Tuesday, 6 May 2014

CMW Day 2 (And it gets harder to choose!)

Hey everybody,

Picked up the hard copy of the schedule, and, frankly, it's even more intimidating than online.
So many choices, none of them wrong. But you gotta dive in sometime, right?

Here are my picks for Wednesday. Read, consider, and possibly ignore, but GO!!!

The Bovine ... Bloody Diamonds, Bella Clava and others

The Dakota Tavern... Soho Ghetto, Slaughter Beach, Lightmares (Sudbury punk)

Hard Luck Bar .... Megafauna, Sleepy Sun  (San Francisco Psychedelia)

The Hideout ... Atom and the Volumes, Indicator Indicator (Winnipeg) and friends

Painted Lady ... Animalia *, What Model Citizens et al

The Piston ... The Booze Bombs (rockabilly, baby!) and others

Rancho Relaxo .. if you missed 'em last night, Almighty Rhombus * (Sudbury) and Femme Accident

Velvet Underground ... Papermaps *, Pooma (dark pop, Helsinki)

See you tomorrow. (You think this is hard, the playlist for this week is going to be impossible to choose)


*have played on the show

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