Tuesday 31 December 2013

Ruby Slippers for Jan 3 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

It's a new year and with it a challenge to think about what the soundtrack to your life will be.  I put the question out there on the site "Radioflag" and an amazing DJ from WXUT in Toledo Ohio, Kayla CP, host and producer of the show "Radio Alchemy", came forward with Cat Power's "You Are Free" and Radiohead's "In Rainbows".  (Thanks so much Kayla!!!)

In the past I also would have chosen albums that were near and dear to my heart, but because of the diversity of the show, have elected to put forward a mixtape instead.* Of course, these things evolve from time to time (often week to week), but for now this is mine.

What would yours be?

Recover ... CHVRCHES (new)
New World Sympathy ... Slyde
Black Corvair (Color Me Psycho cover) ... Chris Page
Heaven Or Las Vegas (cover: Cocteau Twins) ...Suzy Blu
Rollover DJ ... Jet (their influences are blatant, but this album makes me smile)
Bearer of Bad Nudes .... Panic
Odessa ... Caribou  (Swim is one of my soundtrack albums, if I had to pick that way)
Forgive ... Tourist
All Of You ... Peter Thomas
Heart of Stone ... The Ravonettes (another album pick)(In and Out of Control)
Gagged and Bound ... Broken Halo
Killed By Love ...  The Pursuit of Happiness  ( Maybe I COULD just pick albums...)(Love Junk)
I Wasn't Made For Fighting ... Woodhands
Too Young To Love ... The Big Pink
Strange ... New Love Army
Love Song ... The Cure  (just wrap myself up in the Cure)

My, music does say a lot about you, doesn't it?

What would YOUR soundtrack be?

Hope 2014 is all you would want it to be.
And, as always, thanks for listening.

* included some new cuts, because they are made an impression right off the bat and will be played and played until they aren't anymore! :)

Monday 23 December 2013

Ruby Slippers for Dec. 27 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

This playlist is a little odd, as it's not quite end of year, and not quite Christmas.  It's kind of an "in between days" collection of tunes. There are a few brand spankin' new, and of course a few old favorites, but any way you slice it, a chance to put your troubles behind you and follow the bouncing ball.

Next week, the best of Ruby Slippers for 2013.

I'm Free...Elektronique Storm Front (hope I got that right, thanks, Ron)
Rent ... Matt Mancid and Colour Theory
Somebody Loves You (Joywave remix) ...Betty Who
Release... The Bloody Five (by request)
A Trick With No Sleeve ... Alain Johannes et al
Rift Valley Fever ... Will Black (also by request)
Billy Jean ...Corey Glover and Phil Campbell  "Thriller": A Metal Tribute to Michael Jackson
I Should Watch TV ...David Byrne and St. Vincent
Saskatoon ... PS I Love You
Love The House You're In ...Moonface
The Man With The Child In His Eyes ... Kate Bush (by request)
Lighthouse ... Patrick Watson
Holly Hughes Dance Academy ... The Retrievers
Entre Chien Et Loup ... Republic of Letters

Blessings of the holiday season to one and all.
And as always, thanks for listening.

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Ruby Slippers for Dec 20, 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Ho ho ho!!!

Here is the playlist for the holidays. It was really tough what with so much to choose from, but I have tried to include something for everyone. And if you felt something was left out that really needed to be played, well, there's always next week!

Present Face ... Garfunkel and Oates (my fav Christmas song)
First Snow of the Year ... Hawksley Workman
I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm ... Venus Hum
I Saw Mommy Biting Santa Claus ... The Dollyrots
No Assholes for Christmas ...Stephie Coplan and the Pedestrians
It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas ... The Jingles
Channeling ... The Luyas
Hurt Me Now ... Austra
New House ... DIANA
Friends Hurt ... We Are The City
Oblivion ... Grimes
Santa Baby ... Eartha Kitt
White Christmas ... Jingle Cats
What Christmas Means to Me ...Stevie Wonder
Wouldn't It Be Nice ... The Duke of Norfolk
Red ... The Birthday Massacre
50 Words for Snow ... Kate Bush

Happy holidays to one and all ! See you next week, and as always, thanks for listening!

This show is dedicated to Roger on this his birthday. Forever 51.

Sunday 15 December 2013

Whoa! What Happened?

Hey everybody,

For our listeners online, apparently there was a glitch on Friday at least for Catwoman and probably this show as well, where the Radio Punjab Feed was running throughout the course of the day.
If you want to catch this week's episodes of any show that was affected, the files will be uploaded to our archive on Monday, so I'm told.  Just go to www.ciut.fm, click on Schedule, then on the show you wish to hear, and on the latest show's mp3.

Didn't know that was happening...I do know the terrestrial feed was OK as there was a listener call in.

Many apologies for this. Won't happen again (I hope)

Don't forget to breathe this time of year!


Carol B

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Ruby Slippers for Dec. 13, 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Lucky 13 and a Friday at that! The first song is my protection against the evils that dwell on such a day.
Also, snuck in a couple of Christmas tunes. With a twist.

Ho ho, away we go.

Lucklucky...Veda Hille
Magazine ... Caroline Smith
Brother In The Night ...The Weeks
Sun In An Empty Room ... The Weakerthans
Wonderful Night .... Hallam Highwater
I'm Waiting for the Day ... The One and Nines (Mint Records Tribute to the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds)
Thru That Door ... The Rosebuds (from their Xmas album)
King David ...We Are The City
OPK ...White Coals
Little Drummer Boy ...Bad Religion (from their charity Xmas album)
I Heart Johnny ...Christer
High Road ...Cults
Avi ...Grimes
Loving You ... Ilias (new!)
Last Christmas ...Wham!

Read into it what you will ...
And Thanks for listening!

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Ruby Slippers for Dec. 6 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Wow!!!  Into December already! Despite that, though, it's still a little early for this girl to start playing the Jingle Cats and  Sing Along Messiah (only at home, have to admit to being more than a little tone deaf)
Anyway, I did include some dance worthy tunes to keep us all warm this week, and a few new offerings too. Afraid you'll just have to wait for the Christmas fare until later....;)

Here goes...

Telling Lies...David Bowie (that exhibit just keeps on inspiring me)
Heresy... NIN
Stupidly In Love (Acoustic)... The Dollyrots
Don't Lose Your Dinosaur ... Upset
X ... Xray Eyeballs
We Go Where We Know ... Vast Robot Armies
Wrapped Up In Books ... Belle & Sebastian
Bottom of the Lake ... We Are The City
Black Camera ... Wintersleep (winter on my mind)
True Blue ...Winter Gloves (warmth too)
Salt ... Windmills (thinking about ice)
Lux Lisbon ... Marriage
O Superheroin ... Flowers of Hell (Laurie Anderson/Lou Reed tribute)
Fast Fall... With Beating Hearts

Kind of like this one. Hope you do too.

And as always, thanks for listening.