Thursday, 28 July 2016

Ruby Slippers for July 29 Lord Sincoe Day 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Good old Lord Simcoe! Scored us another long weekend in the summer!
(Have a framed photo of the dude in my front window and everything. Yes, the neighbours think I'm a little out there but still...)

So here's the playlist for the show to kick off the fun filled three days.

All We Need Is Love ... Leningrad Cowboys (nothing like the Beatles song)
Echoes ... The Evidence *
Goodbye Baby ... Ballroom Babies *
Creatures Great and Small ... Aidan Knight *
Haven ... Bravestation * (indulge me please)
Dk/Pi ... Aero Flynn (indulge me again please )
Bad Czech ... Milks and Rectangles *
Compound ... Filthy Haanz *
Slow Death ... Flaming Groovies 
Famous ... Jordan B. Wright * (new)
He was A Jazzman ... The Flatliners *
Cups and Punches ... Fiery Furnaces *
Sand In The Sun ... The Soles *
Sympathy for the Devil ... The Stones

Let's see how far we get

Thanks for listening and big time summer love !


Thursday, 21 July 2016

Ruby Slippers for July 22 2016 7-8 pm Hillside Featival in Guelph

Hey everybody!

Summer is festival season as you all know and with it comes my favorite tiny (relatively speaking) perfect event, Hillside festival , happening this weekend at the Guelph Conservation area. As is the tradition on this show, I have put together a playlist of some of artists who will be there as sadly, I will not. So let's have a cuppa organic fairtrade coffee (or craft beer as the case may be), a big ol' plate of African Peanut stew and let the music take us away.

Guilt Trip ... PUP *
Give Me Back My Heart Attack ... Land of Talk *
Come ... She-Devils *
Bambi ... SUUNS *
Proof of Love ... Old Man Luedecke *
Another Brick In The Wall Part 1 (Pink Floyd cover) ... Luther Wright and the Wrongs *
Honey, Honey ...The Milk Carton Kids *
We Always Change ... Jennifer Castle (Castlemusic)*
Slipping Away ... Like A Motorcycle *
Tiger, Tiger ... The Sadies *
All Along The Watchtower (Dylan cover) ... Slambovian Circus of Dreams
Simple Thoughts ... Rose Cousins *
Refrain from Fire ... Chloe Charles *
Dukes ... Repartee * (from Newfoundland!)
Song Number 2 ... Suitcase

There are so many more! Check out the full artist listing at
This is where two hours of programming would be really REALLY handy. (Hint, hint)

Thanks for listening


Thursday, 14 July 2016

Ruby Slippers July 15 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Got a great show this week. There is a cool Mexican festival at our harbourfront (Viva Luche Libre)
and some of the pics are from that! Also, there are tons of Canadian bands and even something from RHCP. (Did you ever think you would see that on this show?) (Listener request, actually)

So buckle up, kids. Put on your flying goggles and let's get airborne

I Found A New Way ... Twin Peaks 
The Glimmer Shot ... Double Experience *
In The Dark ... Reignwolf * (yes I am watching Roadies. And this cat is now in Seattle but hails from 
Chiquita Milagrosa ... Centavrvs
Dark Necessities ... Red Hot Chili Peppers (Flea rules)
Homebody ... Mulligrub *
Here I Am ... Tea With Lincoln * (what happened to these guys? :(  )
Time Machine ... White Hot Jet *
Marigold ... Mariachi Ghost * (from Winnipeg, awesome)
Blue Angel's Revenge ... Blue Demons *
In Heaven.... Pixies (saw Erasurehead this week)
Florian Saucer Attack ... Black Mountain *
Zombie Eyed ... Dirty Nil * (from the Hammer)
I Don't care Anymore ... Taylor Abrahamse*
Mysterons ... Portishead 

Thanks for listening.


This playlist, Portishead in particular, is for Roger. 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Ruby Slippers for July 8 2016

Hey everybody!

The summer of love (and music) (and love of music) continues and with it CIUT!

Included in this week's playlist are two artists performing at "Senseless" an event chock full of art, food and kick ass music. You can be part of it Saturday July 9 from 3 til 11 at the Evergreen Brickworks.

Or you can catch Double Exposure fresh off their tour of the UK at the Supermarket (268 Augusta) 
same day at 8:30.  Here's their cover of Weezer's Buddy Holly

Or there is the ongoing Jazz festival...


To get the weekend started here's the list

Let's Go Crazy ... Prince and the Revolution
Trans Mission ... Random Order *
Things Are Changing ... The Relatives
Eye's Pie ... Devil's Din *
Mean Girl ... The Wave *
Near North ... Black Mastiff *
Lost Cosmonauts ... Mother Leads *
Why Don't You ... Mad Machines *
Whole Lotta Love ... Dread Zeppelin
Supernatural ... Jont and the Infinite Possibility *
Imprint of Pleasure ... Tube & Berger (from Germany  at #Senseless)
I Don't Remember ... David Byrne
Flashbulb Eyes ... Arcade Fire *
Rings ... Frank & Tony (also from #Senseless)


Thanks for listening.


Friday, 1 July 2016

RubySlippers Canada Day July 1 2016 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Happy Canada Day! I personally think this is a just cause to eat cake, don't you?

It's kinda rainy and dreary at present but on the plus side of things, this is a great opportunity to chill out and listen to tunes.

Canadian tunes.

Tunes that may have flown under the radar.

So, let's get crackin'.

Mean Girl ... The Wave * (new!)
Revelation ... Slow Spirit *
Right Back Where We Started From (cover) ... Amity Beach *
Start It Up ... Die Mannequin * (they don't get played nearly enough)
Winter To Summer ... Rend *
Impervious ... Dead Red Velvet *
Painful Like ... Austra *
Jungle Book Of Love ... Like Animals *
Gossip Saves ... The Rooms *
Total Hit Wonder ... Ice Wino *
Yellow At A Funeral ... Megan Landry *
Drifters ... Patrick Watson * ( I just rediscovered this artist <3)
Quinte ... Paupiere * (second official language)
Head Vs Heart ... Craig Cardiff *
Bobby White ... Generic *

* 100%, baby! Cancon

Thanks for listening. See you next week!