Wednesday 29 July 2015

Ruby Slippers July 31 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Long weekend ahead and if you are heading out of town and listening to this, here's hoping it's the start of a great get away. If, however, you are enjoying a stay-cation like yours truly, forget the traffic, pull up a patio chair and let the music take you away.

Loads of Canadian music tonight.

Paper Tiger ... Beck
Games Without Frontiers ... Arcade Fire (cover of Peter Gabriel) *
In High Places....Hexes and Ohs *
Automatic ... Spandettes *
Walk Away ... Shattervox * (new!)
You Still Love Me ... Cut Off Your Hands
The girl That I Will Exit With ... Cygnets *
Careless ... Beach Fossils
Seasons ... Iris *
Prophecy ... Adam and the Amethysts*
She's The One ... Caribou *
Dorian ... Agnes Obel
Fracas ... David Contin *
Save Me ... Rival Sons
Burn Down The Valley ... The Deadly Snakes *

Thanks for listening!


Wednesday 22 July 2015

RubySlippers July 24 7-8 pm Hillside Festival Edition

Hey everybody!

As you know if you have been following this show for a while, Hillside is, at least for me, the tiny perfect music festival. Reusable plates and utensils, refillable water bottles, healthy food, organic beer, and a delightful roster of performers in a small beautiful conservation area with a lake to swim in when the sun is hot.
Ah, yes. This year was not to be for me. But it didn't stop me from putting together a taste of the lineup from this year's edition of Hillside.

There are some kinda surprising choices here, and some of the gentle folk you would expect from an event in the country.

So kick back, get comfortable and feel the peace.

Past The Stars ... By Divine Right *
Nighttime/Anytime ... The Constantines *
When She Arrived...Thus Owls *
Little Hand ... Braids *
Once a Day (ft. Sonna Rae) ... Michael Franti and Spearhead
Wrecking Ball ... The Galacticats *
New Believers ... Minotaurs *
Electric ... TEEN
The West Wind ... Ryley Walker
Hands In Dirty Ground ... Great Lake Swimmers *
Bluebird ... Doug Paisley *
Nathan Phillips Square ... Secret Heights (Terra Lightfoot) *
Everything I Saw ... The Weather Station *
Loose Heart = Loose Plan ... Moonface *

If we can't be there, this is the next best thing.

Thanks for listening.


Wednesday 15 July 2015

Ruby Slippers for July 17 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Guilty pleasure this week. Went to see a stadium rock show (Tesla, Styx and Def Leppard) with a whole mess of really enthusiastic folks. Gotta do that once in a while, right?

Anyhow, if this week's list seems more hard rocking than normal, that's likely the reason why.

Party on!

Hellhound...The Matadors *
Bikini Girls with Machine Guns ... The Cramps 
I Don't Mind ... The Buzzcocks
Young Love ... Rival Sons (recommended by Catwoman)
Long Time Coming ... MANcub *
I Wanna Wear You ... King Creep *
Life on Earth ... Mary Caroline * (coming to play in Toronto soon)(not so rockin')
Low Gravity ... The Acorn *
Out Of Control ... Little Creatures *
The Power ... Army Girls *
In Bed With Yesterday ... The Ballroom Babies *
Where Do You Go To Give Up ... Cold Dead Hands *
Bomb ... Band of Skulls (always liked this album)
Misty Mountain Hop ... Led Zepplin (Jimmy Page is in TO for a Zepplin listening party)
Blind Willard ... The Beans
Mr. Roboto ... Styx (didn't play this at the show, so here it is)

Not gonna make this whole list... wanted to also include "Rocket" but not sure how you would feel about that! LOL

Thanks for listening! Next week, Hillside Festival playlist.


Wednesday 8 July 2015

RubySlippers July 10 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Welcome to Panamania!

No you won't hear the strains of "Chariots of Fire' at the start of the show but there will be loads of good music to stir your emotions. Assuming, of course, I can get into Hart House.

Anyway, here we go. Hope you have a great weekend. Take a break from the mayhem downtown, kick back and let the tunes begin.

Stepping Stone ... Fly Golden Eagle
Love Me Two Times ... Psychic Ills
Baby, I Hate You ... The BB Guns *
Spiritual Weapon ... The Auras *
Wake Up ... Blue Cougars *
Maybe It's OK ... Beth Moore *
Wedding One ... Rebekah Higgs *
Always Make The Mistake ... Young Novelists *
One Too Many ... Mama Kin
Time To Go ... Magic Shoppe
Paper Cranes ... Raine Hamilton *
Ghosts ... Rotary Dial *
East of Ginger Trees ... Seals & Crofts (how much fun is this?)
Season of the Witch ... Donovan (and this?)
Junk Yard Dog ... J.P. Kallio

Thanks for listening. See you next week.


Friday 3 July 2015

Ruby Slippers on July 3 7-8 pm Actual Playlist

Hey everybody

My cohost tonight is a man of mystery. Not much on talking about himself but brought instead a boat load of interesting music. And boy is he  passionate about his band. 

Here are Steve Bromstein's picks for the night.

The Bitter Ash ... The Disraelis *
Bales of Pot ... Poppy Seed and the Love Explosion *
Love Your Enemy ... Hollowphonic *
Push Up The Rain ... Kensington Hillbillys *
Destroy The Heart ... The Black Fever *
Jingle Foot ... Jig The Alien
Headache/Heartache ... Those Manic Seas
Untitled ... The Hanging Gardens
Gateway of The Gods ... Killer Moon  (I really like this band)
Wicked Sun ... Saurini *
The Spell ... Poppy Seed and the Love Explosion *

There's tons more where those came from.

Perhaps another show, just you and me?

Thanks for listening.


RubySlippers for July 3 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Playlist will be up after the show this week. Cohost is picking the music and as it's psychedelic, there is a more relaxed approach to the whole process.

Please join me in welcoming Steven Bromstein from Poppy Seed and the Love Explosion tonight as we float down the rabbit hole.

Stay tuned!