Friday 26 November 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio Nov 26 2021 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to the show during the run up to and during the membership week. You are all super stars!

If you have not donated to CIUT (and this show!) I hope you will consider doing so at 

Every little bit helps to keep this jewel of a station going.

And now on with this week's show.

Walks In The Park ... Inca Babies

Break Glass ... Beams *

Nova Heart ... Strange Advance *

I Was Made For Loving You ... Michael Van Merwyk (with intro by Melanie our German music        


Heal My Wounds ... Michael Van Merwyk

Bed I Made ... Allen Stone with Alyssia Cara

Fog (Again Again Version) ... Radiohead

Speaking In Code .... Carol Pope and Clara Venice *

Iron Grid ... Retrograth

Rent & Taxes ... Asyncdrone *

Carpet Ants ... Lucy Jinx *

Cancel the Party ... Julie Dorion *

Dancing On My Own ... Michele Rasky *

Take Me To Your Leader ... Joan as Police Woman, Tony Allen, Dave Okumu

You Gotta Be Yourself ... Language Arts *

Waiting ... Royal Castles *

Arias and Symphonies ... Gowan *

Thanks for listening

Stay safe


Thursday 18 November 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio Nov 19 (membership, baby) 2021 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

This is the membership show. 

I loaded it with good music, prize giveaways, and credit where it's due to the artists and you the listener!

Without the lot of you, Ruby Slippers would not be possible. Many many thanks to each and every one of you. 

If you wish to donate to this show and the station please go to and click on Donate (and tell em CarolB sent you)

So now on with the show

Gudbuy T'Jane ...Slade

Icare ... Hippie Hourrah * (bedtrack)

Turning Away ... The Kundalini Genie

Heaven is All Around ... Las Venus Electric *

Parler les Etoiles ... Hippie Hourrah * (bedtrack)

Rumours ... Carbon Memory *

Stone ... I Am A Rocketship

In My Head ... The Grendels *

Owl Hunting ... Explosions In The Sky (bedtrack)

1997 Again ... Leah Callahan

Weapons ... Rough Trade *

Fields Test .... Krystle B Love * (bedtrack)

Leave A Light On ... Modest Mouse

Milk Of Tragedy .... Arsenic Tea Party

Woman ... Epitaph

Fantome .... Hippie Hourrah * (bedtrack)

TV God ...  Art d'Ecco *

Sock It To Me .... Greg Clarke*

Learning to Fly ... Food Fighters

Thanks for listening

Stay safe and thanks for donating to CIUT895FM




Thursday 11 November 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio Nov 12 2021 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody!

Only ONE WEEK until the "Ride the Airwaves" membership drive!

So to get you in the spirit of the event, I am holding a draw for a copy of Dave Grohl's autobiography "The Storyteller" to anyone who donates to this show in advance of the drive!

Just go to, click on "donate" and indicate that you listen to Ruby Slippers! Good luck to all of you!

Now, on with the show....

22nd Century Dandy ... Pepe Deluxe (!!)

Penny For Your Thoughts ... My Morning Jacket

Woman ... Epitaph (interview with Cliff Jackson and Melanie Poel part one)

On Your Knees ... Epitaph (interview part two)

Black Moon ... Civic TV * (!!)

Mouth Poisons ... TRAITRS * (!!)

Furies (Dance of the Nudes ) ... Denmother * (!!)

Stress ... Sofa *

Born of Machines ... The Design Abstract *

Coffee ... Megan Nash *

Teleportation  Machine ... Mirror Pictures

The Waiting Game (just a taste of this to go out) ... Lunar Vacation

Thanks for listening.

Stay safe

!! entire album really worth investigating

Thursday 4 November 2021

Ruby Slippers Radio Nov 5 2021 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody

The journey continues and tonite we have a very special programme.

Smile ...BUSM *

Impossible ...Odonis Odonis *

Queen ... The Town Heroes *

Ancient Mysteries, Described ... Deerhoof

Cover Me ... Act of Nature *

Rock n Roll Attitude (Will Never Die ) ... Loquillo Y Trogloditas (intro by Melanie)

Get Me Home ... Foxy Mammals (another Melanie pick)

Magic ... Grand Splendid *

Tonight ... Carbon Memory *

Orbiting Heaven ... The Sea At Midnight

No One Believes Me ... Her Motives are Silent *

Illuminate (Delta Omega remix) ... Revolution Above Disorder *

You Can Close Your Eyes ... Gail and Phil Levy *

Blackbird ... Gail and Phil Levy * 

Autumn ... Explosions in the Sky

Thank you to the Levys for sharing their music in honour of a beautiful and courageous friend.

Stay safe