Wednesday 7 May 2014

CMW Day 3 (Hump Day, and more choices, bartender)

Hey everybody

As the weekend approaches, it just gets harder. There are chances to see some of the bands you did
not have the time to on Tuesday and Wednesday, but LOTS OF NEW STUFF!!!!

Let's start with something more laid back.. (not)

Cadillac Lounge ...Country Showcase including Black Mocassins, and Mike Leblanc

Cameron House ... Veda Hille *and Aroara *

Cherry Cola Rock and Rolla Cabaret ...Papillon, Cafeine and Cheetah Chrome, OMG!

Czhoski ... Kashka *, Falls, Parallels, another chance to see Slaughter beach

Drake Underground ... Matthew "Doc" Dunn, Diana *, Jennifer Castle *

The Garrison ... King Khan and the BBQ Show *(hands down), Green Rays

The Great Hall ... Teenage Head *and friends

The Horseshoe... Maylee Todd *. Jr. Gone Wild

Lounge Bar (inside the Marriott) Sounds Australia Showcase (always interesting)

Sneaky Dees ... White Widow's Pact, Flatliners

Mod Club ... The Lighthouse and the Whaler *

Left out a ton more. Can't have you giving up, can I?

See you tomorrow

* have played on the show

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