Wednesday 24 October 2018

Ruby Slippers Spooktacular Oct. 26 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everyone!

It's that time of year, MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY! yes, it's Halloween and this is the Spooktacular show for 2018.

There are some old favorites from years gone by as well as  a few new tracks which have nothing to do with the occasion (they're just that good).

So sit back, grab the candy corn and enjoy.

The Halloween Dance ... Reverend Horton Heat
Monster Mash ... The Dollyrots
Cemetary ... Headstones *
Old Ghosts ... Jethro Tull
Sick of This Shit ... Evil Elvis *
The Worm Is Calling ... Moonwood *
Devil Inside ... INXS  (check out Beck's cover as well)
Wicked and Weird ... Buck 65 *
Smells Like Teen Spirit ... Winter Gloves *
Yesterday When I Was Young ... Eric & The Soo * (newwwww)(was that spooky enough?)
Satellites ... Clara Venice * (also new)
The Raven ... Alan Parsons  (not sure which one yet)
I Want To Believe ... Septembryo *
The Afterlife ...YACHT (of course, this is a tradition)
The Time Warp ... Richard OBrien, Patricia Quinn etc.

Thanks for listening. Be safe out there.


credit: Vintage Everyday

Thursday 18 October 2018

Ruby Slippers October 19 2018 ft. Mark Tara, Santino, Roy De Vos and Lynx from Random Order

Hey everybody!

This week on the show, Mark Tara from Rainbow Country is joining Ruby Slippers along with some outstanding local musicians to talk about the trials and tribulations of indie music, their inspirations, making music videos and the place of the LGBT community in the music industry.

They have graciously submitted their original tracks.

This preliminary list also includes material from some of my favorite artists. Let's see how far we get.......

Enjoy! (BTW the entire list is Canadian)

Different Love ...Mark Tara * (in studio)
Dependent ft. Owen Pallet ... Light Fires (Gentleman Reg) *
IOU ... Santino * (in studio)
You Can Dance ... Rae Spoon *
Catcher ... Roy De Vos * (in studio)
This Is Not a Test ... Carole Pope *
Black Lipstick Kiss ... Random Order * (Lynx in studio)
Number One ... Mark Tara *

 Special thanks to Mark for organizing this and getting everyone under one roof.

Thanks for listening. Next week THE SPOOKTACULAR Halloween show.


Thursday 11 October 2018

Ruby Slippers October 12 2018 ft. Din from F-105

Hey everybody!

Done with the turkey hangover?

Here is the special surprise guest host playlist from our very own wandering minstrel, Din from F-105!

Ain't No Giving Up ... Chronixx
Salvation ... The Soles *
Red Skin Girl (ATCR remix) ... Tribe Called Red *
Rebel Girl ... F-105 *
Desert Planet (Steel & Gold mix) ... F-105 *
Isis ... Bob Dylan
Viljo and Elsa ... F-105 *
Watching The Wheels ... John Lennon
Let It Go (It's A New Day) ... F-105 *
Northern Air ... Elliott Brood *
Mileage ... F-105 *
Last Moment ... F-105 *

and maybe more?

Anywho, let's see how this rolls!

Many thanks to Din for coming into the studio and as always, thanks for listening.


Thursday 4 October 2018

Ruby Slippers Oct. 5 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Happy October to one and all and for those of us celebrating Thanksgiving, well, there is much to be thankful for.

Hope this playlist starts your  weekend off on a positive note.


(How Can I Keep You) Outta Harm's Way ... King Khan & The Shrines *
What You Said Last Night ... The Midways *
Black Widow ... The Matadors *
Shoreline Stares Part 1 ... Andrew McPherson *
Shoreline Stares Part 2 ... Andrew McPherson *
Sweet As A Rose ... Eugene Ripper*
Perfect Storm ... Van Halst *
Hunger ... Anthems In Ashes *
All Along The Watchtower ... Afterhere
Aqueous Transmission ... Incubus
How Long ... Mauno *
Hurdy Gurdy Man ... Donovan
Tubular World ... Mike Oldfield
Raven Girl ... The Room In The Wood

Thanks for listening