Tuesday 28 October 2014

Ruby Slippers HALLOWEEN Oct. 31/14 7-8 pm

Boo, everybody!

First of all thanks to you all for your support during the Membership Drive. Without donations, the station would not be able to continue to deliver the quality and diversity it has come to be known for over the last 27+ years of operation.  We appreciate every listener and never take you for granted.

If you were unable to donate last week and wish to do so, the online option is still open for an extended period of time. Just go to www.ciut.fm and click on Donate Now. It is never too late to keep the love flowing (and by the by, let them know Ruby Slippers send you)

Now, down to the post membership drive/ municipal election show....it's all about HALLOWEEN!!!

Spooky, scary, silly and so much more. Maybe you need a little background music while the trick or treaters are at the door. Or maybe you just need a reason to move your feet! Either way hope you enjoy the ride.


Bad Things...Jace Everett
The Creature Stole My Surfboard...The Dead Elvi
Cemetary....Headstones *
Ghost Story ... The Diodes *
Banshee Beach ... The Ghastly Ones
Gravewalk ... Satan's Pilgrims
Ropes That Way ... Dirty Ghosts *
Monster Mash ... Boris Pickett & The Crypt Kickers
Haunted BBQ ... The Bats Pajamas *
Day Of The Dead ... Gutter Demons *
The Afterlife ... Yacht
No Costume, No Candy ... The Swingin' Neckbreakers
Smells Like Teen Spirit ... Wintergloves *
Spellwork (Young Galaxy remix) ... Austra *
Tubular Bells ... Book Of Love
Devil Inside (INX cover) ... Beck (played this last year...love it)
LA Woman ... Elephant Stone *

Have a fun and safe night...don't overdose on candy (like anyone ever listens to that advice)

*Terrifying Cancon

Thursday 23 October 2014

Ruby Slippers Membership Show Oct. 24 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

If you haven't supported this show and CIUT yet, it's as easy as one two three.
Just go to www.ciut.fm, click on the donate button and there you are. You didn't help us so magnificently to get the new transmitter in place not to keep the lights on, right? That one time Capital Expense was critical to the existence of this place. Now we are working to get back on track to keep the party going.

So to that end, here's a whole fistful of music, some of which will be on this week's show.

Over The Rainbow ...Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
To The Curb ...GingerAle and the Monowhales *
Headphones ... Mounties *
Crown Victoria ... Amity Beach *
Black Swans ...Cafeine *
People Are Strange ...Camera
Soul Kitchen ... The Black Angels
Midnight Honey ... White Hot Jet *
Bait and Switch ...The Shins
What My Body Yearns ...The Tungsten Hum *
Lonely View ...the Browne Project (contestant on British Idol!!!)
Greenroom ...Cripple Creek Fairies *
Black Corvair ...Chris Page *

Hope to see you tomorrow at 5 pm for more music, passion and craziness

And as always thanks for listening

*Cancon, baby

Friday 17 October 2014

Indie Week Last Night Extravaganza Oct. 19

Hey everybody,

The choices are pretty straightforward at this point.

You can go to The Mod Club to catch all the venue Grand Champions battle it out to pick this year's
Indie Week Toronto representative who will then go on to play at Indie Week Ireland.

Or you can go to the Indie Week closing party at the Bovine Sex Club. You will be joined by last year's Canadian winner, Sumo Cyco, New City Kings from Essex, England, and the Hot Sprockets from Dublin.  Good news, this event comes after the conclusion of the Mod Club event.

So what are you waiting for?

Hope you enjoyed the showcase and will mark it on your calendars for next year.
I know I will.

See you Monday to start CIUT's Fall Membership Drive.

Cheers and beers!

Carol B
Ruby Slippers Radio
Fridays at 7 on CIUT

Indie Week Saturday Oct. 18

Hey everybody!

This is where it gets interesting.
For the last two days of Indie Week, many of the venues will be featuring the winners of the music nights they have hosted thus far. So for Saturday, you can hear a Battle of the Bands at the following places:
Brooklyn Bar, Cherry Cola, Czehoski,
Free Times Cafe, Hideout, Supermarket, Underground Garage and Tota.

There are still showcases of bands other than the winners, though.
These are some to consider when planning your night.

ADELAIDE HALL: Lyon, Diana, Cousins, Parallels (buy ticket in advance, this one will fill up)

BOVINE SEX CLUB: Sketch (EP release) Stuck on Planet earth, Unchained and Anti Queens

DETOUR: Les Mosquitos, The Control Room, UBI & FU (last chance!)

Lou Dawgs: Still Life, Whale Eye, Winter's End and others

BOOTS & BOURBIN: FREE SHOW ***  Moonlight Social, Green Light Morning, The orchard, Amy Metcalfe

PADDOCK TAVERN: Dreadful Starlings, Sole Pursuit, Aukland, etc.

RIVOLI: The Toniks, Micronite Filters, New City Kings  (Ireland and England well represented here)

ROUND VENUE: Bathurst Station, REND, Zameer

But don't take my word for it. Check out the full schedule at www.indieweek.com

Now on to Sunday.


Thursday 16 October 2014

More Indie Week Oct. 17th (Friday)

Hey everybody!

Good Lord!! How to choose? 
Please refer to the Indie Week full schedule for more than what is here, but these are some of the sure fire performances as I see it... Tell me what you think!?!

Menage, Goodnight Sunrise, Dear Love, ***Breached (play this band on the show, love them)

The Toniks, Lipstick Junkies, Stone Iris (Edmonton)

Mayside, Modern Hearts and others

Laugh at The Take, ***Spewgore , special guest (aha some mystery)

Meet The Blue, another chance to see UBI and FU

Mandevilles, Johnny and the Jackals et al

Tungsten Hum (on the show this week), The Deadset

*** SILVER DOLLAR: solid lineup
Waterbodies, GingerAle and the Monowhales (on the show this week) JPNSGRLS, De'Nova

Goliath Paw (recently in Landmark battle of the bands) King Kredible (has been on the show),

Stay tuned for Saturdays line up.

And remember, they are all worth the price of admission, regardless of where you go.
Support Independent music!

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Ruby Slippers Indie Week Oct. 17/14 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Its here! I am posting about some of the awesome bands at this festival, but the show Friday will be entirely Indie Week artists, and it wasn't easy. Why you may ask? Well, because it's nearly impossible to pick from amongst the 250 bands on the roster this year.

So if I have passed by excellent musicians you would like to hear, please please let me know. Promise to include them on upcoming shows.

The Things We Can't Forget...New Design *
Jellyfish ...The Dead Projectionists
(I Wanna Go To) NYC ... The Bloody Five *
Laughing Gas ... JPNSGRLS * (pronounced Japanese Girls)
Cowards In The Castle ... Anti Queens *
Out Of my Head ... Gingerale and the Monowhales
Interceptor ... Sumo Cyco *
Brunin' Into Me ... Stone Iris *
Nothin' But Love ... FU (from UBI & FU - Japan)
Justice ... HAYS (Russia)
Don't You Dare ... Big Name Actors *
White Stallions ... Tungsten Hum *
Circus Song ... LOAD
Hole ...Royal Blood *
Love in My Heart ... The Turks *

No fill in tomorrow, but back next Friday for the Fall Membership Drive.

Please consider supporting this station.

Thanks for listening


Tuesday 14 October 2014

Indie Week 2014

Hey everybody!

Here's some picks for the start of Indie Music here in Toronto.  Hope you can get out to enjoy some new and exciting music or search for the bands on the web. You will not be disappointed!!

Wednesday October 15th

The Hideout: Winter's End, UBI & FU, Sumo Cyco and others (Launch party)

Crawford's: Running Red Lights et al

Thursday October 16th

Adelaide Hall: The Honeyrunners, New City Kings and friends

The Bovine: Riot Club, Lost Cause plus others

Cherry Cola:  Big Name Actors

Detour: Black Dog Ballroom, Art & Woodhouse, Lost Chord

Free Times Cafe:  the amazing Maneli Jamal, Amy Metcalf, HAYS (Russia)

Lou Dawgs:  Cat and the Queen, Winter's End

Boots & Bourbon: (free show) Dead Projectionists, Sea Perry

Supermarket: New Design, Moonlight Social, Peptides

Peacok Bar: We Won The War, The Turks, Language Arts

Round Venue: The Steady Rebels and friends

**** Silver Dollar :  UBI & FU, Fallen Heirs, Blood Five, Canvas ****

Underground Garage:  Stone Iris, Siiines

Stay tuned for more for this wonderful week of music.

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Ruby Slippers for October 10 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Thanksgiving weekend! An extra day to rest for some, mondo family stress for others. Work for even more of us. But a time to count blessings whatever they may be and always keep music in your hearts. Hope you are all safe and with those you cherish.

Here's the playlist for this edition of the show.

Come Outside ... Ty Segall
Whinstone ... Greg Cairns *
GBA ... Xavier Rudd
As The World ... Echolyn
The Walls Are Coming Down ... Fanfarlo
The Side ... Buddy Black and the Ghost Umbrellas *
Lost Forever ... Earth and Fire
Big Shot ... Exxotone *
Young Romance ... Vampire Bats *
Experimental Fiction ... The Danks *
Uh Oh (ft. Serena Ryder) ... Jeremy Fisher *
Shadow Of Love ... Royal Tusks *
Leaves, Tress, Forest ... Dan Mangan *
Ghost Town Ryder ... Tree No Leaves
Heavy Moon ... Elephant Stone *

Be back tomorrow at 5 pm to work up to the turkey dinner ahead.

Thanks for listening.


Wednesday 1 October 2014

Ruby Slippers Oct. 3 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

It's the beginning of an amazing month! Not only is Nuit Blanche this weekend, but fall fairs are everywhere, Thanksgiving, HALLOWEEN (be still my telltale heart) and the Fall membership drive running from October 20th until the 27th. I get tired just thinking about it.
Anyway, this is the playlist for the kickoff week.
Some covers, some new cuts, some vintage cuts... just as exciting as the month ahead.

Ziggy Stardust ... Elliott Brood covers Bowie *
Petroglyph ... Ghost House *
She Knows ... Riot Police * NEW
In The Quiet light ... Eugene Ripper *
Love Song ... The Cure (ahhhhh...)
Chkn ... Ashrae Fax (thanks Kayla at WXUT)
With A Little Help ... Euneverse  cover of Beatles *
To Some It Comes Easy ... Gentleman Reg *
Atoms ... Fast Romantics *
Running After The Game ... Stage Republic
Little Green Bag (!) ... George Baker
Concrete (Fish Out of Water) ... The Revivalists
The Ol' OG ... Ed Harcourt
The Troubles ... U2 (tell me what you think of the new LP)

Tomorrow is another day and another playlist.
Fill in from 5-6pm, hope you can make it!
And as always thanks for listening