.

Little One... The Black and White Years
Epidemic ... Animal Confession
Killer Of Dragons .... The High Dials
Painful Like ... Austra
My Sister Says The Saddest Things ... Grimes
Miracle (Dallas K Remix) ... Ghost Beach
All The Animals Come Out At Night ...Secession
Lioness ... Astronaute
Carousel ... Iron & Wine
Spirits to Lift My Spirits ... Howling Owl ft. Woolfcubb
Dust and Bones ... Isobel Trigger
Kim Chee Taco Man ... Kelley Stoltz
Nature vs. Nurture ... Tei Shi
The Last Beat of My Heart ... The Flowers of Hell (from Ode, an album of covers)
I Will Survive ... Cake

Thanks for listening!

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Ruby Slippers Nov. 22 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

It's COLD today and to make things better, we need some music to move around by. You know, just get the blood pumping, and the body moving. (Beastie Boys didn't make the list, but there are all sorts of goodies that will accomplish just that.)

Here we go!

Run Me Off The Tracks...Idle Cinema
Float ...The Music (played this CD until it was almost unplayable)
Cut Me Some Slack ... Paul McCartney, Pat Smear, Dave Groul et al.
(You Will) Set The World On Fire ...David Bowie
Louie, Louie ...Motorhead
Taking My Time ...Jim Guthrie
Caught Me Thinkin ...Bahamas
Was That It ... Ark Analog (Maylee Todd and Dan Werb)
Bridge and Tunnel ...Holy Ghost!
Dreaming ...Kerry Jayne
The Troubadour ...A.C. Newman
1994 ...Ben McKenzie
Gordon ... Don Coleman (proceeds from sales of this to keep music in the schools)
Perspective ft.Homeboy Sandman ...Until The Ribbon Breaks

Keep warm my friends.
And as always, thanks for listening.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Ruby Slippers for Nov. 15 7-8 pm

 Hey everybody,

 Politics are swirling around here in the T dot. Videos, press conferences, bobble heads, you name it!
Lately, never know what the deal will be when I turn on the radio in the morning.

 Despite that, however, the music must go on, and to that end, here's the list for this week's show.
Kick back, forget the nonsense, and enjoy.

Honest Liar...The Almighty Rhombus (Sudbury, Ontario) (No pun intended. Not)
Space Out... new EP from Cold Dead Hands
Your Heart Don't Know... Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers
Do It With A Rockstar...Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra
Bomb ...Band Of Skulls
The Man That Never Was...Rick Springfield et al from "Sound City" (soundtrack)
Atoms ...Fast Romantics
Heaven And All ...Black Rebel Motorcycle Club et al from "Sound City" (sdtk)
Wolves ...Crystalyne
Cloud Full of Rocks ...Odds
I Will Wander ...The Features
Your Bed ...Cub
Grey Area Living ...Crystal Castles
Love Is Greed ... Passion Pit

Enter Sandman ...Pat Boone (wishful thinking)(we know there won't be time for this)

Let's have some fun, Toronto. Enough, already.

And as always, thanks for listening.

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Ruby Slippers Nov. 8 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Lots happened this week, good and bad. Fortunately, music always saves the day and to that end, here's my picks from new offerings, and a few vintage gems too.

I may be adding a special surprise during the actual show, but that is another story.

Marquee Moon (alternate version)... Television
Pet Semetary... The Ramones (their spelling, not mine)
Lamplight... Kasha  (first of two tonight)
September Memory... Ilias  (from Down Under)
Cries of the Dead... Chad VanGaalen
Verbatim... Mother Mother
Mountain Time... Gentle Giant
Seen a Ghost... The Black Fever
Wish...Paper Route
The Gospel ... James Kasper
Original Rose ...Will Black
Body Like Lead...Kasha
How U Move Me ...Mekanicly Inclined
Mondlicht...X-mal Deutschland

(Added in a request from a few weeks ago...sshhh, it's a secret.)

And as always, thanks for listening.

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Ruby Slippers for Nov 1 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

The membership drive is over, and it's time to get on with more amazing music.  Some of this didn't make the Halloween list, some is brand new, and some is as comfortable as an old shoe.

Hope your week has been good, and let's keep that energy up!

People are Strange...Echo and the Bunnymen
Monster Closet...Two Hours Traffic
True Patriot Love... Joel Plaskett Emergency (Danforth Music Hall Nov 2)
Purple Haze...Frank Zappa (I have played this before but it is so much fun...)
Rift Valley Fever...Will Black (coming soon to a Toronto near you!;) )
Werewolves of London...Warren Zevon
Eyes of a Stranger...Dirty Ghosts
Rock and Roll...Shaker
Don't Do It Girl...The Rizdales (EXTRA TWANG!)
You Can't Get It Back...Gentleman Reg
On Deck...Museum Pieces
Crown Victoria...Amity Beach
Things Fall Apart...The Implicate Order
Ghost Rider...Suicide

And away we go.

Thanks for listening!

Monday 28 October 2013

Thank you Millefois

Greetings, Earthlings!

This week will be full o' fun what with the Halloween stuff and nonsense, (best. time. ever)
and of course the post Halloween show. Sorry, will still probably play some spooky tunes from the last playlist (just plumb ran out of time) but there's some really exciting new music too!

Just wanted, though, before the week gets started for real, to thank all of you for your support. Not only did some of you donate to the station, but so many have kindly followed this blog, the Facebook page, Radioflag, and of course listened to the show itself.  It means the world to me to know that we can share a little time to explore new music and revisit old favorites.  Community radio is all about just that...connecting people through new and mutual interests.

I know I speak on behalf of everyone here at CIUT when I say you are as much a part of this place as the volunteers. We simply wouldn't be here without you.

Have a good start to your week, 

Gratefully yours 

Carol B

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Ruby Slippers for Oct. 25: Membership Drive + Halloween = PARTY

Hey everybody,

It's the Fall Membership Drive and wouldn't you know it, it falls just before Halloween!

Soooo...there's no reason not to get 'er done with Zombies! Ghosts! Tubular Bells! (tubular bells?)
Screamin' Jay and a whole lot more.

But don't take my word for it, have a look for yourself.

And of course if you would like to support the show and the last community radio station standing in the GTA, you can call in during the show or go to www.ciut.fm/donate and become part of something bigger than the both of us.

Cemetary...Headstones *
Monster Hunter Handbook...Big Damn Heroes *
Tubular Bells...Book Of Love (see? told ya) *
Spellwork (Young Galaxy Remix)...Austra *
Wicked and Weird...Buck 65 *
I Put a Spell on You...Screamin' Jay Hawkins *
Star Trek Theme...Alexander Courage *
The Martian Boogie...Brownsville Station
Devil Inside (INX cover)...Beck, Liars, St. Vincent, Os Mutantes *
The Afterlife...Yacht *
Monster Mash...Boris Pickett and the Crypt Kickersn *
Bela Lugosi's Dead...Bauhaus *
Haunted BBQ...The Bat's Pajamas *
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)...Winter Gloves

These didn't make the show, but I will leave them here in case you are looking for good Halloween music!

Monster...You Say Party! We Say Die!
Ropes That Way...Dirty Ghosts (check out their cover of "Eyes of a Stranger")
The Creature from the Black Lagoon...Dave Edmunds
Do They Know It's Halloween?...NAHPI feat. Feist, etc.
Werewolves of London...Warren Zevon
Devil Inside (original)...INX
Red Wigglers (jingle from WKRP)

Take special care on the 31st, and as always, thanks for listening!


Monday 21 October 2013

Hey Kids, It's Membership Week!!!

Hey everybody!

It's that most wonderful time of the half year, not quite on the same level as Christmas and Halloween (still my favorite holiday) but still, I'm just sayin'.

It's time to join our merry band of misfits and keep this station afloat.  Community radio in the GTA has come down to US and with your help we will keep flying the flag of the people's voice right here at CIUT.

Now, other than a very few long suffering part time staffers (God bless you, you put up with so much) the ship is entirely manned by volunteers. We program, tech, interview, blog, make a mess and generally try our hardest to offer what other radio stations don't.  The schedule is very diverse (or random dependant on how you look at it) and there is most certainly something for everyone. Having listened to every show on the list at one time or another, I can assure you this place never ceases to surprise.

Anyhow, if you can, any donation to the station is very much appreciated. We have give aways and a grand prize draw, of course, but most important of all, there is unending entertainment here, 24 hours a day.  Consider what you pay to see a movie that didn't live up to it's hype?

By the way, I intend to do a Spooktacular playlist for Ruby Slippers this Friday in honour of the BIG SHOW so I hope you will join me.  And if you decide to jump on board with this drive, thank you so very much.

Here's the info to do it on line, or phone in at any time during the week.


Of course, I would love to hear from you during the show.

Just tell 'em Ruby Slippers sent you!

Thanks for listening, and have a great week!
(Playlist up later, gator)

Friday 18 October 2013

Screamin' Into The Station: Indie Week, 2013 Weekend Edition

Here we go, the last two two days of Indie week, the Big Finale.

Many of these bands have played elsewhere, meaning that you have one last chance to see them on Saturday.  But Sunday is the Indie Week Battle Rounds at Tattoo Rock Parlor ( I clearly watch too much "The Voice") so that's the place to be at the end of it all.

Here are a few suggestions for Oct. 19

Cadillac Lounge...has a country showcase including Jessica Mitchell and Wreklaws plus more

Cherry Cola...Handsome Distraction, Dirty Water and company

Czehoski...hosts semi finals with Pecan Sandies and Boy + Kite

Free Times Cafe...another semi final spot and your last chance to see MIYU

The Hideout... ditto on the semis, and Satellite Hearts, Arcane Saints under the same roof

Silver Dollar Room...a Dan Burke night. Hmmm...

Underground Garage...East Coast Showcase with Arrows in the Air, Bugs in The Dark, MOOD

Velvet Underground, Supermarket are both doing semi finals.

Go. Be spontaneous. Vote with your hands and your feet.

But most of all, enjoy.

Thursday 17 October 2013

Indie Week (for Friday Oct. 18) Woohoo!

Hey music lovers,

Friday is the third day of the Big Show, and as with any festival, it's a very heavy day in terms of agonizing choices.  I have tried and failed to hear something from all the bands, and as the playlist for this week can attest, really only scratched the surface of what's going on. It was random at best, but in a good way.  Hope you can embrace the mystery and chaos of the unknown too!

Here are some ideas for today's offerings.  It is not meant to be exclusive, or a snub to any venue or band that hasn't been mentioned.  Have a look, then ignore and go explore!

The Riv...The Beaches, Wildheart and friends

The Hideout...among others, Secret Broadcast and (for the name alone) Mad Violinist and the
                      Symphony Crack Orchestra

Victory Cafe...another chance to hear MIYU

Adelaide Hall...visiting old friends, this one. Bed of Stars, Still Life Still, Rural Alberta Advantage,
                         Magneta Lane, LBD, Imposters

Silver Dollar....WAXMEN (a request on my show) Suxess, Ninja Funk Orchestra

Supermarket...Human Bodies (Katie and company rule!) Bloom (from Calgary) and viseMenn from

The Bovine...Stuck On Planet Earth

Cherry Cola...Fisher Kings, Saigon Hookers, Implicate Order (Calgary, there is something in the water
                      so many good bands coming out of here)

Peacok...Jon Davis at 9:30 (CIUT's elusive interview, seriously worth hearing)

Underground Garage...Arcane Saints (Melbourne) Alert The Medic, and other great acts

The Cage 292...Satellite Hearts and Blackdog Ballroom

Go forth and party. See you soon!

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Ruby Slippers Oct. 18 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

I couldn't make a comprehensive list of all the great bands playing this week. You will have to do some homework and try and find them yourselves (total justification for going out every night until Sunday)
There are some real gems in this week's playlist, though, and I will mark them with a star, but there is also some new music that isn't being showcased.  This was a tough week.

Hope you make it out to cheer the bands on!

Hold Me Close...The Heavyset Quartet
Cost of Living...Satellite Hearts *
Never Say Die...Arcane Saints *
Avant Garde China...MIYU *
Drive (Jake Ra remix)...Amir Brandon
iBelieve (Krystle Love remix) Septembryo (sadly, had to cancel)*
Out of Control...Little Creatures *
Nothing Left To Lose...Bed of Stars *
Bring You Down...Mother Leads (new!)
Chotee...Bif Naked
Coffee Stained Pages...Epic Rain *
Go Go Go...The C'mons * (not to be confused with C'mon)
Loner...The Beaches *
Anytime...Roam  (taking out with real style)

If you hear someone you really like, please shoot me an email or comment on this blog.
Will include them in another show.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy the week.

Indie Week Ho!

Hey Everybody,

The playlist is going to be more difficult this week, due to the fact that it's Indie Week in the city and I am trying to jam in a cross section of tracks from artists at the event. It's really like trying to pick a favorite child... Anyway, my apologies to those who have been left out, as there are so few minutes in the show. Going forward, though, there will be loads more opportunities to fly the Indie flag on this and other shows at CIUT.

The list isn't even close to finished at this point in the day, but here is the first look at Indie Week.

Today Wednesday Oct. 16 is the day of the Launch at the Hideout (484 Queen West in TO)
It starts at 8 pm, included short sets from bands Canada wide and something new from Tokyo!

Also, today the Rivoli is hosting an interesting collection of bands including New City Kings from the UK and Party Cat plus many more.  An easier day for festival goers as there aren't as many heartbreaking decisions to make.  Enjoy!

Tomorrow is another story.
The Monarch Pub has an early set, starting at 5:30 and including a band from Tokyo, MIYU. Interesting stories about this band, do a little digging. Ought to be a memorable night.

The Hideout has Little Creatures (TO) and Satellite Hearts from Philadelphia.

Free Times Cafe starts off with one of my favorite performers, Maneli Jamal, and is followed by
among others, Epic Rain from Iceland, and Food Water Shelter.

Bovine! Sumo Cyco! Say no more!

The Brooklynn brings Royal Creatures , Jon Travis and the Electric Trains and a host of others

Cherry Cola features, among others, Romeo Liquor Store and Arcane Saints.

The Silver Dollar  includes the C'mons as part of a full lineup

The Velvet Underground keeps it hea-vy with Asleep Behind the Flame

The Cage 292 is full to overflowing with bands including Bloody 5, This is War, and Second Pass, solid rock lineup

And Underground Garage hosts the Alberta Showcase but also includes a few TO bands (Lipstick Junkies)

This is rather random of course, and really just the tip of the iceberg. (see previous comment about picking a favorite child)

For a complete schedule please go to www.canadaindieweek.com

Be back later with the playlist.

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Ruby Slippers for Oct. 11 7-8 pm Happy Turkey Weekend!

Hey everybody!

It's "shaking down the turkey" weekend, (or as it's only Friday, maybe it's making room for the turkey)
Anyway, this show is pretty high octane, and if you have no qualms about dancing around the room, pumping your fist, or otherwise interacting with the music, this is the show for you.
I thought in the beginning it would be all electro dance musique, but things just kind of got out of hand...well, you'll see.

Be safe and have a great weekend, wherever you may roam!

Wanting You...The Beans
Death By Diamonds and Pearls...Band of Skulls
Salute Your Solution...The Raconteurs
Sicko Love...Womb  (new!)
Love Makes The World Go Round...You Say Party
Ship Goes Down (Let's Go! Let's Go!)...Hexes and Ohs
You Don't Miss Me...Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees
Rolling Down To Old Maui...Todd Rundgren (finally got this on)
Live Forever...Run With The Kittens
Drive..Amir Brandon  (new!!)
Sleep...Allen Stone
Save Charlie...Rubblebucket
Noisemaker...Two Hours traffic
The Stranger...Wolf Cove (also new)
I Fought The Law...The Clash
Because I'm Awesome...The Dollyrots

Gotta fly.
Thanks for listening!

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Ruby Slippers for Oct. 4 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Generally, the playlist is up by now, but this is a special week.  The first of four, actually.
If the music gods are good this week, we will be having a visit from The Bloody Five to find out what they have been up to this summer, how the preparation for Indie Week is coming along, discuss the two sides of remixing your own materials, and so much more.  It's really "The Evolution of a Band: Part Two", and have to say I'm so grateful they would consider doing this, given how chaotic this time of year is for them.

Here's the final playlist....

I Am A Heart...Hey Ocean!
Dancing In The Rain (Outcast remix)...Hawk in Paris (new)
After You...The Bloody Five
Chinese Boxes...High Dials
Je M'Excuse...The Bloody Five
Just Joking...Bloody Five/Basement Love
Atoms...Fast Romantics
Radioactive...Kings of Leon

AND in the next three weeks, there is the Turkey Extravaganza, (dancing off the evils of the weekend), Toronto's Indie Week and of course the HALLOWEEN MEMBERSHIP SHOW!!!  You can request your favorite spooky cut by emailing me at carolbonciut@gmail.com or just leaving a comment after this posting.
Let's keep this station strong! Show your support by becoming a member at www.ciut.fm and don't forget to mention Ruby Slippers sent ya.

And, as always, thanks for listening.

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Ruby Slippers Sept. 27 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Last week in September, and so much lies ahead.  Nuit Blanche, Thanksgiving, Indie Week, Halloween, and the Fall CIUT membership drive.  It is with this madness that is October in mind that the playlist for this week came about.  Gotta get things energized to be ready to hit the ground running!
Lotsa Canadian, (Ocean City Defenders, Thunder Bay!!) , a large dollop of electro, some hard core rock. 

Let's GO!

Heavy Metal...White Rabbits (finally made the top of the list)
Omid...Thievery Corporation
I'll Be By Your Side (Grahm Zilla remix)...Sally Shapiro
The Nature Of Things...Ocean City Defender
Annie (Oh Muse, You)...Austra
Unconditional...The Bravery
Hey Doreen...Lucius
Rhymes with Puck...High Heels Lo Fi
Come On...Headstones
Oh My Bride...The Deady Snakes
Resurrection Joe...The Cult
Cherry Twist...Crystal Method
Ancient Kids...Bravestation
Air war...Crystal Castles

That's it, that's all.

And as always, thanks for listening.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Ruby Slippers Sept. 20 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

It's that time again, playlist of the week.  Some surprises, some new cuts, and always a nod to the Canadians. 
As the weather gets cooler at night, it's easier to hang at home and preview more tunes than ever before.
If there are any you would like to hear, or bands you feel aren't getting their due, please feel free to email me (carolbonciut@gmail.com) and I will be more than happy to give your picks a listen.

Who knows, maybe there's a Listener based show in the future?

Here goes.

I Don't Want To Change Your Life...The Marble Index (Ha! thought it was Roxy Music, right?)
Torn Maps...Bosnian Rainbows
Weightless...Nada Surf
Austin, Texas...Netherfriends
I Know You...Kensington Market (archive alert!)
Struggler...Jillian Goddard (from our own west coast)
Just Luck...Royal Canadians (more west coast)
Emerald Lake, Alberta...Save The Whale (and yet more west coast)
Mambo Sun...T. Rex
Prairie Fires That Wander About...Sufjan Stevens
Open The Doors...Minotaurs
So It Goes...Aakron/ Family
Orono Park...The Wilderness of Manitoba
To The Night...Pete Van Dyk and the Second Hand Band
When the Dixie Stars are Playing Peek a Boo...Leon Redbone
Big City Car...Locomotive (oldie but goodie)
Heavy Metal...White Rabbits (got bumped last week)

Have a great week, and as always, thanks for listening.

Wednesday 11 September 2013

Ruby Slippers for Sept. 13 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

It's Hump Day around here, and let me tell you, the whole "Last -of-Summer" high temperatures/humidity is getting on my final nerve.  Let the Fall roll in, for Pete's sake!
But with mid week, weather not withstanding, comes the posting of this week's playlist, and that is always a job I look forward to.  Shook it up a bit this time. Loads of Canadian artists and some stuff from the mystery that is the CD collection in this place.

Hope you will join me on Game Day, and discover for yourself something you had never heard before.

Painful Like...Austra  (from the Olympia album)
A Prince's Shadow...Jon Davis
The Mummer's Dance...Loreena McKennitt  (she makes me think of Fall)
Fifty Fifty...The Luyas
Broken Bones and Pocket Change...St. Paul and the Broken Bones
Rip It Up...Wanda Jackson (America's Sweetheart)
Red Light Love...Those Darlins
Body Of Work...The Mynabirds
Girls' Night Out...The Knife
What a Biddy Is...Navy
Secret March...The Wet Secrets
Never Coming Down...White Hot Jet
Romeo Romeo...The Vapids
O.P.K....White Coals (from North Bay)
Always Where I Need To Be...The Kooks
Red Morning Light...Kings of Leon (I walked around and listened to this for 6 months)
Land of the Freak...King Khan and the Shrines

Stay cool, then stay warm. And dry. Well, you know what I mean.
And thanks for listening.

Wednesday 4 September 2013

Ruby Slippers for Sept. 6 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Back to school/work/life this week and by Jiminy, the weather is totally fall-like in the wee small hours of the morning (OK so it's 6:30 or 7 am, not all that early for some)
And so, the task of creating a playlist that would start the first weekend away from the grind resulted in this.  Hope your time starting back was gentle and happy and generally satisfying.


Stranded in Time...The United States Of America
Six O'Clock...The Lovin' Spoonful
Holy Hand Grenades...Grace and Tony
Girl With A Problem...The Northern Pikes
Hold On When You Get Love...Stars
Jellyfish (Part 1)...Voodoo Bunnies
Secret Island...Thee Acquainted
Year In Song...Mary Margaret O'Hara
To The Lighthouse...Memoryhouse
Beaking It Up...Lykke Li
Breakdown...Little Creatures
Better Run...Royal Bangs
Was That It...Ark Analog (Dan Werb/Maylee Todd)
Go Bowie Go...The Bat's Pajamas
The Garden...Wowser Bowser

Argh! Back to homework!
(Thanks for listening)

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Ruby Slippers Playlist for August 30 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

I am taking time out from grumbling about a certain coffee chain to post the playlist for this, the Labour Day weekend show.  The weekend doesn't promise to be much, weather wise, but that's all the more reason to support your community radio station on the go to inside activities or just chillaxing at home.

So without further ado, here it is, my friends.

(Theme from) WKRP in Cincinnati....Various artists
Alarm Clock (new remix by M. Valenz and Krystal Love B)...Septembryo
Miracle Drug...A.C. Newman
Hey Little Darling...Stark Naked and the Fleshtones
Letterbox...They Might Be Giants  (I had this album on cassette and it was always in the car)
They Say...Roman Candle (new)
Last Star...Two Hours Traffic
At War With The Sun...The Big Pink
None But Shining Hours...The Books
Does Anyone Love Me Now?...Blue Roses
Blow Away...Kate Bush
Delia and the Sculptor...Elise Epp
Weight Of The World...Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk
Faster...The Tourist Company
Pee-Wee's Playhouse...Cyndi Lauper  (OK so I have had a bit of an inner child moment)
Make Some Noise...Minotaurs
Psychobitches Outta Hell...Horrorpops

Be careful on the holiday, want to see you next week.
And as always, thanks for listening.

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Ruby Slippers for August 23 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

I'm back, live and in person this week.  Mind you, with the spike in temperatures, there has been more time than usual spent in the dark cool recesses of the office listening to music and watching amazing DVDs.  For example, the concert film of Peter Gabriel's 2002-2003 "Growing Up" tour was nothing short of mezmerizing. If you have a chance, check it out.  I know you won't be disappointed.

In Toronto, it's available from the Toronto Public Library, but is, no doubt, in most quality DVD shops.

So on with this week's playlist

 Splash...Joy Classic
 Way Way Out...Spiral Beach
 Cherry...Will Black and Velvet Revolver 
 Take Me Back...Fast Romantics
 Ancient Kids...Bravestation
 I Don't Remember...Peter Gabriel
 Afraid of Heights...Waaves featuring Jenny Lewis
 Gonna Let My Soul Catch My Body...Over The Rhine
 Clap Hands...Tom Waits  (another good DVD "Tom Waits: Second Hand Stories")
 Dance Ghost...Helado Negro
 Red Lights...Thee Acquainted (from Moonstone, Ontario)
 Beaches...Young Empires
 Have You Seen In Your Dreams...Miracle Fortress
 Beach Dream...Jets Overhead
 New Constellation...Toad The Wet Sprocket

 That's it for this week. See you Friday, and as always, thanks for listening.

Monday 12 August 2013

Ruby Slippers for August 16 7-8 pm

Hey Everybody!

Back from a very busy weekend, you know the travel/music/work catch up stuff, so of course the way to relax is to kick back and listen to some tunage as soon as one hits the front door.

Well, one thing led to another...and before I knew it, the playlist just kind of happened.

So, here it is, in it's first draft glory.

A Pain That I'm Used To (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)....Depeche Mode (damn! this album has                
                                                                                      gotten under my skin)
Keep Your Head Up....Eagles of Death Metal  (Death by Sexy album)
Civil Twilight (Live from the Burton Cummings Theatre)... The Weakerthans
Rockabilly Girls...Handsome Ned (from The Name is Ned )
How Should I (Have Known)...From East To Exit
Giving up The Ghost...The Skeletones Four
Door To Door...The Magic (three Guelphites in a row!)
The Hedonists Collide...Duotang
Duck and Run...3 Doors Down  (no, you're not imagining this)
Look For You...Cory Fraser
Darko...E Clips
Bruised Broken Beaten...Controller Controller (RIP, such a shame)
At Least I'm Not a Musician...Gregory Pepper and His Problems
Welcome To The Working Week...Elvis Costello (from My Aim Is True)
Time...Fast Romantics  (playing live at the Horseshoe tonight, August 16) (New!)
Never Coming Down...White Hot Jet (out of Vancouver...watch out for this band)
Buffalo Head...The Features
Mercy...Duffy (from the album Rockferry)

Whoa! Pretty crazy mix, right?

Let's see what happens....

And as always, thanks for listening.

Tuesday 6 August 2013

Ruby Slippers for August 9 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

I'm posting this early as the spirit struck last week while doing LAST FRIDAY's show for this one.
And the problem with doing your work early is that then you forget.
So this is it....Enjoy! And see you on the 9th.

And I Walk...The 6ixty8ights
If Anyone Should Call...The 88
Heinz (Artery Cover)... Little Girls
Lloyd I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken...Camera Obscura
We Should Be Swimming...Zulu Winter
King David...We Are The City
Dust...Anna Domino
Mad World...Gary Jules (cover Tears for Fears)
Without You...Eddie Vedder (from the Ukelele Album)
Oak of Guernica...YTST
Let Loose the Horses...The Rescues
Lost In My Head...Doldrums  ( I'm not sure how I feel about this)(love? confused?)
Funk...Lina Fouro
Dream On (Bushwacka Tough Guy Mix)...Depeche Mode
Highway Horror...The House of Haunt
Noisemaker....Two Hours Traffic
Beat's So Lonely...Charlie Sexton

Hmmm....got some 80's action going on here as remixes. Interesting. I swear these lists take on lives of their own.

And as always, thanks for listening

Wednesday 31 July 2013

Ruby Slippers Playlist for August 2 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Only one coffee under my belt this morning, and already a list for this week's show.
First off, a tribute to all things New Pornographer, and then a meander through some music from old friends, including what I think is by far the best cover of Electric Avenue ever recorded.
And speaking of Woodhands, check out the new project by WH's Dan Werb and Maylee Todd:


Anyhow, here's the list as it stands.

Man...Neko Case
Miracle Drug...A.C. Newman
Moves...The New Pornographers
Trailblazer...The Barmitzvah Brothers
Conjoined...The Two Minute Miracles
I Will Steal You Back...Jimmy Eat World
Whatever  (demo)...Soft Plastic
Be Professional...The ACB's
Brokered Heart...The Acorn
I Need A Love Like That...Nut Brown  (finally get to play this! 3 times lucky)
Empty Room...Arcade Fire
Bomb...Band of Skulls
Electric Avenue...Woodhands
Robots, Master and Lady...Wax Mannequin
Way Down...Waxmen
Say A Prayer...Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown

Tis  it! There ain't no more.
And thanks for listening.

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Ruby Slippers for July 26th 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

This is the Hillside weekend, and at least until Monday, last week's show featuring artists from the festival will be up at www.ciut.fm under Ruby Slippers's archive (click on the show on the schedule which will bring you up to the page and the mp3 of the show) Therefore, I have included a few other bands this week, but most of the playlist  is a compilation of new-to-me music.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have putting it together!

Hacienda Motel...Pickwick
No Waves...Fidlar
Let's Spend the Night Together...David Bowie
Seven Stars Remix (Rheostatics cover)...King Cobb Steelie (from Hamilton/at Hillside)
John Drums...Grids
My Love is True...Monster Truck
St. Petersburg...Wilderness of Manitoba (Hillside)
Head On...Man Man  (a little different for them)
Can't Keep Your Mind Off...Data Romance
Killbear...Hayden (Hillside)
Swallow You Whole...Brendan Benson
Me and My Friends...Great Forest  (new EP)
Confidence...The Dodos
Shine of Her Moon...Basement Arms

That's it folks...and thanks for listening!

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Ruby Slippers for July 19 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

The heat and high humidity have a good side and bad.  The bad, of course, is that those of us who spend most the regular day outdoors have concerns about sunburn, breathing and general lack of energy. The good side is that because of all the above, we can justify not going out, relaxing with a cold drink and listening to music.
So, here it is, the playlist a whole day early.  As promised, there are a number of bands who will be on stage at Hillside on the last weekend of the month, with a few non festival goers thrown in for good measure (who frankly should be at Hillside).  Not quite as much rock as usual, but it's that kind of day.

Sirens...The Pack a.d.  *
Stairway...Yukon Blonde  *  (not "To Heaven")
I Love You...Said the Whale  *
Robotic...Hannah Georgas
Back To You...Twin Falls
To Stay Here...The Young Benjamins  *
Sea Song...The Wilderness of Manitoba  *  (this is so very beautiful)
Shoulderblade...Reuben and the Dark  *
Heroes of the Sidewalk...Two Hours Traffic  *  (off the first album Little Jabs)
(Keep Eye On) Other's Gain...Bonnie "Prince" Billy *
Rut and Nuzzle...Snowblink  *
Creatures Great and Small...Aidan Knight  *
Just Joking (Basement Love Remix)...The Bloody Five
#2...AroarA  *
Paper Girl...July Talk  *

Wow, that's a lot of Canadian content. And there's lots more where that came from.
Stay cool and safe, people.
And as always, thanks for listening.

* Hillside performers 2013

Saturday 13 July 2013

Next Week on Ruby Slippers

Hey everybody,

Next week, as promised, will be a show featuring some of the awesome people playing at my favorite music festival, Hillside, at the Guelph Conservation Area.  I have sussed out a couple of bands I was not familiar with, but thought it would be great if you, the listener, suggested which of these Usual Suspects you would like to hear.  So here's the list to choose from:

Diamond Rings
Colin Stetson
Bonnie Prince Billy
Said The Whale
King Cobb Steelie
Yukon Blonde
Two Hours Traffic  (never mind, I'm including them anyway)
Wilderness of Manitoba
YTST  or any others from the list on the Hillside website.

Email your heart's desire to carolbonciut@gmail.com  or comment after this post.

The festival, by the way is July 26-28 and there may be a very few tickets left, although if you are a SENIOR, you can still get a weekend pass for next to nothing.  I am so looking forward to that as I know this festival will be rocking on for years to come!

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Ruby Slippers for July 12 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

After much shuffling and reshuffling, here is the playlist for this week's show.  I have included some local talent and also some off beat stuff as well.  Enjoy!

Swing and a Misdemeanor...Oh No Forest Fires *
Say You're Sorry...Toy Box *
I Wanna Marry Your Mother...Stark Naked and the Fleshtones * (play the Garrison, TO July 19)
Cherry...Will Black and Velvet Revolver
Rock 'n Roll Records Aren't Selling This Year...Supersuckers
Hi...Xiu Xiu
Mother Nature Is But A Ghost...Sinister Trailer Park *
Not Your Fault...Race Against Science *
What Coes With Loving Me...The Retrievers *  (not the Sheepdogs
Eve...Get Up Alice! *
Shake...Tin Bangs *
Deep Water... The Magic *
Wild Street...The Crunch *
Hoshi Neko (Young Galaxy Remix)...YTST *

Next week selected artists from this year's lineup for Hillside Festival.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for listening.

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Ruby Slippers Playlist for July 5, 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

I don't know what it is about the summer, but you don't have to look far to find amazing bands playing awesome tunes and much of it is local!
It was with that in mind that I got busy and found some incredible stuff just for you that you may never have otherwise heard.  Chances are good this will inspire you to start your own search for new artists and become a music locavore*


Novocaine for the Soul...EELS  (not local but a good way to start)
Leopold Street...The Paper Kites  (Melbourne, Australia)
Mirror...Brunswick Project  (check them out on Soundcloud...writing a song a week for a full year)
                                            (and our first local band) *
What You Want...Bombay Bicycle Club  remixed by our very own  Darcys
Just Movement...Robert DeLong
Home is Where...Diamond Bones *
The Happy Parade...Oscillation *
You Slow Time...Basement Love *
Slaves...Eye The People *
Down The Spinney...Blackdog Ballroom * (Richmond Hill...close enough)
If You Feel Loved...Sexy Mathematics *
Mirror...Strawman *
Danse Cave...Still Life Still *
Into The Deep...Arietta *

If you have a band you would like to hear on the show, please shoot me an email.
So much music, so little time

And as always, thanks for listening

* Music locavore= committed consumer of local music

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Ruby Slippers for June 28 7-8 pm Happy Canada Day, Kids!

Hey everybody,

It's another glorious looooong weekend, and the weather will be, well, the weather.  But will it stop us from partying on? No sireebob.  Looks as if Dwayne Gretzky will be at Yonge and Dundas Square, which would be a great start to the hols, after, of course, listening to the show.

Which, by the way, includes Lighthouse who you can then go see in Aurora on Sunday (with CIUT's favorite sons, the Bloody Five)

Ahem, on with the playlist.

Operation...KingKhan and the BBQ Show  (summer= BBQ, get it?) (Montreal)
I'm Only Happy When It Rains...Garbage 
Paper Thin...Humble Wolf
It's Time...Imagine Dragons (covering Imagine Dragons..that part confuses me)
Andrew In Drag...The Magnetic Fields
Wrong Side of Town...Rouletta
iBELIEVE (Krystal Love B Mix)...Septembryo (Calgary!)
Black and White Mountains...Snowblink  (Toronto by way of San Francisco)
Good Enough (Cyndi Lauper cover)...The Acorn (Ottawa)
Legs Give Out...We Are The City (British Columbia)
One Fine Morning...Lighthouse (hip hip hurray) (Toronto)
Mama Tried...The Dirty Nil (Hamilton)
Resuscitate...Wintersleep (Halifax, NS)
Shut It Down...Kut U Up
Heavy Metal...White Rabbits
Clouds Catch Fire...Fever Fever

This is it! Hurray!

Have a rip snorting good weekend, and play safe.

And as always, thanks for listening.

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Ruby Slippers for June 21 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

After last week's show with the Bloody Five, I now admit to having to take a deep breath and think about how to come up with an interesting playlist this week. After asking four artists and their bands  what they would like to hear, it just reinforces to me that there is an infinite amount of inspiring and amazing music and never enough time. So with that in mind, here is the tentative list for this week.

I Remember You (Live)...Sebastian Bach and friends ( Didn't finish it last week...this is for you, Jay!)
Ace of Spades (Motorhead cover)...The Bloody Five  (too good to miss)
Because I'm Awesome...The Dollyrots
C'mon...Go Betty Go
Lafaye(Scissor Sisters Remix)...School of Seven Bells
Eyes of a Stranger...The Payolas (..and this is for Tomi)
Harps...The Sea and Cake
Bloodrush...Royal Canoe
Rachel Marie...Digits
Fifty/Fifty...The Luyas
Soupe Au Lait...MonMon
Romance at Sala Rossa...Plumes (playing June 21 at the Tranzac)
Home is Where...Diamond Bones
My Beloved Monster...EELS

Just finished reading the autobiography of Mark Oliver Everett of the EELS. Quite a story, put it on your summer reading list.

As always, thanks for listening.

Saturday 15 June 2013

On Music and Schools

Hey folks,

During the pre show huddle with the awesome guys from Bloody Five, the topic of music in the schools came up.  The response was instantaneous and passionate that music is a very important part of students' lives in so many ways.  We didn't have a chance to really get to that discussion during the show, but here are my views. 

Music makes you smarter.  It exercises parts of the brain not only in the act of performance but also as one listens.  Just look at the kids who study music at school, with teachers outside of school and later play with their peers.  These are the kids who can relate to one another through that shared experience.  These are the kids who can focus on learning and playing through practice after practice and then in the moment of an actual performance.  They have, through music, become part of a community requiring cooperation, patience and finally pride as they play together for family and friends.

In a society where money, sports and academics define  success in life, music provides another avenue to succeed and be part of the group. Who among us doesn't remember trying to find ourselves as teens? I can honestly say one of the most memorable moments of my life was going to the end of year concert for schools across the GTA at the legendary Massey Hall.  I still get shivers down my spine remembering all those students singing the national anthem in four part harmony to a packed venue to start the show.  And that was just the warm up. At the end of the show (which flew by way too quickly) there were throngs of kids from every background imaginable chatting and smiling with family and friends, proud of being part of the night, and joining together in music.  There was no competition,
posturing or put downs.  There were just the kids and their music.

I believe that it is our responsibility as the older generation to ensure the one coming up has the building blocks to make this world a better place.  Every child (and young adult) deserves food, shelter, an education and a safe place to grow into the adults we know they can be.  As much as a healthy body is a right, so is the opportunity to find ways to express themselves through language, art and music.

Don't let the school programs wither and die.  Fight for the students' rights to have qualified teachers, instruments that are playable, and a chance to experience the rewards of hard work, persistance and cooperation. 

Keep music in the schools.

Thanks for listening

Last Chance for Awesome! NXNE Sunday June16

Hey everybody,

Check out your guide for the last day of this amazing, overwhelming, inspiring week of music, art and movies. You honestly can't go wrong with any of the remaining showcases, and with a more humane number to chose from, you can actually catch quite a bit without running around like a loon.

But for my pick to end this biased guide...

Yonge and Dundas Square......Ludacris.  I'm just sayin'

Hope you had fun and see you next time on CIUT Ruby Slippers Radio.

(Now I can play dead for a few days)

Friday 14 June 2013

Party On Garth...It's Saturday of NXNE 2013 and this is what I'm Lookin' At

Wow, everybody,

For Saturday of this year's festival, it's tough to make pics.
Sorta went with my gut on this one, but you can't miss regardless of where you are.

Here goes...

Bruise Cruise... lots of fun on the water with We Are Wolves and Odonis Odonis'

Danforth Music Hall...Northcote, Dinosaur Bones, Paper Lions and Wintersleep. Get there early

The Great Hall... for the name alone, Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys

Handlebar...Ocean City Defender and the Penelopes

The Horseshoe...Fucked Up with a great line up!

Rancho Relaxo...Papermaps and the Cautioneers 

Silverdollar...Gregory Pepper, International Zombies and Shannon and the Clams (want to see more of 
                     this band)

Silverdollar Side Stage...Henri Faberge

And of course all the movies, artwork, and Yonge and Dundas Square you can squeeze in!

Last installment tomorrow!

Thursday 13 June 2013

The Third Run at the Schedule for NXNE June 14, by Yours Truly

Hey everybody,

I'm on a roll!  There is lots to see and hear for Friday, so plan your day accordingly.
Maybe take a vac day, and nap a while in preparation for a whirlwind adventure.

The BLK Box  sees Still Life Still in the house with (ta da!) Guelph's own The Magic

Czehoski  has Animalia (who quit following me on Twitter but I'm not bitter) and Twigs and Yarn

The Dakota  What could go better with nachos and beer than Tin Star orphans and Jim Tidman?

The Great Hall   Among others Sloan! Superfriendz!

Handlebar   sees Digits in the house with John Milner, and You're So Boss

****The Horseshow**** It's not enough that Brave Little Toaster is there, but BUKE AND GASE

Mod Club  presents Imaginary Cities, and July Talk

The Rivoli  has the Beaches and We Are The City  (have played some of their stuff on the show)

Sneaky Dee's  More nachos, beer, and WEBSTER, Luyas  Good times, good times....

St. James Gazebo  presents Northcoat and By Divine Right

And for those of us braving the crowds, Yonge and Dundas Square has a great line up including
    the National.

But dont take my word for it.  Get on the NXNE Site and see what's happening for yourself!!!!

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Ruby Slippers for June 14 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

This is the day (Friday that is) that the Bloody Five land on CIUT for the show.

They came armed with their own favorite tracks, as well as samples of the new Bloody Five album "Unreleased 2012". There is lots to talk about, questions as yet unanswered, and much much more.

Yer Spring...Hey Rosetta!  (Raw Beats' pick)
Release...The Bloody Five
After You...The Bloody Five
Things I Do For Money...The Northern Pikes  (KD's pick)
Blasphemous Rumours... Depeche Mode (Tomi Fear's pick)
(I Wanna Go To)New York City (Demics' cover)...The Bloody Five
Tormentor...Skinny Puppy (Jay's pick)
Sanctified...Nine Inch Nails  (my pick, just went really well with SP
Love Is The Drug...Roxy Music (KD's pick)

I Remember You...Sebastian Bach and friends (but we didn't get all the way through)(I PROMISE to play the whole thing for Jay to start next week's show)

This is the final playlist, with lots of talk in between.
You can catch this show on www.ciut.fm posted in archive starting on Monday.

And look up the Youtube video of The Bloody Five's Just Joking with Snow White/Sleeping Beauty.

To catch up with this amazing band go to their website  www.bloodyfive.com
as well as their Twitter feed, Myspace, Facebook and at least the first four pages of Google under Bloody Five!  Such great guests.

Thanks for listening.

PS (Day Two of Music Music Music)

Hey everybody,

Just had a chance to hear a cool multi instrumental group from Montreal, called the Archery Guild.
They will be at the Monarch and go on at about 1 am.
Give them a listen on Bandcamp, you won't be sorry.

Also check your program guides for anywhere the Cautioneers are playing (they are out and about 2 o3 three times) 

Good Lord, what have I gotten in to!

Second Installment of the NXNE Totally Biased Guide for Thursday June 13

Hey Everybody,

Hope you got your musical sealegs on the Wednesday night line up, cause here's a big one for Thursday.

Cameron House has among others, The Lighthouse and the Whaler

The Central plays host to Holyoak, and Jon Davis, a favorite here at CIUT

Comfort Zone = BRAIDS, need I say more?

The Dakota presents Graydon James and the Young Novelists.  Check them out!

Detour Bar   Ahhhh, the Waxmen. Hang on to your teeth.

The Great Hall (gonna be hard to get in, come early) Coeur de Priate, and Loon Choir

Hard Luck Bar  presents The Schomberg Fair and others

The legendary Horseshoe  plays host to DIANA and Dan Deacon

Lee's Palace   OMG White Cowbell Oklahoma! Supersuckers!

The Piston  hosts Devon Cuddy and friends

The Silver Dollar  gets down and dirty with Dirty Nil

Wrong Bar  presents We Are Wolves  (saw them at Hillside years ago..well worth seeing)

And if you are hankering for a little airport action (plane spotting, Tim Horton's, impossible parking, OK so the bus does go there)   Pearson Terminal One has the Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet

Where to start? Who to see? How much beer can you drink?

Stay strong, it ain't over yet....

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Hey! First Installment of the NXNE Guide Sampler June 12

Hey everybody,

As I did for CMW, I have had a little look at the guide which is pretty impressive and quite frankly takes my breath away.  In fact I was just about ready to give up on it completely and let fate take me where it wanted, but after another cuppa, came up with a few picks on a day by day basis you just might like to see.

So...bearing in mind that everything at Yonge and Dundas Square is a good bet and Lord knows, the price is right, here's what else is out there.

For Wednesday

The Rivoli has Human Bodies , Gentleman Reg and friends.  If you heard the interview with Kate from 
   HBod and the exclusive to us new tracks, you know where this is coming from. (If you missed it, the 
   show is up on the CIUT site for a week under "Ruby Slippers".)

The May Cafe has of course the CIUT Showcase, and having heard cuts from all the bands, it's a great
    mix.  Bloody Five will be on the show June 14, and their energy is out of this world.  Also love Take 
    with Audio, Seam, ATTAGIRL, MANcub, Stuck on Planet Earth. You would never have to leave 
    this venue for a full evening.

The Free Times Cafe  with Maneli Jamal.  Crazy good guitar, this artist holds you from the first note.

For more info, check out the NXNE site, there are loads of interesting bands out there.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of the Completely Biased Guide!

Saturday 8 June 2013

A Big Thank You

Hey everybody,

Big love to Kate from Human Bodies for joining me on Ruby Slippers Radio last night.
Her band's showcase is at the Rivoli on Wednesday June 12 (that's this coming Wednesday) and they will be on the same bill as Gentleman Reg.

The first EP Continue is available on Bandcamp at http://humanbodies.bandcamp.com/
and the upcoming album will be released sometime at the end of summer/fall.

If you missed the show and want to hear two of their new tracks they are on the archived version of the show at www.ciut.fm under Ruby Slippers on the schedule. (Posted on Monday June 10) and will be up for a week.

Next week, stay tuned for a great show with The Bloody Five (also playing June 12 on the CIUT showcase at the May Cafe)

Have a good week and thanks for listening.

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Ruby Slippers for June 5

Hey everybody,

This is now a complete list....my cohost this week is Kate from the band Human Bodies, and she will be bringing in some music as well as some of the band's material.

Quiet My Heart...Great Forest
Suspicion...Hexes and Ohs
Feyd Rautha Dark Heart...Grimes
A Prince's Shadow...Jon Davis  (playing at NXNE)
Love Story...Jethro Tull
Say Anything...Ryan Ro
Exit Sign...The Bloody Five  (CIUT showcase performer, and possibly on next week's show!!!

Two world premiers from Human Bodies...Breathe, and Twist from their upcoming album (release end of summer? )

And Kate's Pick....Land of Talk with The Hate I Won't Commit

I hope this peaks your interest, and you will join me on June 12 for what promises to be a great ride!
Check out the concert listings, go to Dundas Square, see a movie, be part of the scene!

Wristbands to be given away on the show, keep those dialing fingers ready.

And as always, thanks for listening.

Thursday 30 May 2013

Ruby Slippers for May 31

Hey everybody,

As you may have seen from the posters and such, CIUT is hosting a showcase of new talent for NXNE.  In that spirit, I have included a track from each artist in this week's playlist, and next week hope to do at least two interviews for bands involved in this year's event.

Here goes...(showcase bands will have an *)

Release...The Bloody Five *
My Terrible Friend...The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
Long Time Coming...MANcub *
Better...Stuck on Planet Earth *
If I Were You...Seam *
Keep You...ATTAGIRL.*
Kasper...Sea Wolf
Outside Woman Blues...Cream
Airstrike...Matt Mays
Orphans...Forest City Lovers
Umbrellas...Sleeping At Last
Adam's Needle...Gdansk
Stranger To You...Silent Portraits
Separate...Wool and Howl
Misery's Company...take with audio *
Crooked Legs...The Acorn

Bonus track
Leopard Skin Pill-Box Hat...Raphael Saadiq

Quite a line up, right?
Also be on the look out with the festival for our friend Jon Davis, who was in Toronto recently, Human Bodies, and so many more.

More to come!!!!!
Thanks for listening!

Wednesday 29 May 2013

CIUT presents a NXNE Showcase on June 12

Hey everybody,

Here is the lineup for the CIUT showcase for the festival!  Phone in on June 7 to win two wristbands to the whole shooting match and listen to music from our hand selected artists this week and next.

Wanna know what's up?

Have a look

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Ruby Slippers for May 24 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Some new stuff, some covers (see if you can find them!) and a chance to stop what you are doing and take a deep breath. Or keep doing what you are doing and have an interesting soundtrack to do it to.

Nuff said....

Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns...A.C. Newman
Hold Phone...The ACBs
Pie In The Sky...Pedro Costa
Running Wild...Last of the Wildmen
Empty Handed Painter...Coastwest Unrest
Bad Time...Writer's Strike
Here to Hear...Swearin'
We Were Born the Mutants Again with Leafling...of Montreal
A Mirror...Aidan Knight
Whinstone...Greig Cairns
Never Goin Back Again...TNMP
The Major Lift...The Years
Take It On Faith...Matt Mays
Daniel (Bat For Lashes cover)...Josh Reichmann

Are you ready for NXNE?

Stay tuned as the excitement builds...
And as always thanks for listening.

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Ruby Slippers for May 17, 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

What's with this weather? It's been as wild a ride as the hockey playoffs, am I right?

Well, for the Toronto fans, it's time to put away the jerseys and get on with the awesome summer ahead. And what better way to do that than listen to great tunes and get outside!

So here's the list for this week.

New Day For An Old One...The Silver Hearts
Erected...Pink Mountaintops
Sun Rockin'...Handsome Ned
Break the Spell (Young Galaxy remix)...Rachael Zeffira (Brand New!!!)
Devil Better Run...Here Come The Mummies
City Of Night...Machinist
Toshiba...Greig Cairns  (Live with Tilda at the Gladstone's Melody Lounge, May 24)
You Can't Get It Back...Gentleman Reg
Hail Hail...Shovels and Rope
Riots of '31...Tilda  (The Gladstone, I say!  May 24)
Steam Hands...Brocken Spectre
New Tides...Parks and Rec
Baptism...We Are The City
Shame and Fortune...Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Bonus Track...
The Noise of Carpet...Stereolab

See ya next week, and as always, thanks for listening!