Tuesday 30 March 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio April 2 2021 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody.

Hope your long weekend is a wonderful and safe one.

Here is a soundtrack to the start of it.

True Believers ... Black Angels

Consequnece ... Broken Halo *

When You're Gone ... The Bloody Hell *

Poker Lee ... The Royal Gominoes (interview with Melanie and Sigurd from the band)

Moody ... The Royal Gominoes

Silent Trees ... Pentral

Nomad ... Songs of Petrichor

Lately I Believe ... The Sarandons *

Delicate Balance Of All Things ... Beauty in Chaos

Humans ... Ben Sefton *

I'll Wait For You ... Joshua Sade James *

What A Wonderful World ... Shovels and Rope

Soyuz Empire ... Mineral Sands

Thanks for listening

Stay safe!


Tuesday 23 March 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio Mar 26 2021 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody

I'm early but better that than forgetting to post in a timely fashion. LOL

Here is this week's playlist. A lotta jumping around, even for me. Ha! Spring has indeed sprung!

(BTW Bandcamp Friday is next week. Good Friday indeed!)

Middleageless ... Las Venus Electric *

I Want Out ... Danko Jones * (yikes, I do love this guy)

Feel Your Pain ... Cyanide Kiss *

Don't Wait ... JEEN *

Tried To Tell You ... The Weather Station  *

Conversation ... Joni Mitchell *

I Don't Care Anymore ... Taylor Abrahamse *

Remember ... Simon Cameron Fletcher *

10,000 Feet ... Ace of Wands *

The Outside (Phunkstar mix) ... Beauty in Chaos

See You Everywhere I Go ... Don Stevenson *

Everbody Matters ... AV (Ann Vriend) *

Sleep ... Allen Stone

Lying To Myself... BadGuysWin *

Forbidden Colours ... David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto

That's all for now.

Thanks for listening

Stay safe 


Tuesday 16 March 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio Mar 19 2021 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody

Here is the playlist for this week.


He Said She Said (I Wait) ... Monowhales *

Life Like Dream ... Mute Swan (I am really getting into this album)

I Used To Be A Better Man ... Small Sins *

Friends Click ... The Squad (Girl PowR) * (youth power!)

Lost My Job ... Church of Trees *

Waited All Night ... Hewson Grey *

Independence or Death ... Ancient Relic *

My Baby Is Rather High on Cocaine ... The Stone Souls

Kid Gloves ... Las Venus Electric *

Worthy ... Justine Tyrell *

Star Spell ... XinXin

Her We, Here We, Here We Go Forever ... Mogwai

Night Danger (Lovers mix) ... iskwe * (love this track) (actually I do love all of these tracks)

Time ... Brandon Child *

Thanks for listening

Stay safe


Tuesday 9 March 2021

Ruby Slippers March 12 2021 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody

This is being posted early because yours truly has a tendency to forget sometimes to post in real time.

So...this is what is happening on Friday. 

I Want Fire ... Miesha and the Spanks *

Infected ... Teenage Head*

Aliens ... Cigar Club *

Rough, Tough (Doing What I Love) ... Lenne Brothers Band (pic from Melanie, music correspondent)

Lights of the City ... Distant Voices

Til The Next Time I'm In Town ... The Chris Barber Jazz Band ft. Mark Knopfler (Melanie pic)

Jesus' Health Card ... Kess Carpenter *

Upside Down ... Fleece *

Ghost Town ... Delyn Grey * 

Slow Death ... Mo Kenney *

When The World Burns Down ... General Malaise *

Paper Crown ... Tele Novella

Human Machine ... Retrograth

Glass and Leather ... Front Line Assembly *

Boogie ... Lee Paradise *

Thanks for listening.

Stay safe.



Tuesday 2 March 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio March 5 2021 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody

I am posting this playlist before the show to avoid a delay like last week. 

Here it is!

Party's Over ... Laced In Lust

Spectres ... God Is An Astronaut

Gone and Run Away ... Taming Sari *

Took Me For Granted ... Eclecticus *

Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover) ... Blue Vervain

Everywhere (FM cover)(as in Fleetwood Mac) ... The Boom Tang Boys ft. Katrina Anastasia *

Iris (GooGoo Dolls cover) ... Phoebe and Maggie

Coyote ... Monique Barry * 

Moon Palace ... Trash Humanica (intro for both by Melanie Poel, our German music correspondent)

Gilded Halls ... Trash Humanica 

Good Place to Hide (At The Time) ... Partner *

Closer To The Heart ... Rush *

Outer Space (I'm Coming Home) ... F-105 *

Right Now ... Sophie and the Giants

Interposition (extro) ... Jeff Pennachio *

Thanks for listening

Stay safe