Thursday, 24 November 2016

Ruby Slippers November 25 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

It's Black Friday! Personally I am staying home and listening to music and boy, is this a great playlist for that!

Big Bikes ...Yeomans *
What Do You Want From Me ...Pink Floyd
That's What Ghosts Say ... The Hollow Threads
You Might Think...The Velvet Ants
As I Please ...The Electric Ants *
Return To The Ship ...Tangiers *
Battlecry ... Bell Orchestre *
Meet Me In The Garden ... Dent May & His Magnificent Ukele
Spirit Carousel ... The Chronicles of Israfel (New)
Beach Coma ... Possum *
Radioactive ... Kings of Leon
Stormy High ... Black Mountain *
Bohemian Like You ... Dandy Warhols
Running With Insanity ... Alcoholic Faith Mission

Here! Feeling better? BTW this playlist is because listeners like you support CIUT

Thanks for listening.


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Ruby Slippers Membership Drive November 18 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

It's time to pull up our socks, dig deep and try and keep this station afloat.

Yes, it's that most magical time of the year...Membership Drive!!!

And just because there will be fundraising going on doesn't mean there won't also be great music.

So here goes nothing

This Place Is Electric ... The Diomedes
Radioland ... Secession
There's Nothing For Us Here ... Remote Places
If You Feel Loved ... Sexy Mathematics *
Burning Flame ... CTRL ALT ESC *
Surrounded in Smoke ... Chad VanGaalen *
Alright With You ... Rabid Flowers *
Rebel Force Radio ... The Soles * (a radio anthem!)
Love ... The Goddess Lakshmi *
Is You Sufferin ... Skinny Bitches *
Smile ... Gabby Young and Other Animals

There will be some mixing and matching going on this week.

Thanks for all your support and thanks for listening.
If you wish to donate and keep this show going, please go to and follow the prompts. Paypal is available for those who wish it.

See you next week.


Monday, 14 November 2016

Indie Week and Membership Drive Time at CIUT

Hey everybody

I am torn between two passions this week.

Love to support live independent music. Even was asked to weigh in on two of the lineups this year as a judge (more like an awestruck listener and fan, actually) during Indie Week here in Toronto.

Love Love LOVE my radio station because as a part of the community that lives and breathes all things CIUT, I would be lost without it. 

The show on Fridays is only a small part of the whole picture. There are the submissions from artists as they try out new material or make that first step as a fledgling band. There are emails to answer, blogs to post, playlists to set and burn to disc and review before air time. There is Facebook (two accounts) and Twitter and Radioflag to check and post on. There is stuff to put in the mail for listeners (paid for by yours truly, no station money goes to this) And  of course listening to all the fine programmes that make up the rest of the week.

ANYWAY, between the two there is a lot of love and support flowing to the talented musicians out there and also to the listeners who share the excitement about indie music with me 

Please show your support to the Station That Could this Friday during Ruby Slippers. All the deets about how to do this are on the website at  

And then treat yourself to some live music at any of the venues listed on the Indie Week website.
As I always say, there are no wrong choices when it comes to music in this city.

Thanks so much for listening.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Ruby Slippers November 11 2016 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Have a really mixed show tonight. Back to a more indie feel, no cover, and a few brand new tracks, hot off the presses.

Not gonna lie, this feels right. Hope you agree.

Fool's Gold ... Fortune Killers *
Competition .... The Dodos
The Music Starts ... Little Creatures *
Hummingbird ... Imaginary Cities *
Don't Talk ... Gingerale and the Monowhales *
Just let It Go ... Eric and the Soo *
My Town ... The Bell Hours
Travelling At The Speed of Light ... Pink Pearl Dragon *
Losing You ... Emma Peel
Never Speak of It Again ... The Holiday Crowd *
Epistle to Dippy ... Donovan
The Crystal Ship ... Dead Meadow (Ok I lied. One cover)
Bookstore Girl ... Harrison Hudson
Anime Eyes ... The Awkward Stage *

Remember the membership show IS NEXT FRIDAY so please donate to keep this station on the air.
And hey! I love to hear from you, so why not do it from 7-8? or if you are a shy guy you can donate online at

Thanks for listening


Thursday, 3 November 2016

Ruby Slippers November 4 2016 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Over the chocolate hang over from earlier this week? Have dutifully bagged up the remaining stuff and will be leaving it far far out of reach this weekend. Maybe even in another city. 

Working on this week's playlist has been a real pleasure. There are some covers that warm my heart and some little gems winkled out of the big pile of CDs on the dining room table.

Hope you enjoy it!

Purple Speed Queen ... Curved Air
Kindling to Cremation ... The Acorn *
Black Swan ... Astrid's Tea Party
Happiness Is A Warm Gun ... Bend Sinister *
You Told Me Not To Talk To Your Boyfriend ... Sheer Agony *
Come Alive ... Chromeo *
Sunglasses At Night ... DJ Kommandandt vs. Cory Hart *
The Record keeps ... Girls Would Kill *
Lonely Places ... Lighthouse *
Music Is The Victim ... Scissor Sisters
Serve The People (Young Galaxy remix) ... Handsome Furs
Indestructable Sam ... Buck 65 *
Paper Tiger ... Beck
That's All For Everyone ... Tame Impala

Kinda taking a lot of sharp turns with this one!
Thanks for listening