Thursday, 5 April 2018

Ruby Slippers April 6 2018

Hey everybody!

Here we are again, charging into April with songs in our hearts and toques on our heads. Starting to think this is the new norm, gotta tell ya. Anyway, there is a boatload of really cool stuff this week so let's get going and keep the snow shovels handy.

The Hurting ... Tears for Fears
Saw Mill ... The Blue Stones *
Brand New Cadillac ... Teenage Head *
Undone ... Soft Science
Blue Imelda ... Final Fantasy *
In Motion ... Color Theory
Wake Up ... Blue Cougars * (hmmm, the blues seem to be on my mind this week)
Sin City ... Blue Moon Marquee * (I rest my case)
Via Dolorosa ... Chasing Clarence
Peroxide ... Chastity *
My Town ... The Bell Hours
Memorial Ten Count ... Jon Mckiel *
Baby, I Hate You ... the BB Guns *
Rope ... Foo Fighters
Bridge and Bones ... The Evidence *

So how's about that for a crazy list?
Thanks for listening, see you next week


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