Wednesday 30 September 2015

Ruby Slippers October 2 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

It's the Fall for reals now. Leaves, dropping temperatures, air we can breathe again...hip hip hurray!

What better way to celebrate being Canadian in this most glorious time of year than to listen to great music while sipping hot apple cider. Or maybe dancing a bit to keep the chill off!

Don't Forget My Birthday ... Viami Mice *
On Bedford and Grand ... The Besnard Lakes *
Carpet of the Sun ... Renaissance
Beat and The Pulse ... Austra *
Excellent Birds ... Laurie Anderson
White Wedding (Billy Idol cover) ... Doll *
Lower The lights ... Wild Hearses *
Stormy High ... Black Mountain *
Zelda Maria ... People Get Ready
There's Hope Yet ... Raised by Swans *
Psychic Seasons ... Quest For Fire *
Montreal ... Kaki King
Young Galaxy ... Body *
Baby's On Fire (cover of Brian Eno) ... 801

Wow! Loads of Canuck goodness!

(Time for the campfire and S'Mores)

Thanks for listening


Thursday 24 September 2015

Ruby Slippers September 25 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Good Lord, September is almost done. Next Friday we are starting the wind up to Thanksgiving (CA) and then, by gum, Halloween. Not excited, no not me. Not at all.

There is also the whole Membership thing too starting the 23 of October, right here on Ruby Slippers.
I hope you will be part of the action and keep community radio going.

Sorry, got distracted. Here's the playlist for this week.

Light Me Up ... Bronze Radio return (new)
Wicked and Weird ... Buck 65 * (didn't make the list last week...)
Rebel Force Radio ... The Soles * (new band version)
Highway ... Hey Mother Death *
Attis ... Authentic Imperfection *
Prince of Flies ... Buddy Black and the Ghost Umbrellas *
Where Is The Light ... Spirit Photgraphy
Brooklyn Angel ... PANTyRAiD
She Speaks Of Wave ... The Nursery *
I Am Dust ... Gary Numan (awesome!!!!!)
CA ... Tobias the Owl *
Amadeus ... JoJo Worthington *
Anthem ... Alana Yorke *
Influence ... The Acorn *

Loads of Canadian, new samplers out from all sorts of excellent labels. The motherlode!

Thanks for listening


Wednesday 16 September 2015

Ruby Slippers September 18 7-8 pm

Hey everybody

Another week, more summer/fall. This is a weird one this year.
Never sure if it's beach music time or maybe more into the cozy folkie vibe.
Hence, there is a little of both. Oh and other stuff too.
See what you think

This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us ...Sparks 
My Secret ... Cities and Dust *
We Found Each other ... City and Colour * (it's all about the city)
Criminals ... The Blue Stones * (more from this band in upcoming weeks)
Free man In Paris ... Big Faith *
An Eye for an Eye ... Silvergun and Spleen *
Fighter ... Sumo Cyco *
Round and Round ... Strawbs (indulge me, OK? )
Light Of Love ... Cat (from 100 Psychedelic Trips compilation)
Amulet ... Chloe Charles *
Sleep ... Austra *
Fishage .... Beaters (out of San Diego)
Post ... Hanging from the Rafters
Bread and Circuses ... Stalins of Sound
Sunday Nights To Infinity ... Amity Beach *

There you have it. The thing about Fall is, besides Thanksgiving, Halloween is coming up.
Also the membership drive. More on that later.

Never a dull moment.

Thanks for listening


Wednesday 9 September 2015

Ruby Slippers September 11 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Finally into the cooler weather and not a moment too soon, I say! If the kids have to go to school and the rest of us have to work, let the fall begin!

Lots of new tracks this week to mark the beginning of another school year. Funny how one always thinks of the year starting with the first bell, isn't it?

Play Dead ... Bjork
Angie Baby ... Wahl Collins * (new)
Stillness Is The Move ... Dirty Projectors
All Things In Time ... Tribe Royal * (new)
Carly ... Peter Foldy * (new)
Rock The Casbah ... Ranking Roger
More Than Television ... Ruby Coast *
The Road ... The Standstills *
Physical Sound ... The Folk *
Bad Habit ... Foals
They Don't Love You ... Creep Out
Open Spaces and Gas Stations ... Melissa Manchester (produced in Canada) * (new)
A L'Oree Des Bois ... Plants and Animals *
Models pt. 1 ... Busty and the Bass *
Dime Store Punks ... Nadia Kazmi * (new)  at the Cameron House, TO Sept. 11

As always thanks for listening.

And remember to support your community independent alternative station. We are here for you!


Thursday 3 September 2015

Ruby Slippers September 4 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Labour Day weekend. How did this happen?
Although truth be told, I really am over this heat/humidity thing. Bring on the sweaters, the jeans, the hot chocolate, the leaves in piles and sleeping soundly with the window open.

At least we have had fabulous music this summer, and guess what? It just keeps on coming.

Operator ... Bravestation * (new)
Avalon ... Roxy Music (not so new LOL)
Black Swan ... Astrid's Tea Party (from Strummerville a Go Go #001)
Forgive and Forget ... I Was A King
Shake Well.... Mike Evin *
Lipstick Cigarette ... XPrime *
Shook ... Radio Caroline * (from London Ontario)
Madhouse ... The Diodes *
Across The Map (remix Derek Webb ) ... Wave & Rome 
Let's Get Going ... Bill Mountain (from above comp Strummerville)
Right On ... DAVIDS *
Sound of The Bell ... The Ruby Spirit *
I Will See You In Far Off Places ... Morrissey
Rainbow Of Blues ... The Highest Order *
Bones ... Little Big Town
Stephanie ... Buckingham Nicks

Have a safe weekend. Thanks for listening. And don't forget to love your radio.


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