Thursday 31 October 2019

Ruby Slippers November 2 2019

Hey hey everybody!

Still buuuzzzzziiiing from all the candy last night? Let's get rid of some of that excess energy by kicking it all off with Leningrad Cowboys and take it from there.


Rock'n'Roll Show ... Leningrad Cowboys
Alive ... The Ballantynes *
Music is the Victim ... Scissor Sisters
Suitcase Escape ... Lost in Film *
Toxic World ... Peter Foldy * (new)
D.I.Y. ... Peter Gabriel
Papillon D'Amour ... Keep Me safe *
Hello Cruel World ... Library Voices *
Dance, Dance, Dance ... Lykke Li
Wild Things ... KASHKA *
Endless Sky ... Water and Bridges
Accidental ... Royal Chant
Kingdom and the Crown ... Mandroid Echostar *
No One Cares ... Elizabeth the Second

Much love,
Yours truly


Thursday 24 October 2019

Ruby Slippers (Surrender Dorothy!) October 25 Spooktacular 2019

Hey hey everybody!

It's the annual Spooktacular and man, do we have great tunes this year! Just the thing to get in the mood for a night of ghouls, goblins and things that go bump in the night!

Life at Last (Phantom of the Paradise sdtk) ... Ray Kennedy
Sympathy for the Devil ... Rolling Stones
Dry Blood ... Woodhawk *
Hades Heart ... Jupiter Hollow *
Lightening is My Girl ... Aug Der Maur *
Tubular Bells ... Book Of Love
The Afterlife ... Yacht
Devil Inside (cover of INXS) ... Beck
Monster Mash ... The Dollyrots
Cemetary ... Headstones *
Day Of The Dead ... Gutter Demons *
Vampire Rocker ... Christian D and the Hangovers *
Spooky ... The Vampire Bats *
I Put A Spell On You (cover Screamin Jay Hawkins)... The Kills
A Tell Tale Heart ... Alan Parsons Project

Be safe my friends!


Thursday 17 October 2019

Ruby Slippers Oct. 18 2019 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody,

It's the week before the Spooktacular show (never gets old, am I right?) and there is a ton of music to jam in this week. So let's dispense with the chit chat and get to it, 'k?

Swing Shift ... Nash the Slash * (man, I miss this guy)
Copy of A ... Nine Inch Nails
Eaten By A Bear ... deBra 666 *
I Krill You ... Helado Negro
Follow Me ... Dream Aria *
Dreams (alt version) ... Tombstones In Their Eyes
The Moment We Were Exploding ... Atlas: Empire
Hope ... Pedro Costa *
Syrup and Honey ... Duffy
Saint Nothing ... Qristina and Quinn Bachand*
FU Blues ... CATL *
Donkey Day ... Friendly Rich * (ticket giveaway!!! Stay tuned)

Well there it is. Can't say I didn't mix it up this week.

Thanks for listening


Thursday 10 October 2019

Ruby Slippers october 11 2019 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in the not-so-frozen North.
This is a  more mellow playlist than last week to slide into the long weekend in a mellow and serene frame of mind.

And did I mention funk? Yup, there's funk this week.


Appear ... Maff
Clouds of Saint Marie ... Ride (new)
Denying Eyes ... Van Halst *
Golden Blue ... Crooked Ghost
Hijacked ... Run With The Kittens *
Try Try Again ... The Rising Few *
Ruins ... Yuka * (new)
The Wheel ... Cory Hotline * (new)
Gotta Ride On ... Fast Orange *
Amadeus ... Bravestation *
Childhood's End ... Majical Cloudz *
Loose/TV/Vampire Rocker ....Christian and the Sinners * (epic)
Chinese Rocks ... Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers

Well, you know the story...things change as the whole thing goes along.

Have a safe and glorious holiday.


Thursday 3 October 2019

Ruby Slippers Oct 4 2019 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody!

It's that most magical of months, OCTOBER!!!!!!! Despite funky weather I just love the fact that I can wear orange sweaters and skeletons earrings and no one will say a word.

Anywho, here is the playlist. Always try to make them balanced but this one....well, just let's say if you didn't come to rock, best to listen to one of the other shows on Mixcloud.


Dead Honey ... Die Mannequin *
Rising Tide ... Long Branch *
Stranglove (Stripped Mix) ... Dicepeople
Everything Apart ... Foxwarren *
Pressure ... Cory Hotline * (new)
Heavy Metal ... White Rabbits
Ghost ... Chron Goblin * (see below)
Starbase ... Black Mastiff * (these two will be at Hard Luck Bar Oct. 18)
Leach ... Hot Garbage *
Shed ... Pink Leather Jackets * (new)
Snakes ... Grim Streaker (a Nikki pic)
Barbara Jean ... Hunter Valentine *
Paralysis ... Blue Hole (new)
Bog Oak ... Moonwood *
Epilogue: Barren Planet ... Twilight Fields *

Let's see how this rolls time wise.

Thanks for listening.