Thursday 30 March 2017

Ruby Slippers Mar 31 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Last day of the month and apparently it's roaring out like a lion. Anyone else getting craptacular weather?
Well, as they say (who are they anyway?) can't change that but can listen to great music.
So there.

Perfect Ten ... Holy Sexy Bastards *
Carousels ... Silent Movie Types *
Tanlines ... Knifey *
New Age Renegade ... Moon Tan *
Charlton Heston Haunts Me... Portable Jesus
Stuck In The Metal ... Eagles of Death Metal
Work It ... Beautiful Nothing *
You Could Get Lost Out Here ... AC Newman *
The News Is ... The World Sucks ... The Haiku
Glory ... The Acorn *
Primitive Creatures ... Church of Trees *
To Keep It Going ... The Amazing
Walking On Glass ... INHALT
I Follow You ... Melody's Echo Chamber

That's it! Loving this one.

Thanks for listening


Wednesday 22 March 2017

Ruby Slippers March 24 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Here we go, oodles of awesome music this week! Really love it when bands send along tunes because that is how we roll on this show!

So without further ado...

Combat My Love ... Uniter *
Twilight Galaxy ... Metric *
Instant Patience ... JFDR
Paper Heart ... Blood and Glass *
W3AP ... Seasonal
Proactive Evolution ... WHY?
Jericho River ... Christian D and Helena Berlin *
Three Friends ... Greg Clarke *
Wouldn't It Be Nice ... The Beach Boys
Miss You (Peaking Lights remix) ... Clinic
Play With Fire ... Cobra Verde
Aikea Guinea ... Cocteau Twins
Can I Get A Piece of You? ... The Corsets *

BTW there will be a give away of Carole Pope tickets for April 7 at the Phoenix.
Tune in to win!

Thanks for listening


Thursday 16 March 2017

RubySlippers March 17 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

It's that most magical of days, St. Pat's and in keeping with the outfit of the day I am all dressed in green much to the chagrin on everyone here in the station.

I digress.

Anyway, here's the playlist. And I did include a new band from Ireland, Barq, who will be playing at the upcoming CMW


Toumast Tincha ...Tinariwen
The One I Love (cover) ... The Royal Oui
Jennifer ... Little Comets
So In Love ... Strange Talk
Crawlin Out Of Bed ... The Fuzz Kings *
White Cloud ... Curbside Sofa *
Cloudbusting ... Kate Bush
The Kissing ... Little Scream *
Wedding One ... Rebekah Higgs *
Gentle Kind Of Lies ... Barq !!
Absisto ... Cold Specks*
Execution ... Pink Mountaintops *
Midnight Sun ... Steve Hackett (god I love this guy)
Loser Without Your Love ... Lee harvey Osmond *

Hoist a frosty one for me and thanks for listening!


Wednesday 8 March 2017

Ruby Slippers for March 10 2017 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Totally exciting week. Have been immersed in music all week, favorite pastime. Lucky girl!

So here's a sample of what I found. Hope you enjoy it too.

Fix Me Now ... Garbage
Spins In Circles ... Dinosaur Bones *
Blue Church Road ... Collette Savard *
Save Your Nails ... Andy Dixon * (very exciting)
Can't Keep Your Mind Off ... Data Romance *
Waiting On A Feeling ... City Rain
Too Much, Not Enough ... Say Yes *
Covered in Chrome ... Violent Soho (Two from Down Under #1)
Superman ... Dune Rats  (#2)
Friends In The Sky ... Dirty Nil *
Heart Shaped Box (cover) ... Beliefs *
Train In Vain ... The Clash (classic)
No Excuses ... Breached *
Be My Leia ... the Dollyrots
3AM ... Kate Nash
Medicine ... Broken Bells

Now THAT'S entertainment.

Thanks for listening


Thursday 2 March 2017

Ruby Slippers "March 3 is upon us, fellow babies" 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody,

The temperature is rocking all over the place, the world is topsy turvy (don't you love that phrase?)
and a new month is upon us.

This is a very different playlist. Hope you like it. I sure do.

Away from the Speed ... Dead Heavens
Call Me ... Chris Birkett * (I love the production on this one)
Love Goes On ... Renaissance
You and Your Sister ... Chris Bell
Black Crow ... Molly Johnson *
Things Behind The Sun ... Nick Drake
Out Of The Blue ... Eric and the Soo *
Once I Was A Lion ... Mad Machines *
I Was, You Were ... The High Dials *
Brand New Spot ... New Swears *
Rocket Scientist ... Deer Park
Facelove ... PS I Love You *
Destroy You ... Mantra
Breakaway ... The Insomniac Project
Hate The Taste ... Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Stoned and Starving ... Parquet Courts

And away we go.
Thanks for listening