Thursday 8 May 2014

CMW Friday Day 4

Hey everybody,

Wow, here we are. The official start to the weekend.

Forget the small talk.  Away we go...

Baltic Avenue ... Crhymes, My Heart Belongs to Cecilia Winter, Sun Stone Revolvers

Air Canada Centre ... Half Moon Run *, City and Colour *

Bovine Sex Club ... The Bloody Five *, The Dirty Nil *, Cheetah Chrome, The Almost Trigger Happy

Cadillac Lounge ... The Retrievers and others

Cherry Cola ... The Nils and Die By Remote et al

Dakota Tavern ... The High Dials * plus so much more!

Kool Haus ... Tegan and Sara *, Ellie Goulding *

Lounge Bar (Marriott Hotel) Maneli Jamal (beautiful) * , Wolves as Friends (Lima, Peru - folk)

Massey Hall (if you have tickets) ... Dodos, Neko Case *

Silver Dollar ... We are Wolves *, Zoo Owl (Toronto, psychedelic)

Sneaky Dee's ...International Zombies of Love (winner of the "Best Name" this year)

Velvet Underground ... Ginger Ale and the Monowhales (there's gotta be a story there)

Take a deep breath. See you for the final day tomorrow!

Cheers! (Notice I'm putting these up early to let you think about it. :) )

*played on the show

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