Thursday 31 May 2018

Ruby Slippers June 1 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

It's time for the Moon in June and all that stuff.
With the turning of the calendar page comes our spring Membership drive, albeit rather late. Stay tuned for a super duper playlist for next Friday, June 8, as Ruby Slippers does it's thing in the name of community radio and outstanding music.

However, as a warm up, here is the list for this week.


Tall Tall Building ... Adam and the Amethysts *
Flesh and Blood ... Tod Rundgren
One Way ... Hank Davis * (I have to find more from this guy. Knew him back in the day...)
Magical Thinking ... The Room In The Wood
Just a Gigolo ... Andrew Collins Trio * (tix giveaway during the show)
A Day In Your Life ... MIR *
Deeper Than Oceans ... Bravestation * (get your romance on)
Secret Church .... For Esme * (NEW)
And Dream of Sheep .... Kate Bush (because Kate)
She Don't Say Goodbye ... Goosebump * (NEW)
In2 the Arms of Love ... Jupiter in Velvet (you know how I love this band)
Fly From here Pt IV Bumpy Ride ... YES (well, because it's YES)
Ascending ... Jupiter Hollow * (love)
Church of the Louder Light ... Shriekback
Fate ... Todd Rundgren (there will no doubt be a lot of Todd this summer)

Thanks for listening. Hope you join #GrrllFriday for our membership thing next week!



Thursday 24 May 2018

Ruby Slippers May 25 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

It's the last Friday of the Merry Month of May, and this is the playlist to end off the month.

New stuff, old stuff, covers, loud, soft... you name it, it's here!

So...without further ado...

Walk With Me ... The Slyde * (loud)
Past Forward ... Mexican Wolfboys (louder)
Hi Skies ... The Morning After Girls (loudest)
Daydream machine ... Cup (serious psychedelia)
Sirens (ft. Noonie Baig) ... The Pink Elephants * (more psychedelia0
Heavy Moon ... Elephant Stone (another elephant) *
Joey Moon ... Olive B * (another moon)
Cleo's Mood ... Junior Walker and the All Stars (classic)
Ziggy Stardust ... Elliott Brood * (cover)
The Faces on the Floor ... Elliott Vincent Jones *
John Henry ... Snakefarm (another cover)
Your Song ... Ellie Goulding (one more cover)
Muscles and Puzzles ... Elise Epp *
You Will Know ... Royal Wood *
Wriggle and Drone ... Shriekback (new!!!!!!)
Tree ... Aero Flynn
Ooo Baby Baby ... Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (classic)

Maybe more...not too sure.

See you next month, only two more weeks to the membership show!

Thanks for listening


Wednesday 16 May 2018

Ruby Slippers May 18 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Another week more music! Loads of new tunes! Where else would you hear Church of Trees an Rat Scabies in the same hour? Nowhere, I say.

Like Gary Numan ...Church of Trees *
Ray of Love ... Bravestation *
Modern God ... Klammer
Wait Up (Boots of Danger) ... Tokyo Police Club/Passion Pit *
Shivers ... Rat Scabies
And I Wonder ... The Moody Tulips *
Appear ... Maff
Smile Upon Me ...Passion Pit
You Won't Get This Joke At All ...First Rate People *
Jack Filth ... Greg Clarke *
She Don't Care ... Ty Segall
Sun Rockin' ...Handsome Ned *
Deep Meadow ... Mushy Callahan *
Love Is The Answer ... Todd Rundgren and Utopia

(The last track is because by the time this airs, will have seen Utopia at Massey Hall and will no doubt have it stuck in my head. So, you have to too!)

Thanks for listening.
Remember to support community radio!


Wednesday 9 May 2018

Ruby Slippers CMW 2 May 11 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Now we are heading into the second part of the festival that is CMW and it never gets easier to decide what to see and where to go.

Have had boatloads of stuff tracks to make these two playlists but in the end closing my eyes and pointing has worked well. More time after this week to revisit some that didn't fit in the hour.


Spin Our Wheels ... Sloan *
She Speaks the Wave ... The Nursery *
Kiss So Violent ... Arson *
The Road ... The Standstills *
Heroin Eyes ... Atomic Tomb *
The Wild Sky ... The Sword
Ghost I Know ... Anthem in Ashes *
Name for Myself ... Gingerale and the Monowhales (now just Monowhales ) *
Clocked ... Beauts *
Goodnight Moon ... Said The Whale *
To Love Somebody ... Lindi Ortega *
Beautiful Heart ... Nikki Fierce *
Manifest ... Witch Prophet *
Nobody Knows ... Iskwe *
Out In The Streets ... King Creep *

 Thanks for listening. See you next week.


Thursday 3 May 2018

Ruby Slippers for CMW Part 1 May 4 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

The agony begins...which artists to play, which artists to see !?@#

This playlist and the one next week are only a small sampling of the great music throughout the festival here in Toronto-Music-City!

So...hang on to your hats, kids. Here it is. And BTW, if your band is not on this playlist, never fear.
Ruby Slippers' mandate is to bring indie music to you the listener every week and no doubt will play everyone in the future.


Stop ... Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The Glimmer Shot ... Double Experience *
Not If You Were the Last Dandy on the Earth ... The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Fool Me Twice ... Hiroshima Hearts *
20 Something Going Nowhere ... Starship Experience *
Cab Fare ... The Alpacas *
Better ... Stuck On Planet Earth *
Invisible Man ... Possum *
Vampire Rocker ... Christian D and the Hangovers * (actually playing with the Sinners this festival)
Deathproof ... King Beez *
The Things You Do ... Moscow Apartment * (check out Brigit Fry's album "Fox Hat")
Subway Platform Mind ... Titus Calderbank * (I am in love with this song)
The Becoming ... Isla Craig *
Suffer ... Clara Venice * (TIMA awards performance artist)
Man From Japan ... Mimico *
Under Pressure ... The Used

And that's just scratching the surface.

Check out the complete schedule at

Thanks for listening.

See you next week for part 2...

*Cancon baby!