Sunday 28 February 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio Feb 26 2021 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody

Here is the playlist for this week. Hang on to your teeth.

New Eyes ... Monique Barry *

Feeder ... Front Line Assembly *

Love Is Not Enough ... Nine Inch Nails

Under Fire ... Diner Drugs *

Drink Myself ... The Bloody Hell *

Drive ... CATL *

Spirit of the Radio ... Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs *

Another Train Song ... Tim Lothar (intro by Melanie from Germany)

Electronic Windows to Nowhere ... Guided By Voices

Ageless ... No Joy *

Time and Again ... Para Lia

Allo ... The Pirouettes

Flowers Were Better ... Alicia Clara *

Tried to Tell You ... The Weather Station *

You and I ... Black Creek Reign/ Danny Fernandez *

Thanks for listening

Stay safe!


Tuesday 16 February 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio Feb 19th 2021 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody.

Here is the list for tonight. Lotsa input from all over the place.


Rumble ... Slave to the Square Wave *

Beautiful It's You ... Dead Red Velvet *

Ori Ori ... Manntra

There is Only You ... Tim Lothar (Melanie's pic)

Big City ... Epitaph (Melanie's other pic)

Speaking In Tongues ... An Uneasy Peace

Wolverines ... Feverjaw (these last two from Nikki, podcast host of "Everything and the Kitchen Sink")

Valhalla ... Dream Aria * (with intro by Ann of the band0

Ultra Man ... Douglas Von Irvin's Carnival *

You Sold Yourself for Nothing ... Christian and the Sinners *

Hard Place and a Rock ... Steve Strongman *

Finally Found A Way ... F - 105 *

Where The Snake Was ... Greg Clarke *

Song of Co Aklan ...Cathal Coughlan

Thanks for listening!

Stay safe, my friends.



Tuesday 9 February 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio Feb 12 2021 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Despite my best efforts to ignore V Day, here I am playing my favorite tried and true love songs.

In my defense, I did start out with some really heavy (and brilliant) tracks and had Melanie weight in with something too as well as a "starts soft and ends heavy" track from Canada's own Autocatalytica. know how I sometimes forget myself and go all mushy. 

Oh well.

Electric War ... Oh Sees

Battle Under the Stars ... Ainur

Lullaby ... Bad Temper Joe and Fernent Zeste (intro by Melanie, music correspondent from Germany)

No Woman's Man ... Jerry Leger * (another Melanie pic...for V Day. It begins....)

I Wish I had Never Met You ...Leah Callahan (premier! Album release in March)

Beautiful ... Rhye *

Crawboi ... Autocatalytica * 

And now it really gets lovey dovey (grab a Kleenex)

Superstar ... Bette Midler

How Can I Ease the Pain ... Lisa Fischer

Fantasy ... Gelax *

Someone To Love ... Mark Tara *

Ray of Love ... Bravestation *

I Broke Into Your Car Last Night ... Bif Naked * (yes, it's a love song)

Torch Song ... Todd Rundgren (dedicated to a long lost true love  )

Tell those you care about how you feel about them.  Life is short and there is no time to waste.

Thanks for listening. Stay safe


Tuesday 2 February 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio Feb 5 2021 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody.

Here it the first playlist for February. 

The Head and the Heart ... Spectres *

Nova Heart ... The Spoons *

I Put A Spell on You ... Serafin LaRiviere *

Low ... The Rosie Varela Project (from Eep)

Skye Song ... of1000faces

Shapes In The Dark ... JP Lancaster*

Jumped in the Humber ... Jerry Leger* (with an intro by our German music correspondent Melanie)

Futile ... Derev *

I Broke Into Your Car ... Bif Naked *

Down The Rabbit Hole ... The Foreign Resort *

Rats ... AmyJo Doh and the Spangles

Mirror in the Bathroom ... The Beat

My Religion Is You ... Flaming Lips

Access To A World Without Words ... Tiger Bomb (Doc Pickles)*

Samurai Sword ... Chad VanGaalen *

Thanks for listening 

Stay safe