Thursday 29 December 2016

Ruby Slippers December 30 7-8

Hey everybody!

Are we still having fun? Was the holiday living proof that you can be surrounded by the wonder of joy and good will towards men?

Yes, this year has had a lot going on, much of it puzzling and some downright horrible, but we have a chance to start again in a few days. So let's spend these last days of the year together with music in our hearts, take a deep breath, and get 'er going.

Still Adore You ....Hexes and Ohs *
We Could Be Here ... The Hollow Threads
Ain't Life Funny ... The Sulks *
Sleepwalker ... Possum *
Way Out West ... Big Star
Real Man ... Todd Rundgren
Spirit Shadows ... The Autumn Stones *
Destiny Chile ... Double Exposure *
Charmaine Champagne ... The Fiery Furnaces *
Give 'Em Hell ... The Noble Thiefs *
Dancing In The Rain .... The Hawk In Paris
The New Year ... Death Cab For Cutie
You Oughta Know ... Diamond Rings *
Days Go By ... Dirty Vegas
After All ... The Electric Ants *

That's it, another year gone. See you in 2017

Thanks for listening


Wednesday 21 December 2016

Ruby Slippers XMAS EXTRAVAGANZA December 23 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Three cups of coffee, two yogourt cups and a playlist is a pear tree!

Here it is, with as close to an abashedly all Xmas all the time playlist as we are gonna get this year, starting this year with my all time favorite.

Enjoy and jingle all the way.

Present Face ....Garfunkel and Oates
Mele Kalikimaka ... Mina
Common Cold ... Hawksley Workman * Poor boy, every year ;)
Wintersong ... Sarah McLachlan *
The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot ...Nat King Cole (thx to film "Jingle Bell Rocks")
Christmas Blues ... The Arrogant Worms *
A Christmas Song ... Jethro Tull
Last Christmas (Wham cover) ... The Nursery *
Busy Toy Maker ... Laska *
I'll Be Home For the Holidays ... The Jingles *
Santa Baby ... The Dollyrots
Christmas Unicorn ... Sufjan Stevens (cause EVERYONE needs an opus this year)
Every Day's A Holiday ... Piney Gir (best name ever)
Wizards In Winter ... Trans Siberian Orchestra
Proclamation ... New Blizzard Symphony

and, of course


Love to each and every one of you.
See you next year and thanks for listening.

*Cancon hohoho

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Ruby Slippers december 16 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Here it is just over a week away from Christmas. I still have resisted the temptation to play all holiday music although there are three tracks covering Winter (for Yule), Hanukkah and Christmas.

I'm warning you now, next week all bets are off.

Anywho, hope you enjoy the list this week. Gotta run, more stuff to do. Honestly, it's not like there aren't over 11 months to do all of this and frankly it's not a surprise that the season is upon us. But you know how things go...

Laughing From The Sidelines ... The Ordinary Boys
I Just Can't Wait Until Christmas Time ... James Collins *
San Francisco ...Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks (for Greg, Suzanne and Brandon. Cheers!)
Yesterday Was A Good Day for Friendship ...Lucidalabrador *
Home By The Sea ... Genesis
Sooner Than Soon ... The Paupers *
Keep The Dog Quiet ... Owen Pallett *
Electric Company ... Orchestra of Spheres
Let There Be More Light Full ... Melissa Manchester
Father Winter (In His Heart of Gloom) ... Pacific Gold
My Fear of Animals ... Amos The Transparent *
Fix The Hearts of The Hollow ... Organ Thieves *
Hades Heart ... Jupiter Hollow *
Lunar Express ... Outliars

Thanks for listening. See you on the 23rd. And again BIG THANKS to everyone who supported the station in the last drive. Your cards and special treats will be sent out just after Xmas.


Wednesday 7 December 2016

Ruby Slippers December 9 7-8 pm

Hey Everybody!

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas! Colder temps and snow in the forecast.
It always feel extra special to curl up with good music while making preparations for the weeks ahead.
Hope these tracks are just what you need.

Dreamless ... Bloodhounds On My Trail
Guitar Hero ... Amanda Palmer
Her Majesty... The Beatles
My Fish Got Drunk ... Yeomans *
Chorus ... Moonbabies
I mke Loving Fun ... The D.O.T.
Turkish Greensleeves ... Sultans of String * (special surprise here...stay tuned)
Red ... Birthday Massacre *
Electric Dream ... Clara Venice *
For What It's Worth ... Buffalo Springfield
On The Other Side ... Dream Aria * (new)
Feet On The Ground ... Ophelia Syndrome *
Ascending ... Jupiter Hollow *
Turn Out The Light ... The Music
Disppointed ... Nine Inch Nails

Peace and Love.

Thanks for listening


Thursday 1 December 2016

Ruby Slippers December 2 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Ho ho ho! it's the run up to the holidays and boy, more than ever gotta find a while to just power down and enjoy some quiet time.

Lots of variety this week including a request from the Goddess Lakshmi (the band, not the deity) so kick back with 'nog or tea or whatever you need and hope you enjoy!

Shanty ... The Bright Light Social Hour
Take Me Out ... Franz Ferdinand
Signed Sealed and Delivered (Stevie Wonder cover) ... Arkells *
King David ... We Are The City *
Under This Mountain ... The Bloody Five *
We Used to Wait ... Arcade Fire *
Mockingbird ... The Goddess Lakshmi *
Moon Gone Down ... Blue Moon Marquee *
Does Anyone Love Me Now ... Blue Roses
Avalanches ... Amity Beach *
White Lights ... Fast Romantics *
Love Is What You Get ... Odds *
This Way ... Jets Overhead *
Distant Dreams ... Blue Foundation

Rather than moan that I don't have enough time let's just say the show will be pulled from this list.
(Grateful for the hour to be with you)

Thanks for listening


Thursday 24 November 2016

Ruby Slippers November 25 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

It's Black Friday! Personally I am staying home and listening to music and boy, is this a great playlist for that!

Big Bikes ...Yeomans *
What Do You Want From Me ...Pink Floyd
That's What Ghosts Say ... The Hollow Threads
You Might Think...The Velvet Ants
As I Please ...The Electric Ants *
Return To The Ship ...Tangiers *
Battlecry ... Bell Orchestre *
Meet Me In The Garden ... Dent May & His Magnificent Ukele
Spirit Carousel ... The Chronicles of Israfel (New)
Beach Coma ... Possum *
Radioactive ... Kings of Leon
Stormy High ... Black Mountain *
Bohemian Like You ... Dandy Warhols
Running With Insanity ... Alcoholic Faith Mission

Here! Feeling better? BTW this playlist is because listeners like you support CIUT

Thanks for listening.


Wednesday 16 November 2016

Ruby Slippers Membership Drive November 18 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

It's time to pull up our socks, dig deep and try and keep this station afloat.

Yes, it's that most magical time of the year...Membership Drive!!!

And just because there will be fundraising going on doesn't mean there won't also be great music.

So here goes nothing

This Place Is Electric ... The Diomedes
Radioland ... Secession
There's Nothing For Us Here ... Remote Places
If You Feel Loved ... Sexy Mathematics *
Burning Flame ... CTRL ALT ESC *
Surrounded in Smoke ... Chad VanGaalen *
Alright With You ... Rabid Flowers *
Rebel Force Radio ... The Soles * (a radio anthem!)
Love ... The Goddess Lakshmi *
Is You Sufferin ... Skinny Bitches *
Smile ... Gabby Young and Other Animals

There will be some mixing and matching going on this week.

Thanks for all your support and thanks for listening.
If you wish to donate and keep this show going, please go to and follow the prompts. Paypal is available for those who wish it.

See you next week.


Monday 14 November 2016

Indie Week and Membership Drive Time at CIUT

Hey everybody

I am torn between two passions this week.

Love to support live independent music. Even was asked to weigh in on two of the lineups this year as a judge (more like an awestruck listener and fan, actually) during Indie Week here in Toronto.

Love Love LOVE my radio station because as a part of the community that lives and breathes all things CIUT, I would be lost without it. 

The show on Fridays is only a small part of the whole picture. There are the submissions from artists as they try out new material or make that first step as a fledgling band. There are emails to answer, blogs to post, playlists to set and burn to disc and review before air time. There is Facebook (two accounts) and Twitter and Radioflag to check and post on. There is stuff to put in the mail for listeners (paid for by yours truly, no station money goes to this) And  of course listening to all the fine programmes that make up the rest of the week.

ANYWAY, between the two there is a lot of love and support flowing to the talented musicians out there and also to the listeners who share the excitement about indie music with me 

Please show your support to the Station That Could this Friday during Ruby Slippers. All the deets about how to do this are on the website at  

And then treat yourself to some live music at any of the venues listed on the Indie Week website.
As I always say, there are no wrong choices when it comes to music in this city.

Thanks so much for listening.

Thursday 10 November 2016

Ruby Slippers November 11 2016 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Have a really mixed show tonight. Back to a more indie feel, no cover, and a few brand new tracks, hot off the presses.

Not gonna lie, this feels right. Hope you agree.

Fool's Gold ... Fortune Killers *
Competition .... The Dodos
The Music Starts ... Little Creatures *
Hummingbird ... Imaginary Cities *
Don't Talk ... Gingerale and the Monowhales *
Just let It Go ... Eric and the Soo *
My Town ... The Bell Hours
Travelling At The Speed of Light ... Pink Pearl Dragon *
Losing You ... Emma Peel
Never Speak of It Again ... The Holiday Crowd *
Epistle to Dippy ... Donovan
The Crystal Ship ... Dead Meadow (Ok I lied. One cover)
Bookstore Girl ... Harrison Hudson
Anime Eyes ... The Awkward Stage *

Remember the membership show IS NEXT FRIDAY so please donate to keep this station on the air.
And hey! I love to hear from you, so why not do it from 7-8? or if you are a shy guy you can donate online at

Thanks for listening


Thursday 3 November 2016

Ruby Slippers November 4 2016 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Over the chocolate hang over from earlier this week? Have dutifully bagged up the remaining stuff and will be leaving it far far out of reach this weekend. Maybe even in another city. 

Working on this week's playlist has been a real pleasure. There are some covers that warm my heart and some little gems winkled out of the big pile of CDs on the dining room table.

Hope you enjoy it!

Purple Speed Queen ... Curved Air
Kindling to Cremation ... The Acorn *
Black Swan ... Astrid's Tea Party
Happiness Is A Warm Gun ... Bend Sinister *
You Told Me Not To Talk To Your Boyfriend ... Sheer Agony *
Come Alive ... Chromeo *
Sunglasses At Night ... DJ Kommandandt vs. Cory Hart *
The Record keeps ... Girls Would Kill *
Lonely Places ... Lighthouse *
Music Is The Victim ... Scissor Sisters
Serve The People (Young Galaxy remix) ... Handsome Furs
Indestructable Sam ... Buck 65 *
Paper Tiger ... Beck
That's All For Everyone ... Tame Impala

Kinda taking a lot of sharp turns with this one!
Thanks for listening


Wednesday 26 October 2016

Ruby Slippers for October 28 Halloween show! 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!
Halloween, my fav holiday (kinda, sorta) is on Monday and for those of us with Pumpkin fever, it really embraces the entire weekend.

So, without further ado, here is the playlist, some old some new.
(Rhymes and's about that?)

Brain Salad Surgery ... Emerson Lake and Palmer
Monster Mash (OF COURSE) ... Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt Kickers
Haunt This House ... Library Voices *
My Body's a Zombie For You ... Dead Man's Bones
(Ghost) Riders In The Sky ... Handsome Ned *
Riders on The Storm (Doors cover) ... Dead Skeletons
Spooky ...The Vampire Bats *
The Afterlife ... YACHT
Cemetary ... Headstones * (this is a tradition here on the show)
My Hometown ... Eric and the Soo * BRAND SPANKIN NEW (not Halloween)
Monster ... You Say Party! We Say Die! *
She Said No ... Black Fever * (new and UNRELEASED !!! Exclusive!)
Bela Lugosi's Dead ... Bauhaus (request from listener and AWESOME SONG)


Thanks for listening and be safe out there.


Thursday 20 October 2016

Ruby Slippers October 21 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Here it is only ONE WEEK UNTIL HALLOWEEN!!@!@!@ or at least the Halloween show.
Pretty excited about both, to be honest.

This week is also worthy of wonder and amazement, though. New tracks from some of my personal favs, Gingerale and the Monowhales, Pink Pearl Dragon and Gabby Young and Other Animals. PLUS we hear from our special friends from Jackson Heights, none other than MAKAR!

So without further adieu, here we go.

Old Man ... Reignwolf *
Salute Your Solution...The Raconteurs
Death Wolf...Death On Two Wheels
Edge of Darkness... The Diodes *
Big Shot... Exxotone *
Ask You A Question...Gabby Young and Other Animals
Not Alone...Pink Pearl Dragon *
None But Shining Hours...The Books
White Walls...Gingerale and the Monowhales *
My Secret...Cities and Dust *
Prozac Rock...Margot & The Nuclear So and So's
Weeping Sore...PANIC *
Little Miss Impossible...The Dollyrots
Pure Pain...Kurt Vile
Together This Sunrise is Ours...Light Fires *
Bottle Of Beauty...MAKAR
Lovely Rita...The Beatles
Sunshine Superman...Donovan

That's it for this week.

Stay tuned for the SPOOKTACULAR event next Friday!

Thanks for listening


Thursday 13 October 2016

Ruby Slippers october 14 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

It's finally FALL for reals. Cooler temps, sweaters out of storage and some nights, the furnace even goes on.
Just the right time to kick back and listen to some great music before heading out to enjoy the season.

If I Could ... Doll * (from Ottawa which they call the city that fun forgot. Not true, btw)
Bruised Broken Beaten ... Controller Controller *
Let's Spend The Night Together (cover) ... David Bowie
Scratch at the Latch ... Megafauna
Little Things ... Bev Zizzy *
Book Club ... Arkells *
Hammer Down ... Eugene Ripper *
Gold Dust Woman  (cover) ... Karen Elson
The Same Thing ... Muddy Waters
Clap Hands ... Tom Waits
Problem With You ... Daryl Hall
Voodoo Doll ... Diamond Rugs
Back From The Dead ... Camouflage Nights *
Light From The Darkness ... Andrew Collins Trio * who are playing at Hugh's Room Oct 21 here in TO

Thanks for listening


Wednesday 5 October 2016

Ruby Slippers October 7 2016

Hey everybody!

It's Thanksgiving weekend and here we are together again!
I have resisted the temptation to include nutsy songs about turkeys running for their lives and the joys of family gatherings to put together a varied and awesome (if I do say so myself) playlist befitting the occasion.

FYI the last track is by an amazing electronic artist, Robert T from his latest project available on Bandcamp. And a Canadian to boot!


Dead Honey ... Die Mannequin *
When Something Stands For Nothing ... Headstones *
Wastelands ... The Dead Love (new)
Undone (The Sweater Song) ... Weezer (it is fall after all)
Dreams (cover) ... The Kills
Eaten By A Bear ... deBra 666 * (camping on the long weekend)
Amadeus ... Bravestation *
Cheetah On Drugs ... Brother Octopus *
Saint Nothing ... Qristina and Quinn Bachand *
Sister of The Moon (cover) ... Craig Wedren & St. Vincent
Try Try Again ... The Rising Few *
The Less I Know The Better ... Tame Impala
Corona ... Robert T *

May you have a glorious and safe holiday

See you next week


Thursday 29 September 2016

Ruby Slippers September 30 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

So excited, the first leg of the fall is done, the nights are cooler and October is tomorrow with pumpkins, a reason to wear orange other than incarceration, and Halloween.

Here's tonight playlist. If you listened to Catwoman this week, you may have noticed a few artists made both shows. Couldn't decide between tracks and had two hours so there you go!


Golden Stereo ... Shattervox * (new)
Said I Could Be Happy ... Kensington Market * (in real life a magical place in the Tdot)
The Things We Do For Love ... 10cc
V Six ... Fluke (electronica from the UK)
Sins So Vain ... Vallens *
Take This ... Lovebolt *
An Unfortunate Invention ... Benjamin Sheridan
Soldier ... Chloe Charles *
Heart Throb ... Maylee Todd * (more than 22 seconds: see last week! LOL)
Paper Girl ... July Talk * (keep coming back to this one)
You Never Give Me Your Money ... The Beatles
Careless ... Beach Fossils
Let Loose The Horses ... The Rescues
Eyes of a Stranger (cover) ... Dirty Ghosts *
Failing The Rorschach Test ... Matthew Good Band * (didn't get to this for TURF)
Digging In The Dirt ... Peter Gabriel (not likely to get this far but still)

In case you wonder why the Fab Four made both this and Catwoman fill in playlists, I saw "Eight Days A Week" this Monday and it inspired me. This doc was endorsed by  Yoko, Olivia Harrison, Paul and Ringo and was backed by Apple Corp. Not to mention that it was a Ron Howard film.
Great rare footage and a well balanced film from the point of view of the band itself.

Thanks for listening.


Thursday 22 September 2016

Ruby Slippers September 23 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

It is now officially the Fall and despite the actual temperatures, I am fully embracing the transition into a more reflective time. Sun's up later, down earlier, mornings are finally cooler.

Which of course means music seems to change too. No more summer sunshine. (Well, at least not as much)

Don't know if this shift has really been captured in the playlist. See what you think.

Bird Party Yay ... Maylee Todd *
Burn The Witch ... Radiohead
Wallz ... Herokah * (new)
Soldier Girl ... Waxmen *
Shadow ... Midnight Lions * (also new)
Approaching Pavonis Mons By Balloon ... Flaming Lips (no idea, honestly)
Killer of dragons ... The High Dials *
So Cynical ... Immaculate Machine *
Nice To Know You ... Incubus (fell in love with this album in the fall, always go back to it then)
Devil Inside ... INXS (Halloween is coming! How many days away??? )
A Prince's Shadow ... Jon Davis *
The Good Soldier ... Nine Inch Nails
Monkeys Uptown ... Iron and Wine (always best heard very early in the morning. Oh well)
Boys In The Woods ... Fol Chen (expand your mind with this one)
Crossed Wires ... The Acorn * (cover) Love the video for this
Soldier ... Rachael Cardiello
Since Last wednesday ... Highasakite
Indoctrination ... Dead Can Dance (sometime will do an entire show around this band)

Thanks for listening. Taking over Catwoman next week so two hours of nonstop music and stuff.

Also Membership time coming up in November. Just saying.


Wednesday 14 September 2016

Ruby Slippers TURF playlist September 16 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

As promised last weekend, this playlist is built  from music by the artists at Toronto's own TURF festival, running from September 15-17 at Fort York. Couldn't get everyone in, sadly, but check out the full lineup on the TURF website. I have to say, the entire thing is really great. Only wish I could be there for the whole weekend!

And as an added premiering the new Bravestation track tonight too, "13th Floor".


Let's Get Back ... Matt Anderson *
No Glamour In The Hammer ... Whitehorse * (didn't get to do this in its entirety on the Hamilton special)
Zoloft ... WEEN (so excited to see this band) (from the Quebec album)
13th Floor ... Bravestation * (new)
Connecting Flights ... Rheostatics *
Hardcore UFOs ... Guided By Voices
Trembling Hands ... Explosions In The Sky
No Sunlight ... Death Cab For Cutie ( another favorite)
The Laws Have Changed ... The New Pornographers *
Dopamine ... Limblifter *
Hell Boy Blues ... Lee harvey Osmond *
Your Love Fades Away ... Simone Denny *
Tiger Tiger ... The Sadies * (played before, worth many listens)
Madre Padre ... Matt Mays *
Bad Lieutenant ... The Sheepdogs *
Never Gonna Change ... Drive By Truckers *
You Got It  (live) ... Dwayne Gretzky * (likely won't get this far...excellent live band, go see them)

Thanks for listening. Will post the show on Mixcloud next week.


Thursday 8 September 2016

Ruby Slippers September 9 2016

Hey everybody!

OK so the first week back to school and work for some as well. How's it going? Exciting? Maybe not so much, right?
Well, if it's any consolation, I still have dreams about the start of school and not knowing where classes are, or not recognizing the questions on an exam or any number of  other fears that go along with post Labour Day. So to combat that, this week's list is different and rather defiant in places, particularily the first track. Just remember, there can't be Halloween without the fall.

Blank Generation...Richard Hell and the Voidoids
Punk or Lust ... Beach Slang
Final Curtain for a drama Queesn ... The Wet Secrets *
Girls Fight! ...Vailhalen *
Hard to Explain ... The Strokes (retro)
This City ... Kelly McMichael and the Glass *
It's True ... Mitch Mainville *
Another Brick In The Wall Part One ... Luther Wright and the Wrongs *
Bad Boy ... Flat Foot (courtesy of Moondog)
Youth ... Viva Nom *
Can't Find My Way No More ... Fawn Fritzen *
Blow Away ... Kate Bush
Boettcher's Sunrise ... Sleepkit *
See The Rain ... Aquafaux
Altitude Blues ... Ladytron
Bride In Cold Tears ... Tangerine Dream
Autumn ... The Strawbs

BTW given the incredibly hot and humid drought-summer we have had, might recommend Liz Worth's (of the oral history of Toronto punk, "Treat Me Like Dirt")  "PostApoc" Disturbing yes, but compelling reading and honestly struck home.

Thanks for listening. Next week, playlist for the TURF festival.


Wednesday 31 August 2016

Ruby Slippers for September 2 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

It's here, the Labour Day weekend.  Hope you're making the most of it and enjoying all the city and beyond has to offer.

Here's a soundtrack to your adventures, whether you are on the road, away from the city or relaxing at home.

Jumpin Jack Flash ... Aretha Franklin (with Keith Richards)
Brains Out ... RIBS
Four Sticks ... Led Zeppelin
Cave Dance ... Basement Paintings *
Tusk (cover) ... Crystal Ark *
After Hours ... Caribou *
Jellyfish ... Dead Projectionists *
Transmission ... Joy Division
Snowglobe ... Lee Corey Oswald
Hideout High ... Flying Museum Band *
Death To The Sickoids ... Subhumans *
I Was A teenager Stockbroker ... Stark Naked and the Fleshtones *
I Put A Spell On You ... (cover) The Kills

Thanks for listening. See you next week, same Bat time same Bat channel.


Wednesday 24 August 2016

Ruby Slippers August 26 2016 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Argghhh! Another month done, the summer hols coming to an end for many. Not honestly sure how to feel about all of that. BUT as my favorite season is the fall, what with leaves and sweaters and pumpkin lattes and stuff (yah, I am one of those) there is a lot to look forward to.

So, here it is. A final celebration of the month of official summer, requests and all.  Enjoy!

The Chain (live recording) ... Reignwolf *
Stupified ... Robyn Hitchcock
Techno Soul Glue ... The Rheostatics *
You Take My Breath Away ... The Knife
Peek A Boo ... Siouxsie and the Banshees (for Cyndy)
Show Me Your Eyes ... Royal Canoe *
Compromise ... Mean Red Spiders *
Grey Skies Still Have Shades Of Blue ... Starpilot *
Move Over ... Steppenwolf *
Into A Dream ... Shannon and the Clams (for Earl Crown)
Gidget Goes To Hell ... Suburban Lawns
Slippery People ... Talking Heads
I Made A Machine ... Megafauna
Jesus Saves ... Royal Tusk *
Abrahadabra ... Sublimatus *
Summer Nights ... Exist Strategy*

See you next week and as always, thanks for listening.


Thursday 18 August 2016

Ruby Slippers for August 19 2016 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

A really different show tonite. Stuff I would never play and a few things that you all can sing along to.
As always loads of Canadian talent and many artists you may not have heard of.

Southern Man ... Merry Clayton
Perfect World ... Allen Stone
A Mysterious Light ... Clothesline Revival
The Loneliest of Creatures...Klaatu *
Cobbled from Dust ... The Acorn *
All The Ghosts Are Home ... Matteo De Stefano *
This Town ... Feveral Lights *
Death by Improvement ... Monkey House *
Kid Charlemagne... Steely Dan
The Tide ... Relic City *
The Kids were wrong ... Memoryhouse *
Something Impossible ... Mich Cota *
She Sells Sanctuary ... The Cult
Govinda ... Stella Diana

See you soon! Thanks for listening


Wednesday 10 August 2016

Ruby Slippers August 12 2016 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

This one took a while. Finally got back to the pile of CDs on the desk (aka dining room table) and lo and behold this is the end result. Some old friends too of course. 


Cadillac Black ... The Exchanges  *
The Day That i Was born ... Doug Norquay *
Thunder express ... MC5
Congratulations on Second Place ... Double Experience *
Launch Code ... Luau or Die *
Wrecking Ball ... The Galacticats *
Chasing Alaska ... Rabid Flowers *
Brigade ... Run With The Kittens *
F-A-E ... Elise Epp *
Un-American Gothic ... Chris Valen *
Cat Stevens Hallucinates ... Heath McNease
Squirrely ... the Corndogs *
All Night ... Chic Gamine *
It Won't Be Long ... Alison Moyet
Everthing In It's Right Place ... Radiohead

Too ambitious? Yah, probably.

Thanks for listening


Wednesday 3 August 2016

RubySlippers for August 5 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

We are now officially in August and here is the playlist for this week. Our good buddy Nikki from Everything and the Kitchen Sink has submitted some of the selections for which I send a big thanks!

Covers... Beauts * (from Nova Scotia)
Slipping Away ... Like A Motorcycle *
Horse Pills ... Dandy Warhols
Push and Pull ... White Hot Jet * (new)
Girls ... Aitch * (Beasties cover)
What You've Always Wanted ... The Beans

Three covers of Springsteen songs by Canadian Bands!!
Born In The USA ... Ben Sir *
Radio Nowhere .. The Matchup *
Hungry Heart ... Cactus Vella *

These next three from EatKS
90210 ... The Courtneys *
Washroom Soda ... Drunk Lips *
Switchblade Massacre - California death Rays *

My Friends ... The Head and the Heart
See The Light ... The Flame
Who Are You ... Ty Segall
Tap ... Aaron James
Saint Nothing ...Qristina and Quinn Bachand * (new)
Sins So Vain ... Vallens *
Summer Nights ... Exist Strategy *

Thanks for listening!


Thursday 28 July 2016

Ruby Slippers for July 29 Lord Sincoe Day 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Good old Lord Simcoe! Scored us another long weekend in the summer!
(Have a framed photo of the dude in my front window and everything. Yes, the neighbours think I'm a little out there but still...)

So here's the playlist for the show to kick off the fun filled three days.

All We Need Is Love ... Leningrad Cowboys (nothing like the Beatles song)
Echoes ... The Evidence *
Goodbye Baby ... Ballroom Babies *
Creatures Great and Small ... Aidan Knight *
Haven ... Bravestation * (indulge me please)
Dk/Pi ... Aero Flynn (indulge me again please )
Bad Czech ... Milks and Rectangles *
Compound ... Filthy Haanz *
Slow Death ... Flaming Groovies 
Famous ... Jordan B. Wright * (new)
He was A Jazzman ... The Flatliners *
Cups and Punches ... Fiery Furnaces *
Sand In The Sun ... The Soles *
Sympathy for the Devil ... The Stones

Let's see how far we get

Thanks for listening and big time summer love !


Thursday 21 July 2016

Ruby Slippers for July 22 2016 7-8 pm Hillside Featival in Guelph

Hey everybody!

Summer is festival season as you all know and with it comes my favorite tiny (relatively speaking) perfect event, Hillside festival , happening this weekend at the Guelph Conservation area. As is the tradition on this show, I have put together a playlist of some of artists who will be there as sadly, I will not. So let's have a cuppa organic fairtrade coffee (or craft beer as the case may be), a big ol' plate of African Peanut stew and let the music take us away.

Guilt Trip ... PUP *
Give Me Back My Heart Attack ... Land of Talk *
Come ... She-Devils *
Bambi ... SUUNS *
Proof of Love ... Old Man Luedecke *
Another Brick In The Wall Part 1 (Pink Floyd cover) ... Luther Wright and the Wrongs *
Honey, Honey ...The Milk Carton Kids *
We Always Change ... Jennifer Castle (Castlemusic)*
Slipping Away ... Like A Motorcycle *
Tiger, Tiger ... The Sadies *
All Along The Watchtower (Dylan cover) ... Slambovian Circus of Dreams
Simple Thoughts ... Rose Cousins *
Refrain from Fire ... Chloe Charles *
Dukes ... Repartee * (from Newfoundland!)
Song Number 2 ... Suitcase

There are so many more! Check out the full artist listing at
This is where two hours of programming would be really REALLY handy. (Hint, hint)

Thanks for listening


Thursday 14 July 2016

Ruby Slippers July 15 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Got a great show this week. There is a cool Mexican festival at our harbourfront (Viva Luche Libre)
and some of the pics are from that! Also, there are tons of Canadian bands and even something from RHCP. (Did you ever think you would see that on this show?) (Listener request, actually)

So buckle up, kids. Put on your flying goggles and let's get airborne

I Found A New Way ... Twin Peaks 
The Glimmer Shot ... Double Experience *
In The Dark ... Reignwolf * (yes I am watching Roadies. And this cat is now in Seattle but hails from 
Chiquita Milagrosa ... Centavrvs
Dark Necessities ... Red Hot Chili Peppers (Flea rules)
Homebody ... Mulligrub *
Here I Am ... Tea With Lincoln * (what happened to these guys? :(  )
Time Machine ... White Hot Jet *
Marigold ... Mariachi Ghost * (from Winnipeg, awesome)
Blue Angel's Revenge ... Blue Demons *
In Heaven.... Pixies (saw Erasurehead this week)
Florian Saucer Attack ... Black Mountain *
Zombie Eyed ... Dirty Nil * (from the Hammer)
I Don't care Anymore ... Taylor Abrahamse*
Mysterons ... Portishead 

Thanks for listening.


This playlist, Portishead in particular, is for Roger. 

Wednesday 6 July 2016

Ruby Slippers for July 8 2016

Hey everybody!

The summer of love (and music) (and love of music) continues and with it CIUT!

Included in this week's playlist are two artists performing at "Senseless" an event chock full of art, food and kick ass music. You can be part of it Saturday July 9 from 3 til 11 at the Evergreen Brickworks.

Or you can catch Double Exposure fresh off their tour of the UK at the Supermarket (268 Augusta) 
same day at 8:30.  Here's their cover of Weezer's Buddy Holly

Or there is the ongoing Jazz festival...


To get the weekend started here's the list

Let's Go Crazy ... Prince and the Revolution
Trans Mission ... Random Order *
Things Are Changing ... The Relatives
Eye's Pie ... Devil's Din *
Mean Girl ... The Wave *
Near North ... Black Mastiff *
Lost Cosmonauts ... Mother Leads *
Why Don't You ... Mad Machines *
Whole Lotta Love ... Dread Zeppelin
Supernatural ... Jont and the Infinite Possibility *
Imprint of Pleasure ... Tube & Berger (from Germany  at #Senseless)
I Don't Remember ... David Byrne
Flashbulb Eyes ... Arcade Fire *
Rings ... Frank & Tony (also from #Senseless)


Thanks for listening.


Friday 1 July 2016

RubySlippers Canada Day July 1 2016 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Happy Canada Day! I personally think this is a just cause to eat cake, don't you?

It's kinda rainy and dreary at present but on the plus side of things, this is a great opportunity to chill out and listen to tunes.

Canadian tunes.

Tunes that may have flown under the radar.

So, let's get crackin'.

Mean Girl ... The Wave * (new!)
Revelation ... Slow Spirit *
Right Back Where We Started From (cover) ... Amity Beach *
Start It Up ... Die Mannequin * (they don't get played nearly enough)
Winter To Summer ... Rend *
Impervious ... Dead Red Velvet *
Painful Like ... Austra *
Jungle Book Of Love ... Like Animals *
Gossip Saves ... The Rooms *
Total Hit Wonder ... Ice Wino *
Yellow At A Funeral ... Megan Landry *
Drifters ... Patrick Watson * ( I just rediscovered this artist <3)
Quinte ... Paupiere * (second official language)
Head Vs Heart ... Craig Cardiff *
Bobby White ... Generic *

* 100%, baby! Cancon

Thanks for listening. See you next week!

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Ruby Slippers June 24 2016 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Having a rest from a couple of music weekends? I certainly am, kinda dogging it this week.
Lots 'o good music but from my own library rather than from new sources or a themed playlist.
I always keep a special tab in iTunes for things I haven't played in a while but always intend to.

Sometimes a girl has to just kick back and gather her thoughts with a cuppa.

So... here it is. ( I might mention though that the track by The Box Tiger is new new new.)

Friday On My Mind ...Earth Quake
Mechanical Lover ... Earth and Fire
Angels ... Black Mountain *
I Made The Law ... The Acorn *
After The Rain ... Little Dragon
Fire Walk With Me (doesn't this remind you of Twin Peaks?) ... Box Tiger *
Fragile Bird ... City and Colour *
So Wonderful Beautiful ... parker Bombshell * (check out their podcast Addictions and Other Vices) 
I Can't Go For That ... Hall and Oates (or Hallando Ates, as it appeared on my credit card )  
                                    (yes I am going to see them this week)
Reunion ... Papermaps * 
Pipeline ... California Guitar Trio
Heartbeats ... The Knife (best. track. ever)
Cost of Living ... Satellite Hearts (from Philly)
Tell Mama ... Etta James

Next week, in honour of Canada Day, a show picked entirely from the dining room table. And 100%
True North goodness! 

Thanks for listening


Thursday 16 June 2016

Ruby Slippers NXNE playlist 7-8 pm June 17 2016

Hey everybody!

Festival season continues with the twin brother to SXSE here in the Tdot.

Love this lineup and kudos to the organizers for trying something different this year.

(Please note: have included two new tracks NOT from NXNE just because they are awesome and because they are new)

I Won't Change ... Ballroom Babies * (new, not NXNE)
Stay Back ... The Brains *
Nerve Endings ... Eagulls 
Whirring ... The Joy Formidable
O My Heart ... Mother Mother * (an oldie but goodie)
Destroyer ... King Khan and the Shrines *
Swooner ... The Zolas *
Time ... Fast Romantics *
Strange Attraction ... Diana *
The Faces on The Floor ... Elliott Vincent Jones *
Magic Carpet Ride ... Stonefield * (Cancon track, not band)
Leaves, Trees, Forest ... Dan Mangan *
Absisto ... Cold Specks *
Five Years ... Born Ruffians *

Go forth and support independent music!

Thanks for listening.


Wednesday 8 June 2016

Ruby Slippers for Bestival June 10 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Some excitement here,  next week starts NXNE but this weekend is Bestival, a two day celebration of music, performance, dancing and Silver Elvis to boot!
Therefore, this playlist features artists performing in that line up and next Friday will be entirely NXNE with a day by day fav pics starting on Monday. Look for that at

Let's get going...I dare you to sit still....

Reality in Motion ... Tame Impala
After Life ... Tchami
Zoal, Face Dancer ... Grimes *
It's Only ... ODESZA
Acapulco ... Elliott Vincent Jones * (I am really liking this guy)
I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) ... Smalltown DJS *
What Happened ... Thugli *
There's A Girl In The Corner ... The Twilight Sad ft. Robert Smith
Honey ... Swim Deep
Run Maggie Run ... Unlike Pluto
Joneszin' ... Shaun Frank *
Midevil ... Maddmon*
Pictures of You ... The Cure

Headliners are Tame Impala on Saturday, The Cure on Sunday.

There are so many more, this is just a taste.

Thanks for listening


Thursday 2 June 2016

Ruby Slippers June 3 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Greetings from the T Dot!
Gonna start off tonight with a mystery cut...this version of Over The Rainbow is both attributed to the Ramones and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Is someone putting someone on? you decide!

Then there's some of this and some of that including something new by Devil's Din and Radiohead.

Enjoy responsibly, however that might look.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow ... Me First and the Gimme Gimmes/Ramones (I don't know)
Berlin ... Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (personal favorite)
Madman ... Klaatu * (from the vault)
Feels Good To Me ... Red Amber Green  (very Passion Pitt-ish, don't you think?)
Dust Hymn ... Purity Ring *
Bontempi Latin ... Holy F**k *
Phaze Ulysses ... Devil's Din * (from Montreal, new)
Don't Talk To Me ... Korean Drama *
Lonely Boy ... Iggy Pop and Ginger Baker (from a tribute to the Black Keys)
So Long ... Jig The Alien
Cheap Music ... Handsome Furs *
Babes ... Icky Blossoms
Extreme to Me ... Kris Demeanor *
Burn The Witch ... Radiohead
Lucklucky ...Veda Hille *
Charmaine ... Mantovani (beautiful know I want to do a show of this stuff)

Kinda all over the place, just the way we like it, right?

Thanks for listening!


Thursday 26 May 2016

Ruby Slippers May 27 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

First of all thanks to Kami and Brendon from the band Van Halst for coming in last week and cohosting the show. If you didn't hear it, the broadcast has been posted on Mixcloud here:

This week, the show goes back to its original format with oodles of great music.
Without further ado, here it is!

Love You Can Believe In ... Tristan Thompson * (reminiscent of MJ)
Voodoo  (live) ... Allen Stone
Hell Boy Blues ... Lee Harvey Osmond (Tom Wilson) * (new)
Slippery People ... Talking Heads
Wake up The Nation (Zinc remix) ... Paul Weller
Odessa ... Caribou * (humour me!)
Stars ... Grown Up Avenger Stuff
Baptism ... We Are The City *
Chelsea Hotel (cover, L. Cohen) ... Keep Me Safe *
Urban Guerilla ... Obits
Rip It Up ... The Punk Rods *
The Spell ... Poppy Seed and the Love Explosion *
Love Will Tear Up Apart ... Joy Division
Dream Division ... Pyramids on Mars *

Cheerio and away we go!
Thanks for listening!


Friday 20 May 2016

Ruby Slippers May 20 7-8 pm Special Guests Van Halst

Hey everybody!

A special show with a band to watch...metal rock band Van Halst. Lead vocalist Kami and bassist Brendon join me in studio to discuss the new album dropped in March "World Of Make Believe" and share some of their thoughts and stories while battling uncooperative headphones, and the general mayhem that is community radio.

This is the playlist

Control ... Bleached *
Slippery Magician ... Kicked Off The Farm *
Save Me ... Van Halst *
The End ... Van Halst *
Sound of Madness ... Shinedown
Questions ... Van Halst *
Whore ... In The Moment

A short one but a good one.

Regular show next week, thanks for listening!


Thursday 12 May 2016

Ruby Slippers Friday May 13th Bruhaha!!!

Hey everybody!

Ooooo, it's Friday the 13th and I am in the studio spinning a lot of stuff that you may not have heard before. The mix this week is a little different..more electronic to start the show but that's open format for you.

So without further delay

Let It Happen .... Tame Impala ( this is on constant repeat in the car)
Electric Company ... Orchestra of Spheres (New Zealand's  answer to Flaming Lips?)
Not About To ... Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees *
Bizness .... tUnE - yArDs
Love Song (Cure cover)  ... Tori Amos
Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana cover) ... Beliefs *
When The Lights Go Out ... Eve Hell and the Razors *
The Meter ... The Zilis *
Molotov Girls ... The Zolas *
Domino Backyards ... Outer Rooms *
Keith Richards ... Vinyl Hero *
I Would For You ... Nine Inch Nails
Brother O ... Psychic Temple
Burn The Witch ... Radiohead
After All ... The Electric Ants *
Perfect Ten ... Holy Sexy Bastards (Venezuela)
Spread The Love ... Spectre Hearts *
Starfish and Coffee ... Prince
Heaven and All ... Robert Levon Been, Dave Grohl and company

Special guest next week...stay tuned.

Thanks for listening


Sunday 8 May 2016

CMW Last Day 2016

Hey everybody,

What a neat way to end the festival and on Mother's Day to boot

Relax and enjoy.

Horseshoe starting at 8:30 Riot Police and Jonesin and the Hurt with friends

Phoenix starting at 8:30 Holy Holy

The Central (make a night of it here) starts at 6 Fort York, Kaleidoscope Horse, Laughed the Boy

Adelaide Hall starting at 7:30 pm Blajk,  Big Black Delta and others

Or you can hit the Bovine or  Burdock.

By now, it's time to get your excuse for not going into work tomorrow ready.

Thanks for supporting independent music and have a great week.

You deserve it.

Saturday 7 May 2016

CMW Day Six

Hey everybody!

And now for the weekend...are we tired yet?

If you are up and about, there is stuff during waking hours. The options are: Drake 150, Garrison, handlebar and my personal favorite The Horseshoe with an Aussie BBQ. Starts at 12:30 and includes CKNU, Timberwolf, Dead Love and a boat load of others.


Adelaide hall startes at 8 om M for Montreal and Brooklyn Vegan chowcase with ragers, Dead Obies and others

Cameron House starting at 8 pm Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies * Timberwolf (again) Chris Valen* to end out the night at 1 am. Will be playing something from him in the next few weeks.

Cherry Cola's Rock and Rolla Cabaret starts at 8 pm Moon Tan, Sumo Cyco*, Waxy and others

Drake Underground starts at 7 pm Lara Snow, Kloe, and others

Handlebar starts at 8 pm  Wake Island, Cut Ribbons* (played on the show) Dress Black

The Hideout starts at 8 pm  XPrime (played on the show) and others

Lee's Palace starts at 9 pm  Foreign Diplomats, Dilly Dally** (on the show) and friends.

Opera House  if you win you get in. I can't, my pass is no good Please let me know how Eagles of Death Metal were (also Beaches, Dearly Beloved)

Rivoli starting at 9 pm  Music Nova Scotia showcase includes Beauts, Walrus and others

Silver Dollar starts at 8 pm Pop Montreal showcase Nysa, For Esme, She Devils and others

Smiling Buddha starts at 8 pm city Gates, Hormones, Acid Priest * (might need hearing protection for this one, small venue, big sound)

Supermarket starting at 6 pm Music Ontario Showcase Weird Neighbours, XPrime, Sumo Cyco (see hearing protection recommendation above)

Velvet Underground starting at 9  The Undivided ** The People The Poet and others

See you tomorra.

Friday 6 May 2016

CMW Day 5 Yikes!

Good golly Miss Molly...

Friday already and more than enough music to keep you going well into the night.
Or the afternoon if you wish

Why not do the afternoon thing at the Drake 150 with Yarrow, others at 4 pm?

Then have a bite (maybe a nap) and head out to any or all of these

Adelaide hall starting at 8 pm  Stuck on Planet earth, JPNSGRLS* others

Burdock starting at 9 with Alana Yorke at 11

Cherry Cola's (rock n Rolla) starting at 9 including HolySexyBastards * Return for Refund* and others

Dakota Tavern starting at 6 and including Timberwolf *

The Garrison starting at 9 pm and including Public Access TV *, Walrus

Feeling lucky? Win to get in : Grand Ballroom with Tegan and Sara etc. (I can't with my pass :( Tell me what it was like)

Handlebar starting at 8 Album release for Heat Attack Kids, and Bike Thiefs,(played on the show), Liver. others

The Hideout starting at 8 (music from Sask and Alberta, strong show) Royal Foundry and others**

Horseshoe starting at 8, showcase, with a full line up including Wintersleep, Hanah Georgas, Jeff the Brotherhood, Sheepdogs, Diarrhea Planet Alberta Cross, Music Band, New Swears *****

Lee's Palace starting at 9 ELECTRIC ANTS *** Peregrine Falls , others

Phoenix Concert Hall starting at 8, Red Mass, Death Valley Girls Black Lips *

Revival starting at 9 Quebec music showcase with Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite (played on show) *

Supermarket starting at 7 I make no bones about the fact that I love what is coming out of Australia.
Lots to hear for the first time here

UG3 starting at 8  Wolf Saga, Hiroshima Hearts *

Velvet Underground starting at 9 strong list Broken Hands, Dead Tired, White Lung as featured on CBC, Chastity *

Well, there's a lot to think about.  Hmm, time for another coffee, this is hard.

See you tomorra.

Thursday 5 May 2016

CMW Day Four

Whoa, two pages in the gig guide.

What to see, what to do.

C'est What starting at 8 pm  Weird Neighbours, Jessica Stuart Few (at 11 pm) and others

The Central starting at 6 pm  Mermaids Exist * Fake Tears, We Were Lovers

Drake Underground starting at 8 pm  Tusks, Model Aeroplanes

The Great Hall starting at 9 pm The Undivided * public Access TV, etc.

The Hideout starting at 8 pm  Cat and the Queen , the Phantom Sound, Lung Flower

Nocturne starting at 8 pm Mangled Meat (from Guelph) Hologramme

Paddock Tavern starting at 8 Blue Moon Marquee (at 1 am)

Painted Lady starting at 8 strong line up ending with The Zilis at 1 am

Silver Dollar starting at 8 pm Entire Cities * Walrus and others

Studio Bar starting at 8 Kroy, Vogue Dots, Cut Ribbons, Parallels

UG3 starting at 9 pm  The Sole Pursuit * and friends


See you tomorra

Wednesday 4 May 2016

CMW Day Three

Ola, fellow music lovers.

Here is it Day 3. Just getting warmed up right?

Here's what I would do...

C'Est What  at 8 pm   The Tic Tac, Sunrise and Good People

Comfort Zone starting at 8  red Air, Bend Sinister, Deak Broke and friends

Drake Underground starting at 7 Wander years, Dirty radio et al

Hard Luck Bar starting at 8   Piffbreak Arcade, Kiss of a Shovel and ACID PRIEST (played on show)

Horseshoe Tavern (another chance to see) Fake Palms, BOB MOULD!!

Mod Club starting at 8 Royal Canoe, Hannah Epperson, Wet Secrets

Nightowl  starting at 7:30 Carden Cove, All Mighty Rhomnbus at 12:30

Phoenix (limited wristbands doors at 7) Alberta Cross, Zolas, Strumbellas, Wintersleep *****

Underground Garage starting at 9 Celebration Army, Joy District and others

Get thee to a venue! See you tomorra!

Ruby Slippers CMW May 6 2016

Hey everybody!

Here is it, the CMW playlist for this year's festivities. It's coming right in the thick of things but as most performers will do their thang more than once, have tried to capture a cross section of artists that you may still be able to see.
The schedule however can be used to source loads of new and new to me bands which I will try to play over the next few weeks.

If you are interested in some random picks for venues and music over this weekend, check out the entries on the blog.

And away we go.

Midnight Celebrity ... Acid Priest *
Buffer ... Bike Thiefs *
Anthme ... Alana Yorke *
Friday Nights ... Bitter's Kiss
White Horses ... Cut Ribbons
High From The Truth ... The Howll *
Suitcase escape (Infinite remix) ... Lost In Film *
Hayvan .. Art Diktator (dance meets metal vocals. Interesting)
Told You So ... Gingerale and the Monowhales *
More Than Friends ... Secret Broadcast *
Accident ... Black Fever *
Strange Intuition ... Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite *
The Touch ... Dilly Dally *


Thanks for listening.
See you next week

Tuesday 3 May 2016

Canadian Music Week Day Two

OK now it's getting serious.

Loads more bands and venues to decide between. Thankfully this is a random list (although I have been known to play favorites) so here goes.

Bovine Sex Club starts at 9 pm Blue Cougars, Nak Wild and others

The Central starting at 6 pm (for the early birds) Slow Night, Menage (played on the show) High Streets and others

The Dakota starting at 7  Twin Peaks, Royal Foundry and friends

Horseshoe Tavern (win to get in? say what?) BOB MOULD, for crying out loud

Nocturne starting at 8 Animalia, CrazyRozy etc.

Silver Dollar starting at 8 Little Coyote, Lost Cousins * at midnight

Loads more, please peruse the schedule online.
Later, gator!