Thursday 29 April 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio April 30 2021 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody

Here is the show playlist from this week. Not gonna lie, had several runs at this one. Just too many choices.

New Day New World ... The Spoons *

Go Away ... Strawberry Switchblade

Tokyo Summer ... Mounties *

Catmandu ... Shriekback

Sing A Little Hymn ... Two Minutes Traffic *

Boneyard ... Dali Van Gogh *

Baby Take It All ... Special Ops *

Itching Brain ... Shaking Heads 

Sock It To Me ... Greg Clarke *

My Wrists Hurt ... Rat Scabies

Misunderstood ... Simon Irvine

Desideratum ... Starpilot *

Magic ... Walk Off The Earth *

Superpowerless ... The Kills

Drip ... Frankie and the Witch Fingers

My Girlfriend Is A Communist ... Alternative Radio (by request)

Little Bit ... Lykke Li

Thanks for listening

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Stay safe


Thursday 22 April 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio April 23 2021 7-8 pm

Hey hey everyone

Man, we are so blessed to have music to help us through this crazy time.

Here's today's playlist. Enjoy

Pearl Brain ... Sunlust *

Free Animal ... Death From Above 1979 *

Mantra ... Autogramm *

Grave ... Alex Little and the Suspicious Minds *

Drive 85 ... Robert Corbett *

Black Velvet ... Christopher Ward *

City Girl ... Chris Ronald *

Yellow Mountain Bell ... Skinny Wolf 

11th Hour ... Dream Aria *

Cipher ... The Wring *

And They All Blew Away ... Witherfall

Bad Religion ... The Mangfather (Bob Katz) *

Hairbrain ... The Great Fuss *

Run Away ... Black Creek Reign *

Warning Signs ... Justine Tyrell *

Thanks for listening.

Stay safe.


Wednesday 14 April 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio April 16 2021 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody!

Half way through the month. Plants are up, squirrels and birds are everywhere. Time to shake out the cobwebs and embrace the spring.


Saturn Five ... Brute Springclean (see what I did there? Sorry been locked up too long I guess)

These Are Dangerous Times ... Dragon Welding

Past Crimes ... Dali Van Gogh *

Don't Back Down ... Mammoth WVH (by special request)

Strangers ... Wrecked Beach *

Action Figure ... Sunlust *

6 Feet ... Moore Avenue Underground *

Something About You ... Bill Wood and the Woodies *

Shadow of the Pyramids ... Kristian North *

Prints of Her Lispstick ... Tim Delaney *

Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart ... Chris Cornell

St Teresa ... Joan Osborne

I Don't Think About You ... Monowhales *

Old Flame ... Vallens *


Thanks for listening.

Stay safe.

Friday 9 April 2021

Ruby Slippers April 9 2021 7 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

I have absolutely no explanation for the predominantly rawk and roll in this playlist given recent weeks.

Let's attribute it to the co producer Cally.

Still Life in Mobile Homes ... Japan (OK I was entirely responsible for this one and the next)

Houses in Motion ... Talking Heads

Rollerdisco ... Modesty Blaise (for our roller fans in Toronto)

Happy Parasites ... Born Ruffians *

Punk Rock Heart ... Douglas Von Irvin's Carnival *

I Used to Care  (I Don't Care) ... Miesha and the Spanks *

Fake Stigmata ... Juliet Ruin *

Better Without You ... Evanescence (where have they been? Thank goodness they're back)...

Nightwaves ... Chad VanGaalen *

Never Come Back (Four Tet remix) ... Caribou *

Blood In The Sand ... Talk Show Host *

Love Kills ... Joe Strummer (for Nikki from Everything and the Kitchen Sink podcast)

Bassman ... Renssy Rios

Thanks for listening

Stay safe and see ya next week.