Wednesday 28 November 2012

Ruby Slippers Playlist for Dec 1 5-6 pm

Hey everybody,

This list is going up really early as the rest of the week is insanely busy.  The show will air on Saturday Dec 1 from 5-6 pm for the last time, and then it's off to the next frontier of Friday from 7-8 pm.

To help close this chapter our good friend Laura Lawton, Voice for Hire, has returned with her rockin' best, and all things being equal, will be contributing a periodic feature entitled "In Profile" to the show. She is working hard to get interviews with notable musicians from all over, but with a particular love for those in the Canadian music scene.
Anyhow, here is the playlist.  I hope you will follow along with us on Saturday, and in absense of a farewell fruit basket, I offer an amazing and varied show for our listeners in this slot.
Hope you will make the switch with us, but remember, the show is posted at under the title "Ruby Slippers" for a week after it airs in case you miss it.

Here goes....

Blue Monday---Buke and Gase  (another fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Sandy from this duo)
The Weather---Butterfly Boucher
Six Barrel Shotgun---Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (perfect music for running FAST)
Waiting In The Hall---Gord Prior  ( a Laura pick and first interview)
Leave Home---Chemical Brothers
Zombies---Buffalo Brothers (another Laura pick)
Magic---Walk Off the Earth
Only One---Tyson and His Gameboy
Price Paid---Wax Mannequin
Bad Stone---Crystal Method
Dear Can---!!!   (pronounced in my house at least as "Chck, chck, chck")
Cloud of Evil---Blackout Beach
Star---Cuff the Duke
The Only One---One Tribe Nation (the final Laura pick)  (apparently there are two only ones)
Hot Kitty---Tricky Woo  (let's hope time permits)

Well, that's it.  Thanks for following along with me through the first timeslot, and please come by on Fridays.  There's always a surprise or two waiting for you.

Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday 24 November 2012

Ruby Slippers for Nov. 24 5-6 pm

Hey everybody!

Here it is, a very cold day in the city, perfect for sitting by the radio and enjoying some great music!
Some of these are old favs, and I hope you agree they really stand up! ( My brain is frozen..sorry for the short intro...)

Torch Song---Todd Rungren   (for Roger)
Walking In The Woods---The Pursuit of Happiness
Paranoimia---The Art of Noise
The Main Thing----Roxy Music
This is Now----The Knife
My Arms----Bloodgroup
Happiness Is A Warm Gun----Bend Sinister (You KNOW this one!)
Fragile Bird----City and Colour
You Get What You Give----The New Radicals (dance, damn it!)
Instant Karma  (John Lennon Cover)----Cuff The Duke
I Knew I Shouldn't Have Held My Breath----Amos The Transparent
Who's In Control----Filter Free Radio
Always----Army Girls
Roland----The Bicycles
This Crowded Room (Young Galaxy Remix)----Freedom or Death

So there it is.  Don't forget the countdown begins for our move to Friday 7-8 starting December 7th.
See you on Saturday next week...

Thanks for listening.

Friday 16 November 2012

Ruby Slippers Playlist for Nov. 17 5-6 pm

Hey everybody!

Time's a-wasting and in anticipation of tomorrow's special show, I wanted to share the playlist a little early.  Notice anything different?  If you guessed "There's more RAWK than usual" you would be right!!!  There is a special guest this week, the lovely and talented Laura Lawton, who has taken time from her frantic schedule to be part of this week's show.

So without further ado, here it is.

Follow along with the broadcast at CIUT 89.5 FM or by going to the website for a week after the original broadcast, click on Ruby Slippers and voila! The show is there!

30 Rock (Alec Baldwin)---Robots Wearing Sunglasses
Easy---Deer Tick
Won't Go Quietly---Bobnoxious
Mystery to Me---Headstones
Avocadoes---Hot Tea
3 Angels---Headstones  (can never get enough of these CD out in the spring)
Colour of A Man---Hidden Cameras  (don't judge this pairing until you hear it )
I Am Freedom---Monster Truck
Pale Horses---Moby
Cheap Music---Handsome Furs  (this is anything but cheap!)
Wolf Like Me---TV On The Radio   (classic TOTR)
Springs---oOoOO  (witch house/chillwave project from Chris Dexter of San Francisco, check this out on Soundcloud)                                                     

Well kids, that's it for this week.

BIG NEWS!!  Ruby Slippers will be packing its bags and moving in the weeks ahead so stay tuned for all the details.

Thanks for listening!

Friday 9 November 2012

Ruby Slippers Playlist for Nov. 10 5-6 pm

Hey everybody!

Another show another spirited collection of awesome tunes!

Just a heads the next few weeks, the Fates permitting, I will be joined by the lovely and talented Laura Lawton, who will be helping to programme music and include some surprises along the way! If you have yet to meet her, you are in for a real treat!

So without further ado, here is this week's show.

How Long Must I Wait---Dr. Dog (new!)
Caught Me Thinkin'---Bahamas 
Jimmy Jimmy---Born Ruffians
Laser Beams---Wintersleep  (also brand new)
Obedear---Purity Ring  (just can't get enough of this album)
Heat Lightening  (Ghost Loft Remix)---Icky Blossoms  (band is back by popular request)
Papa Don't Preach---Woodhands  (you have never heard this song like THIS!)
Love Makes The World Go Round---You Say Party We Say Die
How Should I Have Known---From East to Exit  (didn't get to this last week...a keeper)
Hard Times---Buke and Gase  (buy this!  It's a benefit for Hurricane Sandy relief from Bandcamp)
This Way Home---Chris Smith
Black July---Joshua James
It Ain't Easy---Slim Twig
Death By Snakebite---Minnesota
Mad World--- Gary Jules  (I love love love this version)

Well, folks, that's it for now.
If you are in Canada, wear your poppy proudly on Nov. 11, and remember those who paid the ultimate price for the peace we now enjoy.

See you next week, same time same station...CIUT 89.5 FM

Thanks for listening!

PS I notice that the entire playlist is in minor keys.  Suitably sombre for the grey day and Nov. 11, I guess.  More sun and cheer next week, promise!

Friday 2 November 2012

Ruby Slippers Playlist for Nov. 3 5-6 pm.

Hey, everybody!!!

A post Halloween playlist to shiver your timbers, or at least shake you up a bit!!!

So without further it is.....

Ukelele Anthem---Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra
    (tell me this doesn't just inspire you to buy a ukelele.  I DARE you!!!)
Blonde and Blue---Headstones
Running With Insanity---Alcoholic Faith Mission
Cry Like A Ghost---Passion Pit  (do you know what the band name means? Too funny)
Ship Going Down (Let's Go! Let's Go!)---Hexes and Ohs
Body Movin'---Lo-Fi   (cool cover)
Enemy Among Us---Paper Route
Un Estado---All Of Your Friends
Spitting Image---Freelance Whales   ( I'm more of a freelance raccoon, actually)
Son Of Volare---Green Palm Radiation  (from Guelph.  Didn't get to this last week so here it is)
She's Disaster---Lovedrug
Door To Door---The Magic
How Should I (Of Known)---From East To Exit
Your Final Setting Sun--- Jason Lytle (from the band Granddaddy)

and finally, a showdown, dependent on listener feedback and time

A Tell Tale Heart---Alan Parsons Project  (ah, Edgar Allan Poe)
I Feel Free---Cream

Hope your All Hallows Eve was a blast!
Thanks for listening and see you next week!