Thursday 25 September 2014

Ruby Slippers for September 26 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Here it is, the last weekend of September. How time flies, right?
Gotta say, between the summer weather during the day and the cold at night, most of us are not sure which way to turn.
So...we could all probably use an upbeat soundtrack as we muddle along confused but not bowed!


Cheap and Cheerful (Fake Blood remix) ... The Kills
Prince of Flies ... Buddy Black and the Ghost Umbrellas *
Urban Guerilla... Obits
The Sniper ... The Black Angels
Wrong Princess ... Big Damn Heroes *
Talkin To Myself ... Big Name Actors *
11:11 ... Arkells *
Somewhere We Belong ... Bravestation *
Eels ... Jess Morgan
French Toast ... Jones Bonnetta *
King Of Aylmer Street ... Jon Davis *
Thirty Days ... The Strawbs
Cowboys In The Void ... Quilt
Please Don't Go ... Brass Bed
Oh Yeah ... Foxygen

And just a gentle reminder...the Fall Membership Drive is coming up starting October 20th. Read all about it on the station website, we need your continuing support to finish paying for the transmitter and all of the other costs of running a top quality community independent alternative radio station.

Thanks for listening.


Wednesday 17 September 2014

Ruby Slippers for September 19 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Outragious! The fall is here, whether we like it or not! Cooler temperatures, more layers and a real need to keep moving.
Thought maybe some music would help in that regard so here is this week's playlist!

Cold...West Coast Version ...Matt Dorgan Project
M & I ... SkyBurnsRed
Well Did You Evah? ... Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop
Breaking news live ... The Bats Pajamas *
I Can Change My Mind ... Simply Saucer * (yes I have played this before, but they are gold)
Cherry Bomb ... The Runaways
River of Blood ... The Black Angels
Sing A Song For You ... Tim Buckley
Joan's Call ... Cam Jones *
Fake It ... Authentic Imperfection * (exclusive new cut)
You've Become Skeletal ... Jay Holy *
Shake It off ... Rebekah Higgs *
The Einstein-Rosen Bridge ... Ilias (new!)
Sinning The Skin ... Jesse Kinch

Feeling warmer now?
And as always, thanks for listening


Wednesday 10 September 2014

Ruby Slippers for September 12 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Really mixed bag this week, kind of a sampler of many different flavours of music.
Here's a challenge...see if you can identify each type as you listen to the show.

And away we go...

One Way ... Hank Davis *
Down In Mexico ... The Coasters
Is You Sufferin'? ... Skinny Bitches *
I Bought My Eyes ... Ty Segall Band
The KKK Took My Baby Away ... Shonen Knife (at The Silver Dollar Sept. 20)
Punk or Lust ... Beach Slang
Pinch of Chalk ... Saffron Sect (Best. Band. Poster. Ever) *
Wandering Stars ... Proof of Ghosts *
hungry All The Time ... easy targets *
Blakc hearted love ... PJ Harvey & John Parish
Lonely Boy ... Iggy Pop & Ginger Baker (a Tribute to the Black Keys)
There She Goes ... Korean Drama *
Dogs ... Chris Richards and the Subtractions
For Those Who Stay young  (Young Galaxy remix) ... PS I Love You *
Complaint Department ... Lykke Li
Looking On The Floor Of The Love Shack (!) ... DJ grandfather vs. B52s

Told you it was different.

And as always, thanks for listening!


Wednesday 3 September 2014

Ruby Slippers for September 5 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Back to school and work. Blah! Particularily when the weather is still enticing and we want to be outside enjoying the summer we never had.

Hence, this week's show is still in that frame of mind.
You may notice that some of the picks are courtesty of last week's guests. Man I love the gift that just keeps on giving!

Flashbulb ... Arcade fire *
Stillness Is The Move ... Dirty Projectors
Baba O'Riley ... The Who
Randy Scouse Git ... The Monkees
Two Weeks ... Grizzly Bear
Fallin In Love Is For Young People ... The Hoa Hoa's *
Waiting ... Volcano Playground *
Human ... The Music
Having An Average Weekend ... Losergeek *
Needles in The Camel's Eye ... Brian Eno
Another Nocturnal Day ... B-17 *
Baby i hate You ... The BB Guns *
My My Metrocard ... Le Tigre
Apocalypse Surfin' ... Revolvers *
Here's Y ... Double Experience *

That's it, folks!

Thanks for listening!