Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ruby Slippers for Mar 29 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Post CMW letdown?  Not on your life.
There is plenty of music to go around and keep the positive energy going until the next big festival.
Hope you enjoyed yourselves or were able to track down some of the amazing artists who were in Toronto last week from iTunes, their websites or Soundcloud.

Here's this week's playlist and there are some of those self same bands represented.

Dodge Caravan...Dangerbees
Jellyfish (Part 1)...The Voodoo Bunnies
Fragile Bird... City and Colour  (new album out in April, check the website for a free preview
Acrobatics of a Patchwork Heart...Autumn Owls (from Dublin)
Cynthia....Elise Epp  (cohosting in a few weeks, fingers crossed)
Drunk Love...Rebekah Higgs
Streets Aren't Paved...Jon Davis  (new album)
Worth It...Animalia
Busman's Holiday...Allah-Las  (lo fi 60's sound)
You and I...Lightening Love
Midnight Man...Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Cedric's War...Besnard Lakes
Make You Mine...Cannoneers
This Way Home...Chris Smith
Racecar...Suzanna Choffel

And remember..April is membership drive month.
Early bird prizes are afoot including tickets to see The Wizard Of Oz, so please donate and support the show.

Thanks for listening.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Last Completely Incomplete CMW Pick List for Sunday

Hey everybody,

The last day of a glorious week of music and forums and film.
Although the list of options is somewhat smaller, and I am posting later than usual, there are some cool things going on around the city.  I hope you enjoyed the madness, and will be inspired not only to look up many of the bands you heard or didn't have a chance to hear, but to also run at NXNE full speed in the months ahead!  CIUT will have a music showcase, and we are so very excited about it.
Keep tuned for more info, but's what I would do.

The Garrison   billed as Katie Stelmanis (Austra) and friends weekly hangout :Emma McKenna and others
Crawford   a tribute to 70's Punk Music with tons of DJ's to see you through until late  (limited access so be early)
The Opera House *****  starts at 6:30 Supernova Presents Future Stars of CMW with a slew of bands. Discover someone new!
Virgin Mobile Mod Club...same deal, in fact it's called the Deal Showcase , doors opened two hours ago, and continues to rock on.

Thanks for checking in.  If you have any bands you were impressed with, please post them on this blog or at  

It's been a blast!  Until next time, be safe out there.

Friday, 22 March 2013

CMW Guide for Sat. Mar. 23

Hey everybody

THIS IS THE TOUGHEST YET!!!!!  Whatcha gonna do with all these choices and likely way more crowds and..... arghhh!

However, there are many many flavours of venues to chose from, and if you have the time to line up or are totally open to anything at all  (my personal favorite way to attack a festival) you will not be disappointed.  Think how cool it will be over the watercooler (do they still have those?) to talk about a band no one has ever heard before? Think about it.

So here is my random list for the night.

Horseshoe Tavern   Aussie BBQ starting at noon.....nice way to get going on your day...With Black Chords, Grey Ghost and a whole lot more

Central   if you have never heard After Runnymede, do so.  I have spoken
Clinton's   for a 60's Dance party with Bangs and Blush.  Good if you have finished with all the running around and just want to party!
Comfort Zone    for the Shout Out Out Out Out  DJ set to finish your night
The El Mo    who doesn't love Tin Star Orphans?
Horseshoe Tavern    OH MY GOD  BadBadNotGood, Shout Out Out Out, and Dirty Nil  Need I say more?
Rivoli  (after 9 pm)  Danger Bees, Old Man Luedecke, Cousins and others
Dakota Tavern  great line up with Schomberg Fair
Danforth Music Hall    if you are lucky, Austra.  This is a get-there-early committment
Garrison    Indie Montreal Showcase with Lakes of Canada and oOoOo  (witch house, played on the show)
Great Hall    Arghhh! ANOTHER stellar line up! First come, first served.  Shadowy Men, Sadies, and many more presented by Fucked Up Last Long Winter concert series
Hoxton  Iceland Showcase.....You could be witness to the next big thing here from the land of Bjork  I'm just sayin'

TIFF Bell Lightbox
Bad Brains: A band in DC    and Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me

If you don't have tickets to Sharon Van Ellen and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, I fear you are out of luck.

Anyway, be safe out there.  Wear your writband proudly and stay tuned for the last installment of this Completely Incomplete Guide to CMW.

CMW for Friday Mar 22

Hey everybody,

After you listen to Ruby Slippers tonight (hint, hint) there is a big ol' world of Canadian Music Fest out there.
As the week progresses I am finding it harder and harder to pick from among the offerings.  If you find yourself in the same boat, why not go online when all is said and done, and seek out the artists you weren't able to hear in person?  There is enough music out there to keep you going until next year's CMF.

So, without further ado, here's my random picks from the gig guide

Bovine Sex Club  with Hamilton's own Dirty Nil  (played on the show)
Cherry Cola's Rock and Rolla Cabaret  with a full lineup until after 3 am. including Holy Toledo
Drake Underground with Iceland Airwaves including Endless Dark and others: Skratch Bastid after 11:30
Kool Haus  this is the BIG CARD with Cadence Weapon, 360, Canailles, Wooden Sky, Cold Specks, Yukon Blonde, Diamond Rings, Matt Mays, Metric.  Devote your evening here, and come early!!!
Lees Palace  with among others, Imaginary Cities and Besnard Lakes, on most of the music types' must-see  list
Silver Dollar  with fan favorites Boys Who Say No, Xray Eyeballs  ( see this band at least once) and Solids
Sneaky Dee's for We Are Wolves and friends
Wrongbar with Digits, Diamond Rings DJ Set, Dirty Radio and others
The Sister  with Dirty Penny, Pet Clinic and We Need Surgery

Films to consider
TIFF Lightbox  Who the !@#$ is Arthur Fogel  and later The History of Future Folk

Frankly I don't think you could go wrong with any of the lineups.  How's about sending some feedback
with your Can't Miss List at for inclusion in tomorrow's post? Please and thank you!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

What to do? What to do? CMW

Hey everybody,

Should have actually started this two days ago, but life took another minor detour, so on we go for the rest of Canadian Music Week.

After pouring over the list of artists and venues, I have tried to pick some that have stood out for me.
I want to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR however, that any venue  you go to will be interesting, fresh and best of all LIVE, so check out the schedule for yourself at and plunge in.

For Thursday Mar. 21

Lee's Palace  for, among others, Rah Rah and Two Hours Traffic
Shanghai Cowgirls  for Papermaps and company
Tattoo Rock Parlour for Chloe Charles and friends
Dakota Tavern  for Acres of Lions, Mohawk Lodge and Amos the Transparent
Drake Underground for Music from Ireland, and Pop Montreal
Danforth Music Hall for Said the Whale and Stars (limited access though so be early )
The Sister (In Parkdale....hurray!!!) for Seam, Septembryo, My Excuse and Lumberjack
Tranzac Club for Intergalactic Lovers, City of Glass and others
Silver Dollar for Xray Eyeballs, Cautioneers, Wicked Witches plus more!
Painted Lady for Grey Ghost, and Sweatshop Union et al
The Rivoli for an amazing card of performers including the Zolas
Horseshoe Tavern for Teenage Kicks, Strumbellas, Ben Caplan, Great Bloomers

(My head's exploding! Gotta stop...)

TIFF Lightbox  "Ain't In It For My Health" A film about Levon Helm  and sneak preview of "Spring Breakers"

Some bands will be bouncing around throughout the festival.  If you miss one of your picks, check under the artists' listings to see where else they may pop up.

And remember, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Back tomorrow.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Ruby Slippers for Mar 22 CMW!!!!!!!

Hey everybody!

In trying to put together this playlist for the show, I realized that picking from amongst the hundreds of quality artists gigging during Canadian Music Week was going to be impossible.  Fortunately, the excellent music programmes that  come before and after my show this week* will include lots of incredible music. Of course you can also go to shows throughout the fest, regardless of where you are in the downtown core, and see tons of bands you know, bands you think you know and bands you have never heard before (see how not-so-cleverly I slipped in Ruby Slippers' mantra?)

Anyway, I had to chose my CMW picks by the only way possible...closing my eyes and pointing randomly to names from the programme guide.  You can do the same thing by going to where there is a comprehensive schedule of the week's venues and line ups.

Also may I add that the selections for the Music Film Fest, held at the TIFF Lightbox is amazing, with two movies each day Thursday and Friday, as well as four on Saturday.  Who doesn't want to see the continuation of "The Last Pogo (Jumps Again)" or a film about Levon Helm?

Hope to see you out and about, and thanks for listening!

X...Xray Eyeballs   (CMW)
Live To Tell The Tale...Passion Pitt
Devon...Grimes  (from the album Halfaxa)
Ungirthed...Purity Ring ( I love this song)
With Her Shadow...Born Ruffians  (CMW)
What I Like About You...Lion Or Gazelle
Things Are Changing...Hey Rosetta
Sedna...Septembryo  (interview to come) (CMW)
Lost Dream...Digits  (CMW)
The Golden Hour...Ocean City Defender (CMW)
Amaze Me Jane...Parlovr
Nine In The Morning...Panic! In The Disco
Dig, Lazarus,Dig!...Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds (CMW)
Be Still...Robyn Hitchcock
Our Retired Explorer...The Weakerthans  (Live from Winnipeg)
Space Oddity...Powerman 5000   (Why not?)

* Some of our outstanding music shows  include Dreaming In Stereo Friday 3-5 pm, Mixtape Escape Friday noon to 2, Bang  Friday 5-6 pm, Catwoman Friday 6-7 pm, Blissful Thunder  Thursday noon to 2 pm, Stylistic Endeavours 8-10 pm on Friday, Vinyl from the CIUT Crypt Sat. 8-10 pm, and so many more.  Check out our listings at for more of your sound, your radio.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

No Ruby Slippers Mar. 15

Hey everybody,

Due to unforseeable circumstances, there was not a live show last night.  CIUT played a repeat of last week's programme, and what with the technical problems plaguing the board last night, I was grateful that at least the hard rocking show from the previous week could be broadcast.
I am looking forward to a new live show with music from the artists of CMW (starting this Tuesday), and in the not too distant future, an interview with the band Septembryo.
Things are beginning to swing back into line, so on we go...

Thanks for listening and back next week!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ruby Slippers for Mar 8 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Kind of a heavy sound this week.  It's always surprising to me when I play the final selections of tunes just how the mix comes together.  Is there a shortcut in the brain between how you are feeling, and how you seek to express that through music?

You may notice as well that I have not gravitated toward retro sounds like last week, but most of the music is from earlier works of the artists.  Next week, I have some oldie goldie surprises in store, so be sure to check it out.

Finally, here is a great video of auditions for the band Postal Service that as music fans I know you will enjoy.


So away we go

The Shakes...Atlas Sound
That Girl...Shana Falana
Searchlight...Young Galaxy
Visiting statue...Grimes
Call It A Mission...Gowan  (pump fist in the air, dance, bop around you get the picture)
Neon Blue...Still Life Still
People of the Deer...The Trews
Everybody Knows...Slow Loris
We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed...Los Campesinos (Struggle with that name, don't know why)
Cosmic Country Noir...Stereolab
Late Last Year...Shotgun Jimmie
Fever Of The Time...Zeus
Soul Unwind...Apostle of Hustle
So Blue... Low (new!)

Please note****  Because of technical difficulties, The show started late, and these didn't get played.
Next week...... (added March 9)

Under Pressure...The Used (yes, that "Under Pressure")
Cracked LCD...Ladytron

BONUS TRACKS   check these out
Boy Like Me.. ACBs
Hidden Sound...Water Colour

That's all folks.
Thanks for listening!!