Thursday 29 December 2016

Ruby Slippers December 30 7-8

Hey everybody!

Are we still having fun? Was the holiday living proof that you can be surrounded by the wonder of joy and good will towards men?

Yes, this year has had a lot going on, much of it puzzling and some downright horrible, but we have a chance to start again in a few days. So let's spend these last days of the year together with music in our hearts, take a deep breath, and get 'er going.

Still Adore You ....Hexes and Ohs *
We Could Be Here ... The Hollow Threads
Ain't Life Funny ... The Sulks *
Sleepwalker ... Possum *
Way Out West ... Big Star
Real Man ... Todd Rundgren
Spirit Shadows ... The Autumn Stones *
Destiny Chile ... Double Exposure *
Charmaine Champagne ... The Fiery Furnaces *
Give 'Em Hell ... The Noble Thiefs *
Dancing In The Rain .... The Hawk In Paris
The New Year ... Death Cab For Cutie
You Oughta Know ... Diamond Rings *
Days Go By ... Dirty Vegas
After All ... The Electric Ants *

That's it, another year gone. See you in 2017

Thanks for listening


Wednesday 21 December 2016

Ruby Slippers XMAS EXTRAVAGANZA December 23 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Three cups of coffee, two yogourt cups and a playlist is a pear tree!

Here it is, with as close to an abashedly all Xmas all the time playlist as we are gonna get this year, starting this year with my all time favorite.

Enjoy and jingle all the way.

Present Face ....Garfunkel and Oates
Mele Kalikimaka ... Mina
Common Cold ... Hawksley Workman * Poor boy, every year ;)
Wintersong ... Sarah McLachlan *
The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot ...Nat King Cole (thx to film "Jingle Bell Rocks")
Christmas Blues ... The Arrogant Worms *
A Christmas Song ... Jethro Tull
Last Christmas (Wham cover) ... The Nursery *
Busy Toy Maker ... Laska *
I'll Be Home For the Holidays ... The Jingles *
Santa Baby ... The Dollyrots
Christmas Unicorn ... Sufjan Stevens (cause EVERYONE needs an opus this year)
Every Day's A Holiday ... Piney Gir (best name ever)
Wizards In Winter ... Trans Siberian Orchestra
Proclamation ... New Blizzard Symphony

and, of course


Love to each and every one of you.
See you next year and thanks for listening.

*Cancon hohoho

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Ruby Slippers december 16 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Here it is just over a week away from Christmas. I still have resisted the temptation to play all holiday music although there are three tracks covering Winter (for Yule), Hanukkah and Christmas.

I'm warning you now, next week all bets are off.

Anywho, hope you enjoy the list this week. Gotta run, more stuff to do. Honestly, it's not like there aren't over 11 months to do all of this and frankly it's not a surprise that the season is upon us. But you know how things go...

Laughing From The Sidelines ... The Ordinary Boys
I Just Can't Wait Until Christmas Time ... James Collins *
San Francisco ...Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks (for Greg, Suzanne and Brandon. Cheers!)
Yesterday Was A Good Day for Friendship ...Lucidalabrador *
Home By The Sea ... Genesis
Sooner Than Soon ... The Paupers *
Keep The Dog Quiet ... Owen Pallett *
Electric Company ... Orchestra of Spheres
Let There Be More Light Full ... Melissa Manchester
Father Winter (In His Heart of Gloom) ... Pacific Gold
My Fear of Animals ... Amos The Transparent *
Fix The Hearts of The Hollow ... Organ Thieves *
Hades Heart ... Jupiter Hollow *
Lunar Express ... Outliars

Thanks for listening. See you on the 23rd. And again BIG THANKS to everyone who supported the station in the last drive. Your cards and special treats will be sent out just after Xmas.


Wednesday 7 December 2016

Ruby Slippers December 9 7-8 pm

Hey Everybody!

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas! Colder temps and snow in the forecast.
It always feel extra special to curl up with good music while making preparations for the weeks ahead.
Hope these tracks are just what you need.

Dreamless ... Bloodhounds On My Trail
Guitar Hero ... Amanda Palmer
Her Majesty... The Beatles
My Fish Got Drunk ... Yeomans *
Chorus ... Moonbabies
I mke Loving Fun ... The D.O.T.
Turkish Greensleeves ... Sultans of String * (special surprise here...stay tuned)
Red ... Birthday Massacre *
Electric Dream ... Clara Venice *
For What It's Worth ... Buffalo Springfield
On The Other Side ... Dream Aria * (new)
Feet On The Ground ... Ophelia Syndrome *
Ascending ... Jupiter Hollow *
Turn Out The Light ... The Music
Disppointed ... Nine Inch Nails

Peace and Love.

Thanks for listening


Thursday 1 December 2016

Ruby Slippers December 2 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Ho ho ho! it's the run up to the holidays and boy, more than ever gotta find a while to just power down and enjoy some quiet time.

Lots of variety this week including a request from the Goddess Lakshmi (the band, not the deity) so kick back with 'nog or tea or whatever you need and hope you enjoy!

Shanty ... The Bright Light Social Hour
Take Me Out ... Franz Ferdinand
Signed Sealed and Delivered (Stevie Wonder cover) ... Arkells *
King David ... We Are The City *
Under This Mountain ... The Bloody Five *
We Used to Wait ... Arcade Fire *
Mockingbird ... The Goddess Lakshmi *
Moon Gone Down ... Blue Moon Marquee *
Does Anyone Love Me Now ... Blue Roses
Avalanches ... Amity Beach *
White Lights ... Fast Romantics *
Love Is What You Get ... Odds *
This Way ... Jets Overhead *
Distant Dreams ... Blue Foundation

Rather than moan that I don't have enough time let's just say the show will be pulled from this list.
(Grateful for the hour to be with you)

Thanks for listening