Thursday 15 November 2018

Ruby Slippers November 16 2018 Membership Show

Hey everybody!

It's here again, the second, no make that THIRD most magical time of the year **


I know this whole playlist will not be played. I will try and limit my talking as long as you call in but the way it works, I do have to let you know the phone numbers and for new listeners, share why the station is important and on the air.

I will play what we don't get to and more next week. Always appreciate your support!

Here is what I have

Gotta Ride On ... Fast Orange *
Dance (In Your Face remix) ... Acid Test *
Jaws Theme 2 ... Jean Daddy *
You're So Boring ... The Wolfe *
Neil Young ...Jock Tears *
Down Again ... Deep Sea Gypsies *
Scream In Silence ... Tara Holloway *
Mirror Song ... Burning House
Ding Dong ... Klaus Nomi
Lovers In A Dangerous Time ... Twilight Fields *

Thanks for listening

for donation:

* Cancon

**First most wonderful time: Halloween
Second is Christmas.


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