Thursday, 27 December 2018

Ruby Slippers December 28th ft. Bernard Frazer 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Nothing says holidays like family and friends. So to that end, I have as a guest host a special friend, Bernard Frazer, and his daughter who will be strolling down memory lane  as well as  introducing a new and exciting project.

Buckle up kids, it's going to be a wild ride!

Hi ... Xiu Xiu
O My Heart ...  Mother Mother *
Listen 2 Love ... Andrew Matchett (Church of Trees) *
X ... Xray Eyeballs
Blitzkrieg Bop ... The Ramones
Another Girl, Another Planet ... Screwed *
Rebel ... Viletones *
Never Speak of It Again ... The Holiday Crowd *
The Passenger ... Iggy Pop
Romantic Traffic ... Spoons *
Scream In Silence Rpversion ... Tara Holloway

Let's see how this plays out... LOL

Thanks for listening and see you next year.


Thursday, 20 December 2018

Ruby Slippers Xmas Xtravaganza Dec. 21 2018 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

Here it is, the playlist to end all Xmas playlists.
Thanks for staying with me throughout this roller coaster of a year.

Enjoy responsibly!

Present Face ... Garfunkel and Oates
Mele Kalikamaka ... Mina
I Believe in Santa Claus ... The Mills Brothers
The Dollyrots Do Christmas ... The Dollyrots
Christmas Blues ... Arrogant Worms * (there is a word that sounds like something that isn't really)
Hang a String of Lights ... Great Lake Swimmers *
Last Christmas ... The Nursery *
Frank the Christmas Turkey ... Antsy McClain and co.
A Ukulele for Christmas ... Ukulele Lee *
Happy Christmas ... The Jingles *
Christmas Time Is Here ... Sarah McLachlan ft. Diana Krall *
On this Christmas Eve ... Dream Aria *
What Christmas Means to Me ... Stevie Wonder
White Noise ... Mind Cinema (not Xmas...just checking to see if you were paying attention)
Little Drummer Boy ... White Heart
Sing for Kwanzaa ... Sultans of String *
White Christmas ... Jingle Cats

And if you haven't heard this and I don't get to it
Check out Christmas Rhapsody on Youtube by Pledge Drive.
You'll be glad you did.

Ho ho ho.

Be safe and always be kind.


Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Ruby Slippers December 14 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Still not totally on board for Xmas so I am just giving you one track.
Next week will be another story though.

Hope you are enjoying the excitement and good will that comes with this time of year. (Hence the first track LOL)

You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch ... Ahmed Zappa and Dweezil Zappa
Change My Ways ... Headstones *
Shakin House Blues ... Catl *
Heavy On Me ... Zeus *
Empathy ... The Crooked * (new)
All The Way From Memphis ... Mott The Hoople (not so new)
George ... Headless Chickens
Drank Too Much Wine ... Mr. Goshness*
Muscles and Puzzles ... Elise Epp *
Into Giants ... Patrick Watson *
Set Fire ... Carina Round
Complaint Department ... Lykke Li
Six O'Clock ... Lovin Spoonful

Thanks for listening


Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Ruby Slippers December 7 2018

Hey everybody!

First of all I want to thank Catwoman for filling in last week in my hour of need. I am sure you had a good show to listen to.

And here I am back with a classic playlist. Still finding my way at present but promise there will be a Christmas show on the last Friday before the big day.

BTW hope you have all gone to see "Bohemian Rhapsody". Can't claim to be a music lover without knowing the story about this amazing band and it's iconic front man.

Hammer To Fall ... Queen
Pretty Garden ... Will Black *
Talking To Myself ... Big Name Actors *
Half of Something Else ... Airborne Toxic Event
Dk/Pi ... Aero Flynn
Right Back Where We Started From ... Amity Beach *
Epidemic ... Animal Confession *
Games Without Frontiers ... Peter Gabriel
City With No Children ... Arcade Fire *
Where U Goin ... Arkells *
You Are A Dragon ... The Black and White Years
Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes ... Kevin Ayers
Elevator Music ... Beck
The Taking ... Within Rust *
Fate ... Todd Rundgren
Show Must Go On ...Queen

Things may change. Who knows for sure.

Thanks for listening

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Ruby Slippers November 23 2018 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

Back after the membership drive. Thanks to all who donated to the station and particularly during this show. There is still time and all you have to do is go to and click on "Donate". (Don't forget to tell them Ruby Slippers sent ya!)

Anywho, here is the playlist for this week. If all goes well there is also a mystery guest dropping in, guitar in hand. You never know what's up around here.

Honest Liar ... Almighty Rhombus *
Beat The Heart ...Tallies *
Hi Ho Silver Lining ... Jeff Beck
Steady On ... Teen Ravine *
Over Again ... Hein Cooper
Orange ... Moscow Apartment *
The Big Ego ... Mr. Goshness *
Kill The Lies ... Sven Gali * (yes, that Sven Gali)
Cytherina Descent ... Loaf (not the Canadian one)
Evil Town ... The Vines
Rap Hundred and Nine: Gorilla Radio ...Jesse Dangerously ft. Rae Spoon *
Heartbeat ... Grown Up Avenger Stuff
Sabbath ... Evi Vine
So What (Miles Davis remix) ... In Fiction
Over The Rainbow ... Celtic Woman

Thanks for listening!


Thursday, 15 November 2018

Ruby Slippers November 16 2018 Membership Show

Hey everybody!

It's here again, the second, no make that THIRD most magical time of the year **


I know this whole playlist will not be played. I will try and limit my talking as long as you call in but the way it works, I do have to let you know the phone numbers and for new listeners, share why the station is important and on the air.

I will play what we don't get to and more next week. Always appreciate your support!

Here is what I have

Gotta Ride On ... Fast Orange *
Dance (In Your Face remix) ... Acid Test *
Jaws Theme 2 ... Jean Daddy *
You're So Boring ... The Wolfe *
Neil Young ...Jock Tears *
Down Again ... Deep Sea Gypsies *
Scream In Silence ... Tara Holloway *
Mirror Song ... Burning House
Ding Dong ... Klaus Nomi
Lovers In A Dangerous Time ... Twilight Fields *

Thanks for listening

for donation:

* Cancon

**First most wonderful time: Halloween
Second is Christmas.


Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Ruby Slippers November 9 2018 INDIE WEEK TORONTO

Hey hey everybody!

Wow, how time flies! Back in the festival groove with Indie Week 2018. Had the usual hard time picking music for the show (there is only so much you can do in 54 minutes) so don't just go by this.
Check out the website (http://www. and explore venues, live music and the bands online.
Trust me, you'll be glad you did. Then email me and tell me all about your favorites.


Seen A Ghost ... The Black Fever *
So Irresistable ... Loaf *
Devil Woman ... The Love Tongues *
Bring On The Darkness ... The Electric Dead *
Who The Hell ... Double Experience *
Bury Us Young ... Menage *
Tree Trunks ... Basement Revolver *
Numb ... Civil Wray *
Two Homes ... Tree Museum *
Always Remind You ... Mind Cinema
Scary Waves ... Baltimore
Keith Richards ... Vinyl Hero *
Love on Strike ... The Tins
Heartbeat ... Grown Up Avenger Stuff
Cowards In The Castle ... The Anti Queens *
Honest Liar ... Almighty Rhombus *
Dance (In Your Face remix) ... Acid Test *

Won't make them all tonight but promise to play what isn't next week for the MEMBERSHIP DRIVE!!!!

Man I am going to need a vacation soon.

Thanks for listening


Thursday, 1 November 2018

Ruby Slippers November 2 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Got thorough Halloween? Coming off the sugar rush? Man it can be a hard landing sometimes....

So make a cup of tea, push the salad around the plate one more time and give this playlist a listen.

Blackout Love ... The Caster Troys *
We Don't Need Money to Have a Good Time ... The Subways
Complicated ... The Cliks *
Voodoo Voodoo ... The Venus Fly Trap
Boris the Spider ... The Who
Dense ... Whispering Sons
Better When You're Close ... Blonde Diamond *
Sunsets on Your Mind ... The Pink Elephants *
(Famous ... Blonde Diamond * we'll see how time goes)
Ordinary Times ... Cinema 90 ft. Jahlicious and  T Minus
Suffer ... Clara Venice*
Rivers ... Destroyer  *
Someday ... Moby Grape
Fanny Sketch ... Ty Segall (new)
Total Eclipse ... Klaus Nomi
Quiet Men ... Ultravox

Let's see how this plays out...

Next week... INDIE WEEK!!!!!

Thx for listening
#loveyourradio #TOmusiccity


Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Ruby Slippers Spooktacular Oct. 26 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everyone!

It's that time of year, MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY! yes, it's Halloween and this is the Spooktacular show for 2018.

There are some old favorites from years gone by as well as  a few new tracks which have nothing to do with the occasion (they're just that good).

So sit back, grab the candy corn and enjoy.

The Halloween Dance ... Reverend Horton Heat
Monster Mash ... The Dollyrots
Cemetary ... Headstones *
Old Ghosts ... Jethro Tull
Sick of This Shit ... Evil Elvis *
The Worm Is Calling ... Moonwood *
Devil Inside ... INXS  (check out Beck's cover as well)
Wicked and Weird ... Buck 65 *
Smells Like Teen Spirit ... Winter Gloves *
Yesterday When I Was Young ... Eric & The Soo * (newwwww)(was that spooky enough?)
Satellites ... Clara Venice * (also new)
The Raven ... Alan Parsons  (not sure which one yet)
I Want To Believe ... Septembryo *
The Afterlife ...YACHT (of course, this is a tradition)
The Time Warp ... Richard OBrien, Patricia Quinn etc.

Thanks for listening. Be safe out there.


credit: Vintage Everyday

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Ruby Slippers October 19 2018 ft. Mark Tara, Santino, Roy De Vos and Lynx from Random Order

Hey everybody!

This week on the show, Mark Tara from Rainbow Country is joining Ruby Slippers along with some outstanding local musicians to talk about the trials and tribulations of indie music, their inspirations, making music videos and the place of the LGBT community in the music industry.

They have graciously submitted their original tracks.

This preliminary list also includes material from some of my favorite artists. Let's see how far we get.......

Enjoy! (BTW the entire list is Canadian)

Different Love ...Mark Tara * (in studio)
Dependent ft. Owen Pallet ... Light Fires (Gentleman Reg) *
IOU ... Santino * (in studio)
You Can Dance ... Rae Spoon *
Catcher ... Roy De Vos * (in studio)
This Is Not a Test ... Carole Pope *
Black Lipstick Kiss ... Random Order * (Lynx in studio)
Number One ... Mark Tara *

 Special thanks to Mark for organizing this and getting everyone under one roof.

Thanks for listening. Next week THE SPOOKTACULAR Halloween show.


Thursday, 11 October 2018

Ruby Slippers October 12 2018 ft. Din from F-105

Hey everybody!

Done with the turkey hangover?

Here is the special surprise guest host playlist from our very own wandering minstrel, Din from F-105!

Ain't No Giving Up ... Chronixx
Salvation ... The Soles *
Red Skin Girl (ATCR remix) ... Tribe Called Red *
Rebel Girl ... F-105 *
Desert Planet (Steel & Gold mix) ... F-105 *
Isis ... Bob Dylan
Viljo and Elsa ... F-105 *
Watching The Wheels ... John Lennon
Let It Go (It's A New Day) ... F-105 *
Northern Air ... Elliott Brood *
Mileage ... F-105 *
Last Moment ... F-105 *

and maybe more?

Anywho, let's see how this rolls!

Many thanks to Din for coming into the studio and as always, thanks for listening.


Thursday, 4 October 2018

Ruby Slippers Oct. 5 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Happy October to one and all and for those of us celebrating Thanksgiving, well, there is much to be thankful for.

Hope this playlist starts your  weekend off on a positive note.


(How Can I Keep You) Outta Harm's Way ... King Khan & The Shrines *
What You Said Last Night ... The Midways *
Black Widow ... The Matadors *
Shoreline Stares Part 1 ... Andrew McPherson *
Shoreline Stares Part 2 ... Andrew McPherson *
Sweet As A Rose ... Eugene Ripper*
Perfect Storm ... Van Halst *
Hunger ... Anthems In Ashes *
All Along The Watchtower ... Afterhere
Aqueous Transmission ... Incubus
How Long ... Mauno *
Hurdy Gurdy Man ... Donovan
Tubular World ... Mike Oldfield
Raven Girl ... The Room In The Wood

Thanks for listening

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Ruby Slippers September 28 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

It was a real long process this week, back and forth, back and forth.
But it's finally here and I gotta say, I really like it.
Hope you do too.

11am ... Incubus
I've Lost My Mind ... Andrew McPherson *
Primary ... The Cure
She Turned Into A Zombie ... The Screamagers *
Go Van Gogh ... Eugene Ripper * (new!)
Permanent Honeymoon ... Teen Ravine * (new)
Just You and Me ... Bravestation *
Listen 2 Love ... Church of Trees * (Graflex remix) (new)
Big Time Sensuality ... Bjork
Set Fire To Your Friends ... The Box Tiger *
The Long Way Home ... Talk Show Host * (new)
Curtain Call ... HITMAN * (new)
We're Off You Know ... Klaatu *
Time Travellers ... Eric & The Soo * (new)
Waking Dream ... The Black and White Dreams
Storm ... Beauty in Chaos

That's it!
Thanks for listening

BY THE WAY ... if you donate early to the membership drive, coming up in November, you will be entered into an awesome draw for some very cool tickets.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Ruby Slippers for September 21 2018

Hey everybody

Despite the heat and swampy weather, it's here! The Fall Equinox!

Let's celebrate!

In The Dark ... Reignwolf *
Drive ... CATL * (new!)
I Put  Spell on You (cover)... The Kills
Burning Forever ... Roy
Bubble Boy ... The Pink Elephants * (new!)
Marathon ... Enrights * (new!)
Silverado ... Dreamgirl
Bones ... Roy's Bag * (Halifax!)
Strange Days ... The Doors (not Halifax!)
Shooting Star ... Clara Venice *
The Hitman ... House of Daggers *
See Ya later Alligator ... Jock Tears *
Corrupt Principles ... Cyanide Kiss *
Gun Street ft Tom Waits (remix) ... InFiction

Thanks for listening! and as always thanks to the artists who have so generously shared their music with this show.

You can hear shows from days gone by here:


Thursday, 13 September 2018

Ruby Slippers September 14 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Can't really give you a definitive playlist as there is a cohost in place but the list he picked is here and we will no doubt put together the list on the fly!

Will reorder after the fact but here is it, as per Christian D!

Ziggy Stardust ... Bauhaus
Release the Bats ... The Birthday Party
Vampire Rocker ... Christian D and the Hangovers *
Cornfed Dames ... The Cramps
Long Snake Moan ... PJ Harvey
Dive ... Christian DeArmond and Helena Berlin *
Blood on the Frozen Sand ... Christian and the Sinners *
Frozen Sand Interlude ... Christian DeArmond *
Wicker Man ... Bubaiskull *
Environmental Blues ... Christian and the Sinners *
Heart's Gonna Bleed ...  Christian and the Sinners *
Church ... Christian and the Sinners *

The EP "The Perversion of Something Good" goes into general release SOON !!!!!

Thanks for listening and a special thanks to Christian D for dropping by.

If you are curious about this track, here it is.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "The Curse of Millhaven"

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Ruby Slippers September 7 7-8 pm 2018

Hey everybody!
Yikes! it is right and truly September now and fall is upon us, I don't care what the weather guy says.
Coming in with some pretty heavy stuff, a few covers, two new tracks. And classic Donovan.
See for yourself.

Divide ... The Slyde *
St. Paul and Queen ... The Lucky Ones *
Touch Me ... Clinic
Sweet C.C. ... Ty Segall
Blue Flower/Blue Frame ... Destroyer *
Mirror North ... WHOOP-Szo *
Hello I Love You ... Dark Horses
Season of the Witch ... Donovan
I Like Hanging Out With You ... Virtue Signals (new)
Yada Yada Yada ... Royal Chant
Burn The Witch ... Radiohead
Born In The USA ... Ben Sir *
Love and Fidelity ... Death Party Playground *
Launch Code ... Luau or Die *
Army Green ... Single Mothers * (new)
Little Lightmaker ... Linda Em (new)
Sniffer's Row ... White Star Line *
Our Imaginary Past ... Circle

How's about that?
Thanks for listening


Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Ruby Slippers August 31 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everyone,

End of the summer, Labour Day weekend, let's get going with a stellar playlist!

Small World ... The Coyote Men
Death Wolf ... Death on Two Wheels
Bruised Broken Beaten ... Controller, Controller *
Summer Child ... 1990future *
Where Do You Go To Give up ... Cold Dead Hands*
I'd Do Anything for Love (but I won't do that) ... Dom Fricot * (new)
Fragmented ... Vault * (new)
Float the Flood ... Ace of Wands *
Cherry Pie ... Ponytails *
Seven Tools ... Kill No Albatross * (new)
A New Sunrise ... greg clarke * (new)
Thrones ... The Dears *
Jeepster ... T. Rex
Bollywood ... Dreamgirl
Ready To Go (Your Own Way) ... InFiction

(Sing along now) "See you, in September"!

Thanks for listening


Thursday, 23 August 2018

Ruby Slippers August 24 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Here we are, finally, a day or two of more comfortable weather signalling a change in season and the return to business as usual.

Never fear, music is here! let's see the summer out with a load of great tunes.

Gonna Move ... Dodge Fiasco * (new) Tickets for the show September 8 up for grabs, but you have to listen!
Stand up ... The Cola Heads *
Life Gary Numan (Graflex remix) ... Church of Trees * (new remix)
Cheetah on Drugs ... Brother Octopus *
Resistance ... The Franklin Electric *
Money Changes Everything (Cyndi Lauper cover) ... Ought * (new)
Resurrection Joe ... The Cult
Freaking Out ... Death
Empathy ... Crystal Castles *
Sisters of the Moon ... Craig Wedren & St. Vincent
Life is A Long Song ... Jethro Tull
Bog Oak ... Moonwood * (new)
Metanoia ft/ Clara Venice ... ill.Gates
Tubular Bells (Oldfield cover) ... InFiction (new)

Thanks for listening!


Thursday, 16 August 2018

Ruby Slippers on August 17 2018

Hey everybody,

How's it going? Who needs to go to a tropical climate with this summer in the GTA?

This week has some goth-y stuff as well as new tracks from Canadian artists, maybe a little more electronic than usual.

And.... (drum roll please) HASH PIPE by none other than TOTO!!!!!!!

You're welcome

Lost ... The Deadset *
Heart Attack (CSS Remix) ... The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Vegas Nightmare ... Atomik Circus *
Alone In This World ... Patrick Watson *
Alchemy .... James Kasper * (new and first spin anywhere!)
Someone Fixed the Game ... Wax Mannequin * (new)
Feed On Me ... Jon Cohen Ex(perimental) * (new)
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds ... The Beatles
Strangelove ... Dicepeople (new)
Born Under Gothic Arches ... Dead Red Velvet *
Goodbye Horses ... Synths Versus Me (new)
The Hound ... Palm Ghosts (new)
Leaf ... Audio Lava*
Hash Pipe (Weezer cover) ... TOTO


Thanks for dropping by.


Thursday, 9 August 2018

Ruby Slippers August 10 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

How's it going?

This playlist was hard, really hard. Can't put my finger on it, can't tell you why.
In the end, though, the music just came together and in many ways reflects the ebb and flow of the week.
Hope you enjoy.
Thanks for listening.

Loop di Loop ... Shonen Knife
I Don't Mind ... We Are Wolves *
Falling In Love Is For Young People ... The Hoa Hoa's *
Cheery Bomb ... The Runaways
Friends of Mine ... The Zombies
Revolution 1 ... The Beatles (like this more mellow version of the classic)
Maybe Tomorrow ... F&M *
My Great Grandpa ... Friendly Rich *
Lion's Share ... Sisyphus
Jericho River ... Christian and the Sinners * (new EP)
I Can't Sleep at Night (cover) ... The Deadly Snakes *
Elevator ... The Deadcats *
Degraded ... Preoccupations *
Trash ... Deer Tick
Two Steps Back ... Running Violet *
Pour Tous Jours ... The Dollyrots

See you next week


Thursday, 2 August 2018

Ruby Slippers August 3 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Crazy July, hoping for more uplifting times ahead.

New month, some new music. Here we go.

Some Girls ... Lisa Fischer
Voodoo ... Allen Stone
Environmental Blues ... Christian and the Sinners *
Body of Work ... david contin * (new, first of many tracks this month from this guy)
Got My Mojo Working ... Hank Davis *
Downtown Train ... Tom Waits
Killshot ... White Hot Jet *
Primitive Creatures ... Church of Trees *
Go With It ... Mike Edel* (new)
Just Take The Pill ... Feather Weight * (new)
Murderous ... Cam Bird (new)
Feeling Sorry ... Cyanide Kiss *
Comrades in Pop ... TC &I (new)
Heavy Metal ... White Rabbits
Africa !!!!!   (Toto cover) by none other than WEEZER
(Can hardly wait fir Toto's cover of Hash Pipe)

Maybe August will be crazy too, in a different way?

Thanks for listening


Thursday, 26 July 2018

Ruby Slippers July 27 2018 7-8 pm

Hey ho everybody!

End of another month.

Not a fan of the high heat and humidity, have to say, but for those who are I  hope you have had the summer to beat them all! The deal is I find it really hard to breathe and El Doggo, a long haired beastie, has spent the better part of the month in suspended animation.
However,  that just means we had a ton of time to listen to music and how great is that?
So here's a playlist with something for everyone. Enjoy.

Blood On The Frozen Sand ... Christian and the Sinners * New, recorded at CIUT895FM
Shine of Her Moon ... Basement Arms * (disbanded too soon)
She Sells Sanctuary ... The Cult (in town on the 25th!)
Throw It All Away ... In My Coma *
Float The Flood ... Ace Of Wands * (new, local, amazing)
Toward The Sun ... Dream Aria *
Automaton ... Cypher *
Light of Age ... Mad Ones *
Taking A Ride ... The Pink Elephants *
I Will Give You Everything ... Skydiggers * (at Crossing Point Festival July 27,28)
Good Little Girls ... Katey Morley * (one of our cohosts in the past)
A Rose For Emily ... The Zombies (yes, I know I have played this but really? Listen to it!)
Robot Boy ... The Ghost of A Saber Tooth Tiger
Heavy Disguise ... The Strawbs

There you go. See you next month for the LOOOOONNNNNGGGG weekend show

Thanks for listening


Addendum: Another community station, Radio Waterloo, has just released a doc showing just how hard it is to keep things going. Watch here:

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Ruby Slippers for July 20 2018 7-8 pm

Hey, hey everybody!

Another weekend and loads of variety in this week's playlist.

A few new tracks to keep things hopping and one or two old favorites, in all a well balanced sonic experience.

And of course, oodles of Cancon, so...hold on to your ears, here we go!

Signals ...Jay Holy *
Good Girl ... Church of Trees ft. Tara Holloway * (New)
October 1st ... F-105  * (new)
Empire of Hate ... Cypher * (new)
Being Right ... Crown Lands *(will be playing at a new music festival in Oshawa, the Crossing Point Festival, to be held July 27 and 28 at Brick By Brick Park)
Stormy High ... Black Mountain *
The Dance ... The Music
Down Down ... The Coathangers
These Wars ... The Slyde *
Cracktest ... Orphx *
Acknowledgements ... Jane's Party * (new)
Song For Children ... Brian Wilson
Pet Sounds ... The Duke Of Norfolk
Song Song Song ... Final Fantasy *
Underground ... Sneaker Pimps

Thanks for listening.


Thursday, 12 July 2018

Ruby Slipper for July 13 Hillside Festival Sampler!!!

Hey everybody!

The weekend of the perfect festival is upon us! In case you don't know, I refer to Hillside in Guelph, three days of fun, music, food and love all wrapped up in a small conservation area about 20 minutes outside of the city. Went for many years but times have changed I'm afraid. Still, it has a special place in my heart.

So here is a sampler of diverse and awesome music from this year's Festival


(You Cant Stop) The Machine.....Cadence Weapon ft. Buck 65 *
Sisters (ft. Northern Voice) ... A Tribe Called Red *
Banger ... Walrus *
Misery ... Crown Lands *
Born Yesterday ... Hollerado *
Freedom for a Policeman ... Chad Van Gaalen *
Open ... Rhye *
Models Pt. 1 ... Busty and the Bass *
Endless Dive ... Anemone *
Velvet for Sale ... U.S. Girls *
Early In The Morning ... Plants and Animals *
Nobody Knows (produced by the Darcys) ... Iskwe *
Can't Be Saved ... Tamarack *
Uh Oh (ft. Serena Ryder) ... Jeremy Fisher *
An Actor's Revenge ... Destroyer *
Is There Anyone ... The Kents *

Thanks for listening.

This one's for Roger, my partner in crime. I miss you.


Thursday, 5 July 2018

Ruby Slippers July 6 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

And the heat wave continues...maybe some relief today? Wouldn't change the fact that this playlist is SMOKIN' HOT!


Tweakhead ... Rian Riot *
Map of Tasmania ... Amanda Palmer
Everybody Gotta Get It On ... Fast Orange *
Mantis (Headspace Mix) ... High Disciple
Post Apocalyteacakes ... Hologram Teen
Hades Heart ... Jupiter Hollow *
Mileage ... F-105 *
Leader ... Andrew La Tona *
Animal ... Andy Dixon *
M.A.G.I.C. ... The Sound Of Arrows
Slippery Slope ... Dom Fricot * (new)
Hi Avalon ... Fred Abong (new)
Try (Cross My Heart) ... Social Station (new)
Shadowplay ... Joy Division

Too much! Oh brother!

Next week my annual Hillside sampler for 2018

Thanks for listening


Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Ruby Slippers June 29 2018 ft. Cohosts Bravestation

Hey everybody

As announced last week, the Brothers Wilson from Bravestation will be in house this week cohosting the show.
That means, of course, that they were the programmers and have pulled together a list of songs that inspired them and influenced the music they came to create.

The list below is what they chose and as you know, an hour could not accommodate all of it.
The final list will be published on this blog after the broadcast.

Upside Down ... Bravestation *
Avalon ... Roxy Music
Just You and Me ... Bravestation *
The Middle ... Bravestation *
Sexual Healing ... Marvin Gaye
Deeper Than Oceans ... Bravestation *
A Simple Truth ...Wild Beasts
Happy Daze ...Bravestation *
Mad World ...Tears for Fears
Smile Like You Mean It ...The Killers

and what show would be complete without

Haven ... Bravestation*!

See you Friday my friends


What didn't make the cut this time:
Love Will Tear Us Apart ...Joy Division
My Number ... Foals
Climax... Usher
Sit next To me ....Foster The People
Live In The Moment ... Portugal. The Man
Nice For What ... Drake *

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Ruby Slippers June 22 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

This is a very special edition of the show. One of my favorite bands, Bravestation, is dropping a new album on the 22nd  (Goddess) and we are lucky enough to have a member of the duo on the show to talk about the backstory behind the album and a few of the tracks!

Here is the playlist as it stands, but dependent on how long we chat, it is unlikely I will get too far. LOL


Some People...Smash Boom Pow *
Another Girl, Another Planet ... Screwed *
Ray of Love ... Bravestation *
Stay Wild...Bravestation *
Up for You ... Bravestation *
Reflections ... Lavendar Girl *
My Baby Better Be on Time ... Cats with Manners
Two Strangers ... Sea Wolf
Bleecker Street! Chase Me! ... Hologram Teen
Nerve ... Jenn Vix
Juice (Chromeo remix) ... Mercurius FM *
Crystal Mines ... CFCF *
Lax ... Kristin Hersh
Back Taxes and Anaphylaxis ... ISS

Thanks for listening and a special thanks to Bravestation for taking time out of their crazy schedule to talk with me.


Thursday, 14 June 2018

Ruby Slippers NXNE playlist June 15 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

It's here! NXNE! in fact it has been in full force all week and there has honestly been something for everyone.

This week's playlist is just a taste of the variety of music that has happened, is happening right now and will continue to the end of the festival on Sunday.

Hope you enjoy!

Nomu ... Good Kid *
Back To Me ... Goodbye Honolulu *
Party Party Party ... First Base *
The Things You Do ... Moscow Apartment *
Rainbow of Blues ... The Highest Order *
Dancin in The Dust ... Hazel
Another Show ... WHOOP_Szo *
Vancouver ... Cat and the Queen *
Pink Confetti ... VAZ
Electric Lilies ... Day Trip *
Ode To The Swinger ... Phedre *
Cowards In The Castle ... The Anti-Queens *
Instrument of Love ... Wave Of Terror *
Burn Bush ... The Effens *
Everest ... Komodo *
Knock Me Out ...Die mannequin *

Wow! Everything under the sun!

Thanks for listening and for your continuing support for CIUT!


Thursday, 7 June 2018

Ruby Slippers MEMBERSHIP DRIVE June 8 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Double whammy this week! Official start of NXNE and the station membership drive. If you haven't already do two things right now :

    1) Check out the lineup for NXNE and get out to support local venues and up and coming bands
     2) Donate to this independent alternative volunteer driven radio station RIGHT NOW!
         By phone 416-946-7800 or online with a secure server at

Now on with the show!

JD ...Smash Boom Pow * (new)
20th Century Strategies ...Public Animal * (NXNE)
Recover .... CHVRCHES (NXNE)
Where Poppies Grow ...Die Mannequin * (NXNE)
Waiting List ... CATL * (NXNE)
Voices ... Final State *
Walk With Me ...The Slyde *
Charmaine Champagne ... Fiery Furnaces *
Time ... RUBY
Man From Japan ... MIMICO * (NXNE)
Feed me With Your Kiss ... The Pink Elephants *
Soothe ... Todd Rundgren (of course)

Won't get even close with this one, but never fear! Another playlist with NXNE tracks next Friday!

Thanks for listening.


Thursday, 31 May 2018

Ruby Slippers June 1 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

It's time for the Moon in June and all that stuff.
With the turning of the calendar page comes our spring Membership drive, albeit rather late. Stay tuned for a super duper playlist for next Friday, June 8, as Ruby Slippers does it's thing in the name of community radio and outstanding music.

However, as a warm up, here is the list for this week.


Tall Tall Building ... Adam and the Amethysts *
Flesh and Blood ... Tod Rundgren
One Way ... Hank Davis * (I have to find more from this guy. Knew him back in the day...)
Magical Thinking ... The Room In The Wood
Just a Gigolo ... Andrew Collins Trio * (tix giveaway during the show)
A Day In Your Life ... MIR *
Deeper Than Oceans ... Bravestation * (get your romance on)
Secret Church .... For Esme * (NEW)
And Dream of Sheep .... Kate Bush (because Kate)
She Don't Say Goodbye ... Goosebump * (NEW)
In2 the Arms of Love ... Jupiter in Velvet (you know how I love this band)
Fly From here Pt IV Bumpy Ride ... YES (well, because it's YES)
Ascending ... Jupiter Hollow * (love)
Church of the Louder Light ... Shriekback
Fate ... Todd Rundgren (there will no doubt be a lot of Todd this summer)

Thanks for listening. Hope you join #GrrllFriday for our membership thing next week!



Thursday, 24 May 2018

Ruby Slippers May 25 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

It's the last Friday of the Merry Month of May, and this is the playlist to end off the month.

New stuff, old stuff, covers, loud, soft... you name it, it's here!

So...without further ado...

Walk With Me ... The Slyde * (loud)
Past Forward ... Mexican Wolfboys (louder)
Hi Skies ... The Morning After Girls (loudest)
Daydream machine ... Cup (serious psychedelia)
Sirens (ft. Noonie Baig) ... The Pink Elephants * (more psychedelia0
Heavy Moon ... Elephant Stone (another elephant) *
Joey Moon ... Olive B * (another moon)
Cleo's Mood ... Junior Walker and the All Stars (classic)
Ziggy Stardust ... Elliott Brood * (cover)
The Faces on the Floor ... Elliott Vincent Jones *
John Henry ... Snakefarm (another cover)
Your Song ... Ellie Goulding (one more cover)
Muscles and Puzzles ... Elise Epp *
You Will Know ... Royal Wood *
Wriggle and Drone ... Shriekback (new!!!!!!)
Tree ... Aero Flynn
Ooo Baby Baby ... Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (classic)

Maybe more...not too sure.

See you next month, only two more weeks to the membership show!

Thanks for listening


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Ruby Slippers May 18 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Another week more music! Loads of new tunes! Where else would you hear Church of Trees an Rat Scabies in the same hour? Nowhere, I say.

Like Gary Numan ...Church of Trees *
Ray of Love ... Bravestation *
Modern God ... Klammer
Wait Up (Boots of Danger) ... Tokyo Police Club/Passion Pit *
Shivers ... Rat Scabies
And I Wonder ... The Moody Tulips *
Appear ... Maff
Smile Upon Me ...Passion Pit
You Won't Get This Joke At All ...First Rate People *
Jack Filth ... Greg Clarke *
She Don't Care ... Ty Segall
Sun Rockin' ...Handsome Ned *
Deep Meadow ... Mushy Callahan *
Love Is The Answer ... Todd Rundgren and Utopia

(The last track is because by the time this airs, will have seen Utopia at Massey Hall and will no doubt have it stuck in my head. So, you have to too!)

Thanks for listening.
Remember to support community radio!


Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Ruby Slippers CMW 2 May 11 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Now we are heading into the second part of the festival that is CMW and it never gets easier to decide what to see and where to go.

Have had boatloads of stuff tracks to make these two playlists but in the end closing my eyes and pointing has worked well. More time after this week to revisit some that didn't fit in the hour.


Spin Our Wheels ... Sloan *
She Speaks the Wave ... The Nursery *
Kiss So Violent ... Arson *
The Road ... The Standstills *
Heroin Eyes ... Atomic Tomb *
The Wild Sky ... The Sword
Ghost I Know ... Anthem in Ashes *
Name for Myself ... Gingerale and the Monowhales (now just Monowhales ) *
Clocked ... Beauts *
Goodnight Moon ... Said The Whale *
To Love Somebody ... Lindi Ortega *
Beautiful Heart ... Nikki Fierce *
Manifest ... Witch Prophet *
Nobody Knows ... Iskwe *
Out In The Streets ... King Creep *

 Thanks for listening. See you next week.


Thursday, 3 May 2018

Ruby Slippers for CMW Part 1 May 4 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

The agony begins...which artists to play, which artists to see !?@#

This playlist and the one next week are only a small sampling of the great music throughout the festival here in Toronto-Music-City!

So...hang on to your hats, kids. Here it is. And BTW, if your band is not on this playlist, never fear.
Ruby Slippers' mandate is to bring indie music to you the listener every week and no doubt will play everyone in the future.


Stop ... Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The Glimmer Shot ... Double Experience *
Not If You Were the Last Dandy on the Earth ... The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Fool Me Twice ... Hiroshima Hearts *
20 Something Going Nowhere ... Starship Experience *
Cab Fare ... The Alpacas *
Better ... Stuck On Planet Earth *
Invisible Man ... Possum *
Vampire Rocker ... Christian D and the Hangovers * (actually playing with the Sinners this festival)
Deathproof ... King Beez *
The Things You Do ... Moscow Apartment * (check out Brigit Fry's album "Fox Hat")
Subway Platform Mind ... Titus Calderbank * (I am in love with this song)
The Becoming ... Isla Craig *
Suffer ... Clara Venice * (TIMA awards performance artist)
Man From Japan ... Mimico *
Under Pressure ... The Used

And that's just scratching the surface.

Check out the complete schedule at

Thanks for listening.

See you next week for part 2...

*Cancon baby!

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Ruby Slippers April 27 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Almost the end of another month. Where has the time gone? Pretty soon it will be CMW and let me tell you, there are loads of great bands to see. Biggest problem will be deciding which ones!

Anyway, until then, here is the playlist for this week.

You ... 1977 *
Libido ... Spectre Hearts *
All Around The World ... Eugene Ripper *
The Composer ... Peter Doran
Games Without Frontiers ... Peter Gabriel
I Don't Know Why I Love You ... Soft Science
Black and White Mountains ... Snowblink*
Peace and Love ... Cat Power
Running Down Love ... Young Doctors in Love *
Take It Away ... Dany Laj and the Looks *
Strange Vacation ... Quest for Fire *
Metamorphosis ... Miscalculations
Vacation By The Sea ... Pink Pearl Dragon *
Never Speak Of It Again ... The Holiday Crowd *
Start Today Tomorrow ... Youth Group

Thanks for listening


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Ruby Slippers April 20th 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Is it safe to go outside yet? I don't think so....

This week sees a healthy dose of vintage music as well as brand new tunes, so kick back, open your ears real wide (thx Dr Fever) and enjoy.

What You Said Last Night ... The Midways *
Magic People ... The Paupers *
Lonely Places ... Lighthouse *
Spin Our Wheels ... Sloan *
Simulation ... Gladshot (at the Hard Luck on Thursday April 19)
Suvi ... Jesus Cmplxx *
Fooled Again ... Pedro Costa *
Get Out ... CHVRCHES
Never Woulda Thought ... Falcon Jane *
Dramamine ... Jeff Rosenstock
Telegram Sam ... Bauhaus
The Nervous Rock ... Toys That Kill
Why She Gotta ... Pete Van Dyk and the Second Hand Band *
Gypsy Heart ... Rival Sons
Black Dog ... Led Zeppelin
The Comet ... Poppy Seed and the Love  Explosion *
Black or White ... Lajon Witherspoon etc.
I Won't Change ... The Ballroom Babies *
The Orange County Lumber Truck ... Frank Zappa
Ode To The Swinger ... Phedre *

You gotta know this is way too much music for an hour minus ads.

Thanks for listening.


Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Ruby Slippers (eeps! It's Friday) April 13 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Could have made a theme playlist for FRIDAY THE 13TH but, naw, really, we aren't superstitious, right? Just keep both fingers and toes crossed (not your eyes, they will stay that way) that the CD players don't kick up again this weekend. Otherwise, you are listening to me sing for an hour straight and trust me, that would be pretty brutal.

Ahem, here is the playlist.

Hey Little Darling ...Stark Naked and the Fleshtones *
Out of Sync ...The Lost Tapes
Houdini Crush ... Buke and Gase
Do Your Own Time ... AC Newman *
Given the Time ... Everfriend
Where Am I ... One Over Zero * (good question, really)
Turkish Greensleeves ... Sultans of String *
Bad Fortune Cookie ... The Skeletones Four *
Hi Ho Silver Lining ... Jeff Beck
Blue Fear ... Sleep In Heads
Bollywood ... Patrick Watson *
Becoming X ... Sneaker Pimps
Father Pray ... Pat Robitaille *
Start Today Tomorrow ... Youth Group
Up You Go Little Smoke ... Tasseomancy*

Thanks for listening.

See you next week


Thursday, 5 April 2018

Ruby Slippers April 6 2018

Hey everybody!

Here we are again, charging into April with songs in our hearts and toques on our heads. Starting to think this is the new norm, gotta tell ya. Anyway, there is a boatload of really cool stuff this week so let's get going and keep the snow shovels handy.

The Hurting ... Tears for Fears
Saw Mill ... The Blue Stones *
Brand New Cadillac ... Teenage Head *
Undone ... Soft Science
Blue Imelda ... Final Fantasy *
In Motion ... Color Theory
Wake Up ... Blue Cougars * (hmmm, the blues seem to be on my mind this week)
Sin City ... Blue Moon Marquee * (I rest my case)
Via Dolorosa ... Chasing Clarence
Peroxide ... Chastity *
My Town ... The Bell Hours
Memorial Ten Count ... Jon Mckiel *
Baby, I Hate You ... the BB Guns *
Rope ... Foo Fighters
Bridge and Bones ... The Evidence *

So how's about that for a crazy list?
Thanks for listening, see you next week


Thursday, 29 March 2018

Ruby Slippers March 30 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Here it is, the end of another month and the Easter long weekend. Hope you are able to relax a little, reflect and find the peace and joy you so rightly deserve.

And now...for the playlist!

Dancing Days ...Led Zeppelin
Fading ... The Slyde *
Stained Glass Heart ... Public Animal *
I Don't Want To Take It Out On You ...1977 *
The Story of Rock and Roll .. The Turtles
Next Life ... In My Coma *
Plutomania ... Lavender Child * (new)
Viral ... Carole Pope *
I Can't Give Everything Away ... David Bowie
Desert Planet ... F-105 * (new)
Are We Together Now ... Franklin Electric * (new)
Never Satisfied ... Josephine Leone *
Take It Away ... Dany Laj and the Looks *
Cabin Fever ... Radioblaster *
Krokodil Tears ... Nova Flares (new)

Be good, be kind and above all be kind.

Thanks for listening


Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Ruby Slippers March 23 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Fun and games ahead this week. I honestly am at a loss to explain how this one came about but gotta tell you, I like it. Yes, I really do.

Comrades ... Rodney Cromwell
Waiting for Something ... Nada Surf
Friday Night Singers ... Lakes and Pines *
Sea legs ... TV Sets *
Operator ... Bravestation *
The Main Thing ... Roxy Music
How Was I To Know ... Le Trouble *
Painted Halo ... Two Hours Traffic *
Dolphin Holiday ... Lachlan Horne
Ice Age  (ft/ Deadmau5) ... How To Destroy Angels (finally got it in) *
Sea of Time ... Devil's Din *
The Bell Tolls ... The Pink Elephants * (new)
Let It Be Me ... Falcon Jane *
Deceiver ... Sleep In Heads (new)

There you go. Hope you like it.

Thx for listening


Thursday, 15 March 2018

Ruby Slippers March 16 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Welcome to spring/winter/fall this week. Did see snowdrops and the usual clock ahead thing happened. How many of us showed up late to stuff this week? Pick me, pick me.

Anyway, I did manage to put together a pretty eclectic playlist for your listening pleasure.
I can't tell you what time it is, but who cares when you are listening to great music?

Time Flies ... Joel Plaskett Emergency * (how appropriate)
Dirty ... Rocketface *
Queens Will Play ... Black Mountain *
Somethings On The Move ... Jethro Tull
The High Priest ... Woodhawk * (new!)
In Kindly Light ... One Over Zero *
The Pusher ... Steppenwolf * (a true anti drug anthem)
Gut Splinter ... Nova Flares
The New Pollution ... Beck
Tired of Myself ... Grand Baton (been trying to get this on the playlist FOREVER)
Touch the Ground ... Cactus Vella *
Baby Jane ... Christian D and the Hangovers *
Dream Vision ... Lachlan Horne (new)
Try Not To Thing Too Much ... The Nonsense *

WAY too much music. Tune in and see what makes the final cut...

Thanks for listening.


Thursday, 8 March 2018

Ruby Slippers March 9 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Here it is, this week's show. There are things on here I honestly didn't know I had. Honestly, it's time I sorted through the RS library and got my musical house in order.
But in the meantime, here comes the fabulous chaos.

That Dog That Bone ...Adrian House * (new, playing at Free Times Cafe March 9 at 9 pm)
Can I Get It Back ... Franklin Electric *
Clap Hands ... Tom Waits
Stay Lost ... Destroyer *
Readymade ... Beck
Number On The Wall ... Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir *
I'll Be Waiting ... Hello Casanova
Rip It Off ... Millions of Cats Who Turn on Their Masters *
Astronomy ... Chris Stamey
Calming Her ... Tora
Brand New ... Aero Flynn
Unknown Flowers ... We Are Wolves *
The Touch ... Dilly Dally *
Canadian Club ... Restorations
How Was I To Know ... Le Trouble *
Low Place Like Home ... Sneaker Pimps
Ice Age ... How To Destroy Angels

Thanks for listening.


Thursday, 1 March 2018

Ruby Slippers Mar 2, 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Good grief, what happened? We are into the home stretch for winter and walking around in shorts one minute (yes, I saw a guy in shorts this week) and then pushing the shovel around the very next day.
I give up.
Fortunately, there is music to keep those of us with little patience in a positive place.

Elenore ... The Turtles
Warn Me ... Sports: The Band *
Prairie Rose ... Roxy Music
Spirit Carousel ... The Chronicles of Israfel *
Starman ... Sally Shapiro f. Electric Youth
Starman (Bowie cover ... Rural Alberta Advantage *
Restoration ... The Acorn *
Prairie Girl ... Rah Rah *
Two Happy Fools ... The Nonsense *
Salute Your Solution ... Raconteurs
Tar Beach ... Royal Chant
Runaway ... The Droids
World of Make Believe ... Van Halst * (interviewed on this show!)
Set Me Free ... Tafari Anthony *
Sea Level Astronomy ... Blisses B
Beat Up Kids ... Beat Up Kids *

Let's see how this rolls.
Thanks for listening.


Thursday, 22 February 2018

Ruby Slippers february 23 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Last week in February and the playlist is a beaut.
In fact the first track is just that.

Got a little mellow in the middle, like a soft centre, right? but that's what open format is all about.

Hope you enjoy it.

Clocked ... Beauts *
Afternoons ... Enrights * (new)
Hold On To The Metal ... Royal Canoe *
Where You're At ... Allen Stone
Love's In Need of Love Today ... Stevie Wonder
Time Flies ... Dom Fricot * (new)
Deep Toque ... Aerialists *
Breakers (Superhumanoids remix) ... Local Natives
Battle Plan ... Rotary Dial *
Don't Lie To Me ... Big Star
Stupified ... Robyn Hitchcock
Give Or Take ... King Heat Ensemble
Good Enough ... Rose Cousins *
In the Dark ... Reignwolf *

Let's see how this rolls. And rocks in spots too.

Thanks for listening.


Thursday, 15 February 2018

Ruby Slippers February 16 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Has your chocolate headache subsided yet?

Here's some post V Day tunes to help you get on your way...

Everybody is Waiting for Your Heart To Break ...The Nonsense *
She Walks the Night ... King Creep *
Vampire Rocker ... Christian D and the Hangovers * (playing the Cadillac Lounge Feb 16) 
Outlaw ... Outbred Inlaws *
Anthem ... Alien Boys * (from Vancouver)
Ace of Spades ... The Bloody Five *
Muscle Memory ... Kira May* (new)
Run River Run .... Kirty *
Today ... Paul Littlewood (new)
You Make The Sun Fry ... Ty Segall 
Landslide ... The King Heat Ensemble (new)
Kingdom ... Walden *
The Worm Is Calling ... Moonwood *
Bones ... Little Big Town
No Self Control ... Peter Gabriel

Away we go!
Thanks for listening


Thursday, 8 February 2018

Ruby Slippers February 9 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Decisions, decisions this week. Do I do a full on Valentine's Day show or just stuff that can be taken in a number of ways? Well, after careful deliberation, the latter won out although the last cut is dedicated to someone special, now and forever.

So here it is. Whether you are enjoying the flush of joy that goes with new love or reflecting on betrayal or loss, there is something for everyone.

Showing My Face ... Shape Shifting Aliens (new)
Love Bomb ... Grinderman (maybe this one is sort of Valentine material)
Psycho Killer ... Talking Heads (sure hope this one isn't)
Haunts ... Spectre Hearts * (new)
Reconcile ... Austra * (Valentine material?)
Saint Nothing ... Qristina and Quinn Bachand *
Winter Tale ... Ummagma * ( pretty obvious why this one is here)
Peace and Love ... Cat Power (VDay and every day)
When We Go ... Freedom Baby * (new! From Toronto!)
More Than You Know ... Eddie Vedder (be my valentine)
Waiting For You ... The Nonsense * (new, playing at the Horseshow on Feb. 15 )
Laying In An Angel's Corpse ... Uubbuurruu * (for the lovesick goth in all of us)
Venus ... Lucky + Love (no explanation required)
Torch Song ... Todd Rundgren (dedication)

Thanks for listening. See you next week.
Be safe, be kind.


Thursday, 1 February 2018

Ruby Slippers February 2 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

It's another month, another new start. Feeling pretty energized, can't tell why but then again, not going to fight it!

I Just Want You To Know ... Your Favorite Enemies *
I Can't See Straight ... Woodhands*
Telepaths ... Cygnets *
Cartoon ... Kensington Market *
Druganaut ... Black Mountain *
Periodically Double or Triple  ... Yo La Tango
When God Comes Back ... All Them Witches
Sisters Of The Moon ... Craig Wedren & St. Vincent
Hillside ... Winter Gloves *
Kiss So Violent ... Arson *
Don't Stop Now ... Willy Mason
Anthem ... Alana Yorke *
Maps ... Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Cherry ... Will Black and Velvet Revolver*
Death By Diamonds and Pearls ... Band of Skulls

There you go! There it is! Awesome, right?

Thanks for listening


Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Ruby Slippers for January 26 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

How did January disappear so bloody fast? (sorry for the profanity) (actually, not really)
This is the last hurrah for what has got to be the weirdest January in recent memory. Mind you I don't remember things very well any more so don't put a lot of stock in what I remember.

I digress.

Anyway, here is this week's playlist, meant to shake up and uplift weary souls. Enjoy!

Top Of the Morning ... Helen Austin *
Watcher ... The Greasemarks *
Talk To Her ... Lux Deluxe
Barbarian ... The Dollyrots
The Most! The Best! The Greatest! (etc) ... BLACKBLACK
Thunder Rolls ... Jet Black Stare *
Thriller ... Chuck Billy (of Testament)
Vegas Nightmare ... Atomik Circus *
Behind The Rhine ... Color Theory
Something Good ... our very own Mark Tara *
Without You ... Doobie Brothers
King Of The Heap ... Odds *
Myth ... Beach House *
Under This Mountain ... Bloody Five *
Dreamless ... Bloodhounds on My Trail

Too much! Sigh....
Thanks for listening


Thursday, 18 January 2018

Ruby Slippers January 19 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Here is the newest coolest radical playlist.  (I always wanted to say that. Also "Ladies and Gentlemen the Rolling Stones" but that's not going to happen anytime soon)

Rebel Set ... The Mants *
Washroom Soda ... Drunk Lips *
Touch The Lion ... Megafauna
Monsters and Ghouls ... Albert Ryan
Katie Cruel (Feltman & Badutski remix) ... Agnes Obel
Cardinal & Moon ... Alight *
Codeine (demo) ... Donovan
One Way Swimming ... Doug Randle *
One Brown Mouse ... Jethro Tull
Black Mountain Side ... Dread Zepplin (not sure about this one)
Roadrunner (cover) ... Modern Lovers
Mach 1 (Smugglers cover) ... Gary Ragas *
Black Mirror ... Dream Aria *
Butterflies and Boners ... PS I Love You * (live at CBC)
Socialize ... Metal Hearts (Baltimore)
Suffer the Children ... Tears for Fears

That's it, that's all.

Thanks for listening. Be safe and please, be a little kind.


Thursday, 11 January 2018

Ruby Slippers January 12 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Already almost half way through January. Good Lord, what's with the weather, right?
Let's hope that there aren't any power outages with the freezy/snowy weather...

Here goes

Disgusteen ... Teenage Head *
Plan 9 Channel 7 ... The Damned
Trash Tongue ... Mary Bell  (French punk!)
A Lullaby for my Fictitious  Children ... Maylee Todd *
The Asheville Period ... The Paperbacks * (from last week)
Avalanche ... Kalle Mattson *
Foliage ... Marble Lion *
The Day That I Was Born ... Doug Norquay *
Let's Spend The Night Together ... David Bowie (of course)
Sleeping In The Clouds of NYC ... Doll *
Drop Off Your Bags ... Grand Baton
Pale Green Morning ... Digitis *
Clouds ... A Taste Of Mr Fox
Sea of Regret ... Dove Pilot *

Fun and games. No eye loss required

Thanks for listening

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Ruby Slippers January 5 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Happy New Year! Let's look to a peaceful and joyous year full of love and music.

Here's this week's playlist

Here's Y ... Double Experience *
A Narrow Escape ... Luau or Die *
The Morning After The Kill ... Random Order *
Deep Down Below ... Radio Moscow
Winter ... Mean Red Spiders *
Back of the Car ... Gabby Young and Other Animals
Tiny Cities Made of Ashes ... Sun Kil Moon
Follow Me ... Dream Aria *
The Kindest Words ... Strange Boutique
Your Master's Wishes ... Concealer *
Homeless ... Love Inc *
Good Day Today ... David Lynch
World Between Us ... Katey Morley *

Thanks for listening!