Wednesday 27 November 2013

Ruby Slippers for Nov. 29 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

The goofiness that is Toronto council seems to have calmed down somewhat, so the rest of us can get on with the important things in life. Like shoveling a little snow.  Or listening to music.
Maybe both.

So here is this week's playlist (out of a possible 40 cuts)  May have to change things a bit, but you know that's always the way things go on this show.

Little One... The Black and White Years
Epidemic ... Animal Confession
Killer Of Dragons .... The High Dials
Painful Like ... Austra
My Sister Says The Saddest Things ... Grimes
Miracle (Dallas K Remix) ... Ghost Beach
All The Animals Come Out At Night ...Secession
Lioness ... Astronaute
Carousel ... Iron & Wine
Spirits to Lift My Spirits ... Howling Owl ft. Woolfcubb
Dust and Bones ... Isobel Trigger
Kim Chee Taco Man ... Kelley Stoltz
Nature vs. Nurture ... Tei Shi
The Last Beat of My Heart ... The Flowers of Hell (from Ode, an album of covers)
I Will Survive ... Cake

Thanks for listening!

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Ruby Slippers Nov. 22 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

It's COLD today and to make things better, we need some music to move around by. You know, just get the blood pumping, and the body moving. (Beastie Boys didn't make the list, but there are all sorts of goodies that will accomplish just that.)

Here we go!

Run Me Off The Tracks...Idle Cinema
Float ...The Music (played this CD until it was almost unplayable)
Cut Me Some Slack ... Paul McCartney, Pat Smear, Dave Groul et al.
(You Will) Set The World On Fire ...David Bowie
Louie, Louie ...Motorhead
Taking My Time ...Jim Guthrie
Caught Me Thinkin ...Bahamas
Was That It ... Ark Analog (Maylee Todd and Dan Werb)
Bridge and Tunnel ...Holy Ghost!
Dreaming ...Kerry Jayne
The Troubadour ...A.C. Newman
1994 ...Ben McKenzie
Gordon ... Don Coleman (proceeds from sales of this to keep music in the schools)
Perspective ft.Homeboy Sandman ...Until The Ribbon Breaks

Keep warm my friends.
And as always, thanks for listening.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Ruby Slippers for Nov. 15 7-8 pm

 Hey everybody,

 Politics are swirling around here in the T dot. Videos, press conferences, bobble heads, you name it!
Lately, never know what the deal will be when I turn on the radio in the morning.

 Despite that, however, the music must go on, and to that end, here's the list for this week's show.
Kick back, forget the nonsense, and enjoy.

Honest Liar...The Almighty Rhombus (Sudbury, Ontario) (No pun intended. Not)
Space Out... new EP from Cold Dead Hands
Your Heart Don't Know... Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers
Do It With A Rockstar...Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra
Bomb ...Band Of Skulls
The Man That Never Was...Rick Springfield et al from "Sound City" (soundtrack)
Atoms ...Fast Romantics
Heaven And All ...Black Rebel Motorcycle Club et al from "Sound City" (sdtk)
Wolves ...Crystalyne
Cloud Full of Rocks ...Odds
I Will Wander ...The Features
Your Bed ...Cub
Grey Area Living ...Crystal Castles
Love Is Greed ... Passion Pit

Enter Sandman ...Pat Boone (wishful thinking)(we know there won't be time for this)

Let's have some fun, Toronto. Enough, already.

And as always, thanks for listening.

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Ruby Slippers Nov. 8 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Lots happened this week, good and bad. Fortunately, music always saves the day and to that end, here's my picks from new offerings, and a few vintage gems too.

I may be adding a special surprise during the actual show, but that is another story.

Marquee Moon (alternate version)... Television
Pet Semetary... The Ramones (their spelling, not mine)
Lamplight... Kasha  (first of two tonight)
September Memory... Ilias  (from Down Under)
Cries of the Dead... Chad VanGaalen
Verbatim... Mother Mother
Mountain Time... Gentle Giant
Seen a Ghost... The Black Fever
Wish...Paper Route
The Gospel ... James Kasper
Original Rose ...Will Black
Body Like Lead...Kasha
How U Move Me ...Mekanicly Inclined
Mondlicht...X-mal Deutschland

(Added in a request from a few weeks ago...sshhh, it's a secret.)

And as always, thanks for listening.