Thursday 29 September 2016

Ruby Slippers September 30 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

So excited, the first leg of the fall is done, the nights are cooler and October is tomorrow with pumpkins, a reason to wear orange other than incarceration, and Halloween.

Here's tonight playlist. If you listened to Catwoman this week, you may have noticed a few artists made both shows. Couldn't decide between tracks and had two hours so there you go!


Golden Stereo ... Shattervox * (new)
Said I Could Be Happy ... Kensington Market * (in real life a magical place in the Tdot)
The Things We Do For Love ... 10cc
V Six ... Fluke (electronica from the UK)
Sins So Vain ... Vallens *
Take This ... Lovebolt *
An Unfortunate Invention ... Benjamin Sheridan
Soldier ... Chloe Charles *
Heart Throb ... Maylee Todd * (more than 22 seconds: see last week! LOL)
Paper Girl ... July Talk * (keep coming back to this one)
You Never Give Me Your Money ... The Beatles
Careless ... Beach Fossils
Let Loose The Horses ... The Rescues
Eyes of a Stranger (cover) ... Dirty Ghosts *
Failing The Rorschach Test ... Matthew Good Band * (didn't get to this for TURF)
Digging In The Dirt ... Peter Gabriel (not likely to get this far but still)

In case you wonder why the Fab Four made both this and Catwoman fill in playlists, I saw "Eight Days A Week" this Monday and it inspired me. This doc was endorsed by  Yoko, Olivia Harrison, Paul and Ringo and was backed by Apple Corp. Not to mention that it was a Ron Howard film.
Great rare footage and a well balanced film from the point of view of the band itself.

Thanks for listening.


Thursday 22 September 2016

Ruby Slippers September 23 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

It is now officially the Fall and despite the actual temperatures, I am fully embracing the transition into a more reflective time. Sun's up later, down earlier, mornings are finally cooler.

Which of course means music seems to change too. No more summer sunshine. (Well, at least not as much)

Don't know if this shift has really been captured in the playlist. See what you think.

Bird Party Yay ... Maylee Todd *
Burn The Witch ... Radiohead
Wallz ... Herokah * (new)
Soldier Girl ... Waxmen *
Shadow ... Midnight Lions * (also new)
Approaching Pavonis Mons By Balloon ... Flaming Lips (no idea, honestly)
Killer of dragons ... The High Dials *
So Cynical ... Immaculate Machine *
Nice To Know You ... Incubus (fell in love with this album in the fall, always go back to it then)
Devil Inside ... INXS (Halloween is coming! How many days away??? )
A Prince's Shadow ... Jon Davis *
The Good Soldier ... Nine Inch Nails
Monkeys Uptown ... Iron and Wine (always best heard very early in the morning. Oh well)
Boys In The Woods ... Fol Chen (expand your mind with this one)
Crossed Wires ... The Acorn * (cover) Love the video for this
Soldier ... Rachael Cardiello
Since Last wednesday ... Highasakite
Indoctrination ... Dead Can Dance (sometime will do an entire show around this band)

Thanks for listening. Taking over Catwoman next week so two hours of nonstop music and stuff.

Also Membership time coming up in November. Just saying.


Wednesday 14 September 2016

Ruby Slippers TURF playlist September 16 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

As promised last weekend, this playlist is built  from music by the artists at Toronto's own TURF festival, running from September 15-17 at Fort York. Couldn't get everyone in, sadly, but check out the full lineup on the TURF website. I have to say, the entire thing is really great. Only wish I could be there for the whole weekend!

And as an added premiering the new Bravestation track tonight too, "13th Floor".


Let's Get Back ... Matt Anderson *
No Glamour In The Hammer ... Whitehorse * (didn't get to do this in its entirety on the Hamilton special)
Zoloft ... WEEN (so excited to see this band) (from the Quebec album)
13th Floor ... Bravestation * (new)
Connecting Flights ... Rheostatics *
Hardcore UFOs ... Guided By Voices
Trembling Hands ... Explosions In The Sky
No Sunlight ... Death Cab For Cutie ( another favorite)
The Laws Have Changed ... The New Pornographers *
Dopamine ... Limblifter *
Hell Boy Blues ... Lee harvey Osmond *
Your Love Fades Away ... Simone Denny *
Tiger Tiger ... The Sadies * (played before, worth many listens)
Madre Padre ... Matt Mays *
Bad Lieutenant ... The Sheepdogs *
Never Gonna Change ... Drive By Truckers *
You Got It  (live) ... Dwayne Gretzky * (likely won't get this far...excellent live band, go see them)

Thanks for listening. Will post the show on Mixcloud next week.


Thursday 8 September 2016

Ruby Slippers September 9 2016

Hey everybody!

OK so the first week back to school and work for some as well. How's it going? Exciting? Maybe not so much, right?
Well, if it's any consolation, I still have dreams about the start of school and not knowing where classes are, or not recognizing the questions on an exam or any number of  other fears that go along with post Labour Day. So to combat that, this week's list is different and rather defiant in places, particularily the first track. Just remember, there can't be Halloween without the fall.

Blank Generation...Richard Hell and the Voidoids
Punk or Lust ... Beach Slang
Final Curtain for a drama Queesn ... The Wet Secrets *
Girls Fight! ...Vailhalen *
Hard to Explain ... The Strokes (retro)
This City ... Kelly McMichael and the Glass *
It's True ... Mitch Mainville *
Another Brick In The Wall Part One ... Luther Wright and the Wrongs *
Bad Boy ... Flat Foot (courtesy of Moondog)
Youth ... Viva Nom *
Can't Find My Way No More ... Fawn Fritzen *
Blow Away ... Kate Bush
Boettcher's Sunrise ... Sleepkit *
See The Rain ... Aquafaux
Altitude Blues ... Ladytron
Bride In Cold Tears ... Tangerine Dream
Autumn ... The Strawbs

BTW given the incredibly hot and humid drought-summer we have had, might recommend Liz Worth's (of the oral history of Toronto punk, "Treat Me Like Dirt")  "PostApoc" Disturbing yes, but compelling reading and honestly struck home.

Thanks for listening. Next week, playlist for the TURF festival.