Thursday, 15 May 2014

CIUT Transmitter Update

Hey everybody,

For those who supported us during the semiannual donation drive, BIG LOVE! You helped bring over $75,000 to the table for the replacement of our workhorse of 27 years, the transmitter atop First Canadian Place.

The journey isn't over yet.

CIUT now it turning to Crowd Sourcing to make up the deficit for this once in my lifetime capital expense. (Not that I'm ancient or anything, just that 25+ years is a long time for a tranmitter to keep on keeping on)
Anyway, if you were unable to contribute to the first part of this community investment in crystal clear sound, the best the station or any station in the GTA has ever had, this is your moment.
Crowd Tilt is a spot where you make a contribution to reach our goal, and in the unlikely event that it isn't achieved, your donation isn't put through. So, you only invest in a sure thing. Cool, right?
If you don't believe me, check out the full story here:

Let's make this happen without a long term debt carried by the station and it's listeners.

CIUT : The Sound of Your City

Thanks so much!

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