Monday 22 June 2020

Ruby Slippers June 26 2020 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

Thanks so much for your support of CIUT and Ruby Slippers last week. We always need funds to keep the transmitter humming and the board in good repair. If you did not have the opportunity to donate this time but would still like to, please check out our new website and click on DONATE. There are options (credit card, Paypal or by cheque) and any amount is a huge help.
Finally thank you to everyone who listens to this station and all of its wild and woolly programming. We could not be a community without you and we never take that for granted.

So on with the show!

Elephant ... Tame Impala
Clorox Wipe ... Chromeo * (new) I love these guys
Instrument of Love ... Wave of Terror *
Talk to Me ... Wild Hearses *
I Know There's Gonna Be....Smalltown DJs *
At War With The Sun ... The Big Pink
Hold It Together ... Atomsmatter *
In A Spell ... Rose Brokenshire * (new)
Blow ... Marika Hackman (new)
New Girl ... Moscow Apartment * (new)
Never Die ... Soft Sell * (new)
Riki Tiki Tavi ... Donovan (for the 85th Old Mill Cubs!)
You Gotta Let Me In ... The Trews *
Racing In The Street ... .Bruce Springsteen (by request) (yup, I do those)
For What It's Worth ... Buffalo Springfield * (because of Neil Young)

Thanks for listening.
Be safe and always be kind


Thursday 18 June 2020

Ruby Slippers June 19 Membership Show 2020 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody

This is the membership show! A little of this and a little of that.
If you can donate at this time check out our brand new website and click on donate.
We appreciate all of our listeners and look forward to sharing this journey in community radio for years to come.

Energy Czar ... The Zolas * (brand new)
The Hourglass ... Dream Aria * (brand new)
Crystal Mines ... CFCF *
Environmental Blues ... Christian and the Sinners *
Red Light ... Bella Figura
Break On Through ... The Doors
Oxygen Feed ... The Preoccupations * (by request)
Change Her Mind ... Jane's Party * (brand new)
Rolling Down To Old Maui ... Todd Rundgren
Starbase ... Black Mastiff * (dedicated to the one and only Catwoman)
Funny Games ...Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Vertebrae (Dicepeople remix) ... Deflexity
Africa ... Weezer

Thanks to Christian D, Makar and the wonderful Greg Clarke for their love

Love Your Radio!
See you next week!
Stay safe and always be kind.


Requests can be sent to  or on Twitter @carolbonciut

Thursday 11 June 2020

Ruby Slippers Radio June 12 2020

Hey hey everybody!

Only a week before the membership show. If you are able to donate at this time to keep the station afloat it would be awesome.  (
However, the fact that you continue to support us by listening and contributing to the community we serve is  more important than ever.
Thank you from all of us here at CIUT.
Please be safe and always be kind.

Me You and Us Too ... Small Faces
Soul Taker ...The Standstills *
Blinding Lights ... Signal Static *
Faster Lover ... Negative Lovers
BTOcean ... Aqua Alta *
Rain ... Anna Domino
M9 ... Stella Diana
Lama ... Ummagma *
Story Writer ... Violent Kin *
In Bed With Yesterday ... The Ballroom Babies *
Haunts... Spectre Hearts *
The Rain Bounce ... Black Creek Reign *
Music In The Digital Age ... Tear Away Tusa *
Maui ... Steve Hillage/Utopia


Thursday 4 June 2020

Ruby Slippers in lockdown June 5 2020

Hey hey everybody!

More awesome music ahead from the comfort of your own home!
Hope you are keeping your spirits up and remember CIUT is with you every step of the way!

Fall Down Dead ... The Strange Cases *
Everything At Once Forever ... The Academy of the Sun
You Don't Tag Me In Memes Anymore ... Lazaris Pit
upgrade ... Swim Good *
Setting Sun ... Swervedriver *
Grave ... The Sulks *
DeDeDe ... tricot
Killer of Dragons ... The High Dials *
Do You Realize ... The FlamingLips
She Rides ... Dicepeople
An Object To Me ... Starpilot *
Seven Dials ... Milks and Rectangles *
Move Over ... Steppenwolf *
Crybaby ... Todd Rundgren
Benedictus ... The Strawbs

Lots of vintage tracks here tonight.

Take care, be safe and always be kind.
Thanks for listening


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