Saturday 27 October 2012

Ruby Slippers Oct. 27 Halloween Show!

Hey everybody!!!!

Here we are, the weekend before the spookiest night of the year, when the veil is the thinnest between the worlds!   Lots of ghosts, monsters, spirits, spells and of course the afterlife!


Drunk Love---Rebekah Higgs  ( also know as Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees)
Smells Like Teen Spirit--- Winter Gloves  (Nirvana cover)
Spellwork---Austra (Young Galaxy Remix)
Strange Vacation---Quest for Fire  (Canadian psych/prog)
Run and Don't Stop---The Rocket Summer
Ain't That Cute---Moonglasses  (Guelph natives)
Criminals---The Blue Stones
When I Get Back---Handsome Furs
Museum in the Woods (demo version)---Wool and Howl (more from Guelph)
Holding You---Katie Herzig
The Afterlife---YACHT
Ropes That Way---Dirty Ghosts
Son of Volare---Green Palm Radiation
Oisin, My Bastard Brother---The High Dials
Heroes and Villians---Brian Wilson
Monster Mash---Bobby "Boris Pickett and the Crypt Kickers

Be safe out there and thanks for listening.

Saturday 20 October 2012

Membership Drive Playlist Oct. 20 5-6 pm

Hey everybody!

It's the FALL MEMBERSHIP drive, and today you can make a difference to the station!
During the show you can call in and make a donation to CIUT, tax deductible, by the way, which will go toward keeping this show and the station on the air.

For donation information please go to and please show us some love!

As for the music this week....

Here goes!

Immigrant Song    Dread Zepplin  (from the album Un-Led-ed, get it? Hmmm?)
Theophile   Tape Deck Bros.   (Torontonians)
Movement and Location     Punch Brothers
Bag O' Miracles    Eagles of Death Metal
The Kids Were Wrong    Memoryhouse
Gimme Sympathy    Metric   (you'll know this one from the commercials)
Live Forever     Run With The Kittens
Don't Touch That Dial    Paper Lions
Tripping Horses    The Russian Futurists
Ungirthed    Purity Ring  (I have played this before, but what's not to love?)

And to close our show...

Over the Rainbow    Isreal  Kamakawiwo'ole

Many thanks to DJ Nico, Alex, Talia the phone volunteers, and of course you the listener.

See you next week!

Friday 12 October 2012

Playlist for Oct. 13 5-6 pm

Hey everybody,

I know this is WAY in advance, but given that I am dashing out of the studio to make an appointment tomorrow, I thought I would post for tomorrow.  There may be some minor deviations, and I will correct them if needs be, but at the moment, this is how the show will line up.

Stillness Is The Move   Dirty Projectors
Smoke and Mirror Show   Young Galaxy
My Favorite Year   Destroyer
Vanessa Vacillating   Slow Children  (didn't actually get to this last week...)
Put Your Arms Around Me   The Hawk In Paris   (rather athemnic, but really pretty)
Say It Ain't So  Sarah Blackwood   (Weezer cover)
He Poos Clouds   Final Fantasy  (now known as Owen Pallet)
Beijing   Patrick Watson
Prophesy   Adam and the Amethysts
Weightless   City and Colour   (out of Alexisonfire)
Moonage Daydream    The Dirty Nil   (good Bowie cover)
Tough Love   Joel Plaskett Emergency
No Envy  Humble Wolf

Please remember to donate if you can to CIUT on behalf of this and other shows.
Just go to the website and click on DONATE and the rest is easy.

Thanks for listening, see you next week for the Membership Drive Show Extravaganza!

Saturday 6 October 2012

Playlist for Oct. 6 5-6 pm

Hey everyone,

It's Thanksgiving weekend and we can feel the fall in the air.  Sadly today saw the passing of one of my dearest friends and companions, and it is to his memory that I dedicate this show.
I love you Murph.

Be kind to one another.  Be thankful for those around you, and never lose sight of life's little blessings.

The Sheriff    The Strumbellas
Against The wall   Young Empires
Outlaw Blues   Queens of the Stone Age
White Days    The Lighthouse and the Whale
Too Cold   Current Swell
Big Time Sensuality  (The Fluke Remix)  Bjork
Filthy/Gorgeous   Scissor Sisters
Dude You Feel Electrical  Shout Out Out Out
The Evening Redness in the West  Deer Park
Star  Cuff The Duke
12 John/I'm Only Dancing  YT/ST
Five Years   Born Ruffians
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue   Bad Religion
Cosmic Wheels   Donovan

Thanks for listening.