Thursday, 26 July 2018

Ruby Slippers July 27 2018 7-8 pm

Hey ho everybody!

End of another month.

Not a fan of the high heat and humidity, have to say, but for those who are I  hope you have had the summer to beat them all! The deal is I find it really hard to breathe and El Doggo, a long haired beastie, has spent the better part of the month in suspended animation.
However,  that just means we had a ton of time to listen to music and how great is that?
So here's a playlist with something for everyone. Enjoy.

Blood On The Frozen Sand ... Christian and the Sinners * New, recorded at CIUT895FM
Shine of Her Moon ... Basement Arms * (disbanded too soon)
She Sells Sanctuary ... The Cult (in town on the 25th!)
Throw It All Away ... In My Coma *
Float The Flood ... Ace Of Wands * (new, local, amazing)
Toward The Sun ... Dream Aria *
Automaton ... Cypher *
Light of Age ... Mad Ones *
Taking A Ride ... The Pink Elephants *
I Will Give You Everything ... Skydiggers * (at Crossing Point Festival July 27,28)
Good Little Girls ... Katey Morley * (one of our cohosts in the past)
A Rose For Emily ... The Zombies (yes, I know I have played this but really? Listen to it!)
Robot Boy ... The Ghost of A Saber Tooth Tiger
Heavy Disguise ... The Strawbs

There you go. See you next month for the LOOOOONNNNNGGGG weekend show

Thanks for listening


Addendum: Another community station, Radio Waterloo, has just released a doc showing just how hard it is to keep things going. Watch here:

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