Thursday 26 May 2016

Ruby Slippers May 27 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

First of all thanks to Kami and Brendon from the band Van Halst for coming in last week and cohosting the show. If you didn't hear it, the broadcast has been posted on Mixcloud here:

This week, the show goes back to its original format with oodles of great music.
Without further ado, here it is!

Love You Can Believe In ... Tristan Thompson * (reminiscent of MJ)
Voodoo  (live) ... Allen Stone
Hell Boy Blues ... Lee Harvey Osmond (Tom Wilson) * (new)
Slippery People ... Talking Heads
Wake up The Nation (Zinc remix) ... Paul Weller
Odessa ... Caribou * (humour me!)
Stars ... Grown Up Avenger Stuff
Baptism ... We Are The City *
Chelsea Hotel (cover, L. Cohen) ... Keep Me Safe *
Urban Guerilla ... Obits
Rip It Up ... The Punk Rods *
The Spell ... Poppy Seed and the Love Explosion *
Love Will Tear Up Apart ... Joy Division
Dream Division ... Pyramids on Mars *

Cheerio and away we go!
Thanks for listening!


Friday 20 May 2016

Ruby Slippers May 20 7-8 pm Special Guests Van Halst

Hey everybody!

A special show with a band to watch...metal rock band Van Halst. Lead vocalist Kami and bassist Brendon join me in studio to discuss the new album dropped in March "World Of Make Believe" and share some of their thoughts and stories while battling uncooperative headphones, and the general mayhem that is community radio.

This is the playlist

Control ... Bleached *
Slippery Magician ... Kicked Off The Farm *
Save Me ... Van Halst *
The End ... Van Halst *
Sound of Madness ... Shinedown
Questions ... Van Halst *
Whore ... In The Moment

A short one but a good one.

Regular show next week, thanks for listening!


Thursday 12 May 2016

Ruby Slippers Friday May 13th Bruhaha!!!

Hey everybody!

Ooooo, it's Friday the 13th and I am in the studio spinning a lot of stuff that you may not have heard before. The mix this week is a little different..more electronic to start the show but that's open format for you.

So without further delay

Let It Happen .... Tame Impala ( this is on constant repeat in the car)
Electric Company ... Orchestra of Spheres (New Zealand's  answer to Flaming Lips?)
Not About To ... Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees *
Bizness .... tUnE - yArDs
Love Song (Cure cover)  ... Tori Amos
Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana cover) ... Beliefs *
When The Lights Go Out ... Eve Hell and the Razors *
The Meter ... The Zilis *
Molotov Girls ... The Zolas *
Domino Backyards ... Outer Rooms *
Keith Richards ... Vinyl Hero *
I Would For You ... Nine Inch Nails
Brother O ... Psychic Temple
Burn The Witch ... Radiohead
After All ... The Electric Ants *
Perfect Ten ... Holy Sexy Bastards (Venezuela)
Spread The Love ... Spectre Hearts *
Starfish and Coffee ... Prince
Heaven and All ... Robert Levon Been, Dave Grohl and company

Special guest next week...stay tuned.

Thanks for listening


Sunday 8 May 2016

CMW Last Day 2016

Hey everybody,

What a neat way to end the festival and on Mother's Day to boot

Relax and enjoy.

Horseshoe starting at 8:30 Riot Police and Jonesin and the Hurt with friends

Phoenix starting at 8:30 Holy Holy

The Central (make a night of it here) starts at 6 Fort York, Kaleidoscope Horse, Laughed the Boy

Adelaide Hall starting at 7:30 pm Blajk,  Big Black Delta and others

Or you can hit the Bovine or  Burdock.

By now, it's time to get your excuse for not going into work tomorrow ready.

Thanks for supporting independent music and have a great week.

You deserve it.

Saturday 7 May 2016

CMW Day Six

Hey everybody!

And now for the weekend...are we tired yet?

If you are up and about, there is stuff during waking hours. The options are: Drake 150, Garrison, handlebar and my personal favorite The Horseshoe with an Aussie BBQ. Starts at 12:30 and includes CKNU, Timberwolf, Dead Love and a boat load of others.


Adelaide hall startes at 8 om M for Montreal and Brooklyn Vegan chowcase with ragers, Dead Obies and others

Cameron House starting at 8 pm Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies * Timberwolf (again) Chris Valen* to end out the night at 1 am. Will be playing something from him in the next few weeks.

Cherry Cola's Rock and Rolla Cabaret starts at 8 pm Moon Tan, Sumo Cyco*, Waxy and others

Drake Underground starts at 7 pm Lara Snow, Kloe, and others

Handlebar starts at 8 pm  Wake Island, Cut Ribbons* (played on the show) Dress Black

The Hideout starts at 8 pm  XPrime (played on the show) and others

Lee's Palace starts at 9 pm  Foreign Diplomats, Dilly Dally** (on the show) and friends.

Opera House  if you win you get in. I can't, my pass is no good Please let me know how Eagles of Death Metal were (also Beaches, Dearly Beloved)

Rivoli starting at 9 pm  Music Nova Scotia showcase includes Beauts, Walrus and others

Silver Dollar starts at 8 pm Pop Montreal showcase Nysa, For Esme, She Devils and others

Smiling Buddha starts at 8 pm city Gates, Hormones, Acid Priest * (might need hearing protection for this one, small venue, big sound)

Supermarket starting at 6 pm Music Ontario Showcase Weird Neighbours, XPrime, Sumo Cyco (see hearing protection recommendation above)

Velvet Underground starting at 9  The Undivided ** The People The Poet and others

See you tomorra.

Friday 6 May 2016

CMW Day 5 Yikes!

Good golly Miss Molly...

Friday already and more than enough music to keep you going well into the night.
Or the afternoon if you wish

Why not do the afternoon thing at the Drake 150 with Yarrow, others at 4 pm?

Then have a bite (maybe a nap) and head out to any or all of these

Adelaide hall starting at 8 pm  Stuck on Planet earth, JPNSGRLS* others

Burdock starting at 9 with Alana Yorke at 11

Cherry Cola's (rock n Rolla) starting at 9 including HolySexyBastards * Return for Refund* and others

Dakota Tavern starting at 6 and including Timberwolf *

The Garrison starting at 9 pm and including Public Access TV *, Walrus

Feeling lucky? Win to get in : Grand Ballroom with Tegan and Sara etc. (I can't with my pass :( Tell me what it was like)

Handlebar starting at 8 Album release for Heat Attack Kids, and Bike Thiefs,(played on the show), Liver. others

The Hideout starting at 8 (music from Sask and Alberta, strong show) Royal Foundry and others**

Horseshoe starting at 8, showcase, with a full line up including Wintersleep, Hanah Georgas, Jeff the Brotherhood, Sheepdogs, Diarrhea Planet Alberta Cross, Music Band, New Swears *****

Lee's Palace starting at 9 ELECTRIC ANTS *** Peregrine Falls , others

Phoenix Concert Hall starting at 8, Red Mass, Death Valley Girls Black Lips *

Revival starting at 9 Quebec music showcase with Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite (played on show) *

Supermarket starting at 7 I make no bones about the fact that I love what is coming out of Australia.
Lots to hear for the first time here

UG3 starting at 8  Wolf Saga, Hiroshima Hearts *

Velvet Underground starting at 9 strong list Broken Hands, Dead Tired, White Lung as featured on CBC, Chastity *

Well, there's a lot to think about.  Hmm, time for another coffee, this is hard.

See you tomorra.

Thursday 5 May 2016

CMW Day Four

Whoa, two pages in the gig guide.

What to see, what to do.

C'est What starting at 8 pm  Weird Neighbours, Jessica Stuart Few (at 11 pm) and others

The Central starting at 6 pm  Mermaids Exist * Fake Tears, We Were Lovers

Drake Underground starting at 8 pm  Tusks, Model Aeroplanes

The Great Hall starting at 9 pm The Undivided * public Access TV, etc.

The Hideout starting at 8 pm  Cat and the Queen , the Phantom Sound, Lung Flower

Nocturne starting at 8 pm Mangled Meat (from Guelph) Hologramme

Paddock Tavern starting at 8 Blue Moon Marquee (at 1 am)

Painted Lady starting at 8 strong line up ending with The Zilis at 1 am

Silver Dollar starting at 8 pm Entire Cities * Walrus and others

Studio Bar starting at 8 Kroy, Vogue Dots, Cut Ribbons, Parallels

UG3 starting at 9 pm  The Sole Pursuit * and friends


See you tomorra

Wednesday 4 May 2016

CMW Day Three

Ola, fellow music lovers.

Here is it Day 3. Just getting warmed up right?

Here's what I would do...

C'Est What  at 8 pm   The Tic Tac, Sunrise and Good People

Comfort Zone starting at 8  red Air, Bend Sinister, Deak Broke and friends

Drake Underground starting at 7 Wander years, Dirty radio et al

Hard Luck Bar starting at 8   Piffbreak Arcade, Kiss of a Shovel and ACID PRIEST (played on show)

Horseshoe Tavern (another chance to see) Fake Palms, BOB MOULD!!

Mod Club starting at 8 Royal Canoe, Hannah Epperson, Wet Secrets

Nightowl  starting at 7:30 Carden Cove, All Mighty Rhomnbus at 12:30

Phoenix (limited wristbands doors at 7) Alberta Cross, Zolas, Strumbellas, Wintersleep *****

Underground Garage starting at 9 Celebration Army, Joy District and others

Get thee to a venue! See you tomorra!

Ruby Slippers CMW May 6 2016

Hey everybody!

Here is it, the CMW playlist for this year's festivities. It's coming right in the thick of things but as most performers will do their thang more than once, have tried to capture a cross section of artists that you may still be able to see.
The schedule however can be used to source loads of new and new to me bands which I will try to play over the next few weeks.

If you are interested in some random picks for venues and music over this weekend, check out the entries on the blog.

And away we go.

Midnight Celebrity ... Acid Priest *
Buffer ... Bike Thiefs *
Anthme ... Alana Yorke *
Friday Nights ... Bitter's Kiss
White Horses ... Cut Ribbons
High From The Truth ... The Howll *
Suitcase escape (Infinite remix) ... Lost In Film *
Hayvan .. Art Diktator (dance meets metal vocals. Interesting)
Told You So ... Gingerale and the Monowhales *
More Than Friends ... Secret Broadcast *
Accident ... Black Fever *
Strange Intuition ... Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite *
The Touch ... Dilly Dally *


Thanks for listening.
See you next week

Tuesday 3 May 2016

Canadian Music Week Day Two

OK now it's getting serious.

Loads more bands and venues to decide between. Thankfully this is a random list (although I have been known to play favorites) so here goes.

Bovine Sex Club starts at 9 pm Blue Cougars, Nak Wild and others

The Central starting at 6 pm (for the early birds) Slow Night, Menage (played on the show) High Streets and others

The Dakota starting at 7  Twin Peaks, Royal Foundry and friends

Horseshoe Tavern (win to get in? say what?) BOB MOULD, for crying out loud

Nocturne starting at 8 Animalia, CrazyRozy etc.

Silver Dollar starting at 8 Little Coyote, Lost Cousins * at midnight

Loads more, please peruse the schedule online.
Later, gator!

Monday 2 May 2016

Canadian Music Week 2016 Day One

Hey everybody!

It's CMW and despite the fact that I have been scrambling today, I thought it prudent to offer up a few places to check out tonight.
Note that many of these bands will be playing more than once, so if you miss them tonight, check the schedule for another time.

And as I have always said, it really doesn't matter where you go. Everything is amazing. So get out there and hear some live music!!!

My random picks for tonite:

Bovine Sex Club starting at 9 pm, a solid line up Noise FM, Bike Thiefs (on the show this Friday) patron Saint of Plagues and Corks

Cameron House at 7 pm  Likely too late tonight to make this one but Mermaids Exist will be in the lineup later this week.

Sneaky Dee's at 7:30  Breaching Vista, July and others.

Supermarket starting at 8 pm Secret Broadcast, Sherlock and friends

Good night to all. Tomorrow really starts to get busy!