Wednesday 26 March 2014

Ruby Slippers Mar 28 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

This week is a bit of a jumble, got a list together and then found out two of Toronto's own were playing this Friday and deserved a spot on the show too! Womb and Mother Leads will be at the Bovine at 9 pm, admission $6, so once you are finished listening to the show, head on over!

Anyway, I will try and squeeze them in somewhere, and amend the playlist as things roll along!

Here's what's what so far
I Found A Reason ... VHS or Beta (FINALLY made the list)
Crawlersout ... Purity Ring *
Star Tropics ... Ocean City Defender *
Hammer Down ... Eugene Ripper *
As We Lay Dying ... Museum Pieces *
Take The Long Road and Walk It ... The Music
Sunshine Superman ... Donovan 
Ain't That Cute ... Moonglasses * (from Guelph Ontario)
Ghost In The Gaps ... Electroluminescent *
Black and White ... Greg Mashinter *
Television Set ... Joel Plaskett Emergency *
I Know You ... Kensington Market *
Paper Cup Words ... Elin Ruth
Sicko Love ... Womb
LSF (Lost Souls Forever) ... Kasabian

Oooo, I love surprises, don't you?
And as always, thanks for listening.

* Cancon

Monday 17 March 2014

Ruby Slippers Mar 21 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,
Yes this is an early posting, but some weeks you just can't keep the good stuff to yourself.
The week looks somewhat warmer, which of course means HIGH ENERGY MUSIC!!!!

So, here we go!

Vacation ... Best Scheme
Hot Property ... The Dishes *
The Golden Hour ... The Electronic hole
Public Pervert ... Interpol
Laughing From the Sidelines ... The Ordinary Boys
Narcissist ... Go For The Eyes *
Your Dog Don't Bark ... Ludes
Osmosis ... Donlands and Mortimer *
Hero ... Friends of Emmet
Taxman ... Beatles
She Gives Me Everything ... Gregg Lawless *
Wavelength ... Greig Cairns *
Jimmy ... Korean Drama *
Breaking Hearts ... Rah Rah *
Balloons .... The Golden Dogs *
The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret ... Queens of the Stone Age
Run Me Off The Tracks ... Idle Cinema
Get Your Crayons Out ... Preston School of Industry
You're Not That Great ... Dog Bite

Hot Diggety Dog!

As always thanks for listening!


Wednesday 12 March 2014

Ruby Slippers Mar 14 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Well, will you look at that! MORE SNOW! I am shocked.
But despite the general funk around here, the show must go on, and I gotta say, the longer I worked on this list, the better I felt. Guess that's why music is like breathing, can't really exist without either one.

Here it is, the Snow Day Special:

Oh Emily ... Jukebox the Ghost
Nights Out ... Little Girls *
Saturday Night ... Joy Classic
I've Got A Crush on Wendy Mesley ... Show Business Giants  *
Need you Around ... Smoking Popes
Peroxide Suicide ... The Lorrains *
Always Where I Need To Be ... The Kooks
Under a Lilac Tree ... Grime Kings *
Pirate Radio ... Camouflage Nights *
Nighttime/Anytime (It's Alright) ... The Constantines *
Fire Awa ... Ilias
And the Mood Changes ... Sandbox *
Seconds ... Little Dragon
Train in Vain ... The Clash
Local Boy In The Photograph ... Stereophonics
She Kissed Me (It Felt Like a Hit) ... Spiritualized
There She Goes My Beautiful World... Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Off to shovel.

Thanks for listening.


Friday 7 March 2014

Ruby Slippers Addendum Special Guest

Hey everybody,

Our special guest tonight, Arthur Kalimidis, founder of Landmark Events, has a website where you can find out more about upcoming Showcase Events. or
 Facebook: Landmark Events

And any band wishing to be part of these events:

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Ruby Slippers for Mar 7 7-8 pm

Hey Everybody,

It would appear that we are going to be bundled up for a while yet, and that can only mean one thing:
More quality time to listen to music!!! To that end, here is this week's playlist including some really exciting new artists and, if things go according to plan, a special chat with Arthus Kallimidis.
Who might this be?, you ask. Well, he is the organizer of  special showcase festivals in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa which bring together undiscovered bands in Canada with industry reps.
Curious? Be sure to tune in....

Salt Skin...Ellie Goulding
Newton's War ...The Human Orchestra *
Coming Apart ... Friends of Emmet
How To Look Important In Public ... Spectre Hearts *
Time To Kill ... Gold & Youth *
Drive you Home ... Color Theory
Not This Time ... The Rising Few *
Limitless ... Mire *
I Am Aware and Writing From the Heart ... The Junction *
Zoal, Face Dancer ... Grimes *

Hang on to your hats!

And as always, thanks for listening!

* Cancon