Thursday, 1 March 2018

Ruby Slippers Mar 2, 2018 7-8 pm

Hey everybody,

Good grief, what happened? We are into the home stretch for winter and walking around in shorts one minute (yes, I saw a guy in shorts this week) and then pushing the shovel around the very next day.
I give up.
Fortunately, there is music to keep those of us with little patience in a positive place.

Elenore ... The Turtles
Warn Me ... Sports: The Band *
Prairie Rose ... Roxy Music
Spirit Carousel ... The Chronicles of Israfel *
Starman ... Sally Shapiro f. Electric Youth
Starman (Bowie cover ... Rural Alberta Advantage *
Restoration ... The Acorn *
Prairie Girl ... Rah Rah *
Two Happy Fools ... The Nonsense *
Salute Your Solution ... Raconteurs
Tar Beach ... Royal Chant
Runaway ... The Droids
World of Make Believe ... Van Halst * (interviewed on this show!)
Set Me Free ... Tafari Anthony *
Sea Level Astronomy ... Blisses B
Beat Up Kids ... Beat Up Kids *

Let's see how this rolls.
Thanks for listening.


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