Wednesday 27 May 2015

Ruby Slippers May 29 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

It's FRIDAY!!! This has been a really craptacular week on the living the life front, but never the less, the show must go on.

Love this playlist. It has really helped with the mayhem, hope it does the same for you.

All The Time ... The Hoa Hoa's *
End of the Beginning ... Blue Sky Addicts *
Can't Fight The Feeling ... Orange O'Clock * (won CBC's 2015 Searchlight competition)
Nothing Left To Lose ... Bed Of Stars
Hope & Ruin ... The Trews *
Sin City ... Blue Moon Marquee *
When The Dixie Stars are Playing... Leon Redbone
Sweet C.C. ... Ty Segall
Mambo Sun ... T. Rex
Under The Old Tree ... SheLoom *
Frolics ... Shindigs (from Seoul)
Pour Vous Toujours ... The Dollyrots (new)
Sick Days ... The Holiday Crowd *
Shelter Song ... Temples (LOVE this band, album "Sun Structures")
Back To The Stars ... Until The Ribbon Breaks

Next week's scheduled cohost from the blog "Nikki Is". Outstanding!

Thanks for listening


Wednesday 20 May 2015

RubySlippers May 22 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

With a little bit of luck tonight will include a phone interview with the Winnipeg band  Autumn Still.
Never an easy task, trying to fit in time to chat while on tour, but Trevor and the gang are willing to give it a go as a "how do you do?" before hitting the Horseshoe Tuesday May 26. Good fun!

In the meantime, here is the playlist which will entirely depend on the availability of the band for a chat.

Ruby Slippers ... SHEL
Prairie Girl ... Rah Rah *
Horshoe Fortune ... Russian Futurists *
Long Terms ... Autumn Still *
Bartholomew ... Autumn Still *
Twist ... Aero Flynn
Run Cried The Crawling ... Agnes Obel *
Your Pristine Hands ... Tangiers *

And no, your ears didn't deceive you. I was filling in for Catwoman tonight too.

Thanks for listening.


Wednesday 13 May 2015

Ruby Slippers May 15 7-8 pm Long Weekend, here we come!

Hey Everybody!

It's the long weekend and even though it makes no sense to be now (after all, next week is May 24) gotta start the vacation off with a bang, so light yer sparklers, grab a drink and a burger and let's get going!

To The Beat ... Atom and the Volumes *
Shadowland ... Youth Group 
Not One Of Us ... Stephin Merritt (from Magnetic Fields)
One Way Leading To A Dead End ... The Ins and Outs *
I'm Just a Girl ... Die Mannequin * (from the album Neon Zero)
Be Still ... Robyn Hitchcock
Only Love You For Your Car ... Immanculate Machine * (ouch!)
Attis ... Authentic Imperfection *
Silver Springs ... Lykke Li
Dope Fiends and Booze Hounds ... The Inbreds * (cover of the Rheos)
Lower ... The Implicate Order *
Actors ... Bravestation * (new!!!)
Meadowsweet ... Chatham Rise
Don't Give Up ... Feist ft. Timber Timbre *

Remember, be safe out there. 

Thanks for listening and see you next week!


Sunday 10 May 2015

CMW 2015 Final Day

Hey everybody!

Not only is it Sunday and the last kick at the can for CMW but it's Mom's Day. Wow, what a week!

To finish off this event and not leave Mom out, there's a great lineup at the Drake Underground including Staasia Daniels or you can treat her to a great dinner at Rancho Relaxo and catch Animalia later in the evening.

Thanks for checking in. It's been a blast!

See you Friday for Ruby Slippers

Friday 8 May 2015

CMW 2015 Day 9 Saturday

Ola, fellow babies!

Coming into the home stretch for another exciting year of CMW. Hope you got some rest from the action packed Friday and are ready to head into the breach again.  

Here are some suggestions:

Horseshoe Tavern Noon until 5:30 for those who are still tired from Friday night
                               Sounds Australia including Tom West Hein Cooper and Twin Lakes

Burdock  PopMontreal Lineup includes Royal Streets, Moss Lime

The Garrison  Kashka, Lady Lamb

The Great Hall Tora, Rich Aucoin, Humans

Handlebar  Animalia and friends

Hard Luck Bar  Volume Knobs, The Nils

The Hideout The Bends and many others

Magpie Taproom   Jon Cohen Experimental

Phoenix Concert Theatre Psychedelic Furs 

Rivoli  Vogue Dots, In Flight Safety, The Brood

Sneaky Dees  Cafeine, Gateway Drugs, death Set, Dead projectionists

Underground Garage Robot Eyes, Modern Hearts

If you see a band not on the suggested list, and were blown away by it, let me know!!

See you for a quiet Sunday finale.

Thursday 7 May 2015

CMW 2015 Day 8 (Friday)

Hey kids,.

Getting a little loopy with all the choice out there?

Maybe a good way to decompress today is to start your day (at noon) with some good old fashioned Aussie BBQ! Oodles of bands at both the Horseshoe and the Rivoli.

Then a nap...and on with the shows!

Bovine Sex Club  Cafeine, Dead Ships and others

Burdock  Gold Complex, Birds of Bellwoods

Hard Luck Bar  King Tuff **** Elephant Stone ****  go early for this one

The Great Hall  Franklin Electric, Torq from Stars (DJ set)

The Hideout  Diemonds, Standstills

Horseshoe  Gateway Drugs, Twin Peaks, Ghost of a Sabre Tooth Tiger (Sean Lennon's band) ***

Lee's Palace  The Dying Arts, Single Mothers, The Flatliners

Mod Club  Diamond Bones

Phoenix Smashing Satellites, Gloryhound

Sneaky Dees  The Little Black Dress, Fast Romantics, Cairo

Velvet Underground Raygun Cowboys, Broncho, and for the nightowls, RETURN FOR REFUND!!!

Or just pick a place on the CMW list, buy a beer or two and enjoy! It's all good.

See you tomorrow

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Ruby Slippers CMW Part 2 May 8 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

This is the final weekend of CMW and there's still loads to do and see. Can't possibly list or play every band in the festival but this is a sampling of what's been and is yet to be.

Get out there, support your local talent, be an ambassador for those who have come from all over the globe to play in our city! And have a beer for me!

Get Lucky (Daft Punk remix) .... Mercurius FM (DJ, producer)
Supernatural ... Roboteyes *
Pile of Gold ... The Blow
My Love, My Sea ... The Black Fever *
Mind Your Manors ... The Bandicoots *
Hideout High ... Flying Museum Band *
Honestly (Say Something) ... The Deadset *
All Debit no Credit ... The Brood *
Strange Dreams ... Lost Cousins *
Oncoming Clouds ... Tom West (Australia)
Paper Planes ... Lost In Film *
The Sound of Settling ... Death Cab For Cutie
Burnin' and Lootin' ... The Johnny Red Eyes *
Those Who Fought ... The Bends *
Loaded Gun ... Gloryhound *
Count Your Bruises ... the Flatliners *

A big thanks to those who supported CIUT and this show during the last membership drive.
If you missed it, you can still donate by going to the website to be eligible for the mountains of free prizes.
(Tell em Ruby Slippers sent ya.)

And as always, thanks for listening.


CMW 2015 Day 7 (thursday)

Hey everybody!

Gotta limit the listings a little bit, as the possibilities get larger in number and it can seem so overwhelming.

If you feel you would like a nudge, consider these. If you are more adventurous, just go with whatever you feel in the moment.

Bovine Sex Club Black Fever, Gateway Drugs, Fat White Family and others.

The Cave The Wild Romantics and Ships Have Sailed plus a host of friends

Cherry Cola Rock n Rolla Isobel Trigger, Deadset, Bleeding Lights et al

Handlebar  Scattered Clouds, Jack Pine and the Fire, more...

The Hideout  The Tungsten Hum, Thought Beneath Film

Horseshoe Tavern  Broncho, Monster Truck ( a fav of Catwoman)

***Lee's Palace *** King Tuff, Twin Peaks

Mod Club  Stuck On Planet Earth, Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts (go early)

Painted Lady   Tom West and crew

Rancho Relaxo  Bloody Diamonds, Go For The Eyes (eww)

Smiling Buddha Amos The Transparent, Fever The Ghost

Sneaky Dees  Bad Girls, Mother Leads

Supermarket  if you missed the Indica Showcase on Wednesday, here's your chance

Velvet Underground  Japanese Tongue Sisters, Bamboo, GingerAle and the Monowhales

If you are a Death Cab fan, it's by concert lottery only at Sony Centre  Best of luck!

See you for (gump!) Friday tomorrow

Tuesday 5 May 2015

CMW 2015 Day 6

The choices are getting harder! Take a deep breath, go with your gut or have someone else do the choosing. Never a dull moment!

Bovine Sex Club how's about the Marvelous Beauhunks? The Sole Pursuit? settle in and let the night  
                             drift by

Burdock (1184 Bloor West)  Indica records Showcase with Hein Cooper/Tora/Elliot Maginot and                                                

Cameron House Greg Mashinter/Flying Museum Band/Jessica Stuart Few and friends

Danforth Music Hall (concert lottery) Walk Off The Earth (it will be all ages)

Drake Underground Secret Broadcast/Slow Down Molasses

Horseshoe Tavern Swervedrive et al.

Opera House buy a ticket for wristbands Xavier Rudd!!! You're welcome

Parts and Labour Techromancer, and Bravestation (insist they play Haven)

Rivoli  Honeyrunners/Mother Leads (love this band)

Supermarket whole mess of good stuff and Diamond Bones

Stay tuned for Day 7!

Monday 4 May 2015

CMW 2015 Day 5 Wowzers!

Greetings, earthlings.

The schedule is back in full swing today with oodles to pick from. Spending way too much time listening to the bands online while makes choices. Try that if you are overwhelmed. It helps, kinda.

Here's the Tuesday picks from yours truly.

Cameron House Wow. A great line up with 1977, Bloody Five, TV Sets, Autopilot and more!

The Garrison (Toronto Women in Music) Another interesting collection of folk including Maya
                        Postepski from Austra DJ set. Check her out on Soundcloud

The Horseshoe Indie 88's Nu Music Night (we won't hold that against them). The Zilis rock hard.

Painted Lady Bride and Groom, Big Name Actors and friends. Hotcha!

Rancho Relaxo Great food, great music. Lost Cousins worth the wait.

Smiling Buddha Cat Clyde and The Dead Bees plus a whole lot more.

Check the website for the full line up. You can't go wrong wherever the night takes you.

See ya tomorrow

Sunday 3 May 2015

CMW Day 4

Hey everybody!

Monday is a work day, so it's an easy choice unless you have the luck of the concert lottery (Of Monsters and Men at Massey Hall, Noel Gallagher at Sony Centre)
Free show at ShangriLa  Cary Shields, or Sneaky Dee's Steven Joseph

Cheers! Back tomorrow

Saturday 2 May 2015

CMW Day 3

Hey everybody!

Sunday is thought by many to be a day of rest.
Four choices is more restful than having to decide between 20, right?

The Garrison go early, there are limited wristbands (or buy tickets) The Blow, Anna Oxygen

Revival Rebel Coast, Navigate The Sky and more

Unless you win the Concert lottery for Noel Gallagher's band (Sony Centre), head to Parks and Labour
for Philly Moves, Johnny Active.

See you tomorrow. Rest up, OK?

Friday 1 May 2015

CMW 2015 Day 2

Hey everybody!

Off to a great start on Day 1, and it just keeps rolling!
Here's some thoughts for Day 2 but everything on the schedule is amazing.

The Bovine hosts Kill Matilda as well as Pool Boy and others

Cherry Cola's Rock 'n Rolla brings us a strong lineup including The Anti-Queens

Hard Luck Bar brings us We Were Sharks, First Ghost and friends

The Horseshoe (limited wristbands) has FIDLAR, Bandicoots and Gingerale and the Monowhales

SilverDollar for those who missed them last night ZOOBOMBS, Mimico, The Disrealis and others

Velvet Underground the Nursery, The Writer's Society and more!

Wish the cloning techology was more practical...

See you tomorrow