Thursday, 25 April 2013

This Just In...Ruby Slippers

It's the band that keeps on giving.

Here's their commemorative poster, by none other than Mickey Valenz, drummer, visual and spoken word artist, and bon vivant.

That's 6 pm their time, 7 pm our time.  (Curse that trans Canada time shift!)

Later, gators.

Septembryo's Picks

Hey everybody,

What do bands listen to when they aren't doing their own music?

Two weeks ago, we heard from Elise Epp, and her interesting selections, including Kate Bush, Owen Pallett, Petty Victories and Sidney York.

For this week's show, Mickey Valenz and Michael 8 picked a very different collection, some of which  will be played right after the interview.

Here is the full list.

Closer to the Edge...30 Seconds to Mars
Calls to Arms...Angels and Airwaves
Time is Running Out...Muse ***
1983...Neon Trees
Digital Sea...Thrice
Keep Your Teeth Sharp...Mr. Fogg
Sic Transit Gloria...Brand New
Professional Griefers...deadmau5
Jenny Was A Friend of Mine...The Killers
Midnight City...M83
23...Jimmy Eat World
Beating Heart Baby...Heat Automatica
Say It Ain't So...Weezer  (I personally love this one)
Paralyzed...The Used ***
Miami...Taking Back Sunday

Interesting! (The two with the *** are the ones on the show)


Ruby Slippers for April 26 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

I am really excited to tell you that finally, after all the missteps and waiting, the interview with Michael 8 from the Calgary band, Septembryo, is happening!  Lots of questions, lots of answers and things left to think about.  ALSO, two brand spankin' new cuts from the upcoming album, "iBelieve". You heard them here first!

Anyhow, this is the playlist for tomorrow (a bit later than normal, I will grant you, but I was waiting on the final say from the band) and of course, with live radio, I will not know how much time we have until we have it.  Or don't have it, as the case may be.
Will play as much as possible, but what isn't played tomorrow, will no doubt appear in a week or two.

Here goes

Song for Zula...Phosphorescent
I Want to Believe (X Files Cover)...Septembryo  (available as a free download on their website)
(Interview part one)
iBelieve....Septembryo (new cut)
(Interview part two)
Alarm Clock...Septembryo (new cut)
(Possibly a part three?)
Time is Running Out...Muse (Septembryo's pick)
Paralyzed...The Used (Septembryo's pick)
Night Jogger...Those Darlins
Deadbeat...Lightning Love
The Hiding Place...Sanctification parade

To find out more about the band, just hop on over to their website at
or follow them on Twitter @Septembryo

And hey, after all this fun, you could just head over to the Rivoli to hear another great artist Jon Davis.
Admission and CD at the door, just by emailing me at

Coolest start to the weekend ever!

And as always, thanks for listening!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

In Between Days...FREE TICKETS

Hey everybody,

I am lucky enough to have been offered tickets and CDs for a Friday performance at the Rivoli on Queen West here in Toronto. The artist is Jon Davis, who we have actually played on the show.
If you love James Taylor and to my ear, Sam Roberts, you will definitely enjoy Jon's work.

All you gotta do is email me at by Thursday of this week, and I will set you up with the tix and swag.

Easy, right?
So what are you waiting for?

Back with the playlist for this week soon, and don't forget, our phone interview with the Calgary band "Septembryo" is also coming up Friday.  Gonna be a great day all around!

Thanks for listening.

Friday, 19 April 2013

TODAY is the Day!!! Ruby Slippers Playlist for Membership Drive

Hey everybody,

I don't know how much of this I will get through given that tonight is my MEMBERSHIP SHOW
so get those dialling fingers going and call 416-946-7800 or donate online at (click on "Donate Now" and follow the prompts)  I would love to hear from you from 7-8 pm and may even put you on the air!

So, time pending here, it is:
Call You A Hole... (mashup) by ToTom
You Get What You Give...New Radicals
Big Blue Wave...Hey Ocean!
Long Division...Death Cab for Cuties
All Yr Songs...Diamond Rings
Lose It...Austra
I Heart johnny...Christer
The Last Day Of Summer...Johan Agebjorn
Start It up...Die Mannequin
Hungry, Hungry Hi Hats...White Coals
Sugar Sugar...Holiday
Don't Leave Without Us...Immaculate Machine
no Excuses...Breached
Girls' Night Out...The Knife

I will be jumping all around with this.  Hang on for a wild ride.
And as always, thanks for listening.


Monday, 15 April 2013

My Pre-Membership Drive Gift to You

Hey everybody,

While hanging around the dining room table with one of my favorite people in the world, I was introduced to these mashups.  Now, you may have already heard this one:  

(a clever mashup of NIN's Head Like a Hole and CRJ's Call me Maybe),

but have you heard this one?

the complete inverse of the previous one?

Just because I love ya!

Later, gators!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

In Between Days April 13

Hey everybody,

Many many thanks to our special cohost last night, Elise Epp, who's EP "Brain Hearts and Stomachs" made an appearance on the playlist in a big way.  She is not only an amazing singer and songwriter but also a story teller extraordinaire!

The EP launch will be at the Supermarket in Kensington Market on April 25, and there are shows dates coming up for Ontario and Quebec.

Hope to see you there, and as always thanks for listening!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

In Between Days for April 10

Hey everybody,

For those of you who have never heard Jordon Jesse GO! you missed out on a real podcast treat.
It's no longer in existence, but, and pay close attention to this, there is a new podcast in town by Jesse Thorn called Bullseye.

The link to it is here:

It's silly and insightful and as the title would suggest, MAXIMUM FUN.

So that's today's gift from me to you.

Carry on. See ya Friday.

Ruby Slippers for April 12 with Elise Epp

Hey, everybody,

This is a very special week as the show will be co hosted with Elise Epp, back from a tour of Western Canada.  The playlist incorporates some of her favorite tracks as well as music from her recently released EP, "Brains, Hearts, and Stomachs" available at

Brains, Hearts, and Stomachs cover art

You can also find out more about Elise by going to her website

This is going to be fun!

Dirty Summer...Mother Falcon
Flare Gun...Owen Pallett *
Delia and the Sculptor...Elise Epp
Hyperballad...Bjork *
What Does It Cost...Petty Victories *
Math and fractions...Sidney York *
The Big Sky...Kate Bush *
F-A-E...Elise Epp
Half Hearted Apology...Dean Fields
Fragile...Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk
Cynthia...Elise Epp

All selections with an *  are Elise's picks

As always, thanks for listening!

And don't forget to log on to to make your membership donation for this and other shows
on CIUT, the last community station in the GTA!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

In Between Days

Hola, fellow babies,

I'm hard at work on the show with guest host  Elise Epp, but for those of you who are feeling like something new, here it is.  Jus Frais of Robots Wearing Sunglasses is in the throes of putting together a new project.

Check these tracks out here:

Who can resist a chopped up Bieb? Hmmm?

Later 'gators......


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Ruby Slippers Playlist for April 5 7-8 pm

Hey Everybody!

Another week closer to spring ('cause, really?, this weather isn't spring) and we may embrace the sun and crisp air during the day, but it's nice to be able to come indoors and listen to some music, am I right?

So here's this week's list.
And, remember,  next week is an amazing show with co host musician Elise Epp, not to be missed!

Car Song...Elastica  (I don't think we got to this last week)
Be Together, Chopsticks Baby...debRa 666
Jeered By Minor Demons...Atlas Strategic
I Feel Free...Cream  (yup, that Cream!)
Your Lucky Day In Hell...Eels (another orphan from last week...sigh)
Baby Shoes...The Hollow Threads  (love this band)
Alive Until Saturday Night...Hexes and Ohs
Of Space and Time...City and Colour (new)
Square Circles (ft. Matisyahu)...Moon Taxi
Medulla Oblongata...Buke and Gass  (true innovators, check them out)
Paint it Black...Eric Burdon and War
Esurient...The Voodoo Bunnies (can't get enough of this band)
Crystal Ball (Young Galaxy Remic)...Grimes
Modern Man...Arcade Fire

It's a long list...and as you know we may have to cut a few. But there's always next week!

Thanks for listening

SPRING MEMBERSHIP DRIVE  in Two weeks!  Please donate to this program by going to

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Hey everybody,

Don't worry, the week's playlist is coming in the next day or so, but I just wanted to remind y'all that our membership drive is coming up the week of April 15.  CIUT depends so much on support from the community, not only financially but also to show the licence powers-that-be that community radio continues to be a vital part of society  for music lovers, and also for those interested in spoken word programming that would otherwise never be aired. in to the station during the week of the drive (during Ruby Slippers would be amazing) or donate online at And remember to say that Ruby Slippers sent ya.

I personally will be manning the phones throughout the week, and would love to connect with you, the listeners.

Much love, and thanks for listening!