Thursday, 18 October 2018

Ruby Slippers October 19 2018 ft. Mark Tara, Santino, Roy De Vos and Lynx from Random Order

Hey everybody!

This week on the show, Mark Tara from Rainbow Country is joining Ruby Slippers along with some outstanding local musicians to talk about the trials and tribulations of indie music, their inspirations, making music videos and the place of the LGBT community in the music industry.

They have graciously submitted their original tracks.

This preliminary list also includes material from some of my favorite artists. Let's see how far we get.......

Enjoy! (BTW the entire list is Canadian)

Different Love ...Mark Tara * (in studio)
Dependent ft. Owen Pallet ... Light Fires (Gentleman Reg) *
IOU ... Santino * (in studio)
You Can Dance ... Rae Spoon *
Catcher ... Roy De Vos * (in studio)
This Is Not a Test ... Carole Pope *
Black Lipstick Kiss ... Random Order * (Lynx in studio)
Number One ... Mark Tara *

 Special thanks to Mark for organizing this and getting everyone under one roof.

Thanks for listening. Next week THE SPOOKTACULAR Halloween show.


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