Wednesday 28 May 2014

Ruby Slippers May 30 7-8 pm

Hey Everybody,

Here it is the end of another month. Cold weather, really hot stuff, back to moderate...doesn't look as if Ma Nature can make up her mind.
I know how she feels!
After having someone else do the playlist last week, I too was all over the place for this week's show.
So buckle up and enjoy the ride. It might get weird.

Windswept ...CFCF (brand spanking new) *
Impacilla Carpisung... The Ting Tings
Vuture of Love ... The Sea Monsters (because we cut them off last week) *
O'm Not Home ... Armon Jay (another newbie)
Catch It Faint ... Roo and the Howl (yet another newbie)
Phone .... Cousins (STILL another newbie) *
The Great Russian Empire .... Pig's Blood (you guessed it) *
Walk On Water ... The Rest (now disbanded, really sad ;( ) *
For Pete's Sake ... The Monkees
You Might Think (Cover) ... The Velvet Ants
You Really Got Me (137 BPM) ... The Kinks
Shotgun Legs ... Korean Drama * (NEW! PUNK! just couldn't do a show without some punk)
The Last Time ... Browne Project (busking at it's best)
G.B.A. ... Xavier Rudd  (electrifying live)
Mariner's Cross ... Gdansk * (Hamilton! Hamilton!)

That's all, folks!

And as always, thanks for listening!


Sunday 25 May 2014

This has been on my mind for a while....

Hey everybody,

Losing Oderus from Gwar was big. Really big. Particularly as he was an alien from Hamilton.

So when I saw this, thought, perhaps others had the same question.....

Will be back with the playlist on Wednesday.

Ruby Slippers on the fly!

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Ruby Slippers for May 23 7-8 pm With Guest Cohost Greg Clarke

Hey everybody,

This week, I am pleased to say that Greg Clarke, well respected musician, songwriter, artist and story teller, will be cohosting the show. Lucky for me, Greg did all the heavy lifting with the playlist and has come up with very interesting and in many cases personal selections.

If you want to know more about Greg, his current band is "Greg Clarke and the Madvarks" and for 20 years he was part of the well travelled and well storied band, the Corndogs

Hope you will join him as he guides us through the list and tells tales of the road along the way.

(Son of a) Playboy Man ... Greg Clarke *
Courage ... Todd Rungren
Come On Come On ... The Woodshed Orchestra (Dave Clarke of the Rheostatics) *
Breakdown Honey ... The Corndogs *
Looking For Likkie ... Greg Clarke *
Nothing But Love ... Brian Wilson  (reimagined Gershwin)
Crash Course ... Brodie Lodge and the Kilnhangers *
Personal Jesus ... Rae Billing *
I'm Uma. Pemmaruju.. Seb Agnello *
Montana Avenue....Cadillac Bill and the Creeping Bent *
Africa ... Thundermug *
Vulture of Love ... Sea Monsters *
In and Out Of The Shadows ... Greg Clarke *

Thanks for listening


Thursday 15 May 2014

CIUT Transmitter Update

Hey everybody,

For those who supported us during the semiannual donation drive, BIG LOVE! You helped bring over $75,000 to the table for the replacement of our workhorse of 27 years, the transmitter atop First Canadian Place.

The journey isn't over yet.

CIUT now it turning to Crowd Sourcing to make up the deficit for this once in my lifetime capital expense. (Not that I'm ancient or anything, just that 25+ years is a long time for a tranmitter to keep on keeping on)
Anyway, if you were unable to contribute to the first part of this community investment in crystal clear sound, the best the station or any station in the GTA has ever had, this is your moment.
Crowd Tilt is a spot where you make a contribution to reach our goal, and in the unlikely event that it isn't achieved, your donation isn't put through. So, you only invest in a sure thing. Cool, right?
If you don't believe me, check out the full story here:

Let's make this happen without a long term debt carried by the station and it's listeners.

CIUT : The Sound of Your City

Thanks so much!

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Ruby Slippers for May 16 7-8 pm

Hey everybody.

Toronto lost one of its most innovative and enduring experimental artists this week: Nash the Slash (Jeff Plewman)

I remember two occasions standing in a crowded audience and marvelling at the talent of the mysterious man behind the bandages.

Therefore, breaking away from the usual format of this show, there will be three cuts by Nash:
"Phasors on Stun" from the album "Black Noise" with the band FM
"Dead Man's Curve" from the album "Children of the Night" (solo effort) and
"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" from "In-A-Gadda-da-Nash" (solo)

The city was a more interesting place because of him.

Phasors on Stun...FM *
Hoshi Neko ...YTST (remix by Young Galaxy) *
Witness ... Joan as Policewoman
Preppers ... Neomythics
Leaders of the Undersea World ... Odds *
Gigantic ... Pixies (can't get this out of my head, what with the phone commercial)
Dead Man's Curve ... Nash The Slash *
I Want Revenge ... Kill Matilda *
Livin' Life ... Bullet For My Valentine
Sword and Stone ... LEGS *
Ancient Kids ... Bravestation *
Mad At Nothing ... Business 80
Return to Launch Site ... Ilias (exclusive and new)
In A Gadda Da Vida ...(cover) Nash The Slash *

Next week, Greg Clarke will cohost. Hope to see you then.

And as always, thanks for listening.

Friday 9 May 2014


Hey everybody!

Still holding up? This is the really really hard night.

Hope you planned ahead and got some tickets.

Adelaide Hall ... Groenland, We are Wolves *and secret guests (shhhhh!!!) Osheaga Showcase

Danforth Music Hall ... a powerhouse: Doldrums and Owen Pallet *(better have tickets first)

Drake Underground ... Chloe Charles *(lovely start to the night)

El Mocambo Upstairs ... Supernova showcase: See the next Big Thing! 

Johnny Jackson ... DJ Party featuring DJ  Riccatchet!

Kool Haus ... Sirius Indies : Little Dragon*  Hidden Cameras*  Hollerado, Born Ruffians *and          
                                            more !!!
Lee's Palace ... Single Mothers, Organ Thieves and friends

Phoenix Concert Hall... Wow! Brendan Canning * and TELEVISION *****

Sound Academy ... Mastodon and others

Mod Club... Indian Handcrafts and others


Hope you had a great experience and are inspired to seek out new music in the months ahead.

And as always, thanks for supporting independent alternative radio, CIUT 895

See you on air!

* played on the show

Thursday 8 May 2014

CMW Friday Day 4

Hey everybody,

Wow, here we are. The official start to the weekend.

Forget the small talk.  Away we go...

Baltic Avenue ... Crhymes, My Heart Belongs to Cecilia Winter, Sun Stone Revolvers

Air Canada Centre ... Half Moon Run *, City and Colour *

Bovine Sex Club ... The Bloody Five *, The Dirty Nil *, Cheetah Chrome, The Almost Trigger Happy

Cadillac Lounge ... The Retrievers and others

Cherry Cola ... The Nils and Die By Remote et al

Dakota Tavern ... The High Dials * plus so much more!

Kool Haus ... Tegan and Sara *, Ellie Goulding *

Lounge Bar (Marriott Hotel) Maneli Jamal (beautiful) * , Wolves as Friends (Lima, Peru - folk)

Massey Hall (if you have tickets) ... Dodos, Neko Case *

Silver Dollar ... We are Wolves *, Zoo Owl (Toronto, psychedelic)

Sneaky Dee's ...International Zombies of Love (winner of the "Best Name" this year)

Velvet Underground ... Ginger Ale and the Monowhales (there's gotta be a story there)

Take a deep breath. See you for the final day tomorrow!

Cheers! (Notice I'm putting these up early to let you think about it. :) )

*played on the show

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Ruby Slippers for May 9 CMW Show 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!
It's Canadian Music Week and the joint is jumping!
Imagine how hard it is to pick where to go from one day to the next, but then imagine how IMPOSSIBLE it was to pick an hour's music out of all of the choices!
Of course, there were big names: Television, Little Dragon, Born Ruffians, City and Colour, Walk Off The Earth. But this show is about showing you the listener what else is brewing.

So, sit back, put your feet up and prepare to be amazed!

Coming For Me ...What Model Citizens
Never Too Late ... Sky Terminal *
Il Treno Del Rock ... Booze Bombs
Last Caress ... The Dirty Nil *
The Sweat of a Hero ... Lightmares *
World That Never Was ... Awake At Last
Better ... Stuck On Planet Earth *
Honest Liar ... The Almighty Rhombus *
This Town ... Megafauna
Six ... Radio Free Universe *
Black Swans ... Cafeine *
Ophelia ... Maps
#13 ... AroarA *
Lucklucky...Veda Hille *
Baby We're Through ... Green Rays *
Twin Mirror ... Zoo Owl *

If you can't find these artists and you want to buy their music, try Bandcamp.

Hope you liked them,
And as always thanks for listening

*Canadian bands

CMW Day 3 (Hump Day, and more choices, bartender)

Hey everybody

As the weekend approaches, it just gets harder. There are chances to see some of the bands you did
not have the time to on Tuesday and Wednesday, but LOTS OF NEW STUFF!!!!

Let's start with something more laid back.. (not)

Cadillac Lounge ...Country Showcase including Black Mocassins, and Mike Leblanc

Cameron House ... Veda Hille *and Aroara *

Cherry Cola Rock and Rolla Cabaret ...Papillon, Cafeine and Cheetah Chrome, OMG!

Czhoski ... Kashka *, Falls, Parallels, another chance to see Slaughter beach

Drake Underground ... Matthew "Doc" Dunn, Diana *, Jennifer Castle *

The Garrison ... King Khan and the BBQ Show *(hands down), Green Rays

The Great Hall ... Teenage Head *and friends

The Horseshoe... Maylee Todd *. Jr. Gone Wild

Lounge Bar (inside the Marriott) Sounds Australia Showcase (always interesting)

Sneaky Dees ... White Widow's Pact, Flatliners

Mod Club ... The Lighthouse and the Whaler *

Left out a ton more. Can't have you giving up, can I?

See you tomorrow

* have played on the show

Tuesday 6 May 2014

CMW Day 2 (And it gets harder to choose!)

Hey everybody,

Picked up the hard copy of the schedule, and, frankly, it's even more intimidating than online.
So many choices, none of them wrong. But you gotta dive in sometime, right?

Here are my picks for Wednesday. Read, consider, and possibly ignore, but GO!!!

The Bovine ... Bloody Diamonds, Bella Clava and others

The Dakota Tavern... Soho Ghetto, Slaughter Beach, Lightmares (Sudbury punk)

Hard Luck Bar .... Megafauna, Sleepy Sun  (San Francisco Psychedelia)

The Hideout ... Atom and the Volumes, Indicator Indicator (Winnipeg) and friends

Painted Lady ... Animalia *, What Model Citizens et al

The Piston ... The Booze Bombs (rockabilly, baby!) and others

Rancho Relaxo .. if you missed 'em last night, Almighty Rhombus * (Sudbury) and Femme Accident

Velvet Underground ... Papermaps *, Pooma (dark pop, Helsinki)

See you tomorrow. (You think this is hard, the playlist for this week is going to be impossible to choose)


*have played on the show

Monday 5 May 2014

CMW Ho! Day One (Tuesday May 6, people!!)

Hey everybody,

It's here! Canadian Music Week, with more venues and artists than you can shake a stick at.
And a schedule that would make your head spin.
Good news, though. Many of the performers will be at more than one venue throughout the week, so if you are torn (as many of us are) you can try to have your cake and eat it too by checking to see who is playing multiple times on the CMW website.
A lot of work to pick where to go.

So, if you trust me in any capacity (or simply read this and then do something else) here are my picks for the first day. (Mind you, any and all will be great.)

Charlie's Gallery ... Gray and Pete Van Dyke and the Second Hand * plus others

Cherry Cola ... Awake at Last, High Heels Lo Fi *  and Hormoans (this promises to be loud and fun)

Clinton's ... Indoor Voices and Almighty Rhombus *

Johnny Jackson ... Sky Terminal et al

Rancho Relaxo ... Wildheart and Navigator Black and the Indighost (check out their music files on
                                                     the website. I liked "Neon Highway")

Tattoo ... Dirty Nil! * The C'Mons and a host of others

Opera House ... The Sick Kids (Spesh K and Tiggs *) , Swollen Members and a solid lineup
                          (May be hard to get in)

The Piston ... Shaky Knees * and Maps plus much more

or if you are a fan of silliness... Kenny and Spenny at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Stay tuned, more to come in the days ahead.

And remember, my mantra is always "There are no wrong choices at CMW"


*have played on the show