Monday, 26 October 2020

Ruby Slippers Radio Oct 30 Spooktacular 2020 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody

It's that time again for the traditional Halloween playlist. Get out the candy corn and grab a mulled cider.

Life At Life ... Ray Kennedy

Bela Lugosi's Dead ... Christian and the Sinners *

People are Strange ... The Doors

I Put A Spell on You ... The Kills

Cosmic Cannibalism ... Uubbuurruu *

Cemetary ... Headstone *

Day of the Dead ... Gutter Demons*

Lightening Is My Girl ... Auf Der Maur *

Hades Heart ...Jupiter Hollow *

Halloween ... Japan

Devil Inside ... INXS

The Time Warp ... Richard O'Brien & Richard hartley

The Afterlife ... Yacht

Spooky ... Vampire Bats *

Demons ... The Nursery * (new)

Be safe out there, promise?

Thanks for listening.


Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Ruby Slippers Radio Oct 23 2020 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Here is the playlist for this week. 

Hope you come back next week for the annual SPOOKTACULAR HALLOWEEN edition of Ruby Slippers!

Kill Switch ... Ride (back by request)

Escalator Etiquette ... The Disgruntled Taxpayers

Nocturnal transmision ... The White Swan *

Chalk Is Cheap ... Bad Hoo *

Paralysis ... Blue Hole

Gotta Stay Strong ... Mirror Pictures

Rats ... AmyJo Doh and the Spangles

Aurora ... Colour Tongues *

Real Talk About Fake Problems ... Tiger Bomb *

Rust ... Cam Bird

Call Me Out ... Speaker Face *

Afterglow ... The Sea At Midnight

Memories of Sand ... Hjarna Waves *

Other Moon ... Falcon Jane *

Access to A World Without Words ... Tiger Bomb *

My Religion Is You ... Flaming Lips

Stay safe and always be kind.

Happy travels (in your soul)


Friday, 16 October 2020

Ruby Slippers Radio on CIUT October 16 2020 7-8 pm

 Hey hey everybody!

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving in whatever form it took for you this year. 

Spent the better part of the weekend working on the show with my trusty co-producer (Cal the wonderdog) and zoomed the family to check in on the festivities. A good time was had by all.

So here's the new playlist. Last week, had some positive feedback over the inclusion of Throwing Muses. The track was short, kind of a teaser, so this week have included a more epic track from the same album.

Sit back and relax. Here goes

Tuesday's Dead ... Cat Stevens

Isolation ... Static in Verona

Chrysalis ... Monarch *

Today ... Max Galactic and the Cloud of Evil *

Hour of the Furnaces ... Algiers

The Future Is Here ... Sleater-Kinney

Clouds of Saint Marie ... Ride

My Love Is The Dagger ... Def Con Sound System *

Fairy Dust ... Dream Aria *

Night Moon ... Jordan Paul *

Bethlehem ... Will Butler *

Frosting ... Throwing Muses

Take Me Away ... Tombstones In Their Eyes 

Volcano ... Feather Weight *

We Share the Same Stars ... The Sea at Midnight

Thanks for listening. Stay safe!


Thursday, 8 October 2020

Ruby Slippers Radio October 9 (Thanksgiving) 2020 7-8 pm


 Hey hey everybody.

Happy Thanksgiving. I know it will look much different than it normally does but in the spirit of the occasion, here is a playlist with a lot of brand new music and a special treat from two music enthusiasts.


The Art of Parties ... Japan

Touching Glass ... Teenanger *

Slab Architecture ... Marmalade Duplex *

Watershed ... Giant Rooks (from Germany-Melanie's pick)

Stars and Moons ... Dizzy (from Toronto- Peter's pick)

Ice On My Blood ... Pekoe Cat *

A Cure ... Blonde Redhead (reissue)

St. Charles ... Throwing Muses

Approaching Storm ... the Roogs

I Want to Live ... Carole Pope *

Leather Together ... The Lemon Twigs

I Don't Know What I Don't Know ... Will Butler *

Slow Burn ... Jenny Mayhem *

New Compass ... Josh Werner *

Framed By The Comet's Tail ... Metz*

Stay safe. See you next week.

Thanks for listening.


Friday, 2 October 2020

Ruby Slippers Radio on CIUT October 2 2020 7-8 pm

Hey hey everybody

This playlist is not, as promised, very mellow. It apparently isn't possible although the original playlist was definitely that way. LOL. There is a lot of Canadian goodness, however.


Same Mistakes ... Hannah Georgas *

Burn ... Terouz * (new)

The Door ... Two Car Train *

 Green Reflections ... Trevor Sloan *

A Steady Hand ... I Like Trains

Black Tears (Dicepeople remix) ... Leg Puppy  

Love On Strike ... The Tins

Coal In Your Windwo ... Skye Wallace *

Peaches ... Lung

Rut ... Handsome Pants * (new)

Electric Lady ... Wine Lips *

The Wizard ... Black Sabbath

Numb ... Civil Wray *

Your Love Fades Away ... Simone Denny *

Silhouette ... Tombstones In Their Eyes (partial track... more later)

Thanks for listening.

Stay safe!