Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Ruby Slippers for September 2 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

It's here, the Labour Day weekend.  Hope you're making the most of it and enjoying all the city and beyond has to offer.

Here's a soundtrack to your adventures, whether you are on the road, away from the city or relaxing at home.

Jumpin Jack Flash ... Aretha Franklin (with Keith Richards)
Brains Out ... RIBS
Four Sticks ... Led Zeppelin
Cave Dance ... Basement Paintings *
Tusk (cover) ... Crystal Ark *
After Hours ... Caribou *
Jellyfish ... Dead Projectionists *
Transmission ... Joy Division
Snowglobe ... Lee Corey Oswald
Hideout High ... Flying Museum Band *
Death To The Sickoids ... Subhumans *
I Was A teenager Stockbroker ... Stark Naked and the Fleshtones *
I Put A Spell On You ... (cover) The Kills

Thanks for listening. See you next week, same Bat time same Bat channel.


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Ruby Slippers August 26 2016 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Argghhh! Another month done, the summer hols coming to an end for many. Not honestly sure how to feel about all of that. BUT as my favorite season is the fall, what with leaves and sweaters and pumpkin lattes and stuff (yah, I am one of those) there is a lot to look forward to.

So, here it is. A final celebration of the month of official summer, requests and all.  Enjoy!

The Chain (live recording) ... Reignwolf *
Stupified ... Robyn Hitchcock
Techno Soul Glue ... The Rheostatics *
You Take My Breath Away ... The Knife
Peek A Boo ... Siouxsie and the Banshees (for Cyndy)
Show Me Your Eyes ... Royal Canoe *
Compromise ... Mean Red Spiders *
Grey Skies Still Have Shades Of Blue ... Starpilot *
Move Over ... Steppenwolf *
Into A Dream ... Shannon and the Clams (for Earl Crown)
Gidget Goes To Hell ... Suburban Lawns
Slippery People ... Talking Heads
I Made A Machine ... Megafauna
Jesus Saves ... Royal Tusk *
Abrahadabra ... Sublimatus *
Summer Nights ... Exist Strategy*

See you next week and as always, thanks for listening.


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Ruby Slippers for August 19 2016 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

A really different show tonite. Stuff I would never play and a few things that you all can sing along to.
As always loads of Canadian talent and many artists you may not have heard of.

Southern Man ... Merry Clayton
Perfect World ... Allen Stone
A Mysterious Light ... Clothesline Revival
The Loneliest of Creatures...Klaatu *
Cobbled from Dust ... The Acorn *
All The Ghosts Are Home ... Matteo De Stefano *
This Town ... Feveral Lights *
Death by Improvement ... Monkey House *
Kid Charlemagne... Steely Dan
The Tide ... Relic City *
The Kids were wrong ... Memoryhouse *
Something Impossible ... Mich Cota *
She Sells Sanctuary ... The Cult
Govinda ... Stella Diana

See you soon! Thanks for listening


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Ruby Slippers August 12 2016 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

This one took a while. Finally got back to the pile of CDs on the desk (aka dining room table) and lo and behold this is the end result. Some old friends too of course. 


Cadillac Black ... The Exchanges  *
The Day That i Was born ... Doug Norquay *
Thunder express ... MC5
Congratulations on Second Place ... Double Experience *
Launch Code ... Luau or Die *
Wrecking Ball ... The Galacticats *
Chasing Alaska ... Rabid Flowers *
Brigade ... Run With The Kittens *
F-A-E ... Elise Epp *
Un-American Gothic ... Chris Valen *
Cat Stevens Hallucinates ... Heath McNease
Squirrely ... the Corndogs *
All Night ... Chic Gamine *
It Won't Be Long ... Alison Moyet
Everthing In It's Right Place ... Radiohead

Too ambitious? Yah, probably.

Thanks for listening


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

RubySlippers for August 5 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

We are now officially in August and here is the playlist for this week. Our good buddy Nikki from Everything and the Kitchen Sink has submitted some of the selections for which I send a big thanks!

Covers... Beauts * (from Nova Scotia)
Slipping Away ... Like A Motorcycle *
Horse Pills ... Dandy Warhols
Push and Pull ... White Hot Jet * (new)
Girls ... Aitch * (Beasties cover)
What You've Always Wanted ... The Beans

Three covers of Springsteen songs by Canadian Bands!!
Born In The USA ... Ben Sir *
Radio Nowhere .. The Matchup *
Hungry Heart ... Cactus Vella *

These next three from EatKS
90210 ... The Courtneys *
Washroom Soda ... Drunk Lips *
Switchblade Massacre - California death Rays *

My Friends ... The Head and the Heart
See The Light ... The Flame
Who Are You ... Ty Segall
Tap ... Aaron James
Saint Nothing ...Qristina and Quinn Bachand * (new)
Sins So Vain ... Vallens *
Summer Nights ... Exist Strategy *

Thanks for listening!