Thursday 25 April 2019

Ruby Slippers April 26 2019 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

This is the last week of April (spring? are we there yet?) and with that comes CMW in two weeks and the CIUT membership drive and all sorts of amazing stuff ahead. Hang on, it's going to be good. kick this period of high octane off, we have a special treat.

Nikki from the popular "Everything and the Kitchen Sink" podcast has put together a capsule playlist from her #NoPantsRecordStoreShopping feature on Twitter. This is just a sampling of the curated list she generates regularily and in fact, tonight's show is one day before this month's new edition.
If you are not familiar with #NoPants, the premise is that each hour for a full day  tweets with  hyperlinks to  bands will appear at @IsGlobalAGoGo giving everyone a chance to support artists digitally. A Godsend for folks from remote communities without access to bricks and mortar record shops as well as those of us who prefer to go shopping for our music in our pjs!
Those selections are noted in the playlist below as well as how you can follow along on April 27th.

Ready? Let's go!

Parasol ... The Velvet Ants *
Heroes (Killers) ... Pterodactyl Problems *
Kick Fix ... Kutch *
The Beat My Heart Skips ...Dove Pilot *
Best Time ... In The City *

#No Pants Record Shopping starts NOW:

Your Love Fades Away ... Simone Denny *
Dead of Night ... Orville Peck
Eye 2 Eye ...Witching Waves
Bella Ciao ... Alex Jonestown Massacre
Plastic Ocean ... Sugarmen
Crimson Telephone ... The Coathangers
Itching Brains ... Shaking Heads
Spider Web Pt. 1 ... The Budos Band
Fearless ... Flying Horses *

Thx so much Nikki! Just the tip of the iceberg

And then there is
Land of Make Believe ....Moody Blues
Beautiful Trap ... The Spoons *
Kali Imminent ... Sounds Around *
Orange County Lumber Truck ... Frank Zappa

Thanks for listening.

Twitter: You can follow Nikki at @IsGlobalAGoGo

Thursday 18 April 2019

Ruby Slippers April 19 2019 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody

Good Friday indeed! CIUT never sleeps or takes time off so here is a playlist to send you on your way this weekend, whether it's on an adventure or staying put.

Hello Reality ... Caffiends
Notes From A Parole Hearing ... I Can Put My Arm Back On You Can't *
Why She Gotta ... Pete Van Dyk and the Second Hand Band*
Accountant's Dream ... Entire Cities *
Devil In A Dream (Tiny Desk submission NPR) ... Makar
Rut and Nuzzle ... Snowblink *
Fear Of Missing Out ... Hein Cooper
Feel Good ... Goodnight, Sunrise *
Final Curtain for a Drama Queen ... The Wet Secrets *
It Ain't Easy ... Slim Twig*
Lowrider ... Tom Boy *
A-P-O-C-A-L-Y-P-S-E ... Hank Pine, Lily Fawn *
Theme from Silver Bullets ... Def Con Sound System *
Suvi ... Jesus Cmplxx *
Paranoimia ... Art Of Noise

Thanks for listening.
See you next week


Thursday 11 April 2019

Ruby Slippers April 12 2019 7-8pm

Hey hey everybody,

OK this weather is getting old. I am staying indoors listening to music until June.
Here's the playlist.

Don't Leave Without Me ... Immaculate Machine *
Next Life ... In My Coma *
We Could Be here ... The Hollow Threads
It's Already Been Done ... Drugs In Japan *
Go Van Gogh ... Eugene Ripper *
It's All Over ... Headstones  *
Galaxy 500 ... Eve Hell and the Razors *
Fragile Bird ... City and Colour *
Killer of Dragons ... The High Dials *
In Bed With Yesterday ... Ballroom Babies *
Skidmarks on My Heart ... The Go Gos
Liar Liar ... Goodnight, Sunrise *
Ship Going Down (Let's Go Let's Go) ... Hexes and Ohs *
You Got The Rock ... Christian DeArmond *
Rock and Roll ... Led Zeppelin
Self Fulfilling Prophecy ... Christian Andersen
Balloons...The Golden Dogs *

Thanks for listening.


Wednesday 3 April 2019

Ruby Slippers April 5 2019 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

A new month and more great music to explore.

Saw Mill....Blue Stones*
Baby I Hate You ... The BB Guns *
Undone ... Soft Science
One Miserable Summer ... Dragon Welding
Fool's Gold ... Def Con Sound System* (new)
Drifting on a Summer's Night ... Deep Dark Woods *
Letter ... Dizzy Mystics * (new)
Festival ... Dungen
Koo Koo ... Anna Domino
Come On and Love Me ... Young Doctors in Love * (new)
Houdinin Crush ... Buke and Gase
Blue Imelda ... Final Fantasy *
Run On ... Moby

Thanks for listening