Thursday 28 December 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio End of Year show Dec 29 2023 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

Thanks for taking the trip around the sun with us.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve and see you next year!

Banff ... Gros Soleil *

Oh My Dear ... The Undecidable *

Tree of Woe ft. Damien Abraham ... Halluci Nation *

Broken ... Dad Mortal*

My Body Treats me BetteR ... Jennarie *

Sweeter ... Julian Taylor*

lethal ... Frost Children

Amphetamine III ... Narcisse *

Bliss of Love ... Burner Herzog

Hope ... The Conscience Pilate *

Bitter Sweet Candy ... Robbie Quine

Crucify ... Tori Amos

Lift the Veil ... SPELLES

Don't Leave Me Behind ... Benjamin Russell/Rob Stuart *

Keep With Me ... The Moon  & I *

Genie's Open ... Animal Collective (extro)

Thanks for listening

Stay safe


Wednesday 20 December 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Xmas Xtravaganza Dec 22 2023 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody!

Merry merry to one and all. 

It's that time of year again and this is the show to get into the spirit of joy and fun and silliness.

Let's begin....

Present Face ... Garfunkel and Oates

Merry Christmas Everyone (a Slade cover) ... Dodgy Accent *

Give Love For Christmas ... Glass Tiger *

This Christmas ... Peter Foldy *

It's Not A Christmas Party ... Novice Chainbreaker *

Santa Claus Is Real ... WellBad (with an intro by Merry Melanie!)

(Baby It's Christmas) Bring It On Home To Me ... Simone Denny and the Stereo Dynamite 8

No More Christmas Blues ... The Orange Kyte *

The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late ) ... Clara Venice *

Frank the Christmas Turkey ... Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours 

A Portrait of an Elf Past His Prime ... Luke Davies

All I Want for Christmas is You (cover) ... The Dollyrots

Jingle Bell Rock ... Helix *

Baby it's Christmastime ... Redpath Traffic *

Santa Bail Me Out ... Swansea Sound

O Come All Ye Faithful ... William Hung

Just A Little ... Church of Trees *

(the Xmas video for the track is here:

White Christmas ... Jingle Cats

Taking Care of Christmas (extro) ... Randy Bachman*

*Holiday Cancon

Thanks for listening. 

Have a wonderful holiday and party responsibly!

See you next week!

Thursday 14 December 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Dec 15 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody

Here is the playlist for this week.

Stay tuned next week for the XMAS XTRAVAGANZA! (ho ho ho)

Dancer ... IDLES and LCD Soundsystem (recommendation by Shu from Black Fever)

Love Is 4 .. The Living Pins

If Only I Had Met You ... The Night Parrots

Driving Hollow ... Benjamin Russell and Rob Stuart*

Wasting My Time (Cold Minimal Wave remix) ... Stella Wembley

Cat Calls ... Ghost Vines*

Thru the Trees ... SWiiMS *

Apples ... A La Mode*

Take It Back ... MONOWHALES *

The Watermark ... Pete International Airport

Help Me Jacques Cousteau ... LoFi Thunder Society *

Cities In Dust ... Frenchy and the Punk

Overdrive (Ft Lion Babe)... Keys N Krates *

Atmosphere ... The Sea At Midnight

Reflection Pool ... FAINTS *


Thanks for listening

Thursday 7 December 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Dec 8 2023 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

FINALLY starting to test negative! 

Praise the Lord.

So here's this week's playlist.

Woman ... Epitaph (thanks to Melanie for introducing me to this band)

Rockers Vs Math ... The Deadly Skulls *

Wanted Man ... Deadwolff *

Like A Ghost ... Ian Blurton's Future Now *

Heart kill Daisy Pills ... Needle Crafts*

Mermaids ... Ghost Vines * 

Say To That ... Bloodshot Bill *

Running All Night ... Zooey Celeste 

Mana Force ... Pretty Math *

Back to Moon Beach ...Kurt Vile

Silent Subversion ... Green Palm Radiation *

Dilemma Us From Evil ... Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Maggie and Pete ... Radar Peak *

No Angels ... Busty and the Bass *

What's The Frequency Kenneth ... REM

A Beautiful Darkness (extro) ....Sultans of String *

Thanks for listening and supporting the show.

See you next week





Thursday 30 November 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Dec 1 2023 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

Still sick and, yes, it is COVID! So here goes....brace yourself.

Something .... Proto Idiot

Kung Fu ... Ox*

Drip ... Frankie and the Witch Fingers

Earth Eater ... Marnie Stern

It Goes On ... Waash *

Thru the Trees ... Swiims *

Equal Distance ... Kirsten Ludwig *

Witches and Vampires ... Hotel Decor *

I Love You, Burn In Hell ... Palm Ghosts

Do It Alone ... Territories *

Coming Down ... Hillsboro *

Back On My Feet ... Bluesnovas (intro by Melanie)

Zero To Eleven ... Julian Taylor *

Runny All Night ... Zooey Celeste

Searching for Me ... Paul McEwan *

Heart Murmur ... Geordie Gordon *

Relax ... Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Thanks for listening


Friday 24 November 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Nov 24 2023 7-8pm

Hey hey everybody!

I apologize for anything that could possible be wrong with this show. I am nursing a rather significant cold and can't hear anything.

So without further ado, here is the playlist.

Disco Inferno ... The Trammps

Getaway ... Paul McEwan *

Melody Experiment ... Blonde Redhead

People Are Strange ... The Dead South *

Saturdays in Silesia ... Golden Mile*

Boomerang ... Lowest of the Low *

Blame The Machines ... Duran Duran

Decline ... Wants *

Brighter Light ... Benjamina Russell and Rob Stuart *

House of Stairs ... Trash Humanica (intro by Melanie)

Burning Up ... Karma Glider*

La Fusee du Chagrin ... Elephant Stone *

Two Sisters ... Missy Bauman * (gig at Tranzac on Nov 25)

Dancing on the Moon ... Greg Clarke and the Madvarks * (gig at Axis Bar and Grill Nov 25)

Theme from "A Summer Place" ... Percy Faith

Thanks for listening

If you wish to donate please go to

(The phonelines are now inactive)



Thursday 16 November 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Nov 17 Membership show 7-8 p,

 Hey hey everybody

Here we all are again, the fall membership show! 

There are thrills, chills, surprises and nutty music to boot.

Part of this glorious hot mess is because of my cohost, Melanie. At this time I thought it might be interesting for you to hear how we came to be a dynamic radio duo.

During COVID, Melanie and a music penpal in Kitchener challenged each other to pick an artist and get them played on a local radio station in their country. Melanie was able to persuade a station in Unna, Germany, to play Dizzy, but her Canadian counterpart could not find anyone to play the Snooks. (Honestly, don't ask a commercial station to do anything)

So...Melanie looked for a college/community radio station in the general area of Kitchener. She found CFRU (my first station) and Ruby Slippers' sister show, Through The Looking Glass. She contacted me and the rest is history! That is the power of music and community radio!

By the way, Melanie and her partner came to Canada two summers ago and saw the CIUT studios. 

One of the artists who played live on the station during the membership drive was none other than Jerry Leger, a Toronto native who performed in Germany and met up with Melanie for interviews for CIUT not once but TWICE! We are truly a global phemon!

So, on with the show....

Hammer In My Heart ... Utopia

Hey Kid (You Got Soul) ... Lowest of the Low *

Stiff Competition ... Danko Jones *

Sky's Not Falling Down ... Trash Humanica ( and a word by Melanie)

Everybody Wants to Rule the World ... Ninja Sex Party

Weekend in Toast's ... Sugarfungus *

Belly Up ... Al Grantham *

Discovery ... Dream Aria *

Church ... Christian and the Sinners *

Shadowplay ... Dead Souls *

Fool's Gold ... Def Con Sound System *

You Make My Dreams Come True ... Conan Neutron and the Minions *****

Punk Rock Heart ... Douglas Von Irvin's Carnival* 

Saturdays in Silesia ... Golden Mile * (extro)


***** from PRF Monthly Tribute series on Bandcamp (Hall and Oates)

Thanks for listening

Donations can be made on the CIUT website


Thursday 9 November 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Nov 10 2023 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

Here is this week's playlist.

Please note that next week is the Membership show. If you have never donated to CIUT before but love what you hear, please consider donating at ***I will be on the phones at 416-936-7800 and would love to have a chat while you show your support of the station and this show!

Don't Bring Me Down ... Juliana Hatfield (ELO cover)

What Goes Around ... Danko Jones*

Orion's Belt ... Flat Worms

Normalize ... Joan Smith and the Jane Does *

Eat My Brain ... Owl Theory (Odds cover) * 

Angel Heart ... The Veldt

Ocean Heart ... The Moon and I *

You Carry Me ... Jerry Leger * (intro by Melanie)

Laff It Off  ... Pony Girl *

Victim ... The War on Drugs

Mention ... Wants *

(The next three are at the Tranzac on Nov 25!)

Belly Up ... Al Grantham *

Old House ... Missy Baumann  *

Kaveri ... PRI *

First ... Paul Manchin *  (Full track here on Youtube

Thanks for listening


Thursday 2 November 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Nov 3 2023 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody!

Here we are post Halloween.

Is everyone sick of "fun sized" chocolate bars yet? Not this girl, not by a long shot.

So here is the playlist fueled by post Halloween vapours and sugar.

Life on TV ... Bats of Paradise *

Brave New World ... Lowest of the Low *

Rock and Roll Queen ... Mott the Hoople

Wild Bunch ... Apollonio *

Monsters  ... Frenchy and the Punk

Afternoon X ... Vanishing Twin

Call A Psychic ... Orion

Rue de Beaubourg .. Narcisse *

Shine the Light Inside (ft Jairus Sharif) ... Astral Swans *

Stone Window ...Metric*

Fate and Fear ... Wants *

Plague Dogs ... The Rural Alberta Advantage *

Voices ... Black Daggers *

Eat My Brain ... Owl Theory (Odds cover) * (extro)

Thanks for listening.

Is it Christmas yet?


Wednesday 25 October 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Oct 27 2023 SPOOKTACULAR show (first of two????) 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody

It is the most wonderful time of year! 

Here is this year's SPOOKTACULAR show. If the gods (or pumpkin king) are kind, there will be a part 2. *****

Halloween Dance ... Reverend Horton Heat

Day of the Dead ... Gutter Demons *

The Afterlife ... Yacht

Pet Sematary ... Church of Trees *

(Don't Fear) The Reaper ... Hollow  Twin *

Cemetary ... Headstones *

Hanged Mans revenge ... Spirit Adrift

Black Hole Blues ... Doom 'n Blue*

Dry Blood ... Woodhawk *

Skeleton ... Wellbad (intro by the terrifying Melanie)

He's Planning His Funeral ... James Collins *

Psycho Killer ... Talking Heads

Monster Mash ... Dollyrots

Tubular Bells (extro) ... Book of Love

Thanks for joining me on this magical show.

News! part two will air on CIUT Oct 31 at 4 pm and will be available on Mixcloud for sure!


Ruby Slippers Radio SPOOKTACULAR Part Two on HALLOWEEN! Oct 31 4 pm

 Here's the playlist! Yippee!!!!!

Life at Last ... Ray Kennedy (from Phantom of the Paradise)

My Alice ft. Phil X ... Kami Van Halst*

I Put A Spell on You ... The Kills

Werebitch ... The Switchblade Valentines *

Train ... The Brains*

Zombies Have Rights Too ... MAKAR 

Afterlife Blues ... Fast Romantics*

Vampire Lovers ... Douglas Von Irvin's Carnival *

Pet Sematary ... Church of Trees *

Sunrise to Shadow Grey ... Ace of Wands *

Spellwork ... Austra *

Tubular Bells ... The Book Of Love

Clap for the Wolfman ... The Guess Who *

Ghostbusters ... Ray Parker Jr.

Werewolves of London ... Warren Zevon *

Monster Mash ... Dollyrots (extro)

This show is available exclusively on Mixcloud under Ruby Slippers Radio.

Have a safe Halloween. See you on Friday if the sugar doesn't get to me first!



Friday 20 October 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Oct 20 2023 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody!

Wow! Where has October gone?

Next week is the Annual SPOOKTACULAR show! Can hardly wait...

But in the meantime, here is this week's playlist. Full steam ahead!!!

Never Even Knew ... The Undecidable *

Underdog ... ON *

Stop Motion ... The Metal Byrds

Be The Only One ...Rise Carmine *

God Break Down the Door ... NIN

Stylin A Profilin ... Sazerac Swingers

Interview part one with Melanie and Emily Rault

The Sazerac Song ... Sazerac Swingers

Interview part two with Melanie and Max Oestersotebier

A Jazz Musician's Life ... Sazerac Swingers

Pet Sematary ... Church of Trees*

Blue Shadows ... Conscience Pilate*

Go Easy with Warm Smiles ... Warm Smiles *

Thanks for listening

Stay safe


Thursday 12 October 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Oct 13 2023 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody

I'm not afraid of no Friday the 13th!

Here's the (lucky) playlist, though, just in case...LOL

2038 ... Gros Soleil *

Rock n Roll ... Detroit ft. Mitch Ryder

The American Ruse ... MC5

Beggars Day ... Crazy Horse *

Destroy ... In Flight Safety *

Living With The Moon ... Karamelien

In A Moment Divine (ft. Cindy Lee) ... In Flight Safety *

Lost ... Jaymze *

I Want You ... Mark Tara *

Make It To The Morning ...Fur Trade *

You're So Cold (I'm On Fire) ... Hey Major *

Alphabet City ... The National

Twin ... Devendra Banhart

</3 (Broken Hearted) ... Mayfly *

Lucky Girl (extro) ... Burner Herzog

Thanks for listening

Stay safe



Friday 6 October 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Oct 9 2023 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's the playlist for today.

Trooper Cover Band ... Pkew Pkew Pkew *

Party4One ... dwi *

Ricochet ...New Friends *

Rich$$$ ... Monowhales *

Never Say Never ... The BossHoss (intro by Melanie0

Wanna be ... Autogramm *

Greatest Hits Radio ... Swansea Sound

Monaco ... Fur Trade *

Stop Talking ... Will Butler and Sister Squares *

Untraceable ... Transstar *

Frees My Soul ... Hey Major *

Montagne Bleu (Blue Mountain) ... Gros Soleil *

Dead Man ... Postdata *

Blood Orange ... Jayli Wolf *

Sleeping In  (live recording) ... The Postal Service

Thanks for listening


Thursday 28 September 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Sept 29 2023 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody

OK so I am jumping the gun, I will admit. 

There's a lot of kinda spooky stuff in this week's list but hey! Halloween is only a month off and we all know that is the most wonderful time of the year.

So...crack open the pumpkin spice everything, put on the eyeliner and let's get going.

Death Won't Stop Me ... Spirit Adrift

Gwendolynne ... Altered by Mom *

Wisdom Shifter ... Black Market Karma

Love Hurts ... Melanie Wiegmann & Carl Carlton (Melanie's pick of the week)

temperance ... SoyJoy's Band *

Fever Pitch ... Hotel Mira *

As You Were Meant To ... The Coywolves *

Sword ... pMad

Redoubt ... Retrograth

You Had To Be There ... Tulipomania

Innocence ... Howlin' Circus *

Luxor Shoes ... Dead Broke *

The Watermark ... Pete International Airport

Thanks for listening. See ya soon!


Friday 22 September 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Sept 22 2023 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody!

Glad to see you all back! 

Ready to rock? I thought so.

She's My Baby ... Danko Jones *

War Horse ... Rebel Priest *

I Made A Work of Art ... Swansea Sound

Blaze of Glory ... Run With The Kittens *

become the Machine ... Black Rose Burning 

Alone in America  ...Hotel Mira *

Rat Doctor ... Tough Age *

Sorry About That ... Casper and the Cookies *

Penthouse ... Le Couleur *

Blue Shadows ... Conscience Pilot *

After the War ... CR and the Nones *

Night Train ... Renssy Rios

Black Wine White Coffee ... Lusitanian Ghosts *

Folk Song 3000 ... Eugene Ripper * (Tour Launch Sept 23 at the Imperial Pub)

Never Live This Down ... Teenage Art Scene *

Thanks for listening

Stay safe


Thursday 14 September 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Sept 15 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

This is the last chance to enter the contest to win the COMPLETE DIGITAL CATALOGUE for Church of Trees! Just send me the name of your favorite song by CoT to or enter it below in the comment section. Good luck to you all and hope to see you at the gig at the El Mo on Saturday the 16th!

Here's the playlist for tonight

Lovin You Ain't Easy ... Michel Pagliaro * (Canada Walk of Fame)

Day by Day ... dwi *

Lion Eats A Gazelle ... Rec Centre *

Radio Dial ... Sleepy Driver *

Forced Perspective ... Motorists *

Going Down Fast ... indifferent monKeY

Don't You Wanna Try ... Elk City 

Sad Sad Sad ... Wilfred Kozub *

Bloodmoon ... Kerrigan

When Angels Kill ... Fifth Angel

Fight! ... Black Rose Burning

Lost My Job ... Church of Trees *

Military Pop ... Kingsmarine

Nobody's Fool ft. Aquakulture ... Jenn Grant*

Bats ... Fred Abong

Lovin Every Minute of It ... Loverboy * (another Canada Walk of Famer)

Thanks for listening

Stay safe

*Cancon, baby

Friday 8 September 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio September 8 2023 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody

We're back again!

Hope the entry into September has been without too many bumps and lumps.

So, on with the show

Crazy Talk ... Chilliwack * (Canada Walk of Fame inductee)

Street Urchin ... Pink Fairies

At The Feet of the Moon ... The Parachute Club * (this week's OTHER Walk of Fame inductee)

Sixteen Tons ... Barfly (Jerry Spooner) (with intro by Melanie)

Sleeper Creeper ... Propter Hawk *

Behind Some Glass ... Innes Wilson *

Progression (Rob Stuart remix) ... Church of Trees *

Stalemate ... Whispering Sons

Dead Beat Dance ... Bias Selector

September ... Lusitanian Ghosts *

License 2 Crash ... Lynx Dean *

Wolves ... Harehound *

Afterlife ... Steve Neville *

Arcadia (extro) ... Mandalus

Thanks for listening

BTW to enter the draw for the entire back catalogue of Church of Trees courtesy of the band, drop me a line to and tell me your favorite track from the band.

Good luck to you all!


Friday 1 September 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Sept 1 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody

As I mentioned in the show, there is a giveaway this week (and next): The entire catalogue from Church of Trees on a USB stick! (They will be selling these at the event at the ElMo for nearly $40) All you gotta do to enter the draw is send me a note at or comment below! I will contact the winner(s) for delivery details after the show airs. Good luck to all!

So, on with the playlist. 

Weapons ... Rough Trade * (Canada Walk of Fame inductee)

Night Terrors ... Black Rose Burning

Hear Me Out ... Monowhales*

Skydiving ... SLAVE to the SQUAREwave *

World's A Bitch ...Church of Trees *

Indian Ocean ... The Sea At Midnight

Morning Waits ... Beams *

Zoo Life ... dwi

Infinity Club ... BAMBII *

Personality Crisis ... New York Dolls

Psychogenic Fugue ... Explorer *

Powerman ... The Kinks

Glittery Obituary ... Blackfoot Sue

Ebb and Flow ... Glass Tiger * (Canada Walk of Fame inductee)

Thanks for listening


Thursday 24 August 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio August 25 2023 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody!

As I continue to do a little tip of the hat to the Canada Walk of Fame inductees for this year,  we are starting off with another hard rock track and end with New Wave. 

What lies in between is another thing altogether...


Whatcha Do To My Body ... Lee Aaron * (Walk of Fame honoree)

Made to Parade ... Queens of the Stone Age

Bikini Vision ... Dream Pony

Rigor Mortis Radio ... The Hives

Doomed ... New Friends*

Coca Cola Death Squad ... Pretty *

The Soul Truth (ft. Sonic Boom) ... Black Market Karma ft. Sonic Boom

Long Fever ... Kali Horse *

Shake Shake Shake ... Rae Spoon *

Ya Ya ... Aphrose *

Call My Name ... The Bright Light Social Hour

Good Intentions ... Hello Yello

Birthmark ... Dizzy *

St. Patrick and St. Michael ... Dan Warner and the Night Parrots

Doesn't Really Matter ... Platinum Blonde * (extro) (Walk of Fame Honoree)

Thanks for listening 


PS Unscrambled recommendation from last week

Jenn Grant "Nobody's Fool"

Friday 18 August 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio August 18 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody

I missed you last week! 

So, to make up for it, this here show is full of rawk! roll! and a special feature by Melanie and Geln David Andrews!


Raise A Little Hell ... Trooper *

Sun Kissed Sky ... Forge Hounds

Kerb Crawler ... Hawkwind

Family Man ft. Glen David Andrews ... Stickybuds *

(interview part 1: Melanie and GDA)

Treme Hideaway ... Glen David Andrews

(interview part 2: Melanie and GDA) 

Hurricane ... Glen David Andrews

West Coast Band .... 54/40 *

Overdrive ... Pennan Brae *

King of the Night Time World ... Hollywood Stars

Ian's Song ... Hardball *

Twentieth Century ... Swansea Sound

Crawlers ... Family Man *

Don't Let Him Know ... Prism * (extro)

Thanks for listening


Encrypted music recommendation!

https://7cxggzktgm (BANDCAMP.COM)/ track / ghuhwrl-yhhe

(I used Bandcamp because they still, even after the worst of COVID, do the Bandcamp Friday thing to support artists)

Friday 11 August 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio August 11 2023 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody!

Show's been hijacked (well, preempted, actually) for a live music broadcast from Harbourfront.

I'll be back with Melanie and Cally next week, same Bat time, same Bat station.

In the meantime, for anyone wanting some indie music goodness from this end, may I introduce you to the sister show (more mellow, gotta warn you now) with an EXCLUSIVE interview with Glen David Andrews* which can be heard on CFRU93.FM ( Sunday at 9 pm. (ThroughTheLookingGlass with host Alice 😉)

Party responsibly, fellow babies.

Cheers from here

carolB and the crew

Friday 4 August 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio August 4 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Here's the playlist for this week.

Hope you have a great long weekend. See you in two weeks as Ruby Slippers will be pre-empted for a live broadcast event.

I Like To Rock ... April Wine * (Canada Walk of Fame honouree)

Wiggle ... Pennan Brae *

Hey Mona ... Redpath Traffic *

Disgrace ... Deer Tick

Fortune ... Wye Oak

Got Enough ... Lusitanian Ghosts*

A Heart Beating ... Mother Tongues *

Journey to the Real Life ...Tame Impala

S.O.S ... Fury In The Slaughterhouse (intro by Melanie)

Meet The Star ... Guided by Voices

Life On TV ... Bats of Paradise *

Roller Girl ... Brian Trembly *

One Fine Morning ... Lighthouse * (Canada Walk of Fame honouree)

Thanks for listening!


Last week's decrypted recommendation


Thursday 27 July 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio July 28 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Low Down and Shaking ... Paradise *

Sal Kurdi ... Kadelburg *

Everygirl ... Altered By Mom *

Angry Arboretum ... Gloin *

Liberation ... Jody and the Jerms

Burning Up ... Karma Glider *

Lil Lobo ... Patricia Vonne (intro by Melanie)

Jet Blue ... Robert LaRoche (another Melanie pick!)

Ceour qui Caille (Cold Heart ) ... Beau Nectar *

Your Favorite Place ... Noble Oak *

More Than We Can Handle ... Paragon Cause *

Porpoise Song ... The Monkees

Battle Scar ... MaxWebster * (with Rush) (does this count as double Cancon LOL?)

Thanks for listening

*Cancon, baby

This week's encrypted song recommendation


Last week's recommendation decoded: JackConte (from Pomplamoose) "Be Still"

Thursday 20 July 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio July 21 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Bad Business Barbie ... Royal Castles *

Metro ... The Jins *

Paper Machete ... Queens of the Stone Age

3800 Tigers ... Protomartyr

In Deep Ocean ... Karma Glider *

Thunderdome ...Portugal. The Man

Slugs of Love ... Little Dragon

Wigging Out ... The Titillators *

Take A Giant Step ... The Monkees

Cyanide Stories ... Penske File *

Queen ... Clone *

Bang A Gong (Get It On) ... T Rex

You Started Something ... Jody and the Jerms

Anywayz ... Austra *

Rayguns of Love ..The Striped Bananas

Boyhood ... The Japanese House

Don't Let The Old Man In ... Toby Keith

Somewhere Over The Rainbow ... Pomplamoose


Thanks for listening

For those of you with decoder rings:

Tonight's encrypted musical pic (remember, line the letters up on top of one another, rotate the inner dial counterclockwise the number of spaces at the beginning of the message, and read from the outer dial to the inner to decipher) (It's easier to push both dials to the bottom of the post, larger under the smaller)


The pic from two weeks ago: (deciphered)

https:// beefheartprojecttoronto.


Friday 14 July 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio July 14 2023 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

Here's this week's playlist!

Shooting Into Space ... Joan Jet and the Blackhearts

I'm Toast ... Sparks

Army of Devils (Red House mix) ... The Conscience Pilate *

Puppy ... Winona Forever * (Cally likes the sound of this)

Burning Down the House (cover) ... The Snooks with intro by Birthday Girl Extraordinaire Melanie!!!

Turning Blue ... Plastic Act *

Narcolepsy ... Priors *

Moondawg ... Blue Demons *

Progression (Paragon Cause Darkwave remix) ...Church of Trees *

Think I'm Going Crazy Over You (Staten island Mix ft. Sune Rose Wagner) ... Paragon Cause *

Get Thar Feeling ... OURS

Stage Right ... Pennan Brae *

Kolchak meets the Sea Mobster ... Guitarmy of One

Orion (Asteron Mix) ... Beauty in Chaos

Kiss Me, Honey ... We Are The City *

The Chauffeur (cover) ... Dodgy Accent *

Thanks for listening

Recap of Community Bulletin Board:

OURS   July 17 at the Horseshow, on stage at 9:15, Tickets at Showclix

Church of Trees in Ottawa July 28 at Bar Robo Tix at Eventbrite

                           in Toronto at the El Mo Sept 16 with Slave To The Square Wave


MuchMusic documentary Screening at Roy Thompson Hall Sept 22 2023


All Cancon marked with *

Friday 7 July 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio July 7 2023 708 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Lots happening in the weeks ahead!

July 26-30,  "The Female Eye Film Festival" will be happening at the Hot Docs theatre. It is sponsored by CIUT and there are tickets and all access passes to be won! Just go to the website for all the details and to enter!

Also the artist "OURS" will be at the legendary Horseshoe on July 17th. Tickets are available at Showclix and are $20. Looks like an amazing night! Check him out

Now, on with the show.

Rock Star ... Greg Clarke and the Madvarks *

Top Secret Agent Man on a Wire Tapped Phone at Sea ... Guitarmy of One

Shameless ... Lusitanian Ghosts

The Prism (off the floor mix) ... Ellevator *

You Can Let Go ... Half Moon Run *

Look At Those Stars ... The 3 Clubmen

Streetlight (Mickey Valenz remix) ... Midnite Gossip *

Knuckle Down ... Jamie West-Oram (from the Fixx)

Channel ... Holobody *

Club Music ... We Are The City *

Eternally ... OURS

Fury (Mad mix) ... pMad

Unpleasant Music ... Leonids *

Le Kick ... La Securite *

Graveyard Dance (extro) ... Poison the Vicar

Thanks for listening.

Come back soon!



For anyone with the secret decoder rings (giveaways for donors) here's a really cool thing to explore


(For those without the ring, the actual link will be posted next week)

Friday 30 June 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio June 30 2023 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

Here's yer playlist for the long weekend!

You Got Me ... Queens and Kings *

Blowing Up Things In The Woods ... The Dirty Nil *

Up To You ... Toque *

Starlit Island ... Castle If*

On and Ever Onward ... Dirty Projectors and Bjork

Atmosphere ... The Sea At Midnight

Nothing ... Big Generator

Erase Me From You ... Ayria *

Moving Without Movement ... Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

The City (Off The Floor mix) ... Ellevator *

Love Is A Battlefield ... Pat Benatar

Nearly Human ... Big Little Lions *

Lion ... Holobody *

Babes In The Woods (Touching remix) ... Ghost Twin *

Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) ... Kate Bush

Top Secret Agent Man on a Wire Tapped Phone at Sea (extro) ... Guitarmy of One


Thanks for listening

Friday 23 June 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio June 23 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody

Here's this week's playlist!

The Long Con ... The Revivalists

Nicer Guy ... The Dirty Nil *

With No Light ... Queen of Swords *

Dancing On The Moon ... Greg Clarke and the Madvarks *

Lost ... Fighting Chance *

Riding High ... Divisionaries *

Avalanche of Love ... WITCH

Make Me ... ON *

Waiting For Kenny ... La Securite*

Scape Goat ... Odonis Odonis *

Any Other Way (808 mix) ... Plastic Soul Boys

Sunchild ... Para Lia

The Prism (Off the Floor) ... Ellevator *

Who I Dance For ... Betaboys *

Long Gone Songs ... Dan Warner and the Night Parrots*

Better Off Alone ... Cameronoise *

Thanks for listening


Thursday 15 June 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio June 16 2023 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody!

Here the playlist for this week INCLUDING an appearance by Melanie!!!!!

Pointing Fingers ... Abandoned Souls *

3:33AM ... Rat Parade *

Get Weird ... The Dollyrots

Thoughts and Prayers ... The Discarded *

Electronic Babysitter  ... The Noise Who Runs

Prey ... BlakLight

Sorcery ... Sorry Girls*

Vision ... FRANKIIE *

Paint You With My Tears ... Brian Morgan *

Keep Your Head On ... Swansea Sound (in England, not Toronto's west end LOL)

Stand Back ... Glen David Andrews (with intro by Melanie)

Hot Pocket Picker ... Squids *

Closure ... Carbon Memory *

Stop Motion ... The Metal Byrds

The Hanging Man ... Dead Quiet * (extro)


Thanks for listening

You can reach me in the comments section or by email at

Thursday 8 June 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio June 9 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Here is this week's playlist. Hope you like it as much as I do!

For anyone who supports and/or donated to this show, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

I am a little behind in sending out thank yous and stuff  but will try in the next week or two. In the meantime, just know I never take your support for granted! Together, we are community!

Turn It Up ... Paul Manchin *

Golden Age ... The Projectors *

You Can Let Go ... Half Moon Run *

Strangers ... Actors *

Adorn ... You'll Never Get To Heaven *

Space Tomato ... Slowly Becoming *

Citrus Song ... Uh Huh *

She Gave Me Love ... Jeremie and the Delicious Hounds *

El Swing Que Yo Tengo ...Alex Cuba *

See It In Time ... Plastic Act *

End Transmission ... Home Front *

Daffodil .. Priors*

Verklempt ... Radical Joy *

Forest Fire ...Single Mothers *

Rear View Mirror ... Joan Jett and the Blackhearts 

Be Like You ... Lachlan Horne


Thanks so much for listening!

See ya next week

Thursday 1 June 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio June 2 2023 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody!

If you are a regular listener or new to here, thanks for listening! 

Here's the playlist for this week. Kinda crazy, actually, but hey! it's the joy of open format music programs everywhere.

Waiting On A Sign That's Already There ... Altered By Mom *

Soiree Standard ... Les Lullies 

Redcoat ... Forge Hounds

Natural Science ... Suburban Spell

You're Like A Steve Miller Band Song ... B. A. Johnston *

Don't Need Anybody ... Dmitry Wild

New Spring ... Kali Horse *

Triangles and Crosses ... VVON DOGMA I *

Fall Guy ... Odds * (epic track)

Heavy Machinery ... SLIP-ons *

Super Electric ... The Flowers of Hell *

Good Love ... Aphrose *

Eloise ... Patrick Krief *

Tell Somebody ... Young Fathers (recommendation by Shu from Black Fever)

Be Still ... Pomplamoose *

Alien ... The National


Note: If I have played any of these recently, I apologize, not that they aren't excellent tracks and well worth listening to more than once. I had an iTunes catastrophe and nearly lost all of my library. Thankfully, saner heads and a tech in Georgia talked me through the recovery process.

Thursday 25 May 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio May 26 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Thanks so much for everyone who has donated to the membership drive to date and in fact to everyone who listens to this station! Your support means everything!

As I mentioned last week, an amazing used vinyl/CD and book shop, Pandemonium, in the heart of the Junction (2921 Dundas West here in Toronto) has donated two $25 gift certificates as draw prizes. If you have already donated on behalf of this show, you are in the running already! But there is still time to join the race! Just go to, click on Donate and indicate that you listen to Ruby Slippers and VIOLA! (oops, er, voila)  The winners will be notified in June and arrangements for the prizes to be sent to you made.

AND  there is a straight up give away this week from the good folks at Wanna hear a concert you will never forget at the Axis Club (formerly the Mod Club on College Street) next Friday (June 2)? Just check out the playlist on the CeolKids site, pick the song you are most excited about and tell me about it at  I will notify the winner by Wednesday May 30! (you name will be on the guest list at the door) 

Good luck to one and all.

Well, now on with the playlist for this show.

Communicado ... Suzi Moon & Billy Hopeless *

Bummer Party ... C C Voltage *

Inquisitor ... Single Mothers *

Pseudoscience Fictioon ... Kristian North *

Flight Paths ... Great Lake Swimmers *

We Just Wanna Dance ... Blonde Diamond *

Iconic ... Ghost Love*

Radio Brainwave ... Iguana Death Cult

Never Gonna let Go ... The Allergies

Money ... C-Rap and the Shit Hoppers *

Ghost Run Free ... The Lemon Twigs

Don't Say No ... Softlung *

Best At Art ... Softswitch *

Pur Sang Rouge ... Hippie Hourrah *

Total Eclipse (extro) ... Max Parrish and Klaus Nomi

Thanks for listening

Stay safe


Twitter: @carolbonciut


Friday 19 May 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio May 19 2023 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

Here's the playlist for this week.

If you donated last week to our Spring membership drive, thanks so much. 

It is not too late to do so if you did not have a chance! In fact, everyone who donates to the station on behalf of Ruby Slippers will be entered into a draw for one of two $25 gift certificates to Pandemonium used vinyl, CD and book emporium in the heart of the Junction on Dundas Street West!

Just go to and tell them Ruby Slippers sent you or head to the show page at and click on the donate button!

Now, on with the show!

Point Blank (It Scares Me) ... Christmas *

Girl Feeding a Swan ... Vanity Mirror *

Started With A Cough ... People At Night *

Weak and Powerless ... A Perfect Circle

Echo ... Incubus

What You Get Is Love (wishful GOTG theme) ...Kirby Krackle

Kaleidoscope ... Perseide *

Cherry Stems ... Maxime *

Speed Metal ... Dates *

My Body Is A Crime Scene ... C-Rap and the Shit Hoppers ft. Steven Vellou *

Geomorphic ... Phaeton *

Limb From Limb ... Encephalon *

Make Me Smile ... Dodgy Accent *

Never Going to Give This Up ... Close Kicks *

Stuck in the Metal ... Eagles of Death Metal

The Cracks ... Another Sky

Gato Negro ... Klik and Frik


Thanks for listening

Friday 12 May 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Membership Show Mar 12 2023 7-8 pm (Yippee!!!)


Let's all shout it from the rooftops (or the transmitter if you prefer)

This here is the playlist for the membership show.

Sainted By The Storm ... Powerwolf

Tiny Devil ... divorcer *

Liszt-o-mania ... Lumiere *

Sterilizer ... Bodywash *

Mean Payola ... Jerry Leger* with Melanie!

The Switch ... Smaller Hearts *

Drifting Away (Synthetic Capricorn remix) ... Beauty in Chaos

My Myself and I (Rob Preuss morning remix) ... Church of Trees *

Green Death Fever ... Christian D *

Raise the Skies ... Kill Shelter *

Har'ey DungDaq vogh 'oH (Over the Rainbow) ... Klingon Pop Warrior

Baby O'Riley ... Nash the Slash *

The number to call and make a donation during this broadcast are

416-946-7800 and 1-888-204-8976

or you can donate to the station at and directly to support this show on the Ruby Slippers show page any time of the day or night, 365 days a year!

Oh, and by the way, the Ceol Kids fundraiser to support music in the schools is on June 2 and all information is at (May have passes to share for that in the next few weeks!)

And FINALLY! Does anyone have a sure fire way to get rid of ants? 


Friday 5 May 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio May 5 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Here's the playlist for the week before the BIG MEMBERSHIP SHOW!

We have thrills, we have chills, and a special feature by our German music correspondent, Melanie!

Let's begin....

Walking on Nails ... Deadwolff *

Give Me Your Love  ... Mindy Sins *

Earthquake ... Queens and Kings *

(Melanie's feature starring Daniel from WellBad)

Jackleen ... WellBad

(interview part 1)

Beast of Prey ... WellBad

(interview part 2)

Rooftop ... WellBad

Red Brain .... Wax Mannequin *

Pen Pal ... Winona Forever *

Warning Signs ... The Franklin Electric *

Over The Hills ... Annie Sumi *

The Winter Palace (Gemma Cullingford No Escape remix) ... Rodney Cromwell

Aviatrix ... The 3 Clubmen (extro)

See you next week!

Thanks for listening



Friday 28 April 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Apr 28 2023

 Hey hey everybody

The news for this week is that tonite (Apr 28) is an early show at the Painted Lady ( 218 Ossington Ave in Toronto) for Death Lettuce and Weatherboy, both of whom will be on the playlist!

Also a free show is happening on April 29 at Art Bar (Bay and Dundas in Toronto) with a start time of 9 pm featuring Supervoids, Black Budget, Lime Ricky and ByOctopi. This show is Free!

Again, the bands are featured on this playlist! we go.

George Thorogood ... Grimelda*

FACTOR Live Performance Program Guidelines Item 14 ... Grimelda *

The Stranger ... The Supervoids *

Detonator ... Black Budget *

It's Been Real ... Lime Ricky *

Fingernails ... ByOctopi *

Firestone ... Kilmore *

Dig Me Out  .... Miesha and the Spanks *

Schroeder .. Death Lettuce *

Ghosts ... Weatherboy *

Fire ... pMad

I Can't Be Loved (Rob Stuart remix) ... Church of Trees *

Anti-glory ... Horsegirl

These Boots Were't Made for Playing Drums .... Les Lunatiques *

I Love Wrestling ... B. A. Johnston *

The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte .. Sparks

The Night The Carousel Burnt Down ... Todd Rundgren (extro)

Thanks for listening


Friday 21 April 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Apr 21 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Big show tonite!

Not only is there the usual great music and an outstanding pick by Melanie, but tonite we have a guest cohost! 

Din from the band F-105 has graciously offered to put together a curated list of some of his favorite tracks which he will also talk about! I know you will enjoy it as much as I did putting it all together.

There is also a sneak preview of next week's show. On Friday the 28th, Death Lettuce and Weather Boy will be playing at the Painted Lady here in the city and on the 29th at Art Bar (Bay and Dundas) there is a free show called Family Reunion featuring Black Budget, Byoctopi, Lime Ricky and Supervoids. 

Next week's show will feature tracks from all of the artists, so stay tuned!

Now, on with this week's show....

Sirens ... No Captains

Through The Teeth ... Brutal Youth *

Grave ... Alex Little and the Suspicious Minds *

Robbery ... WellBad (with intro by Melanie)

Say What You Want ... Big Flakes*

Hard Luck ... Patrick Krief *

and now for Din's playlist!

Toys (Peace Frog of Venice) ... F-105 *

Peace Frog ... The Doors

Roadrunner ... The Modern Lovers

Detroit City ... Bobby Bare

What's Going On ... Marvin Gaye

If I Were About To Die ... F-105 *

The Long Train ... Lusitanian Ghosts

Dancing On The Edge of Our Graves ... Born Ruffians * (extro)

Thanks for listening

See you next week


Thursday 13 April 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio April 14 2023 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

Still buzzing from last week's show (and the weekend sugar rush? Hmmm???)

Here's this week's playlist just right for a slightly more mellow week.... 

Take A Shot ... ON*

My Lovely Chat ... Deerhoof

Don't Touch that Dial (ft. Yuuki Sing) ... Django Django

Pelicans (ft. Virginie B) ... Super Plage *

Angelcover ... The New Pornographers *

Everything's Gonna Be Alright ... The Soul Motivators *

Blow The Leaves ... Neolia (epic!!!)

Progression (Paragon Cause Darkwave remix) ... Church of Trees *

Hold It Together ... ATOMSMATTER*

Every Breath You Take ... Everclear

Doom Scrolling ... Worriers

We'll Be Fine ... Manic Boys and Girls Club *

Bad Premonition ... Tei Shi *

Across the Pond Friend (live from Bush Hall) ... Black Country, New Road

Too Shy (extro) ... Kajagoogoo

Thanks for listening

Stay safe and see you next week


Friday 7 April 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio April 7 2023 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody

Here is the playlist for this week. 

Spring has sprung and it's time to kick it up a notch!!!

Obsidian ... Night Demon

Killing Plebs ... Despite The Reverence*

Undead ... Mulligan *

Supernova ... The Pighounds (with intro by Melanie!)

Flat Fields ... Faints *

Uncommonwealth ... The Black Halos *

Downed By A Sound ... Black Mastiff *

Distance Shadow ... Jupiter Hollow *

Nine Times Nine ... The Crystal Teardrop

Golden Age .... The Bellwether Syndicate

Breach ... Cydemind *

I'm There ... Carole Pope *

Have A Good Time ... Ender Bender

Iconic ... Ghost Love *

Swiss Mountain Myth ... The Asteroid No. 4 (extro)

Thanks for listening.

Stay safe


Friday 31 March 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Mar 31 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Here it is! One crazy playlist this week.

There are thrills, chills and stuff.

Stay Together ... Mr. Big (by request)

Dance Like Smoke ... Broken Wolves *

You Won't Break Me ... Sven Gali *

Progression (Rob Stuart remix) ... Church of Trees *

Straight From The Heart (ft. Skye Wallace) ... Jane's Party *

Frontier ... Benjamin Russell *

Fictional Dreamer ... Jo Ryder *

Letter To A Boy ... The Yets

I Don't Like You ... Unbelievers *

Running and Jumping ... Sinkin' Ships *

Hot Box Girls ... Bif Naked *

Cistern of Treachery ... Dispel

Margot on the Ocean ... K Michelle Dubois

Red Flares ... Hugh Shark (extro)

Thanks for listening

Stay safe


Friday 24 March 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Mar 24 2023 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody

This is the show for this week. 

Lots of new music and some old favorites too! 

Doing Crime ... The Thrashers *

Antichondriac ...Indications *

20th Century Boy ... Placebo

Carbon Dioxide ... Fever Ray

Low Frequency Oscillation ... Retrograth

The End Times ... Pennies By The Pound

Foolish Afterthought ... Ancient Teeth *

Float Away ... Ice Age *

Book of the Fallen ... Feed After Midnite *

Earth House ... New Chance *

Beautiful Perhaps (LTD remix) ... The Noise Who Runs

Tumbling Down ...The Venus in Furs

Solace (Both My Hands) ... Monako *

Spellbreaker ... Holobody *

What A Day (Steve Howerton and Coflo remix) ... The Mystery Plan

Thanks for listening


Thursday 16 March 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Mar 17 2023 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

Here's the playlist

Octopus Eyes ... The Striped Banana

Heady Ideas (Joakim Ahlund remix) ... Black Market Karma

Screech (of the Bung Fungus) .... Prosthetic Bung *

Glitter Rock Werewolf ... Robert Quine

Moonstones ... Brutal Youth *

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone ... Bria *

Museum ... Miles From Nowhere *

Shades of You ... Bonnie Trash *

Our Lungs ... Indications *

Heart Shaped Box ... Nirvana

Silent Running ... Gorillaz

Dear Prudence ... Dodgy Accent *

Breaking Every Bone ... The Drifts *

Betrayed ... Gary Numan

Willful Blindness ... Call The Wolf *

Notorious ... Duran Duran

Thanks for listening

See you next week


Thursday 9 March 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Mar 10 2023 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody!

There's stuff on this playlist that defies description.

Ready? GO!!!!!

Daydream in the Sun (UFO Radio) ... The Foreign Films *

Suffragette City ... Ume

The Architect ... Emolecule

Sweet Dreams (Demonslayer edit) ...Dan Nguyen (curator) (artists unknown)

City Of Fear ... FM *

The Pace ...5th Projekt *

Killing Time ... Piss for Pumpkin *

Blame Time ... Doctor Mother Father *

Bull In The Doorway ... The Room 

Dimebag (Owed to the Stooges) ... Groovy Religion *

Table Dancin' Woman ... Ballroom Rockets (intro by Melanie)

Chasing Ghosts ... MorMor *

Space Oddity ... Kittie *

Thanks for listening

Stay safe


Thursday 2 March 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Mar 3 2023 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

First of all, congrats to the winners of the Steve Neville CDs and a big thanks to Steve for his generosity!

Here's the playlist for this week. 


The Flames Within ... Ehsan Imani

Downhill ... Mik Perlus *

Cats Cant Fly ... Mr! Mouray *

Distant Shadow ... Jupiter Hollow *

All Of A Sudden ... Falcon Jane *

Miracles ... Jeremy Voltz *

The Best Thing ... Parabola West

World Between Us ... Katey Morley *

Conversations Between Hands ... David Tosh *

Tuesdays News ... Vanity Mirror

Nomenclature ... Loon Town *

Call Me ... Franklin Electric *

Click ... Dawn Sev (ft. Aaron Marttinen) *

You're Not you ... New Wave Saints

Saturdays in Silesia ... Golden Mile *

Snake Totem ... AMODAL *

Thanks for listening

Stay safe 


Thursday 23 February 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Feb 24 2023 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody!

Had a good week? 

Well, here's your chance to end it with a bang! 

For The Birds ... Hyaenas *

To The Edge ... New Chance *

Waste My Life ... Alice Merton * (with intro by Melanie)

Magic Octopussy ... Filthy Haanz*

Worry Stones ... Mirabelle *

I Was Here ... Dearly Beloved*

Eyez ...The Arcs

Killdozer ... Friendly Rich *

Night Of The Monsters ... Robert Quine

Silent Faces ... Retrograth

Pirates ... Francois Klark *

Fairground ... Deary

Train Song ... The Go! Team

Desert Train ... Screaming Females

Rock River ... King Tuff

Burning Building ... Lucy Kruger and the Lost Boys

Thanks for listening

Stay safe


Wednesday 15 February 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Feb 17 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Here's the very special awesome playlist for this week.

What makes it so special, you may ask?

Well, not only does it include our music correspondent Melanie and her pick, and of course a premier of a new Ace of Wands track but there is a GIVE AWAY by Canada's very own Steve Neville!

He has graciously given Alex (Dreaming in Stereo) and me CDs for our listeners!

All you have to do to enter the draw to win one is to send an email to me at and tell me what track of Steve's you heard tonight. 

Best of luck to everyone!

Now on with the playlist proper

Funkiest Spot ... Fake Magic *

Clopus Clan ... Tchort *

Until It Happens ... Yo La Tango

Beyond the Void ... Screaming Females

Fountain of Weakness ... Bad Temper Joe with an intro by Melanie

Black Bird Black Heart ... Ace of Wands *

Going Home ... Steve Neville *

Magic Eraser ... Co-op *

Into the Void ... BlakLight

Rat's Opus ... Rat Scabies

Wolf At The Door ... Transstar *

Cement (ft. Scott Hardware) ... Lee Paradise *

Magnum Opus ... Sunlust *

Dragon ... Surface of the Sun *

Bring On The Dancing Horses ... The Ember Glows *

Thanks for listening. See ya next week.


Thursday 9 February 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Feb 10 2023 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

First of all, sorry for last week. The file somehow was truncated and the last two tracks didn't air.

Won't happen again (I hope)

Anyway, here is this week's show.

Down ... pMad

Down In It ... Nine Inch Nails

Berliner Pilsner ... CC Voltage *

Photonovel ... A Fawn at Dawn *

Brave New World ... Erin Hunt *

Good Sad Story ... Mirabelle *

Dumb .. Burn The Louvre *

Hardwired ... Mari Dangerfield

Hey There ... The Wandering Off *

Requiem for the Sun ... A Cloud of Ravens

Mirror Sentences ... Retrograth

Salvation ... Josh Jones & Trevor Kidd

Lee Shores ... Gareth Inkster *

Bitter Sweet Symphony ... Four Year Strong

Be Like You ... Lachlan Horne

There you are!

Hope your weekend is everything you  want it to be.

Thanks for listening.

See ya next week.

Stay safe, kiddos


Thursday 2 February 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Feb 3 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Here is the playlist

Allison Wonderland ... Apricity * (premier)

Swing On A Vine ... Pennan Brae *

Natural Targets ... Motorists *

Tiger Girl ... Terouz *

Fast Lane ... Darksoft

Hold ... July Talk *

Diabolical Defecator ... The Minneapolis Uranium Club Band 

Imagine ... Yumi and the Weather

Black Midi ... Fulfillment *

Love Is A Painting ... The Bug Club

I Miss The City ... Whitehorse *

Tricky Love Stuff ... Gramercy Arms

Released Into Dementia ... Guided By Voices

Wanted Man ... Deadwolff *

Let er Rip ... Fake Magic *

Pyraminds In The Clouds ... Melody's Echo Chamber (by popular request)

Cour Rompu ... Jalouse (extro) *

Thanks for listening


Thursday 26 January 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Jan 27 2023 7-8 pm


Hey hey everybody

Here is this week's playlist.

I'm warning you's all over the place.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow ... Reelaks

Modern Retro ... The Scary Loud *

Back To The Drive ... Suzi Quatro

Dale Gas ... Black Skull (intro by Melanie)

Taste of Solitude ... SilentLie

King (Black Jack remix) ... Paul Manchin *

Not in Love ... Youngest of Elders *

Video Disease ... Platinum  Blonde *

Paradise ... Nouveaux *

SAD Light Disco ... Art D'Ecco *

Outta Love ... Fast Romantics *

Cannibals ...Aittala

Lesson in Love .... Rebel Priest *

Save It For Later ... Martha and the Muffins *

Happy Trails ... Van Halen

Pyramids In The Clouds ... Melody's Echo Chamber (extro)

Thanks for listening

Stay safe 


Friday 20 January 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Jan 20 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Here's the playlist for this week.

Party in the 6ix ... Blaine Walker*

One Man Party ... Glacial Erratic *

Fake Friends ... Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Stranger ... Boyhood *

Temple of Sleep ... Frenchy and the Punk

I Don't Know What You See In Me ... Belle and Sebastian

Letter To  A Boy ... The Yets

Rioting Heart ... Payphones *

Dream Dreamer ... Dear Rouge *

Way Past Midnight ... Strange Advance *

Pressed ... Alvvays *

I'm Not Bitter ... Cameronoise *

Oldies 93 ... Cameron Mowery *

The Blackest Mantra ... A Cloud of Ravens 

The Problem with Atlantis ... Castle If *

Equinox ... Devin Townsend *

Body ... Blessed (extro)

Thanks for listening


Wednesday 11 January 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Jan 13 2023 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody,

Here's the show for this week. 

On The Run ... Thunderor *

Collateral Damage ... Aittala

Stones and Bones ... The Wring *

Double Helix ... Ronan Conroy

Atoned Deaf ... Dead Quiet *

Maggie's Farm ... Rage Against the Machine

Night Flower (with Edward KaSpel) ... Cevin Key *

The Wrong Way ....5th Projekt *

Stay Warm Little Creature ... Apollonio *

Stand Back (ft. Anna Bouchard) ... The Foreign Resort *

After the Earthquake ... Alvvays *

Swim Shallow ... SICKY

Snow Came Falling ... Carla Muller *

Stars and Moons (extro) ... Dizzy*

Thanks for listening


Thursday 5 January 2023

Ruby Slippers Radio Jan 6 2023 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Happy New Year (for reals, this time)

Biggest challenge for the year? remembering to date everything 2023.

Here's this week's playlist

Hide Away ... The Bloody Hell *

Live Fast Die Young ... Machine Gun Dolly*

Knack for Life ... Gogol Bordello

Break Down the Silence ... Excuses Excuses *

Shoot To kill ... Gloin * 

Love Games ... Strange Advance *

Zombie ... Kavinsky

Doppelganger ... Sea Power

Mystery Man ... Techno Westerns *

Seasick ... Dragonette *

Silence Is A Killer ... Bonnie Trash *

Sabotage ... Roki*

Powerful Love (robpreuss Hypnotize mix) ... Church of Trees *

The Reflex ... Duran Duran

The Last Unicorn ... America

Stars and Moons ... Dizzy * (extro)

As for the rabbit hole in the room....

Yes, I did get stuck on the theme from "The Last Unicorn" (will admit to shedding a bucketload of tears actually) and there are loads of good covers, just none of them that I could find that were Canadian.

There are videos accredited to Loreena McKennitt which aren't (I think it's Declan singing, at least that is what the comments seem to think). Honestly, I think she would do a good job of it but alas, she has not done so.

Here is another one I think you would appreciate given the group that recorded it.

Ninja Sex Party from "Under the Covers" 

There are also techno covers, folk covers and Kenny Loggins because of course he did (totally in his wheelhouse) from "Return to Pooh Corner"

Anyway, thanks for listening

See you next week.